October 31, 2008

Hiking Round1

3 days ago, which was tuesday, i think, too much free time has really been messing with the calendar in my head =( anyways, last tuesday, i went hiking at youth park.

it really had been some time since i last went into the jungle. i remember walking in and out of the jungle like it was my own home back during CTC. i really miss those times. i was only form 1 back then, i was really dumb and noobish, but i did had alot of fun, ALOT seriously. and i did get to meet some great people, whom til today i still have at least a little contact with like my beloved daddy mingyu, wanyean and simon who actually still remembers my birthday, thanks to friendster i guess.

anyways, i took some photos with the new 10mp with 5x optical zoom, Nikon S560. well, all these are set to 5mp and i must say Nikon really works fine outdoors when theres lots of light.

my bodyguards, boss turns back and checks on me every now and then unlike the old apek.
i adore boss!

stairs, stairs and more stairs. =(

i think we are trying to get up this clift, actually i dont know, i was just following blindly.

the top! i made it up there alive!

pic taken by boss.

the fact that i managed to get up to the top shows that i am actually very healthy indeed, at least thats what i thought. i have been a slob for the pass 2 years, the last i went hiking was the pantai kerachut trip, which was a long long time ago. im proud of myself, really.

today, more of yesterday, we went for another round, using a slightly different route, i will update round 2 of our hiking trip in the next post after i introduce my latest gadget to you guys. for now, i nak tido sudah nearly pukul 5 pagi.

selamat malam semua.

October 30, 2008

how weird can i be?

Ping tagged me. i dont usually do tags, but since she adores me THIS much and i adore her back T H I S much and also because she threatened me that she will never come visit my bloggie if i dont complete this weird thingy and i need readers, i was sort of forced to do it =( unwillingly.

heh. things i would do for you, unimaginable.

sho here goes...

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tags back!


1. i talk to my pets like they are my kids.

2. i am always caught ketawa-ing bersendirian.

3. i walk my pet turtle. i take him to youth park whenever i have the time or whenever he gives me the sad face.

4. i have very obscene pets. and i enjoy raba-ing them.

5. i can survive solely on kaya balls for a whole day. during the camera fair at perai last weekend, i survived on an average of 30 kaya balls a day and nothing else. why dont they sell kaya balls in penang?? WHYYYYYY..........

6. i work for Nikon but i really really really wana get a Canon Ixus.

taken with Nikon's D80, and my new found skill of making the back of the subject blur.
noobish, but im progressing =XD

7. i would never end an empty phone conversation first even if i am bored to death or i have tons of work to do, unless you are really pissing me off.

8. all i need you to do when i am sad is to give me one biiiiggggg bear hug, and maybe a slice of jenny's cheese cake, because that is what i will do if you are feeling down and if you really matter to me.

9. i am freaking possessive towards stuffs that belong to me and people who i assume belong to me, but i choose to deny that fact.

10. people find me disgusting, especially those who see me on a daily basis, except my baby vin.

11. i am chinese, but i do not speak or understand mandarin. get over it, seriously. especially to those i sell cameras to.

12. if i were to buy an apple for you, and i stood in front of the store for hours and ended up buying none, you should know how important you are to me.

13. apparently, i always ask questions and will answer them myself before the other person can answer me.

14. and i find this amusing.

its an emu! a weird looking emu.

15. nope, cant think of anything else =) maybe you guys can help me out. heh


there, all done. now ping you better frequently come visit my little bloggie. and i will not tag anyone, because i dont think any of them will do it =)

i so very oftenly hear people referring to me as weird, but i dont see much weirdness in me, weird isnt it? heh

ive got ads!

i think i complain too much of stuffs that dont even matter. seriously, im a troubled person. heh

anyhow, ive finally had found time to complete my registration with nuffnang, and i have ADs NOW! all i need to do now is to properly publicize my little bloggie, which i will, soon.

although i complain about having too much time to spare, all i really want to do is just to laze around. the pass few weeks were really tiring, we had stayed up so many nights staring at our lappys, trying to complete our major project. we even met up at 24hour outlets, like mcd, the whole night til the morning, and went to college right after that, without even going home!

taken with Nikon S560, its VR actually works great outdoors.

i really miss the hectic-ness =(

and i had just realized something, i left my running shoes in my kenari and kenari isnt at home, qiwens gonna kill me T.T cant go hiking without shoes. well, i guess i will just take little draxie out for a walk instead. i hope it doesnt rain, draco hates rain.

another update, i received a letter of offer from UniSA the other day =) but at this point, whether its QUT or UniSA, it doesnt really matter, i dont feel like leaving penang anymore.

how could i possibly leave them
, they are so adorable and obscene.

well, wen is considering of applying for RMIT too, i read through the courses that they are offering and i am really tempted to go study there too. RMIt IS AWESOME! but oats is AWESOMEr.

okies, time to run. meeting them at youth park in 15 minutes.

October 29, 2008

Its all over =(

so, it has been a while since i last had the time to update my bloggie. but now since exams are over i dont think i have any reasons not to anymore, i will be more hardworking and will update my bloggie at least once every two days, i promise =D

anyways, lots had happened since my birthday, ive finally handed in our major project, and all other projects as well, even exams are over, which means that all the hectic-ness are already far gone and done with.

dont you just love gooey! its my baby!

its a litte sad that its all over =( even my RAD final project has finished, i basically have nothing to do now.

RADfinalproject : bag-a-cuppy!

i did notice that i need to brush up on my designs, well because, all my projects seem to look the same. =(

but i must say that i did a better job at the coding part for the RAD project, and i did have more flexibility in incorporating stuffs that i like into this project, like cupcakes! and my baby vin, he is the manager here =) allbecause i know wen wouldnt mind and i wouldnt mind either if he minds cause he wouldnt bite.

i still have got so much to learn, the stuffs i make looks so noobish. but from all these ive learned to actually adore working with databases and stuff. i miss having projects to work on =(

on a side note, usm had finally paid me fully for the website project. the project earned arini and i rm1000, so each of us earned 500bucks, which according to siang is ALOT, like seriously alot for our noobish work. he usually only earns 400 to 500 bucks for a whole completed project, this project doesnt even need me to get a domain or a server. i would say if they had made their mind up earlier, the website would have been much prettier, they kept on changing their minds on the colour and the layout and this and that, i got so bloody pissed off, that i got too lazy to make it look pretty, but it still look ok i guess, its an educational site, it looks ok for an educational site, at least i hope.

i received half of it in cash! i felt so rich, that i made mr moomoo bask on it =)

i really really really miss being busy. now days, all i do is sleep, play with my pets, hang around, play with my new temporary camera, i barely even eat cause i dont do any thing productive enough to be hungry. buh.

i really have too much time to spare =( im so bored to the extend that i am forcing myself to sleep even after being asleep for hours.

the fact that everyone is having exams isnt really helping me at all. i really need a project to work on.

well, tmr at 2 i will be out bowling, and at 4 will be meeting up the guys for a hike! cant wait cant wait, at least i have something to look forward to.

October 15, 2008

busy busy busy

im really damn busy all this week, will update and brag about how perfect my life is and make you guys jealous of my life once everything is over.

i had the best birthday ever! more about it sooooooon!

fuckingggg majorrrr prrrooojeecccttttttttttt.

October 10, 2008

god, pls go pick on someone else

i bloody fucking lost my car............keys T.T

=( i couldnt concentrate on whatever i am suppose to do. i am in bloody deep shit larr. and its not only about getting a replacement, its about the stresssss of losing it.

i dont usually lose stuffs, but lately i am being more careless, first my pendrive and now my car keys, why meee? WHYYYYY.........

replacements will cost rm100++, according to jiehu and qiwen. so there goes my hopes of getting myself a portable harddisk T.T

fucking cibai. and tmr need to drive myvi to college or else later my baby kenari kena steal T.T

October 9, 2008

gooeyOnline is ALIVE!!

i have waited too bloody long to finally have the chance to say this - GOOEYONLINE IS FINALLY ALIVEE!!

well, i have been going on and on about gooeyOnline for the pass few months, for those who does not know yet, gooeyOnline is a part of our major project, which is to be completed today of next week. gooeyOnline is only a small part of the whole project, and thats why i am so bloody busy all this week =(

im so stressed out, that it doesnt feel like stress anymore, if you get what i mean. it feels more like going to sleep and never waking up the next day.

wana see gooeyOnline? yes yes? want to see it? lol here is a glimpse of my precious-but-not-so-perfect gooeyOnline

i did notice how much my web desigining skills had changed since i started web designing a year ago, i am still very new at it but i must say it has changed alot since my first project

my first ever website was the malaysia tourism project. its basically very simple and it has ugly buttons, qiwen made those ugly buttons =)

then came the MAC project. this project was the most enjoyable one of all, firstly because it is not my project, its mr roy's and i am only kaypoing helping him out, so basically there is not much stress while pulling this one off. i certainly did enjoy this one, if only i had more time it might be prettier lol

this one has alot of animation to it basically because after the tourism project, my mx flash skills had improved and also it has such a fun theme, unlike my tourism theme. i should have gone to segi instead of disted -.-

after this one, i started with the USM project. this one was not as fun as the MAC project although i earn money from it, they couldnt make up their mind and kept on changing their design plan -.- and also i was really busy with this final semester. but its completed now, just need to do some maintainance and updation whenever needed. no screen shot of it tho, cause its with arini.

i have already received a quarter of the pay cheque! more to come next month =D but i had already over spend the 200 bucks =(

but in a whole ,gooey online is a little different from the other projects. i had put more effort into it if compared to the others. and because it is a part of the major project, it is needed to be connected to the database and with that i had spend a hell lot of days implementing the connection to the server and stuffs. in a whole, i bloody adore my gooeyOnline, i hope ms jaya likes it too, because it had caused me too much brain damage that i will bite if anyone does not like it.

but yet again, i cant wait to be creating more professional looking web pages, all the websites ive done so far looks so kiddish. hmph. i would say its all in the learning process, i have only started doing this shit not too long ago, and all i need is more experience. this is my 4th project and i know i am progressing slowly but surely =D

one more project waiting for me after i complete this final semester, and its a lot of money $$ heh.

for now, i still have the stand alone gooey supermarket system waiting to be completed, but i feel so damn bloody lazy =(

October 8, 2008

Diploma's ending =(

so, i have been working really hard this semester, and its sad to know that all these are going to end soon and i will be going some where new with new people and i am rather freaked out by that fact.

and there is something wrong with my spacebar key on my keyboard, must be caused by too much knocking-my-head-on-the-keyboard stunt.

anyways, arini brought rendang and cookies for us the other day and it was tasty! and i finished up all her cookies without leaving much for mummy. heh now i feel sick. at times like this i wish my mum could bake.

this will be a long week for me, everything must be completed by monday and by the following monday exams will start and by that friday, diploma will end. i will miss everyone. and i hope pigo will remember to pass season2 and 3 of Avatar to me before school ends for all of us.

heres something to keep you entertained. its the annoying alpha teddy that stares at you continuously whenever you are in my sister's car. creepy, i tell you.

lately, i noticed how fast people change. so fast that i am realizing that i dont really know someone as well as i thought i did. its rather sad to see people changing so quickly. or maybe he was always this way, just that i let all his flaws pass me by on purpose. well, he will be gone in a couple of months and the sooner he is out of malaysia the better for me.

and one more update! im reading up vb scripting =D it seems fun. andddd oneee moreee ee lasssst thing, i finally received the first quater of the USM project pay! im 200bucks richer. by the end of this year i will get myself a new phone, i know i know all of you must be yelling AT LASTTTT! but im still hessitating i dont know why :( sucks to be a libran at times.

October 5, 2008


when i started this blogspot account, i was hoping that i am able to update it every single day or at least once every two days, but now it seems like i barely have time to update it at all :(

so heres a quick update. i spent my first and second day of raya working at gurney with jen. as usual it was boring, but i would say that it is fun having jen around. ping came around to visit us at times, thanks ping! and darius said that he is gonna give me his hamster's cage, meaning one of my hammys is going to get a bigger new home!

i took a day off on friday, arini was suppose to bring us rendang but she ppk-ed us, so i spend my morning with qiwen, and tried to finish up my business plan the whole afternoon, with some Avatar every now and then.

speaking about Avatar, when i got back to work on Saturday, i told darius and jen about Avatar and i was surprise that no one knew what Avatar is.

Avatar :The Last Airbender - this must be the best animated series ive ever watched. its addictive, it has a great story line, it made me laugh at times and Appa is ADORABLE!

honestly, i started watching Avatar because Appa (i think its pronounce as affa, it sound nicer this way, imo)is sooooo fucking adorable. for those who does not know, Appa is Aang's flying giant bison. he is the last its kind, there use to be alot of them flying around but it seems like the fire nation killed them all :( sho shad T.T

i am still at season 1, gopi says that he will be giving me season 2 and 3 soon, love ya gopi!

for some reasons i cannot upload any pictures today, must be because im using firefox. i sort of killed my firefox the other day while i was working on Gooey Online. dont ask how i did it, ill get mad. and i can BITE!

anyways back to me, i went back to work on saturday and had a great time there. ping came to teman us for dinner and soon after that my saturday was over. then came today, did nothing much, finished up the business plan, and i must say, its AWESOME, i think.

i plan to complete gooey online by this week, but i was so busy, that i did not have time =( looks like i will have to postpone its completion date to next week.

avatar is causing me to procrastinate alot lately. hmm

and Heroes season 3 is HERE! at last. after such a long wait its finally here. mugun's gonna get it for me, i hope he remembers, im going to remind him now =D vin enjoys Heroes very much so guess what, im going to marathon the 3 or 4 episodes away with vin on his bday! i really really really dont know what to get for him for his bday =( and qiwen is not much help.

ok times up, Avatar time! i will update soon, i half promise.

EDITED: ive uploaded the pics, firefox cacated liau :(

October 1, 2008


my life is full of ppk-ers. arini just canceled our rendang and ketupat and corn flake cookies date T.T why do this on a day i was looking forward to all week long. bite you er arini dont want to chia you clorets liau.

but wenwen you are coming to teman me get thru the boring friday okies? i purposely dont want to work on friday so that we can finish our projects -.- make sure you dont ppk me.

on a side note, ive finished the 3 RAD assignments! vb.net is fun! but now what i really need to focus on is the major project's webby. its nearly done, just a little more to complete.

and today i ponteng-ed both classes! and i blamed it on the rain and qiwen, and a little bit on nikon. you see, its because of the rain that made me run away from the first class, and its because of qiwen that i had decided to skip the second class as well, and nikon, um, i dont know where nikon comes in, but i am rather depressed that i need to work tmr. =( damn bloody lazy and tired to earn money tmr. buh.

see you tmr jen! and ping dont ppk me next week kays huggies.


these were taken on our day out together. love him to bits <3