February 28, 2009

oh the cv,

so i am to draft a curriculum vitae for a module i am studying for this semester by Monday.

i hate to start on in because i know if i do it will be keeping me up and running til Sunday night, huffs.

i have never written a cv ever before, and so this is something very new to me, and thats why i had decided to start by reading the help notes provided by mr lecturer. and the first line in help mode says :

"Some people love writing about themselves, others feel a bit uncomfortable doing it and don’t know what to say."

with that, i thought, oh, this wont be as difficult for me, seeing how all-about-myself i always am, or so i thought.

and the next line states:

"Whatever your feelings about it, some practice will help you to improve what you write about yourself for the purposes of getting a job."

oh, thats okay, i do enjoy writing about myself, diana this diana that diana is the awesome-st of all thank you thankiusss very much, but wait, we are suppose to rely on this for a job? TT.TT wtf.

"These activities are aimed to help you start thinking about what you can say about yourself in your c.v. or job application form."

yes yes yes please walk me through in writing an awesome cv, i am relying on you 110% okays?

and then, a little down the line:

"What has activity 1 tried to teach you?"

uh, nothing?
TT.TT im doomed.


i should probably post some decent updates. basically, i am very reluctant to do so because i know some people like weixiang comes over to see pictures only, and i will need to plug in my phone to the lappy to transfer and i hate to do that because just like my exhd is critically infected, my phone and its card is as well.

oh, and before that, i should probably introduce you people to my new pretty friend, samantha =) you know a few posts back i referred to her as the alicia of my kdu class, solely base on the fact the she ignores me most of the time, but recently i got to know samantha a little more, and huffs, only god knows why ever did i associate her with that qiwen's ex, hoho. sam is nothing like her one bit, you can ask yeething and coco.

well, i realized that sam is more of the christine sort, and then i realize that christine too, ignores me most of the time, lol. probably i am to hyper and high on udang sticks, thats why. when people think of christine, people will tend to picture this brainy 3.94 gpa person, but i personally find christine really funny at times, but i wouldnt deny that she is a very serious person by nature. and most of the time, the stuffs she talk about makes you wonder if you are as dumb as the way you feel at that moment, hmm. but she makes sense ALL the time.

and like ive told qiwen like a million times over, she is the sort i would wana date if i am a guy, note that although i discuss girls with qiwen, i am not gay one bit, but i couldnt say the same for him when we talk about guys, heee.

for those who did not know, christine is co-hosting that bloggie (which i had linked above) with boss, if i am not mistaken, its her pigeon they are constantly refering to, no?

hohohoh, its 6am.

ps: to my real and official honey bee, please get well soon, i hate it when you restrict me from coming over to see you. i feel like taking all your games away and force you to rest a little more everyday, its not normal for you to be sick, you do a better job at taking care after me when i am sick.

get well soon kays. loves.

for my darling from high sch,

before it slips off my small little brain AGAIN,


you know i adore you lots right?

big girl just like me already XD

at times, i could really forget that you are younger than us,
probably because of your curly hair, lol.


of blah blah blah and more

i think i suffer from really really complicated and horrible indecisive issues.

well, for my case, particularly, it is more because of the financial crisis i am always falling into.

my mum raised us as very independent girls financial wise, and ever since i could start earning my own bucks she took a step back and made it really awkward for us to request for money from her in any occasion.

i wouldnt blame her looking at the financial state my family is into, but at times it just feels really fucking frustrating that a random person could just snap her fingers and earn herself a vehicle in barely two days of requesting it from her dad, even in the colour she requested.

only god knows when my time for that will come.

but i wouldnt say that the step my mum took was a horrible or a bad one, probably i would even do this to my kids in the future, because it did turn out well for me in a way, or another.

probably i suffered the most, being the youngest in the family, with the initiation of this project by my mum, very much because ever since my sis started supporting herself, my mum assumed that i also would be able to do so, with very little consideration of my age compared to hers. but that is never the matter anyways.

my mum gradually reduced my pocket money since i was form 4 and completely stopped when i turned form 5, but one way or another after falling in to personal poverty every now and then, i did manage to survive til today =)

but it did add up to my indecisiveness to purchase stuffs, especially if this certain stuff will cause my bank account to sink below 500 bucks.

people think that with the amount of money i am receiving from nikon, i will be able to support myself easily, but the thing is with school and sorts hanging around, nikon is really tough work and its inconsistency really makes it difficult for me to plan ahead.

and people wonder why i keep a careful tab of my spending in my black book. it does not exactly help me save, but it does constantly remind me of how painful the next month will be for me.

buh. even a pair of earphones could take me months to decide whether to purchase it or not.

but i wouldnt put all my indecisiveness on financial solely, because i am a picky person in nature, and as bad as that habit is, i could not change that part of me even if i try, and to make things worst, i NEED to look and snoop and then snoop again before buying up something.

and if i am to replace something i already own, for instance my earphones, i NEED to get the very same pair again, because i get bonded to my stuffs easily and i find it difficult to adapt to new objects once i am comfortable with one.

but to think of it again, if i do have more bucks, probably i would be able to push my tendency to stick with the old and venture out for different stuffs and would be able to easily take the risk of tossing it aside if i could not get used to it. because when i purchase something, the first thing that comes to mind will be that i will be sticking to it for the next few hundred years to come and its crucial for it to be nice and fuzzy with me all the time.

well, i brought this topic up because recently it is getting really difficult to live without a lappy, and i am considering really hard whether to get one or not. lappy == laptop/notebook, fyi.

a merely decent one suited for me would cost about 3k, easily 4k for one that i could actually appreciate, which is going to be really really heavy on my bank account, which i might have to probably empty while becoming an ah long and claim all my outstanding hutangs back, cash all my cheques and probably even would need borrow some cash from some peaceful and loving ah longs to own one.

huffs, probably by april i could afford one. a rough estimation of 3 working days per month for 12 months could earn me one, but then again, i am ME -.- its never gonna happen.

but if you are qiwen, dont worry, i am not even looking in to a 7k one yet, unlike some other people, apparently i am not that dumb enough.

so, kids out there who are still receiving some bucks monthly or weekly from mummy and daddy, be contented, your life is much much easier than mine.

February 27, 2009

gooey online to be revisited, soon

well, so yesterday, i received my first group assignment =)

and yes i am bloody excited about it.

very much because we are to make an online subject registration portal for students x) and i do love creating websites, dont you know?

so, gooey online revisit starts next week!

i did miss gooey online lots, and all the hecticness that cames with it.

i am bloody excited about this group assignment i wouldnt deny XD
loves, be nice to me please, team peeps!


huffs, class again.

and the worst part is that ive got to learn red hat linux again T.T and it is painfully reminding me of semaphores and multi threading stuffs.

oh wells, it feels so insecure updating during class, people keep on peeking over, right mr kuan? welcome to my little bloggie anyways, and remember to leave a msg.

of them and more,

if someone would ask if i like pets, i would give them the are-you-kidding-me sort of stare and drown him with details of the farm i have at home.

it has been a while since i last posted something about the little babies of mine, well all of them are doing awesome-ly fine, apart from getting older and slowly approaching the day to leave me.

abang draco is still as adorable as he always is.

recently, i have been out of the house most of the time and by the time i get home, he is either asleep or its already too late for a walk already. but on days like today, when i am back home early, draxie here gets to roam the whole house for hours, and the way he comes into my room to look for me really does make me feel all fuzzy inside.

poku, my oldest hamster

which never fails to remind me of the Disted people and Discrete Maths because they got her for me while we were studying for the exam.

she is getting really old, and is showing some signs of old age. it breaks my heart every time i see her like that, but there is nothing much i can do, except to feed her the favorite cat food of hers everytime she begs for some.

people who have fed her would know how much of a gentle hammy she is, i adore you pokes.

oats, the fattest and most adorable hammy there is.

look at his wtf face!

i adore this one to bits, tiny tiny bits that is.

how could anyone ever resist his adorable-ness, and of couse his obscene-ness


mocha, uh.
i do adore moc too, but she bites, painfully.

nibbles the fat bunny

she is staying over at vin's place, and i visit her every now and then. she is still adorable as ever, and also very happy, i think. and she likes to sit on the newspaper while i am reading and make it impossible for me to turn the page, and with that would earn her some attention from me.

and lastly, our dearly departed momo.

RIP momo,
you are missed, alot.


oh, nothing much, just that the pig emote is really adorable, and i am here to exclaim LOUDLY that i currently have ZERO adorable emotes with me right now T.T except of this little pig one which i just stole from mr choo wei xiang.

hoho, thankius very much!

oh, the horror of losing all your adorable emotes although you barely use them at all T.T

i guess i will have to go back to using the traditional


or vin's version


February 26, 2009

of so much more i am capable of

i am a big girl now, and i am going to take a different approach to things.

in the twenty years of my life, i have always prefered doing stuffs individually, and if ever i am given a chance to run away from group work, i would, without second thoughts.

its not that i am an anti-social freak who cannot communicate with people, or that i do not like my classmates enough to team up with them, or that i am not a team player, but the fact is that i like to be in control, of even the tiniest detail of my work.

i would say that i could be a very good team player, but i just choose not to be.

back during my diploma days, i was a difficult and complicated person. nothing anyone does will be good enough for me. well, back then, i am the diana, i had the energy and ability to do so, unlike now where i am just another new girl who crashed in half way and sort of have lost the urge to push and kill.

back then, i was more of a dictator, i like things to go my way. i think i have really really really ugly trust issues back then.

i would stay up to go through every single detail from my other group mates work and at times i would even redo them without giving a shit about what the other person thinks. well, because most of the time it was okay and better this way and everyone agrees.

but throughout the years, ive learnt that leading a team that is fully reliant on you is bloody tough work, especially when you have just so much to deal with at the same time.

i could remember the weight of the final semester where there was the supermarket project, the cupcake project, the university system project, documentations and exams. i swear i felt like breaking down at times. i was even writing programs half awake, i would catch a few minutes to snooze while the program compiles and i even found myself typing with my eyes closed.

only god knows how i ever did get thru that phase. i would say that was the worst time to get to know me, or even to have contact with me. but there is one person i would personally thank. he was probably the most suitable guy to work with me.

i was constantly freaking out and i would be staring at my black book trying to figure something out and i will be yelling at him for god knows reasons, but we make a great team, i would say. we stayed up for the whole day for the last couple of days to complete stuffs and i remember the heavy feeling on the day of the presentation and we have not slept the whole night and we were suppose to dress smartly and shit, that was really bad. i freaked out all the way, but we came up with good stuffs, nonetheless.

this time around, i am letting go, i dont want to be the crazy bitch who will carry everyone's burden, i want to be the awesome team member who shares the load that i know i can be if i try.

and this feeling is really nice.

its good that ive finally had grown some brains for a change.

growing is to realize, learn and to change for the better, and today i have taken one step forward, excuse me if my dictative nature strikes mid-way, at least i am trying to change for the better.

but however, i still dont think i am capable enough to work with people who dont speak, i love people who talk and make sense, dont everybody?


yipps! group work begins right now (x

she ko-ed.

huffs, if you havent know yet, nuabie ko-ed yesterday night TT.TT

and if you still havent know, nuabie is my beloved desktop which had faithfully walked me through the 2 and the half years of my diploma accompanying me though tough assignments, programs that got me going crazy ie:freehand, dumbdumb datelines, wtf head-knocking on keyboard stunts, and everything from waking up too early in the morning to suffering insomnia to turning nocturnal to being forced to stay up for full hours of the day =(

bye, beloved desktop of mine,
until my honey bear takes a peek at it that is.

at times like this, it definately makes you wana go 'WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' t--..--t


i know, i know, i'll remember to alt+prtsc next time

[b]қǛåņ™[/b] says:
miss diana
[b]қǛåņ™[/b] says:
ur pc is back?
diana says:
hey ya
diana says:
diana says:
diana says:
using lappy now

good thing ive backupsssss, too bad for some FIFA 09 playing geek who has his game stored on my c drive which i will probably reformatttttt, hohohohoho, byeeee gameee.

the only pain i really feel when lappy is not at home is neither being able to watch gossip girl nor to play SPORE, well, apart from being away from the internet world and having to leave my little bloggie lonelier that it already is. AND the worst part of allllll, I BLOODY CANNOT complete my homeeeeworkkkkk, oh wtf, when my pc is down, the mood to be hardworking kicks in, damn my moods =( huffs, i miss nuanua.

February 24, 2009

fly bys

ive added a traffic thingy on the right!

enjoy (:

happy birthday, old people.

wtf, i am soooo bloody behind time =(


huffs, at least i remembered. i wanted to write this post the other day during class but i couldnt remember jiunlong's url T.T the trouble i went through to look for it was painful, lol

anyhows, happy belated birthday to both of you!

of more updates,

so ive been up and running over at KDU, but the thing is that the classes here are not yet as hectic as Disted's 9am til 7pm classes suffered by Arini currently.

i only have to attend 6 3-hour classes per week and for the first week, the rest of my time was spent at kevin's place.

i went over to spend time with my honey bear, but eventually i found myself spending more time with his little sister.

little sis (: showing off her Hong Kong wax made hand.

she always makes me feel stupid, probably she is too smart for her age, sometimes i wish i had a strict daddy like they do, only sometimes that is.

i am never good with kids anyway.

butttt, in a way she worships me, hohohohohoho

want evidence?

she gave me this card about 3 years ago, and i stumble across it a little while ago while i was clearing up my stuffs.

and it says,
yes, i am sooooo great and awesomeee and wonderful and every kid in the world adores and worships diana che che, lol. so terharuuu TT.TT


tududuuu, budak kecil tertipu with my bambi eyes liauuu

well, vin and i took her along for our dates just like a happy little family.

vin's coffee, my mocha and her ais kosong that she always demands for.

took her for some cheese spag, but it was too cheesy for her, got a painful "mummy's cheese spag is more yummy"

spent my weekend at their place because their mummy was out sitting for an exam and daddy isnt the most fun-loving dad around, so in a way or another i tried to keep them company, and smiling.

i remember the time when my mum left for a vacation to US when i was probably 8, or the time when my mum went on a one week cruise with her colleagues and left us behind T.T i remember my sister staying up all night crying and me staring at her with a wtf-is-the-matter-with-you sort of stare, lol. i was always closer to daddy, imagine the day we left and never got to see him again. i kept my side of the bargain, he tried but failed, i never did blame him. huffs, but i must have received the wtf-is-the-matter-with-you sort of stare from my sis all year long -.-

well, back here i can tell that she really misses her mummy, and all we can do is to distract her until mummy comes back home this saturday =)

on a side note, this is long over due but,

yippies! my name is in the newspaper! vin's dad kept the page for me XD

sorry, pic is really fuzzy.

congrats to all of you people too, and wtf i totally had forgotten about the dinner date tomorrow night -.- postpone to wednesday lar k, sleepy larrr. and after 2 and the half years of being my buddies, you guys should know how much of a ppk-er i am by now, no? lol, huffs, i should cut down on ppk-ing.

my beloved arini <3

hoii, purposely go to disted's website to steal this pic ok. all just for my hunny XD and i still havent pass the lenses to her yettt.

rm200 bucks + valentines day, of course you did not see me at the graduation ceremony.

dating vin at 8am tomorrow, and honey bear is feeling a little green since this afternoon, get well soon hun, love ya to bits.

February 23, 2009

first week;

it has been a sort of long time since ive last updated.

school had been keeping me busy, or well, thats the best excuse i can come up with right now.

my first week over at KDU was okay, had a boring 4hour orientation early on Monday morning, Disted's welcome-the-new-kids was much much more entertaining i must say, it inspired me in a way, but KDU's just made me sleepy, and 4 hours of trying to stay awake without any communication was bloody painful.

Tuesday was a day off for us, Wednesday was the actual first class, and damn the crowd that welcomed me early on Wednesday morning. the first class was a combination of Sem1 kids like me and Sem2 students like Kenny and Dato -.- and yes the class was huge, not physically as in the classroom but huge as in the number of students. and imagine the look on my face when i walked into the class filled with approximately 60 students, trying to look out for any familiar faces but only realizing that my glasses were in toots which was snoozing in my bag -.- wtf. i felt lonely in the first class, really T.T

oh btw, meet toots.

its an adorable coffin for my glasses/specs whatever you people call the sight enhancing device which without i would have already failed my diploma or die in a car crash, or maybe not, cause i dont drive with my glasses, which i should probably do in times to come.


you know i am a librian, and bloody yesssssssss, i do belief in those crappy horoscope stuffs, cause it does read right through me at times.

well, throughout the first class i became friends with melody and angelinaaa, i am so used to yelling out angelineee, that it feels sooo weird to add a 'naaaaaa' at the back, huffs. had lunch with them together with yeething and lihchi, whom is already well known to you people.

the two new friends of mine are from PSDC, and the first impression i have of them was :- these are Louise-es, the sort of perfect in every aspect, hardworking, neat and organized sort of people, whom would fucking go crazy if someone would curse in front of them, yes? maybe its too early to tell, hohoho, but they are very very very nice to talk to, and surprisingly they are chinese-educated, i couldnt tell one bit and it was surprising because their english was damn fluent, if compared to my whooshy apparently english-ed speaking.

wednesday's second class was til five at the lab, got to know kuan and wen, which is a sort of the waiyin and qiwen, those whom are well introduced to counter-strike and dota and sorts, and funny, very easy for me to relate to, and geeky in a way.

waiyin and qiwen were pretty much like my older brothers at disted, they are nice and really awesome friends, and i know they are always looking out for me, sorts, although boss is often bullying me during lab duties and grandpa is alwaysssss annoying me during classes.

hiking with grandpa, who already flew away to aussie; and boss, the most talented and geeky one of the tribe.

got to know some of the old people too, they are the all a long KDU peeps, and i just got to love the way they speak in english. some of them arent Malaysians, and you know how much i enjoy listening to people from other countries speak, dont you? i was practically quiet in their presence, and let them do most of the talking while i did all of the listening.

Thursday, i got to know samantha and wei xiang, who were friends of kevin's from TARC. the wei xiang guy was the gooi, very very very funny without trying at all, easy going sort. but i barely got through to samantha, she is a little cold towards me, probably because of the kevin-me-breakup stuffs, she ignores me most of the time, just like alicia does in the second half of disted, after my bff decided fall for her and boosted her ego -.- butttt i will never refer to sam as the aliciaa, lol, no one is 'awesome' enough to become The Alicia, lol, mind you this is a public blog, so i will spare the details. and sam is wayyyy too gentle and nice to be an alicia.

and right after Thursday's class, jia wei came up to me with a 'diana right? you know leong wai yin?' as soon as i heard him mention boss, i think i replied with a very hyper sort of 'yesssss, he is awesome!!' -.- lame, i know. such a small world, very tiny indeed, i use to hear boss mentioning this guy's name every now and then but i never had a clue who he was, until now that this guy is sitting in the same classroom approximately 10feet away from me, weird in a way.

Friday, was the day i got lost in the huge ugly non-welcoming building of KDU T.T without credit in my phone to buzz anyone for help. i wandered up and down, round and round, but couldnt seem to find Lab 5, and damn KDU's half hidden class room doors. good thing i met ailing some where near the doorway, and her friend lead me to the hidden Lab 5, thanks hazel <3

bumping into ailing in such a random time after not being in contact with her since high school really brings back memories, like how we use to meet up at her place before school back in form 1 and 2, and we would go over to loowen's place for badminton during the weekends. memories, just makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

and i got to know a less noisy mugun! not that i am relating their skin colour but just the way they talk is a little similar. and i think john here suffered the most from my fascination towards the computer tables they have in Lab 5, hoho, and that is just 5% of what i am capable of.

so there, my first week in KDU. i manage to get to know all of the new students and a few of the old ones. they all come from different colleges all over penang and also ipoh. wen is from ipoh and the first time we spoke he told me to call him 'ah mannn' with the canto slang, but i told him calling him 'ah wen' will be superbly fine, and so to qiwen all the way over at aussie, IVE FOUND ANOTHER AH WEN TO TORTURE!! lol, joking, new ah wen dont worry i am indeed a veryyy nice and sweet person XD

will follow up on them, it isnt fair to judge them on first impressions.

February 20, 2009

uh, class


February 19, 2009

White House

here's a quick one, i was suppose to post this like a week ago, but couldnt find the time with posts for taiping zoo, valentines day and such lurking about.

anyhow, this place is such a nice place to dine-in and not many people know about it, so i think its fair for me to spend a couple of minutes on it before going to bed, like ive promised my honey bear.

a week ago, vin and i decided to pay BJ complex a visit to get some new games for vins super computer, and also because both of us were scruffy after basking in laziness at my place for the whole day, and its the type of scruffy-ness that we wont want any of our friends to catch us in x)

i got a new pair of flipflops there ^^

actually that trip to BJ complex was very fun, my advice will be : - dont anti that BJ just because it is the lurking corner of those sotongs


so this place is the OldTown of BJ Complex, or better known to vin and i as the ripped of version of Old Town, which we never thought of trying ever.

but on that day, since there was nothing new to try, we sort of tried this place out.

the concept of this place is very very much like Old Town, but they offer better food.

same old kopitiam inspired stools and tables in a modernize setting, even the drinks they offer are sort of the same.

but personally, i did not like the coffee here, too bitter in a sort of funny way.

but the FUD, heaven!

my cheese bake spag,

very much the standard of Winter Warmers, only without the annoying mixed vege, which i will eventually pick out anyway.

the cheese was just right, not too over the top like the one over at Food & Tea, which i will review on ifff i rememberr.


i dont remember what its called though, lol

the waiter came over with a hot hot hot sizzling plate/pan/whatever, and poured the black source over the chicken, and it was funny, sort of entertaining, like when the staff over at the Manhattan Fish Market, burns the prawns and stuff with the i dont know what is it called

i am very much afraid of heat initiated in front of my face, fyi.

good thing the waiter did it in front of vin and not me (:

i was too busy with my cheese baked spag that i barely tasted his sizzling fried chicken with black sauce on top, but he finished it in a flash, it must be tasty then.

gtg, kena marah from honey bear d, bed time!


huffs, todays the official day my school college-going life resumes.

i wouldnt say the old students are as welcoming as ive hoped, but maybe they are just shy, just like i am.

anyhow, ive earned several new friends but til now, none beats any of you =( they just seem so cold and they barely understand my jokes, i miss laughing out loudly with you people T.T

i feel so not at home, if you know what i mean.

but things will get better, i took maybe a month to really get to know you people over at disted, so yeah its still too early to tell.

February 17, 2009

dear qiwen,

12 hours since you took off to aussie, well take care and dont forget to have fun. stop being anti-social, you are lonely enough already, get your self a gf please. and dont gay with my chubi cousin anymore, i need him to get married and give me angpaus.

i hope your plane did not crash in the open sea.

huffs, send stuffs back for me, but not those koala bears you got for me the last time k, and im not a kid anymore, i dont want candy.

one more thing, stop appearing offline on msn, as ive mentioned you are lonely enough.

and you still owe me coconut ice cream XD

and and dont you just feel so bloody blessed to have an awesome bff like me?

you disgust me, yuck.

and i know i disgust you too, best friends forever?

goodbye Disted,

as of 14 feb 09, last saturday, ive officially graduated from my very beloved Disted-Stamford college.

and as of today, ive officially said a permanent goodbye to Disted and started a whole new chapter of my life at KDU college.

huffs, new KDU people please be a lot nicer to me, please. and in case i get lost around the campus and have a really worried look on, dont stare please, it makes me jumpy T.T and you wont like it when i start crying, lol

well, today was my first day at KDU college, i wouldnt say ive made any friends yet, huffs, probably i was in a very unfriendly mood this morning, i barely slept a wink =( tomorrow is a free day so i couldnt go undo my unfriendlyness, i hope i will wake up to a jollier mood on wednesday.

i will definately miss Disted a whole lot.

although much drama came in to play throughout my 2 years and 4 months there but at the end of everything, this place did send me off with alot of memories.

the narrow hall way, and how we will stand outside the classrooms like noobs. and how we will tumpang some empty next door classroom to hang out in the dark.

classrooms with tables that i like.

classrooms with chairs that i hate.

and how i always take off my shoes in class and walk around bare footed and everyone is familiar with the stupid stuffs i do.

and how i always exploit Disted's electricity by charging my phone during classes.

and my random addiction towards food, first curry puffs which i got everyone in the class addicted to as well, and then to udang sticks aka mimi!!

the carpark i complain so much about, but did have alot of memories at.
damn how it gets flooded when it rains and will make my shoes ugly.

how we stole arini's car XD

and how you people stole my car keys and nearly forgot to return them to me at the end of the day and nearly got me stranded on Disted grounds.

and heres a confession, i knocked into a little white kancil about a year ago while reversing, sorry white kancil owner. but at least i still drove my kenari to coll after that, unlike someone else who refuse to drive his myvi around after slamming into some random car, lol chicken.

and lab dutiessss, i will really really really fucking bloody miss complaining about how bored and cold the lab was when i am on duty, and how the monster hates me, but how i got so delighted when i received oranges and angpau from her. and how i use to endure lab duties by updating my multiply, and hundreds of posts will read "lab duty againnnnnnnnn" i miss saying just that.

and of course, lab duty wont be complete with my very jahats boss who kept me company for many of my lab duties, and not forgetting those other people who came by to sit with me at the terminal and gave up fresh air to accompany me during the boring lab hours. andddd how ever could my job as a lab assistant be completely fulfilled if there arent any bastards who jammed up the printer and make it look as if its the lab assistant's fault. and how i would complain about those noisy and annoying with high-pitched voices girls who seem to so enjoy talking loudly, fuk em.

and of number 25 and number 13 and the fierce girl, lol. they are the other lab assistants but i did not get to know them personally. it seems like only the engineering students are friendly towards comp sc students like me, business people are too cool for us.

the people, they are just so much warmer than the ones over at KDU, at least for now. ive earned some random friends by just sitting at the library, and one i will never forget is how this one person approached me at the lab and thank me for helping him with the printer by asking for my name and shaking my hand -.- lol how lame is that, but we remained friends til today and he is as lame as ever, in a good way.

and of bangla, upala, jarjar -.-

the trip to pantai kerachuttttt

our stupid wtf plots

i am rather glad that i had decided to start blogging back then, reading back on my posts really brings back forgotten memories.

cacatness of how i would pronounce my words

on how i really believed that boss is my neighbor for at least half a year , i even added him as my neighbor on multiply.

burn your car!

forgive the lala-ness of my language back then, i was young.

sorry if this post is lengthy. but i sure just got to love Disted.

too bad its late already and i have a date at 8am tomorrow morning, if not then i could continue reminiscing on my Disted days and make this post 10 times as lengthy.

well, now i am to leave all this memories on this post, and move on to KDU with much more anticipation.

bye, Disted.

February 16, 2009

kopi ais dinosaur

huffs, i cant sleep.

my classes at KDU will commerce later at 9am T.T if you didnt know yet, then you are a horrible horrible friend. i am partially scared and excited at the same time.

as ive shared my concern with some of you people on the matter of how bloody fucking scared i am of loneliness in this new class of mine, i think i wont be sleeping tonight.

many of you told me not to worry because apparently i am a friendly person, but in fact i am not one bit, i am a very very very shy person in front of strangers. i need plenty of time to blend in and i can only get comfortable with people i am close with.

this whole new class of strangers is really freaking me out.

and i feel so stupid now, it has been 4 months since i went off the academic map and now if someone would come up to me and ask "1MB == ?KB" i will go huh? wtffff, wake up brain cells of mine, now is the time to get up and running to face the hecticness.

1MB == 1024KB


wait i google.


well, tonight's supper was with vin, warren and yulynn at Subaidah.

warren's kopi ais dinosaur

vin and i had teh ais dinosaur, just because it is fun to drink from a humongous cup.

tak boleh tidorrrrrrrr!!!!


im hungry already.

new KDU classmates of mine, be nice to me please. thankius.

February 15, 2009

valentines 09'

happy valentines day people!

on the last day of year 2007, vin took me up to Penang Hill because ive always complained that ive never been up there before. and we had dinner David Brown's which totally took my breath away, the scenery, the ambiance and the scones were awesome, maybe just a little over priced of us being students. and the view as the sun sets, was superly duperly awesome.

this time around as a surprise dinner for v-day, i thought of taking vin there again, for the totally superb ambiance as well as for memory sake. but a couple of days before v-day, vin made me spill this plan of mine, he has his ways of getting through me =(

so i got all ready for Penang Hill on v-day, i even wore flip-flops instead of heels. but we ended up here;

sakae, qbm


sudden change of mood

when i got into the car, suddenly i got so lazy thinking about the train ride up the hill and stuffs. so instead i made my baby take me over to queensbay mall for a movie and shopping XD

and i think i accidentally ruined his plans a little. sorry hun.

same stuffs for me everytime

i had enough salmon and raw tuna during dinner at Tao the other day, but i can never have enough of these eight legged yummies.

we then watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which i thought was an awesome movie, although it was probably too lengthy, but its a life story of a guy what do you expect right? and vin enjoyed it too, but i doubt people like CS will enjoy it at all, and he would probably fall asleep in the middle of the movie like he did when watching Twilight -.-

we then headed to vin's house to say hie to his parents and his lonely little sister and also little nibbles. became yu-lynn's barbie as she comb and comb my hair like theres no tomorrow while vin tested out the valentines day gift i got for him. huffs, anything i would do to avoid playing masak-masak with her. lol

then vin had to take me back home to feed the little babies of mine. draco was glad that i was home and he chomped down his pallets like they were Idakos to me.

later we went up to vin's bt ferringhi place and he had a little surprise by the pool for me;

pretty candles
and a rose

and for my part of the surprise, i brought these;

firecrackers!! just like the ones he got for me last year.

uh, no, i dont really enjoy playing with fiery stuffs, honestly i am afraid of fire. but to think of how i use to stuff my face into fire pits to light fire during camps, huffs, good old suicidal days of mine.

i hope he had fun with the harmless firecracker.

i sure did love the pretty candles and the rose, hun.


stupid act #1

stupid act #2

stupid act #3

stupid act #4

weems, loves

pretty stars the sky have for us that night

i really wanted to share the sight with you people, but too bad =(

we just bask under the stars and he serenaded me with some random songs.

and i made him sing the song called Diana for me. heeee


i love my rose,
i made him promise not to waste any cash on flowers but he couldnt help it and got me one. and he placed it under his smelly shirt for me to find it when i entered his car. adorable.

i was yelling "one more, one more shot with my flower pls."

"lasttt one, last one please, pleaseee"