November 28, 2008


buh, nothing seems to go my way these days.

cant you see i wanted you by the way i push you away?

i never thought it will come to this a year ago, and no, it doesnt suck as much as i whine about it, and i am glad that you are not mine to care for anymore, but yet again, some nights like these i do think of you and how warm your hugs were.


so it seems like i have been updating my little bloggie pretty often now, and well, sadly that has got to stop. because mr cheong no longer wants to support my internet bills T.T he changed his password =(

but anyhow, let me introduce you guys to the lastest addition into my family!

her name is pochi botchi.

and yes i got another rabbit!, at least for a couple of weeks. and nibbles is fucking scared terrified of botchi.

well, botchi belongs to arini, whom sadly has to leave me all alone in Penang while she goes back home to Indonesia for a couple of weeks. she has wedding stuffs to handle, no kidding.

botchi is about a year older than nibbles, and much more behaved as well.

at first i thought that botchi's name was POchi, like POku. i have been yelling pochi pochi pochi the whole day, no wonder it doesnt respond to me that well. just a minute ago i found out that her name is actually botchi, like roBOT + chi! lol, such an adorable name.

on a side note, julie belanja-ed us Domino's pizza today, thanks julie, and you owe me 50 bucks, still.

ahhh , domino's, its an addiction.
i swear i can finish a whole large pizza and more all by myself!

since yesterday's yesterday, julie and i had become besties! bffs arent we now, julie?

November 27, 2008

i heart vin!

i heart vince vin!

apart from jiehu, franklin also thought that my bf's name is vince -.- lol. its kevin, everyone! not vince or vincent or alvin or calvin. and i adore my baby vinvin alot.

today, i woke up at about 3pm, i would have slept longer, but my another honey called and i was supposed to call her back, but i forgot T.T im sorry, darling. and it was sort of impossible to continue sleeping when my beloved sister is playing The Sims on the pc next to me. those horny sims are noisy, i tell you.

so, spent my day clearing up nibbles' cage, while she laze around.


shes getting bigger and fatter, i dont think i am able to keep her for long anymore T.T

later at night, went to pick up the bus tickets to kl, and on the way went to queensbay for a walk again.

again again again, nothing much ever happens these days. buh.

im bored.

ps, thanks andy for the belated birthday present.

November 26, 2008

mocha turns one.

okays, so it started of when justin bought me a cage for oats as my birthday present last year.

the hammy cage justin got for me was adorable, and because i told him that oats is a dwarf hamster, he got me the sort of cage for a real dwarf hamster, the tiny sort of cage. i totally loved the cage he got me, it was really pretty, look at the wheel, isnt it just adorable.

but who would have known that my small tiny oatsie will grow to be so fat and huge. oats outgrown that cage, in a couple of weeks, and vin got this for me.

a hugeee cage for the fat oatsie!

with that, the cage justin gave me became vacant, and poku, my other hamster, wouldnt wanna have anything to do with it because, her home is wayyyy bigger and has more space for her to dig dig and dig.

so, vin got me another dwarf hamster to keep that little cage occupied! he sort of forced me to choose one when we are at the pet store, and all the way my brain was screaming mummy is sooo gonna fucking murder me and dispose my body in the toilet bowl T.T

read about mocha here! i purposely went to un-private-kan that entry on multiply, because its mochas birthday!

cant believe one year has passed so fast.

love you to bits, moc!

happy birthday, mocha.

have you ever sleep sms-ed someone before?

i know i did, again yesterday night.

today nothing much , went to queensbay,


and bought some clothes, i know i promised to not buy anything til the KL trip, im sorries =(

and look what i found!


fucking kaya balllssssssss. omfgg , they actually sell these in penang!

oh but well, they dont taste as nice as the ones across the bridge.

other than that, nothing much, and yeah, nikon gave me another 160bucks for happy spending i earned 160bucks of black money =D which is just enough to cover my spendings on food for this week, i have been eating expensively since my beloved kl-trip-mates wont let me buy any other things like clothes unless my house got flooded and i am clothes-less. those are almost the exact words that ping gave me on one of our previous trips to gurney.

and the most important highlight of today is........ my youngest hammy has turned one!


happy birthday mocha!

ignore the messyness in her home, she has been really grumpy and moody these days, being disastrous all the way.

i havent got anything for her yet, i thought of buying something back for her from kl, but seems like she needs a new running wheel ugently. lol, i will get her a new wheel soon. shes getting too fat for her current wheel.

yeah, and anyone wants a hamster cage? i plan to get a new cage for mocha, hers is getting too small for her fat-ness. maybe darius can give me his hammy cage, jen can help me pujuk him to give me?

honestly, if compared to the other hammys i have, mocha is the one i least adore, well because she bites. and it hurts ALOT . and i dont think she loves me as much as my other pets do.

but nonetheless, they are all my babies, and i love them to bits. even if they bite and scratch me with no mercy whatsoever T.T

November 25, 2008

small small world, dont you think

i cant sleep again.

and everyone is asleep i guess, i closed msn early today, because i am suppose to be pretending to be asleep by now .

anyways, it occurred to me how small this world is.

everyone knows everyone, despite the fact that i am constantly complaining about how non-span-able my social circle is.

a day or two ago, i found out that james and jiunlong were primary school mates , lol, can you actually believe it. both of them are just so different. and maybe i should stop here about them before they start ganging up on me =D i adore you both .

and then, earlier today, i found out that chorboon, my very decent sit-next-to-me primary school classmate, or better known by his grown up name, darren, is actually friends with jason, my new found similar course but different college friend, who is currently gay-ing with marty i mean, hockhock. its a complicated relationship, trust me.

and then just a minute ago, while i was randomly snooping around random blogsites, i found this!

its jeffery!

lol, how random.

i found that poster and pic from this kdu girl's bloggie, and since i stole it from her and we are soon to be collegemates, why dont you guys give her some page views for me kays. and i think she won the KDU Idol thingy, meaning she can sing! thankius jeffery's friend for the poster and pic, you look pretty.

jason and i were just talking about jeffery, in a good way, a little while ago, damn.

i adore my hunny bee

today was perfect.

it was a wonderful day to wake up to. it was almost gloomy when i woke up. but it felt really great.

you got to love those sampans

at times like this, my life seems so perfect, having to wake up next to him is the bestest feeling in the world.

mr sleepy head baby, i tried making him into sushi!

he is so adorable, that he will give me his routine 5-minutes-more-pleaseeeeeee stunt every time i try to wake him up. and he will sort of hug me and try to tuck me back to sleep so that he could earn another 10 minutes of sleeping time. adorable =)

now i think i know why i could never leave him, he doesnt give the bestest hug of all, but it sort of feels like he really means it, if you know what i am trying to describe here , its just different from the other one, although the other one is great to o,okays i got to shut up now.

this is a public blog, so im gonna leave minimal emotions here kays =)

i took a whole hour to get him up. i dont think i want to have kids in the future, its heart breaking to wake up the people you adore when they are asleep so soundly.

by the time i successfully got him up and running, he was almost late for class already. so rush, we did. but i wont do less to live thru this morning again.

after that i went to pick up my car, while vin went for his classes, not everyone in the world is as non-occupied as myself, or ping, or yilin or win, or arini, or mugun, or wen or =D i think you get it.

win had just came back from sabah, so it is sort of a must to teman her jalan jalan at new gurney, although there is nothing much there.

so off to new gurney, again.

nothing much, met up with ling ling and her classmates, watched Igor, the new movie, it was okay. i realize that my expectations for humor in movies have sort of went up a little, maybe. well, because funny movies are not that funny anymore and really funny movies are just okay =( i appreciate the sort of not-pushing-it-too-hard type of sarcasm displayed in Avatar, it made me laugh and think over it and laugh again. Igor did not manage to do that, none of any current movies successfully did that. Igor was kind of boring for me, predictable, nothing much sort of movie, to me of course, it did not make me go jumping and screaming i fucking hope they make a sequel.

i dont know why i sound so gloomy all out of a sudden, i started this entry really cheerfully. i think i suffer from bipolar disorder T.T

i am currently blogging in the dark, because fiona has exam tomorrow. i need to hush hush.

anyways, i think im getting sick.

will update soon with pics!

it has been a long, perfect day. having vin in the morning, and my beloved other hunnys in the afternoon. perfect.

November 24, 2008


ive just finished the first 3 episodes of the korean drama. it seems like they are trying really hard to make the viewers cry, too hard maybe.

and the girl is sick! wtf, just like i had predicted, well, i hope its not cancer. lol. whyyy must they always get sick.

this movie is sort of too gloomy for me, i would appreciate some funny parts every now and then, but theres basically none so far. maybe thats why i am more of an avatar person, because its funny and serious at the same time =D

my mum has been popping her head into my room for the third time tonight already, she very seldomly does that, i think its mr jiehu's fault

JieHu. my hp can online
JieHu. can use msn
diana i know i know
JieHu. can surf porn websites tooo
diana -.-
diana lol
diana my mum just walk in

since then my mummy kept on coming into my room to visit me -.- you know how mums are, they freak whenever some random guy is talking about porn to their baby daughter. lol love ya mummy!

and jiehu i know your new phone damn keng.

well, i will be leaving for vin's apartment in about 15 minutes, good night everyone. ping i will update you later if i can make it for tmr's meeting or not k. huggies. muax.

November 23, 2008

korean moooovie

i never really like those cry cry die of cancer sort of korean movies, and they all seem to have the same plot. korean movies are more of qiwen's and my sis's thing, not mine. but due to the fact that i am dead bored and i have nothing else better to do, i am gonna start watching this one, titled The Snow Queen. wtf lol. will review on it once im done. bubbai.

i hope i dont cry T.T

and i certainly hope no one dies of cancer in the end. buh.


buh. so i managed to write a really rasmi (official) sort of email as a respond to the email sent to me by UniSA. i spent quite a while on it, it has been a long time since i wrote something so serious ,you see.

anyways, when my mom read it, guess what she said. these are the exact words from her : its cute!

wtf! cute? it is not cute!!! -.- and it is not suppose to be cute at all , its suppose to be SERIOUS, like real black mail sort of serious T.T whyyyy.

mummy said that my full page of words is too whiney, like most of my essays are, cant blame me here , the Malaysian Examination Council sort of had forced trained me to write long and whiney sort of essays. hmph.

i am just trying to be as polite as possible and not to offend them in any way and not to be too serious while being really serious O.o while trying to keep it simple without any commas and ... well, it is difficult to keep it short while doing all that at the same time.

so the expert mummy came in and edited my essay email. now its only a few lines long, and it perfectly states "yo, im sorry for the late reply, pls save a spot for me and i will get back to you when slowmo disted releases my results, have a good day, and lots of hugs and kisses from malaysia, muaxxxxxxxxxxx, reply me soon kays, bye!" in a more official and proffessional sort of English. Thank you Mummy.

Yours sincerely,

Diana Ngoh Sui Lin

November 22, 2008


so when you are bored what do you do?

you secretly log in to you bestest friend's friendster account and snoop =D

wen, you better come back soon before i terrorize your account.

buh. im very bored. tomyam anyone?

happy 50th entry, mr bloggie.

oh shit, i had just realized that this is my 50th entry on this bloggieee!

and look, my bloggie has already reached its 555th viewer too.

thankius bill-e for notifying me.

T.T my bloggie is growing fatter, thanks everybody!

too bad i miss the 500th viewer, anyone wants to claim a bear hug?

big baby got hurt =(

as many of you have known about this already, since i had complained so much about it, THIS IS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED TO MY BABY KENARIIII's windscreen.

quote from a friend "its nice what, got pattern" -.-

mind you it will cost me at least 300 bucks to replace it T.T

i wonder if rain could sip in. maybe i should apply more rainX on that spot. lol

itu fiona.

that day while i was driving behind my sister on the road, she was kacau-ing me with some hand signals, so i decided to take a photo of her doing it, well just to let my mummy know that she always play play on the road

itu fiona!

when i met up with her later, i told her, dont play play on the road ar later i tell mama only only you know, well she counter bit me by saying wtf you took a photo while you are driving and you are telling me not to play play while driving -.-

opps soli dont tell mama k T.T

cant even see her crime in the pic =( dumb non-zoom-able camera of mine. hmph

lunch @ sakae sushi, new gurney

i had been crazily craving for sushi all this week, i dont know why. but anyhow, since my sakae sushi carve was replaced by sushi king on my last visit to new gurney, this time around, i choose the froggie instead.

the green tea they serve here is a little different from queensbay's.

vin's fav.

die, fishy die! buh, i dont really like salmon anyways

diana's barbaric act, as gopi would say.

basically thats all the photos i got, well because the people working there seems to stare at me whenever i bring out my phone, tak tau kenapaaaaaaa.

two sushi lunches in a week, but i am still craving for sweet sauce now. heh.

November 21, 2008


i think i am a little depressed.

because, i finished avatar season 3 already T.T all 21 episodes, in less than a day

anyways to take my mind of avatar, heres some updates on my healthy daily life.

yesterday evening, i went for basketball with my collegemates! well, outdoor activities are always healthy right?

my huny suggested that we exploit the USM facilities because we are indirectly USM students =D

so off to USM basketball court we went.

kepunyaan USM

well, arini drove me there because she has the USM car sticker thingy which will allow us to enter USM and pretend to be students there, but i dont think the guards really care about it because they never seem to bother me whenever i drop ping and yilin back to their hostel, but arini insisted on driving me there, and as usual i was late again, and arini made us late x 2. lol.

later we went for a tour around the USM campus. arini took us to the green lake, which looks a little polluted.

USM's green tasik

there were biawaks, dracos and a whole lot of fishes in it and according to Mugun there were crocodiles in it too, lol!

there were ppl feeding bread to the fishes and it looks fun. but those students were stupid enough to dispose their plastic bags in the lake -.- couldnt believe that university students are that dumb. dont they know that the fishes and dracos could get suffocated by those plastic bags -.- no hope for malaysians, i tell you.

but in a whole, USM seems to be a nice place, looks like there are alot of stuffs you can do there, but according to my friends, it doesnt look as safe as it seems. a girl got kidnapped while hanging out around the campus without anyone noticing for almost a month, wtf. O.O not a good idea to be anti-social if you are a USM student i guess, round up a group of friends and if you get missing at least they will know , right? ping and yilin take care ok T.T

later we had dinner at some location called Bali Bali, which everyone had been to, except me. nothing much over there, but arini says that the ikan bakar they bakar there is nice , i might consider to bring vin vin there, because he has a thing for ikan bakars

i had curry meeeeeeee

i should really stop on curry me, its gonna kill mee someday.

November 20, 2008

bitten by a turt.

remember my adorable little draco, whom i adore so bloody much?

he fucking bit my toe this morning when i was bathing him T.T


whyyy draxie whyy? T.T

my baby draco isnt a violent turt at all, he never bites intentionally. but this time , i think he did it on purpose. and i dont know why.

November 19, 2008


lol. the ad selections by google are funny, they really reflect whatever you write.

and my little bloggie is almost reaching its 500th view! if you are the 500th viewer, you get a free bear hug! terms and conditions applied. heh.

to think about it, my bloggie is almost a month and the half old already . time really flies.

new wing @ gurney

today was fun. i finally had the chance to really explore new gurney. nothing much, but i cant wait to bring vin along this weekend.

and i think i am addicted to donuts.

we had sushi for lunch, but ping choose the fish instead of the frog, maybe because ping did not want me to mess with the click-to-order-terminals at sakae, but apparently sushi king had better stuffs to offer today. i was late again so i did not have much say in that matter, but the fish was fine for me too. at least my sushi cravings were satisfied.

so the fish it is today. next day the froggie can? =D

i wasnt acting barbaric during lunch today, see how tidy my stuffs are =D

but i did drink up alot of their sweet sauce.

the other photos are in shanshan's camera, i will post them up later kays.

new gurney is ok, but it is smaller than i thought, really.

i cant wait for christmas, im going to have a much better xmas this year than last year, i am sure about it. you guys can start brainstorming for xmas prezzies for me already, its never too early, you know.

buh. im getting so lazy. mummy's birthday is coming. havent gotten anything for her =(

and petrol price went down again! yippies!

tomorrow evening got basketball date with the guys and my beloved hunny =D and i will get Avatar tmr tooooooooo. i dont think i can sleep tonight. avatar rawrrrrrrr, it has been a while, no spoilers pls. thankius.

i am late!

morning! well, i am suppose to meet up with ping and the rest at 12, but i just woke up! sorry ping ,i will be late again. i came online to reload my phone to reply yilin. see i sayang her so much.

on a different matter, gurney date with people from Disted is set for tomorrow. meaning i will be visiting gurney again tmr. lol. new found love towards gurney i guess.

so you will be wondering why am i still hanging around here since i am already late, the reason is that the people from Sentral College had just received their projects, and i obviously am here to kaypo.

okays i better run! i want sakae sushi!

cant tido.

i cant sleep =(

i better be off soon. gurney tomorrow later. i want to eat sakae sushi.

people chatting to me tonight, im sure you guys noticed that im feeling down. =(

mugun offered to play UNO on msn with me. it reminded me about how addicted i was to hexic last time and also UNO, i would force them to teman me play online UNO all the time and i always win them all. lol. great old memories, really. i remember getting caught by ms lak while playing hexic during lab duty once, and i blamed boss for it. it has been a while since i last defended my highscore.

i have no idea why do i enjoy reminiscing so much, i revisited my multiply account a while ago. well, i guess i was so close to being yours at one point. also at that point ,my life stopped for a bit, i stopped everything, there were so much things going on at the same time, and i was really lost. but i think i did the right thing in the end, for everyone. everything went on as planned, only it took a little longer than i had planned it for, and that damaged me a little.

i said that i will make things right again. and i hope i did.

i remember waking up one day and telling myself that this is the day to make things right, and wishing that i had died the day before so that i did not have to go thru the next.

it all seems so long ago. i know what im getting into when i made that decision. but now that its happening, im sort of falling apart.

but you know, im going to be okay when it happens, at least i am prepared for it. sometimes i pretend i dont know whats happening, but i do in fact, i am not stupid, you know, i just dont want to give you a hard time. i am just going to continue to pretend, because i know i can take it better then you can, because i know i can recover.

i dont know, what i am to do next ,because my plans will end there, after you leave.

you are disappearing, fading steadily, and i will just have to deal with it, because i made a decision to care for you more than myself.

and i am glad i did.

November 18, 2008


i woke up at around 1pm maybe 2 today. it has been a very long four days, but fun no doubt. and well, after spending four long days at gurney, guess what ive decided to do, i have decided to spend my tomorrow and the next day at gurney again! superb planning, no?

and with that, ive just noticed that i had double booked people again. i sort of have told mugun that i will come get avatar from him tomorrow afternoon. avatar or new gurney, damn.

my sis declared today as Avatar Day. when she woke up today, she yelled 'ITS AVATAR DAY TODAY! come i drive you to mugun's place to get avatar' and she gladly passed her phone to me to give mugun a wake up call, but sadly Avatar Day needs to be postponed because mugun isnt free today =(

okays, sorry if i sound whiney, its just that i am feeling really troubled. you see, currently i am university-less. i have four choices, and i need to make this decision as correctly as possible because because because i am a fucking libran.

i thought i have plenty of time to think about it but i received this and

i think im screwed. second one so far.

funny, the way they mention my name, diana sui lin ngoh, or even better miss ngoh sui lin, diana. sounds really too official. and yes, diana is my registered name, and no , i dont really like it, and i wasnt given the chance to debate on it.

the first thing people usually say to me when i tell them that my name is diana, is 'oh like princess diana?' im sort bored of that reaction, really. i have a friend whos name is hock hock, seriously. and im sure he is bored of people finding his name adorable, like i do. i remember laughing and asking him if he is serious until he had to show me his driving license. its just so adorably funny, to me. im sorry, i take my laughing back.

anyways, i am now suppose to write a really official reply to them, explaining my slowmo-ness in accepting their offer. and as you can read from my messy posts, you should be able to tell that i am screwed up. i dont think they will appreciate the excessive amount of randomness and commas.


i shall recover from this tomorrow.

November 15, 2008

camera fair day 1

im home! work was fun today.

guess who came to visit me today , JuYen!! damn long never see her around already, shes studying in KL, but i think she is back here for the weekend. and she brought along yeok yan, who have already moved back to penang, but i, as usual, is the last to find out, thank you everyone for not updating me -.-

see ping, you bo sim wan ,never come visit me at all T.T at least come visit me for five minutes mar.

and jason, i know you might come read this, so BIG thankius to you and lucas for coming to visit me too =D dont gay so much pls. lol

marty = hock hock

and look what great news i received today


[...]MuGuN un6nw says:
avatar is doneee

!!!!!!!! tqstqstqs <3


November 13, 2008

update on draco

draco, draco, draco.

i couldnt at all remember why did i name my turt draco. i dont even remember brainstorming for a name for him. and i dont think it has anything to do with Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter , its more of a random name.

you know, i love draco alot, ALOT.

i remember placing him inside those round microwave-able containers and then inside my bag, while i cycled to tuition. on the way, i will be screaming to my friends 'oi, sloww abitttttt'. then in tuition, the sir will allow drax to swim with his two gold fishes inside the aquarium. my baby draco was so small and portable, but then again that was like 5 years ago, now he is bloody fat and is the size of my palm.

my precious draxie

the other day, draco fell down and hurt his right arm =( i did beat myself up for his fall, i wish he never had to go thru such pain under my care.

although he looks fine but i still felt very disturbed. he stayed out of the water for a couple of days. he seldom sleeps on his wood above the water, but he did for a few nights, and he only dive into the water when its food time, i must say, i was worried.


but after about a week, guess whos up and running again.

yup, hes back to normal, climbing here and there, exploiting my love for him by scratching and pushing me away when its medicine time. and staining everything stain-able with betadine that i apply on to his arm for the wound and letting my mum mentally murder me.

thank you very much , mr draco. and yes, i still adore you.

his arm is totally normal again, no blood stains, no clogs, and no broken bones, i hope.

he scratches me using full force, im sort of sure that there are no broken fingers.


i will be at gurney from tomorrow til monday, theres a camera fair going on, if any of you happen to be around, come say hie =D

today, i fucking gave up photography to watch pokemon T.T it feels like im putting myself under house arrest for no apparent reason. buh.

i gave up the chance to play with the new D90 outdoors legally, just because i was too lazy to get out of the house.

i feel so tired now, good night.

November 12, 2008

nut-ing mooch.

nothing much today =(

currently at episode 51 of season 1 of pokemon.

looking for sad, dramatic korean movies to watch.

plan to delete pokemon off after finish watching it, it takes up too much space. anyone wants a copy before i delete it?


roughly more than one and the half years ago, jiehu introduced me to this guy, he plays the guitar, he sings and he writes songs! his name is john but he calls himself secondhand serenade for some reason , and and and i know he loves me.

heh, i wish.

well, recently a little blue bird told me that John Vesely is coming down to malaysia in march next yearr O.O omfggg. i want to go see him liveeeeeee!

you people who havent got me anything for my birthday, save up! get me some tix for his concert!

oh well, maybe.


i totally absolutely love secondhand serenade!

the first song jiehu sent me was Its Not Over, totally got me hooked. and when i heard the snippet of Fall For You, i replayed it over and over again, i replayed almost all of his songs over and over again. i remember repeating Its Not Over and Maybe and Vulnerable for the whole day while trying to complete my database project last year.

the first time i heard Fall For You on radio, i was like are you sure, or is it my cd playing. wtf wtf he is on malaysian airwaves. how come nobody had dedicated his songs to me before, mr roy i dont want Skillet, i want secondhand serenade! although skillet is great too.

his first album, awake, is alot different from the current one. the first album is mainly him playing the guitar and singing, very simple and basic, and thats what that makes it so bloody amazing, its a total different category of superb-ness if compared with his latest album, a twist in my story, which is also great but in a diffrent way, he sort of included more instruments in the songs for this album, im not saying that i hate it, both sorts are great for me. sounds alittle unlike him but still great, love him love him but love vin more.

some people may find his songs boring, but listen to the lyrics , dont you find them relatable, that makes me hate him at times, because its just true, isnt it.

Tested and True - Secondhand Serenade

i couldnt pick a favourite song out of the bunch, i like them all, but this one i love and not many people know about it. yet again, i absolutely love Broken, Awake and especially Your Call and Vulnerable and i even had Last Time on repeat for some time.

may i be excused if i went to his concert screaming for his autograph like a psychotic little girl, um maybe.


happy 4 years and 4 months baby.

i love ya <3

November 11, 2008

bitcomettt =D

my morning afternoon started off like this :

Gopi... dienuhhh...u mau avatar ar?
diana mauuuuu
diana i got season 2 liau
diana you got season 3 ar?

Gopi... diana lol...
Gopi... i got the last five episode...
diana my download walking so lambat-ly
Gopi... using hacked bitcomet...wakakaka.....75kb...wooooo
Gopi... use the bitcomet...its really fast...

diana mugun told me about that before
Gopi... i got 200kb last week...
diana i want alsooo!
Gopi... sekejap...
Gopi... sends Bitcomet.rar <----------- XD XD XD =D
Gopi... use that...ur avatar finish in less than 2 day..

diana i sayang gopi!

avatarrrr rawrr!

this is not the regular bitcomet with the yellowish/orangish icon of fireworks. heee

pokemon time, but i want avatar =(

November 10, 2008


everyone is always complaining about how filthy my car is, and i get mock real often by people like mugun regarding my dirty rims, its always black =( thats disted's fault, not mine.

i never did really get the time to properly bathe wash my baby. and it always rains when i hand wash it >=(

so, today since i did have bloody alot of time in my hands, i finally decided to take my big baby to the carwash, seriously its my very first time, taking it for a carwash.

the place.

arini and my sis recommended this place. arini, lou and i were suppose to go wash our cars there together, but something always gets in the way, so i went there myself this time, maybe i will go back there with them in a few weeks time, my baby attacts dust real quickly.

the people are nice, but they are sort of shy. lol. i notice them lagging when i stand there looking at them cleaning up my car, i think they were scared that i was going to complain or something to their boss, so i think its better to wait at the waiting place with red sofas.

i took along the shoes i have in the car and PUFFY!, i was not going to leave puffy there alone.

i stuffed puffy into my bag when i got out of the car

but i dont think puffy is happy about me stuffing him into my bag, he looks pissed off =(


i must say, they did a great job. look at my rims! i should have taken a before and after photo.

everything is now so squeaky clean, makes me feel like rubbing my face on my clean baby! i rush off to mummy's office to show how clean mr car is to her, but she was busy >=(

stayed at her office til almost 9, spend my time snoozing and watching pokemonnnnn!

before the car wash i met up with mugun to get my harddisk back, and he really did give 80gb of pokemon, all 10 seasons. lol. and i only gave him barely 10gb of AVATARRRR. but i got him addicted to avatar too! even my sis is watching avatar now. anyone who has too much time to spare can come get avatar from me =) im sure you will like it ,unless you are like qiwen who enjoys watching lots of killing and blood.

mr roy, i need house back.

gopi, im holding the avatar S1 disk and house. i know it has been a long time, i will return it soon kays.

November 9, 2008

DELL lappys

a friend of mine, Jason currently have some Dell lappys to sell off. all of them are new and are ready in stock, just waiting for someone to pick them up. i certainly want to get myself one, but i shall wait, i have been spending too much on electronics already.

anyhows, heres the specs of the lappys he have,

Inspiron 1420 T7250 2.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB Home Premium 120GB 2GB 8400M GS 128MB DVD+/-RWPink 2MP WebCam 14.1" Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) Display 9-Cell battery/ 355 Bluetooth
Price: RM 2800

Inspiron 1420 T7250 2.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB, Vista Home Basic ,250GB, 2GB 8400M GS 128MB DVD+/-RW Blue 2MP WebCam 14.1" Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) Display with TrueLife™ 355 Bluetooth
Price: M2900

Vostro 1310 T8100 2.1GHz, 3MB Cache, 800 MHz FSB Vista Business 160GB 2GB 8400M GS 128MB CDRW-DVD 1.3MP Webcam 13.3 Widescreen WXGA (1280x800) TFT Display 360 Bluetooth Module/1505 Wireless-N Mini-Card 1505 Wireless-N
Price: RM 2600

i dont know if its ALOT cheaper, but this guy has ready stock, buzz me if any of you are interested kays and i will hook you up with mr jason, i dont know much details, im just helping a friend out XD


good morning! i just woke up, i would have slept a little longer if my beloved arini did not call and wakey me upy.

arini is always early, there was once she called at 7, and i was like wtf go back to sleeeeeeeeeeep.
it isnt very fun to experience talking to me half awake, but we are not going to go there, okays XD

so arini called and the first thing she said was as usual, heyyy diana, still tidur ke? til so late?

well, in my world, 12 o clock isnt late at all especially if i dont have anything to do on that particular day aka holidayyyyy

i exploit holidays.

i dont do anything productive on holidays.

i half hate holidays.


arini wants to date me tmr =D yay! but i want Madagascar! i shall call her later to postpone. heh.

i rushed online to check on avatar and to look for mr emoo to see if he is back from singapore or not. but cant find him anywhere. qiwen, make sure you buzz me when you come back, never hear from you a couple of days liau.

lenlen, my huny going back on 23nov, bila itu lens boleh ariveeeee, you think can send to me in time? if cannot then nvm, when i go kl time only take from you, but tak sempat pass to my huny liau T.T

November 8, 2008

4 bucks aunty.

the event at pisa was cancelled =( meaning, my life will be very event-less this weekend.

so i thought that 20 episodes of Avatar could actually keep my life eventful for at least a week, but as usual my estimations are not always accurate, in fact they are never accurate. hmph.

i had finished 11 episodes so far, only 9 more to go T.T im really watching it thrifty-ly, i dont want to be watching the 20th episode before Season 3 completes its download.

uh, heres something to think about , yesterday, i followed mummy to the cemetary/graveyard/ash keeping place/i-dont-know-what-its-officially-called/resting place?, place which is near the horse racing place. there is where my grandma and grandpa's ashes are. we go there several times a year to pay our respect. i seriously dont know what that place is called , i shall ask my mum when she gets home =S

well, this time around, my mummy's brother is sort of sick and he sort of wants to buy purchase reserve some memorial spot for himself and his wife. and yes, his wife is the 4bucks aunt, whom i dont really adore, because i dont think she likes me very much (if you dont have a multiply account, dont bother clicking on the link )

my mummy says that he is too sick to come choose for himself, that i understand, and i really dont mind tagging along and helping him out, after all he is my uncle, but where the fuck are his WIFE and kids? why cant his WIFE or kids come do this since they are closer to him, and basically since they will be the ones who will need to go to that spot most oftenly after he you-know.

and trust me, my family and his family isnt that close, our relationship is solely relying on the fact that my mum is his sister. after he you-know i dont think that family will wana have much to do with us.
apparently, his kids are busy, as if my mummy and i are not, too busy to help their dad look for a resting place -.-

kids these days, fuk them! heh.

okay so, fine, his kids are busy working on billions worth of projects, which is too critical to miss, w/e, but couldnt his wifey tag along to help us choose and make our lifes easier since one of the two holes will be hers, instead of her staying at home and acting like she is 19 on the phone with her so called "girlfriends". i overheard her on the phone once, and she was like "girls, lets go out" i was about to puke, girls?, dude you are not 19, you are like dinosaur years old -.-

looking for empty spots among the thousands of containers containing ashes are not easy, i tell you, and most good spots are already taken, and my uncle is sort of very choosy, he doesnt want it to be on rows that are high or too low, dont want it on the second floor or higher, so that people who comes visit him doesnt have to climb any stairs -.- and he wants the number of the hole thingy to be good, feng shui wise.

we spend hours looking around, at one point my mum wanted to use my new baby phone to snap a picture of the hole/whatever-you-call-it thingy so that my uncle could visualize it better T.T a little creepy dont you think, well i think its ALOT creepy.

i think i will get the one facing the mountains for myself and mummy. i hope i can afford it, those holes cost alot ok, especially those which are neither too high, nor too low, with a nice number thats facing the mountains.

but guess what they have there,


but they seem hungry, i dont think my spoilt brat draxie would be able to survive there, they only feed them vegetables. yuck.

i love draxie.

got to fly. will update soon. <3