December 31, 2008


breakfast tomorrow with my baby!
cant wait, cant wait, cant wait.

a little over a year ago, i had this pic posted over at my another blog,

and i found it still hanging around on my desktop. lol.

with that, i need to clear up my pc asap.

will be watching Bedtime Stories with huny bee tomorrow.

cant wait, cant wait, cant wait.


will be conducting a round-the-island food tour with normal people tomorrow tomorrow

cant wait, cant wait, cant wait.

win going back to sabah tomorrow tomorrow


oh, the suling

today, i met up with my darling suling, whom i have not met for a damn long time, it has been almost a year already. she was my first darling back in high school, not that i am gay or anything, but we were close, til college started for her and she moved to KL and become bo sim LOL

well, i was suppose to meet up with the normal people for dinner to pass stuffs to them. and for the first time today, i actually thought that i would be early for a change, but i dont even know where did i go wrong but i was late for approximately 15minutes again.

anyhow, i picked up the ping and yilin, and we joined win, lingling and juyen for dinner at Super Tanker, a place i use to visit oftenly a while back because they have yummy otak-otak there. suling joined in later, and we forced her to join us berlepak after that.

i was starving when i got there, i gobbled everything as soon as it arrived,

so, i only managed to snap empty plates, in the end. heh

oh, the non-halal-ness, babi to be exact.

who would have known babi pork could taste so nice

we then drove around aimlessly for a while, and ended up at


will update once i receive the group pic. its in one of the guy's camera, dont know when only can get it.

and look! the randomness 7474 lol

okies, im fhungry now >=( byebye

oh, the cranes

you know, i love my vinvin alot alot ALOT.

3 days ago, i initiated this project,

of folding cranes for him

the fact that he comes here to read the stuffs i post is making it really difficult for me to update on stuffs that involves him, ie. gifts for him.

anyhow, i have been folding them non-stop even while i was working. it was a spontanous project and therefore, i only had plain white paper to work with instead of the nicer coloured ones, but i guess its the heart that counts in the end right?

it was suppose to be a new year surprise present for him, well because he is a huge fan of Wentworth Miller Prison Break, and they featured those in there, although the ones i made are nothing like the ones in the movie, i dont think mine can float, oh wait, those in the movie are swans -.- but anyhow at least i tried right? lol, i love you baby.

sadly, vin found out about my plan when he came over to my place yesterday =( i forgot to hide them, wtf. no more surprise, i was bloody disappointed, really. =(

generally, i hate doing stuffs like folding cranes or making cards or even sewing, because i know i suck at doing all those, but personally, i think that going through all the trouble to make something that i suck at so badly, could really show how much i care for a person.

if you had ever received anything handmade from me, be assured that i adore you alot alot alot at that point of time. because i wouldnt go thru all the pain and trouble if i dont,

right baby?

but i must say, i am better at sewing a bear than folding cranes. i dont think i will ever make any cranes for anyone else ever, unless they are capable of changing my mind.

50 down, another 950 to go.

December 30, 2008

tqs jen, lens sudah sampai!

our contact lenses have finally arrived! XD XD XD

has any of you ever tried purchasing drugs? well, that was exactly how it felt when the girl handed over the lenses to me. the guy she was with drove this really tu kau car and he himself look a little tu kau-ish to me. they look like they were in much hurry, she passed me the lenses and said something about something missing to me in mandarin, which as most of you people know i suck at, buh =( i sort of got a glimpse of what she was trying to tell me, i think. anyways, she uttered something and they speed off O.O it was as though they were passing drugs or something to me. lol

at last my huny can get her xmas present! ping i sayang you tooooo! dont jealous, lol.

i was suppose to be working today, but because this particular fair is boring-er than usual, i let suzy take over my spot so that i could go shopping with my baby.

so to queensbay mall, we went. vin always knows how to make me adore him. heh

we had lunch here

at the tbowl place

because i was craving for tomyam mee!

but damn those daun sup(chinese celery) on top,

they should be flushed down the toilet.

baby, i know you come and read my bloggie at times, you may hit me when you see this XD

dont cc so much, come teman me!

oreo mcflurry w/o ice cream

ice blended mocha


we then watched YesMan, which was a little boring to me, and the cinema seats at queensbay had sort of shrinked, it seems, or maybe ive gotten fatter =D

you know, i am supposed to work for the pass 5 days to earn 600bucks in total, but i ended up working for only 2 and a half days which only comes up to 300 bucks. i feel so broke right now, and to make things sound worst, ive already overspent the 300bucks i earn working in boredom for 30 hours in a short period of approximately 4 hours.

300bucks well spent on the hair strighteners i bought for myself, win and someone special. and contact lenses!! which i bought for people who doesnt even need them in the first place. thankius for helping me spend money, i adore you people. <3 arini better sayang me more from now on. lol.

our drugs

you got to love sha's one, its cute.

on a side note, i heard that someone just bought a Canon 5D mk1 today and spent 18k in total with lenses and speed light T.T and i couldnt even buy up a D60, not even a D40 wtf i am even complaining about getting myself a S600, and holy crap, i am even complaining about spending 300bucks in one day, 18k is like equivalent to 18000 days of work for me if i am to earn 100bucks per day, which comes up to approximately 2500++ weeks, or 49 years of working continuously everyday! wtf, and he paid cash.

December 27, 2008


ever feel so darn bored that you feel like jumping and yelling and hugging every single soul around?

i am super hyper right now,

yesterday night, after work, we went over to subaidah, and because i was feeling a little fuzzy then, instead of my regular teh ais, i had teh-o limau panas, which according to abang siang would keep me up and running for the next coutinous four days of work. teh-o limau panas is yucky so i opt to consuming sugar to remove the yucky bitter taste.

this must be delayed sugar rush im experiencing.

and and and my cheque has come in! jen you receive d or not. hohohohohohooh, this is so wonderful, now i can blindly spend every cent of it.

i am not sleepy one bit. buh.

i need a new pair of earphones! simon, where is the expensive earphones you promised me for my birthday?

happy belated birthday jesus

as for today, i took a day off work because i wasnt feeling too well.

i slept half the day by, havent really eaten since vin took me out for breakfast, had some really disgusting soggy mee for tea, thanks to the aus-ed girl =( just for a reminder, i will need to appear at her office at 1pm on 7jan and 2pm on 8jan, buh, so much for fuck aussie im staying in penang.

breakfast, which i so seldom have.

baby's curry mee and his master piece,
he went thru so much trouble to create art
fucking adorable i tell you,

i will be taking a half day off for tmr, apparently i will still be fuzzy during the day up to 5pm tmr, so come visit me at gurney in the evening kays, i will be rotting away there.

and look what my darling vin made for me


ps: thanks mr roy for the gift XD

pss: jiehu, i pos laju-ed the nothing i got for you already, let me know when you get it

December 26, 2008

xmas eve 08

well, for xmas eve this year i went to gurney again, like usual. it is sort of a custom for me already.

as i grow older, xmas is becoming more and more insignificant for me, it seems. buh, it sucks to grow old.

anyhow, this year i planned to spend my xmas with vin without any hessitation. for the past years it seems like i am forced to choose between vin or my friends. i know he doesnt like joining me and my friends for an outting and he only does it to make me happy and thats why it is always difficult to spend my eves with both parties whom i adore so much.

he took me for sushi, because i was bugging him all morning that i was craving for sushi XD

it has been awhile already since we last spent time together.

then, as vin had promised me before i left for Kangar, we watched Bolt! it was hilariously adorable. i must say i enjoyed the animation and the humor more than the storyline in a whole.

and guess who i bumped into in the cinema?

qiwen and friends! lol.

before the movie, qiwen called me and said "eh, i watch bolt without you already har" lol wen, arini and i were suppose to watch bolt together but you know, i double booked people again! it is not entirely my fault, really, its arini's. she keep on postponing our movie date mar. but in a way we did watch it together right?

coffee island

later at night, i joined up with ping and yilin and win win and sha for dinner and supper. vin had to leave me because apparently he was going for caroling.

okays, i am so not in the mood to continue, well because all the pics are in ping's cam and she is using the lame lame beta version msn which doesnt have shared folder -.- buh, why ping whyyyyyy.

xmas day was slow for me tho, went for the camera fair at gurney, again.

and guess what, there is this new guy working for nikon and he is freakishly blooody similar to a friend of mine, andy. and when that fella started singing noobishly, that scene was like a deja vu, wtf. andy too enjoys singing loudly in a noobish manner, lol. at times, whoosh, wtf its like they are related somehow. even their fingers looks almost alike.

and i am not making things up, even my boss agreed with me. but that new guy is okay, too bad he started off his nikon career with this fair. this must be the most unproductive fair i had ever been in besides in-house ones.

that area is almost empty most of the time and i even had time to sketch out all of my babies on the touch screen camera.

ini draco.


merry xmas, everybody.

December 23, 2008


well, another year is coming to an end, and once again its xmas time.

xmas has always been special to me, and it has always been a tradition for us to spend its eve at gurney plaza.

i started attending xmas eve celebrations at gurney plaza ever since i was in form one, back then i was hanging out with another group of people, and i remember it was right after CTC back in 2001, and the whole area between gurney plaza and G hotel was so bloody packed, and there were people everywhere, and everyone was drunk and the streets were crazy and you can yell all you want over there and nobody will mind, i dont know why but i did have fun acting silly with all of them then.

and there was one year when we overnighted at gurney, it was back in 2002 or 2003, we celebrated the whole night and when everyone started leaving, we just sat there chatting the night away, and the next thing we knew was the guard asking us if we were going to leave, well we sat along the beach til about 8 and then head home.

great memories, i tell you.

but then again, we are getting very much older, and as time goes by, it is really starting to feel awkward partying with the younger kids. for the recent years vin joined us, and it is nice having him around.

well, this year there are many xmas bbq parties happening around, older people had decided that it is wayy better celebrating xmas over a fire cooking stuffs. wei liong and his friends are carrying one out right on xmas eve, but i think i will pass on that, because all i want for xmas this year is to have vin cuddling me all night XD

and mr roy will also be having a bbq on the 26th, which i will also have to pass, because i will be working for 5 days starting on xmas day til the next monday, how upsetting.

i wonder what the other kids will be doing this xmas, we are all basically retired from snow sprays and party sprays this time around.

jiehu will most probably be attending another caroling activity lol


ive been to Kangar, Perlis!

im back home! from kangar. i spent a weekend there and as soon as i came back to Penang i am already craving for real food. over at that town, there is basically no hygienic scrumptious edibles around.

kangar, is such a weird town. and it is freezing at times, due to the cold strong wind blowing over that place so damn oftenly. on the second night, we stopped by this stall which apparently sells really nice ikan bakar and it is sort of an open air malay warung sort of place that doesnt serve tomyam -.- i was craving for some tomyam mee the whole time i was over at Kangar, but couldnt find any T.T well, as we waited for them to bakar an ikan for us, we sat there shivering, seriously, the wind was coming on continously and it was freakingly chilly.

but in a whole, i would not mind going back there for another camera fair. i did enjoy snooping around another state, it is not everyday that i get the chance to escape from this island. and the stars definitely do shine brighter over at Kangar.

and i sure did get new friends on the way. there was this olympus guy who will be going to enroll in KDU for the computer science course next year, just like me! but did i mention that he is two years younger than me? wtf, im getting so old so fast T.T

on our way back from Kangar, we made a stop over at Alor Setar for some Nasi Lemak Pekan Cina or better known to us as curry rice. i dont find anything amusing about it, but you should see the joy that comes to the faces of the others when it is declared that we will be having curry rice for supper

curry rice, im not really a fan

the last time i was over there, i was still hanging on to my old faithful Nokia 6100, it has been some time, but still i dont see why people get addicted to it. its biasa only, to me.

anyhow, its good to be back in Penang, over at my beloved island, we have

the tomyam team, lol, and late night tomyam mee campur suppers

holy shit super duper scrumptious indonesian prawns

addictive curry rice mee

western style cheese-oozing chicken fillet



ice kacang w/o kacang.
i know it looks disgusting in the pic, i attacked the ice cream as soon as it arrived.
heeh, barbaricness

and the best thing of all is waking up to a pretty sunny morning with him nearby.
buh, superbness.

i adore Penang. its good to be home.

December 17, 2008

round coloured stuffs

so you think that ive been wasting time rotting at home while my classmates are busy applying for universities overseas? well, for today, you are wrong. lol. i had been quite productive for a change.

well, i woke up at about 9am, or probably earlier, switched on the pc and watched pokemon til late in the afternoon XD i was going to allow myself to bask in non-productiveness for the rest of the day, but fiona successfully tricked forced persuaded me to accompany her to the market.

yes, i went to the market today, but we did not get to go look at fishes. =(

fiona decided that today she was going to make dinner, and i was to follow her and help her carry stuffs. lol.

with that all aside, guess what i did for the rest of my day? i have been making coloured round round dough thingys, which i dont know what they are really called!

round tasteless coloured dough in sweet syrup!

i initiated this project with loads of enthusiasm, its my first time making them.

and nope, my family doesnt do it every year or so, like what other chinese families would do for the festival thingy, if i am not mistaken, i dont know, all i know is that they are suppose to be cold and sweet and yummy and apparently fun to make.

we usually just go out to buy ready made ones, if all out of a sudden we crave for them.

making the first few ones was fun, but soon it got really tiring. i think i will stick to purchasing ready made ones next time.

and the worst part is that it doesnt even taste right =( its tasteless and chewy in a very wrong way T.T

i started of soooo bersemangat-ly, and i even made a heart shaped one for vin!

they look really normal, but they dont taste as normal as they should be.

buh, i suck.

i think im better off watching pokemon for the rest of my life T.T

wait, they are suppose to be tasteless it seems. lol. i am not that bad of a cook in a way. maybe tomorrow i shall try making ice cream!

December 16, 2008

i <3 aussie

a minute ago i felt really sleepy, that was until abang bernard decided to nudge me secara berterusan.

whoosh. geram. lol

i am a little sleep-ish now, so please dont nudge me.

today had been a long but fun day for me, i woke up at nine, drove mummy to her office, then came home, wrote an entry, then watched several episodes of pokemon before tido-ing, then went out for lunch with vin.

and i found out that mr tan qi wen is back in Penang since last wednesday but that pig-ish bo sim apek had decided not to give me a call apparently because i was holidaying in KL and he did not want to disturb -.-

anyways met up with him later in the afternoon after dropping bella's keys off at SGGS. went over to disted to get something from ms jaya, and so ngam met mugun and gopi there as well. but missed mr gooi by a few minutes, he went off already by the time i got there. why never wait for me, sayang? lol. you promised to marry me after diploma ends, dont forget. hoho

bye bye Disted T.T

then qiwen drove me to AusEd to settle some unfinished business there.

look what apek got for me from Australia.

koala bears!

i made them hug each other

i made them hug my seat belt

and i even made them hug my toes!

I heart Australia. <3

and he brought back some candy for me too, thanks apek!

December 15, 2008

dlrow lufiggolb LOL

my friends and i sacrificed our trip to Genting for this ;

we came back to Penang a day earlier just to attend the RM10 buffet lunch Penang Bloggers Gathering which was held at the Paradise Beach Resort which has 310 suites XD

in a whole, its was an okay event, i did not even stay til the end, but its was okay, i wouldnt say it was super duper bloody fun because it did not leave me thinking about it over and over again, if you get what i mean.

and i was pretty much exhausted from KL and the trip back itself, and having vin stay over the night before had made me so much more lazier to get up and running =(

my driver. lol. he just woke up and i did not even give him a chance to make his hair nice.
love ya honey!

ber-camwhore before the gathering

ber-camwhore after the gathering XD

as usual, i was late again. lol. i am never early it seems, by the time i got to win's place to pick her up it was about 12.20 already, and Ping was already getting restless. sorry ping =( but when we got there, the event havent started yet, and we had to wait for some time before things got started. so it seems, there are people less punctual than me.

bella and me waiting for fud! XD

and at last...


win's makanan.

i did not get to take any pics with Ping =(

the food was ok, but they served mutton and beef all over the place and there were people who doesnt take those and i think they accidentally ber-dosa-ed a little on that day. i on another hand gobbled down everything they have there.

the only complain i have is that they mixed Parsley into the spaghetti in a way that is impossible for me to remove that horrible herb.

i dont like Parsley, it makes stuffs taste weird.

well, if you know me well enough, you should know that parsley always kills my appetite. i dont know why, but i just dont like it.

but i find this kuih really addictive, i think it is the cousin of my much beloved kaya balls. heh small world.

salad, which bella and i had picked.

kuih from bella

and lots of orange juice, they did serve.

lunch was satisfying. the event ended at about 4pm i guess, but i went off at about 3pm and totally made it look as though i went there merely for the food. lol.

i think i would have more fun if i am able to say "hey thats someone from something dot com!" every now and then, like "bloody fuck, that suzy from!" or "omigod, thats fiona from!"

well, that never happened.

neither did i hear anyone saying "damn, thats diana from, i got to get her autograph!" buh, why am i so not fehmus T.T

the fact is that, although i have been blogging for close to 3 years now, i had been blogging over at my multiply account which is very much only accesible to a small group of people, in other words, i am pretty much hiding under a tempurung in the blogosphere. i think its time to widen my social circle, dont you think? with that, i shall make name cards with my url stated on for the next gathering, if they offer rm10 buffet lunch again LOL

anyhow, after stuffing myself during lunch, guess what i had for dinner? i had

char koay teow!

and laksa

and lok lok, did i ever mention that i am addicted to those mini taiwan sausages?
those are yummy!
i gobbled down a couple when it arrived on my table thats why the plate is half full in the pic XD

and right after that, i had DONUTS for supper!

donuts, who could ever resist?

and for lunch the very next day, i had KFC!!!!!!

wtf, i need to go jogging liau.