September 30, 2008

eeeeeee. fuck you la. i'd rather drown..

second post of the night.

as you guys can see, i have added the counter thingy to my page! i havent really publicize this blog account yet, only a few people know about it right now, but soon when i have more time to update it more frequently, i shall promote it more.

i love my visitor counter thingy!

and my bestest friend of this year wants mermaids as kids -.- and he crashed into an innocent car just now. lol. wen, you better start treating me nicely, or i will report you to the police wan lor and dont forget i have eye-witnesses.

it has been some time since i last had mimi. i think i need to stock up some mimi to get me thru the raya holidays.

and justin just told me that he quited canon, apparently because he doesnt like to compete with me =( thats really sweet, but i sort of enjoy having a friend working on the other side. now i feel lonely going to work.

i got to end this post here because the stupid jual mahal bastard is begging to be my 3rd unique visitor.

September 29, 2008

rain rain go away.

today has been a gloomy day. it rained almost the whole day and disted's carpark was flooded as usual.

classes went on as usual, and to add to my huge load of assignments and projects, we received 3 new assignments and another group project today.

andddd ms jaya told me she has a job for me! after i graduate. i hope its a web designing sort of job. but whatever it is it will be a great exposure for me and i can earn MONEY! talking about earning money, this wednesday til sunday i will be working for nikon with jen jen at gurney! this is my very first time working with her, and although i know she will be occupied with darius and might not even notice me there, i am actually quite excited! i went in nikon not knowing anyone, except my sis and siang, but i must say i did meet nice people while working with them. not only those from nikon but from other brands as well.

ok times up, tv time. will update sooooon, maybe after the raya holidays. and arini is tapau-ing rendang and ketupat for us on fridayyyy.

a lonely sunday

so, i find my life a bit slow these days, no huge activities to look forward to, just more and more projects to complete.

i am now working on gooey online, and i managed to figure out the problem with the editing thingy which had held my progress back since last week.

the deakin project is almost done, well, the program is completed, but the documentation is still sucky ):

back to my lonely sunday. i spent my day watching tv with nibbles -.- and jie hu feels that i will become one of those creepy old ladies with lots of pets when i get old. buh, sad isnt it.

okay, so in order not to become a creepy old lady with no life but a bunch of ugly pets hanging around me in the future, i have decided that i will take a day off from c++ and web designing to spend a day with my friends! and since bowling always make us happy, we will be having a bowling session on TUESDAY! heh doesnt that sound healthy and fun and uncreepy?

with that said, i had just realized something, two days ago i got a call from an old friend, asking me how i was doing and stuff, and then i realized that all my life i had never called anyone just to ask how he or she was doing, except for vin, maybe. but 97% of empty phone conversations i had wasnt made by me. i could hardly remember the last time i called someone up solely to find out how is she doing.

if you are lucky enough to receive a call from me, it means that you are special, but dont flatter yourself that much yet, because every call mostly means that i need something from you, may it be some sort of favors or your time to accompany me out, well all that shows how self-centered of a person i am. heee but the truth is, i am not very fond of starting a conversation, i do wish i could be more friendly, but i dont know, maybe too much influence from the anti-social apek aka qiwen already.

and one more thing about my phone conversation habits, i would never end a conversation first, although i am bored to death talking to the person on the other end. i had tried. and tried but i never seem to be able to say 'eh, i wana sleep d. byeeee' because to me it feels fake. idk. but i do love all the people who had called me at night and kept me company with some empty convos, all of them with waihoe excluded. did you know that he is still ALIVE?

everyones on holiday already, except me. buttt bowling on tuesday is making me HAPPY. i hope everyone can make it. and today onwards, i will try to rebuild old relationships and to keep my word on keeping touch with all my friends.


and i sense rendang from arini some time soon. and cookiessss. I LOVE ARINI's mum!

September 26, 2008

flying to aussie, flying to aussie not.

a week ago, i received an offer letter from QUT. i was really really really excited, receiving it means that i am a step closer to flying far far away from this island.

my friends are excited too, we had all sorts of plans, and it seems really fun to start the next chapter of my life there, away from the hot weather here and politicians who refer to my kind as immigrants.

but then again, i am a libran, over analyzing is what i do best and right now i really have no idea whether i should leave everything behind and hop on a plane, move there and never come back, or just to continue my degree here and carry on with whatever i had planned before.

i am attatched to too many things here, although i had made plans for each pet of mine, just in case i decide to go over to aussie, but i dont think i will be able to just give them away that easily. buh. sucks to be me right now.

i hate making decisions, because nothing seems to go my way most of the time.


so, this is what i am going to do, im going to let the uni decide for me! well, at this moment, it seems to be the brilliant-est way to run away from making one of the most important decision of my life. if i am to receive a huge scholarship, say 100%, then i will be flying out of malaysia by february next year. but yet again, who the fuck receives such a great scholarship? seems like i had already made my mind up afterall.

September 25, 2008

3 months back..

today, i realized how much stuffs and events i had left forgotten by not updating my multiply. in these three months so much had happened.

i never did want to stop updating the previous blog, it just happened. mainly, because i got fired had retired from lab assistant duties, during lab duties was the only time i could spare to update my blog and since i stop attending it, blogging stopped there too. its sad really, i sort of miss sitting there and complaining about how cold the lab is. =(

many things had changed since the last time i was on duty at disted's cold general lab. i had just recently added a new member to the family, she is an ugly looking rabbit and we call her nibbles which at that time sounds adorable, until my classmates had to turn her name obscene. mocha, my third hamster has got a new cage after escaping from her previous home several times. oats, the fat and dumb hammy is getting rounder and i really think that he is obese. poku, is still the same, she still pops her head out everytime i yell for her but i think she is starting to show signs of old age. i am not going to cry when any of them dies, i will try at least. i adore them to bits. and the last one, draco! he is turning 6 soon. time really flies, one moment alex was passing draco to me in a small round countainer and the next, draco had out grown 4 of this previous homes and had murdered 2 of his buddies. i never did get anything for draco on his birthdays like i did for the other pets, but i must say if i happen to die tommorow the first pet i will worry about and miss would be draco. i love you draxie.

well, other than that, i had decided to add jogging to my daily routine and to sleep before 1am every night so that i could wake up earlier the next day and not be late for class anymore! i am trying, real hard to make this happen, but its already 4.30am now, so fuck i missed my pre-determine bed time already >=(

i certainly do miss cursing students for jamming up the printer during my sessions of lab monitoring.

i wouldnt say that i live a miserable life and i do not post such long posts usually, but i am going through a phase in life where most of my friends are moving away to further their studies and this is when i would wish that i was back in high school, where everyone was together and i had never thought that this day will come when i would actually miss them this much.

on a side note, i had just completed my very first officially paid website project =D =D i would love to put a screen shot of it here but i dont have it now. and for those who i havent complained to yet, I FUCKING LOST MY KINGSTON THUMB DRIVE T.T, but well, it got lost almost 2 months already but im still missing it, especially the 12th July piggy thingy attatched to it.

=( im planning to get myself a protable hard disk soon though.

currently, i have 3 more projects in line for me to complete. i was progressing very well in the c++ project until vin called and we went out for teh-peng. and when i came home, i got caught up with setting this blog up. buh, i really should get back to my project.

i will update soon, if i have the time. i shall be more productive tommorrow, i promise.

and i really love the autosave thingy blogger is offering!

Confessions of a Draco Lover V2

It never had been easy writing the first post. well, after 471 posts in
multiply and almost 3 months of absence in the blog sphere i had decided to start blogging again. and this time i choose to try out blogger! i must say customizing is very much easier to perform here.

this time around i had decided to make a public blog instead of turning everything private like what i did to my previous blog. confessions of a draco lover on multiply will be hanging there forever, accessable to friends only, i did regret spending days to turn it private, imagine turning more than 400 posts private. that was how hardworking i was back then, and mind you multiply does not have a 'turn every fucking shit to private' button, i had to do it manually one post at a time.

anyhow, i love blogspot!