January 31, 2009

happy birthday, huhu!

before it gets alot more belated,


i did not forget, honestly. i just wanted to be the last =D

that stupid phone of mine is gonna get some beating for not reminding me of my bestest friend's birthday.

visit kimhu.com today!

huggies, you are so old already, too bad. lol.

January 30, 2009


going for movie with vin at queens later, go to go get ready, so CNY 09 - Day 1 til 4 to be updated soon!

CNY 09 - Day 0

25 Jan 09

well, i come from a semi-banana family, but despite that fact, we still had the typical cny eve reunion dinner.

and as all of you are aware of, i cant cook one bit, so my job was just very much hang around, wash dishes, eat and make sure my pets doesnt make their way to the kitchen.

after dinner, i made my way to vin's house, mainly to visit my baby boy and


and of cause nibbs

and vin's mummy and daddy and yu-lynn and warren -.- heee

my baby guinea pig look-a-like bunny

my guinea-pig-look-a-like baby bunny is actually named after momo the flying Lemur from Avatar, at least i think.

vin and momo, adorable

and not to forget my nibby!

oh, the gemook-ness.

vin's family has been over feeding her, back at my place i very much had to control her diet because the food that she consumes is damn expensive.

look how slim she was back at my place.

but, i still adore you a whole lot nibbles!

then got home at about 2 am after supper at the mamak opposite queensbay with vin, warren and the little sis.

it was an okay cny eve for me, at though we did not perform any prayers or offer any sacifices to our ancestors for a better year ahead, at least we had a home cooked reunion dinner.

CNY 09

blogspot is again against me for the last couple of days, making me unable to post special cny entries.

anyhow its back on! so happy chinese new year to everyone, and the year of the momoe moomoo is actually starting off really well for me, despite only receiving 3 angpaus.

so, why not indulge in those yummy cookies before they all run out!

and those oranges too,

happy chinese new year people

i hope you are enjoying the moomoo year as much as i am.

January 26, 2009

WEDNESDAY is the day!

woooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my package is arriving on WEDNESDAYYYYYYY!


so bloody cant wait ^^

should i go out with you people or stay at home and wait for mr post man? hmm, XD


January 25, 2009

its mr moomoo year!

its all about mr moomoo this cny

okay, so the fact is that i am not as chinese as i had hoped to be, because i had just very recently found out the this year is the year of the Rat and this coming CNY we will be celebrating the start of the year of the Ox. and i was wondering all along why are the shops displaying mr moomoo plushies.

well, its just cny. i dont know why people get so excited about it. over at my house we dont do much to celebrate it, we dont make cookies, we buy them, we dont pray, because grandma never exactly taught my mum how to do it i guess, and we dont go out on a massive angpau hunt.

the one thing i love about chinese new year is the mandarin oranges. i think i am addicted to these small baby ones. i have been consuming so many of them i think im getting sick.

i dont get much angpaus during cny since i dont have many close relatives. but at least i have vin. last year he collected the new 50bucks notes for me to spend it off during our trip away from Penang. to know that someone cares about you more than getting angpaus is very much a nice feeling.

that aside, mummy forced me into spring cleaning because my room was a mess.

you will know that it has been too long since you last cleared your room when you find spider cemetaries under your bed. i dont like people messing with my stuffs but yet again i am always too lazy to clear my stuffs up.

i like to keep stuffs. make that alot of stuffs. i have kept loads of stuffs from high school, camps and especially stuffs from vin. and if those bamboo utensils from my camp cookouts are rot resistant, i would be storing them right under my bed til this very day, but ive tried and failed, maggots tend to appear on them. lol.

i have tones of boxes and stuffs hidden under my bed, and it is about time to sort out and throw outs some stuffs.

i thought of taking out these, but soon i kept them back into the box. i just did not have the heart to dispose them off. those were the best years of my life, really.

draco tried to help out as well. loves.

my little black books, with germ infested used plasters. heee, and i wonder why people are digusted by my little books.

plasters cavina and i made for each other, i sort of miss her T.T

siapa punya?
i have been keeping these for years. owners please claim them soon kays.

i assume that is my name written in mandarin

the best 'last' class ive been to xD
yes, i stole the mineral water box, now it stores my camp stuffs lol

most of my storage boxes had became homes for my hammys, i had to resort to cardboard ones.

name tags and such.
i miss high school

and i also found birthday cards i made for you people years ago.

for ping, even alicia signed it. i made it in class and i ran out of paper, lol.

for win, i even left space for the rest.

but in the end, this had to go T.T
bye bye graphics card box you cost a bomb when we got you.

sunrise, once again. i am turning nocturnal.

that's momoe!

yesterday, considering the time now, vin bought this for me








its fucking adorable, are you ready?










its a new baby bunny!

and we he decided to name her momoe!

totally reminds you of Justin's milky doesnt she?

vin just finished his second exam paper and i sort of forced him to the pet store. when you are my bf, the pet store is a sort of a compulsory place that you need to visit very bloody often. lol. love ya honey beeeeeeee.

anyways, i was just suppose to pick up some bedding for the hamsters and some multivitamins for abang draco, when we saw the bunnieesssss! they were so adorableee.

and then while we were still discussing whether to take one home or not, we met vin's mummy and little sis who came by to get some munchies for nibbles. such coincidence. it has been a while since i last met them =) i missed them.

well, yu-lynn really liked the bunny too, so vin got momoe for ME, its mine! at least i think its mine =(

vin's mum is still nice as usual, she came all the way to get some expensive carrot and alfafa sticks for nibbles, nibbs is so much more luckier under their roof.

the little sis however has grown much taller and she had straighten her hair! and she talked and talked all the way telling me about her new room and her new found love for pink and her cousins and how nibbles scratched her bla bla but as long as she doesnt make me play masak-masak with her, its all good.

yu-lynn wanted to name her lily
but vin went NOOOOOOOOOOO lol

i get to carry momoe all the way home.
i was actually afraid that i would break her bones, she is just so tiny.

no ears!

and somehow she likes my bag very much.

dude, thats a 100bucks phone case you are laying your arse on.

my mum is still on an anti-bunny strike, so momoe cant come home with me T.T

and i am a little concerned that in time i will need to share my kevin's love with this little monster.

anyhow, one more birthday to celebrate on the 24th of January, meloves!

but, mummy still loves you to bits nibbs!

nibbles stealing mocha's food

i miss your noobiness lots, now you have a new friend!

January 24, 2009



it has been a little over one week since i last posted an entry here. sorries =( i was too busy and tired to even switch on the pc for a dose of pokemon.

anyways, updates!

there has been a camera fair over at Komtar, a damn hot and boring one in fact.

Komtar, Penang

the weather was so bloody warm but they still made it outdoors -.-

with that, time certainly crawled slower than my turtle.

this fair was suppose to be only 3 days, but it was extended for another 2 days, for idk wtf reasons. but i took monday off, because i already had plans with my baby vin vin and apparently i had 'college stuffs' to attend to. four days outdoors under the scorching weather of my dear malaysia is totally enough for me, thankius.

vin took me out for tomyam mee after work on the first day.

i had another round of the same tomyam mee after work on the second day with team AVATAR!!! tomyam, right after they arrived on the island from KL.

and on the night of the third day, we went over to spend a night at vin's summer place for some movies and huggies.

you just got to love the view.

if only i owned a DSLR
i knowwwwww, if only.

but nonetheless,my 2mp in-phone camera still does a great job, no?
huffs =(
okays, maybe i did edit it a little

monday, was the day i skipped work and went to Gurney instead.

we had sushi, againnnnnnnnnnnnn.

please forgive my little phone for not having autofocus. oh, the pain T.T

you know, a year ago and before, sushi wasnt on top of my list, but all out of a sudden i have been craving for sushi alot lately.

ithinkimaaddictedtothese. whoosh.

hur hurr, alot of those, we had.

i heart POKU!

i heart sweet sauce tooo!

movie of the day : Outlander
well, the movie was okay, we missed the begining quite a bit because we were sushi-ing away, but heres the thing if those monsters kill in such a bloody manner, how come that guy's first wifey still look so pretty and not disfigured in the coffin. makes you wonder, doesnt it. or did i miss something important at the begining of the movie?

part of vin and me.
i look tired, yes i know, people had been telling me that alot lately.

tuesday was the last day!

and i got to watch Transformers, one of the best movies ever imo, on an approximately 6k flat screen tv or so i think. i wanted to crop dylon out of the pic, but i got too lazy and decided to transfer straight from my phone. i hope i got his name correct least, i am never good with names.

and thru out the fair, i got introduced to cham peng, which is a mixture of kopi peng and teh peng

but i still prefer my same ol' teh peng

Thursday was Domino's PIZZA DAYYYYY!

i made my baby boy get me some Domino's =D love you baby!

one classic crust for him and one WHOLE thin crust FOR MEEEEE!
how could anyone ever resist their beef pepperoni pizzzzza?

and i made myself a new jail inspired case specially for mr phone!

and yups its handmade like the other two, which looks so dirty in the pic, but the only difference is that this little case cost more than that pretty MNG bag i wanted to buy but wasnt allowed to by vin T.T because the shirt i cut it out from cost as much XD

at least i had fun cutting and sewing.

and who ever said that i cant sew can eat draco's poop.

oh, i am the one often critizing my sewing skills. huffs. =D