April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009

okays, finally i have completed the 1500 words essay on the really general field of digital image manipulation, huffs.

believe it or not, i overshot almost double the expected words, thanks to my really whine-y style of writing, and with that it would most probably take me another hour to cut down on words, 1500 words is so not enough to explore such a wide field, i tell you.

but then again, i am training to become a programmer or possibly a no life DBA not a writer nor a journalist, thank you very much.

so, please excuse my whine-y terms and my overly twisted form of writing, its style, fyi.

and then i realize that staring at those old photographs, especially modified ones are freaking scary,

like this one,
which Xiang so lovingly sent over to me to assist our essay writing thingy

imagine staring at it at 3am in the morning, thats what ive been doing. the photo is just so bloody wrong, in a way i cannot explain.

and this is not the only one, theres more. oh damn, i hate looking at old photographs in the early hours of the day =/


"Give me more lovin' then I've ever had
Make it all better when I'm feelin' sad
Tell me that I'm special
Even when I know I'm not"

I'm so glad I found you
I love being around you

i love you, i went by your place, and your last post made me cry D:

i love you,

and you should know that nothing and no one, will or can ever change that.

its amazing how you make me feel, by just looking at me;

April 29, 2009

A Fine Frenzy's Near To You has been replaying in my tiny little brain ever since this morning O.O

and its weird, because it has been ages since i last played it on my playlist,

probably i heard it while my playlist was on shuffle the other day, hmm, probably.

it brings back thoughts that are making me really sluggish right now,

apparently, i am better near to you, and its true, i miss you, i hope you are doing fine at your work place, love.

at times, i realize that this all will end soon, and the time to grow up and take life more seriously will soon come, and i get scared a little thinking of how perfect my little life is now, and that i have to move out of my comfort zone, pretty much soon.

thanks for the wonderful years you gave me,

i think i need to grow up.

April 29, 2009

friend : when you wana cook for me?
diana : soon =)

in other words;

friend : when can i die?
diana : soon x)

oh, the irony.

April 29, 2009

darn bored.

im sure you can tell how bored i am at this very moment,


i miss nibbles T.T

and i heard that she has a new poo-poo bowl =)

love ya nibbs,

very soon, after all these horrible assignments are done with, i will go over to visit ya.

and before i forget,

thanks Jen,

and Daniel too

i love it

other than that,

oh the geeky-ness, i have been at it for a couple of days now, eating with my mouse and keyboard that is.

tones of assignments at hand right now =(

and did you know that Sakae has a new system installed?

well now you know,

and they have a new menu too,

and if you browse through their top fifteen
you can find this, which i got addicted to x)

oh, and please dont try their salmon fried rice, its hoooooribleeeee,

and idokos dont come in bowls anymore, not like it matters anyways.

huffs, i think i am just trying to let time pass me by, fuck i am totally not in the productive mood one bit,

on a side note, dont Uninvited seem familiar, it is so obviously the remake of The Tale of Two Sisters, or something like that, no? how come no one remembers that one, i have been asking around but no one seems to know what i am talking about, at times it gets really frustrating. i so clearly remember sitting on the table in the Dewan Kuliah or whatever it is called now, watching that movie back in SGGS. seriously, dont anyone remember?

or probably thats just a fragment of my previous life, oh maybe.

April 28, 2009

of the nothings,

okays, fine i am dead bored, and fucking lazy to continue with that horrifying essay, which is constantly reminding me of how much of a non-ethical person i am when it comes to digital image manipulation -.-


to think about it, i suck at photoshopping, really. my knowledge of photoshop is til the extend of layers and merging them, whatever the fuck after that really puzzles me.

but seriously who could ever beat alicia in photoshop-ing, agreed?

oh, i feel so much like cursing now, for no apparent reason.

you know, if Qiwen would come by my class any time soon he will be surprise of how much decent and less vulgar of a person i am right now :D

my current classmates are, i dont know if this is the best word to use but uh, they are polite.

i actually even feel guilty for using mild words like shit around them =S

Qiwen will be proud;

April 27, 2009

went over to Krisna's place, because was forced by Kuan to do so, to apparently let go a little and relax, despite having 4 assignments due within next week.

the twin towers of Penang, aka Kris' place.

such a pretty place to live in, and surely i would love to spend more time there, with them.

the view from her unit,

USM, thats where my favorite people are lurking about.

i so cant wait for USM's exams to be over, huffs.

the pool,

Kris and the guys ming ming-ing

the Krisna,

the Xiang and Smiley,

the unfriendly Kuan,

if you stare long enough, probably you can catch a glimpse of Chean in the reflection,

lol, told you he is camera shyy,


wookays, back to HCI for now, loves.

April 27, 2009



i walked out of my room and my hand accidentally hit Mocha's empty cage, and automatically i said, sorry moc, T.T i think i am getting emo again x(

it feels so horribly wrong that i only need to fill up 2 plates everyday now,

i wonder hows shes doing in hammy heaven right now, and if they feed her lots of cat food, and that i hope she doesnt snatch food violently there =(

April 26, 2009

April 25, 2009

so i heard from the stingy Bernard that the world may end on 21 12 2012, as indirectly predicted by the Mayans,

oh-what-the-shity-hell, by 2012, i may not even be able to own a Murano yetttt, if-you-seek-amy, i tell you, lol.

Qiwen must be screaming for joy, as the world is predicted to end in less than half a decade, a year ago, i would be screaming for joy together with him, but now, it seems like everything is just begining to recover and everything around me is just so pretty again.

huffs, i dont know, what god has planned for us what the future holds for us, the ignorant bitches of Earth.

that aside,

lol, sorry jen, i love you lots, but but,

just but.

i sense a huge decrease of SMSes from jen and those from the Digi clan T.T

but seriously, it really depends on the person who is constantly reloading my phone, no?

and the person who is constantly overfeeding me,

and the person who is gonna make me really really fat.


i know,


April 25, 2009

April 24, 2009

well, everyone is screaming for updates,

the sad fact is that, ive got nothing much to update, basically my life is so full of sorrow that i am planning a suicide right at this moment, uh rat poison or bug poison, to fly or not to fly, you know that sorts.

ok fine, i am NOT suicidal, fyi, probably i am still mourning for the dismissal of that little monster of mine, but i know have the rest to care for still, and the Draco is staring at this screen now, probably wondering if i am really gonna throw all of them out of the window and then throw myself out, or not.

class today was horribly boring,

look to the front, see boring lecturer

to the left , see PSP

to the right, caught cheewoon snoozing

back, ber-facebook

at 11oclock, gossiping + playing with coin, lol

at 10 oclock, gay stripe loving couple =S

now you know the torture of Friday's morning lecturer, uh, the pain of sitting there snooping into Chean's smart phone for 3 hours without being addicted to mouse catching or ghost catching or restaurant city -.-

right after class, went over to Coffee Island for lunch to celebrate Toh's birthday,

fun, i would say, probably not friendly enough, lol

Kuan is getting pretty tired of the friendly word i am constantly pushing against them, its for mere fun, i promise.

and since i drove the Kenari today, i decided to drop by Disted for old times sake, called Arini up, but couldnt get her =(

oh, before i forget, good luck darling for your exam, dont play with that geeky senior so much, loves.

seems like ages since i last step foot onto Disted grounds,

and finally i picked up my Diploma (:

best graduating student ok, dont play play, lol

with that, to my new ex-disted friend, whom i got acquainted with online last night, due to the blurness of Mr Karn Kah Meng, seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , told you i am a bloody good student, unlike you, lol.

huffs, seems like i need more laughter in my life, and less seriousness from the people around me,

they who dont judge, i love,

April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Toh

i think i could get use to this, its fun,

anyhows, second birthday celebration with my oh-so-very-loving, and not forgetting friendly, KDU classmates.

birthday boy,



birthday card, lol, yes, we are cheap.

go dig Facebook for more :)

Happy Birthday, Toh, hope we made this one the best you ever had throughout your previously unfriendly KDU years x)


happy birthday, poku

today poku turned 2,

and i made Kevin buy her an apple on the way home just now ^^

poku loves apples, just that her owner hates apples, and thats why she only gets apples on special occasions like this.


got her some alfafa grass and some cat food too, very much because ive bought everything the pet store has to offer a little hammy like her, and that i am out of stuffs to buy for her, except for food that she loves.

she's my oldest hammy, and i must say the most polite one too, if ever you had experienced hand feeding her, you will know how much of a polite little hammy she is.

poku, exactly one year ago.

i got her that hippo as her birthday present a year ago, and i can tell that she adores the hell out of it.

and i adore the hell out of her.

the day when you guys got her for me, seems like just a while back, but to think of it, it has been already 2 years and that so much had changed since our fun filled days at Disted,

i could remember Jonathan reaching into his car and carrying the little transparent box with poku in it, and how typically excited i was back then.

i remember exclaiming that i would name her Poku, while the rest pervert-ly checks if she is a girl or a boy,

and how we smuggled her into the library and the way Ms Ten stared at me and how proud i felt to become poku's owner,

and of course, how afraid i was of squashing her that i did not dare to pick her up.

and how scared i was when she escaped for the first time T.T

it has been a while, but those were the best 2 years of my life being poku's mummy and that poku has been apart of these awesome moments of my life, and i know she will be leaving soon, and this time around i wont promise that i wont cry, because i know i would terrible-ly.

i love her to bits, and i hope that she knows it as well.

i went over to my multiply to dig out some old posts, really what was i thinking when i made everything private? its so difficult to un-privatize those posts, oh wait i remember, its because of LWH lol, well, i heard that he failed his C programming recently, stupid noob, i thought your programming damn keng wan -.- makes me wana puke, now i remember why i turned everything private there.


poku and her running ball ^^

Happy 2nd Birthday, Poku!


poku is getting really old, and she is probably sick, very much suffering from Cushings just like Mocha did, and she is losing fur pretty quickly, and as ive read they usually have about 6 months before they go, it took Mocha in about 4 months, and with that i know Poku's time is almost up, i am heart broken seeing how week she had become.


on Monday, Mocha died.

i had probably drilled what i should and should not do when it happens a couple of thousand times before, but when it really happened all those training just did not matter at all,

all i wanted to do was cry, but i got so tired of crying that i wanted someone to just give me a big warm bear hug,

and when Kevin came by, all i did was push him away, and that i would wana bury her as soon as possible,

and when he placed her into the box with her ball and dug a hole in the ground, i held on to the box and felt like it was so wrong to leave her there in the cold dark hole,

then i look over and remembered how we buried our rabbit there and then i concluded that i suck at facing deaths.

i guess i am at the state whereby i have cried so much that i am too tired to be sad about it anymore,

or probably that i am more angry than i am sad about the fact that i couldnt have done anything.

on tuesday, when Xiang came over to pick me up for college, i rushed out of the house yelling bye poku, bye oats, bye moc, bye drax; and when i got to the elevator i realized that mocha isnt around anymore and that saying bye mocha is awkward, and that thought just gave me this really horrible feeling,

2 days in a row, i woke up greeting all of them and then realizing that i should probably stop doing that,

on a side note, thanks to everyone who sent their condolences, and no, i do not want a cappuccino or a latte as replacement, it dont work that way.

and to Kevin, thanks for the great day out and for sushi therapy, it helped alot, i did not feel like going home one bit. i know you did your best in trying to cheer me up, and i appreciate it a whole lot.

R.I.P Mocha,

three days ago,

she left us.
25.11.07 - 21.04.09

you will be missed, moc

some times, i would forget that she isnt around anymore, and for a slight moment there it seems like everything is fine, until i turn over and see her empty cage,

her death was sudden, but not unexpected.

with that, to the most violent little monster of mine, i love you so much, and i hope that i gave you a good life, and that you will be able to tell all your hamster buddies up in hammy heaven about how much of a wonderful life you had.

i love you,

April 20, 2009


oh, right at this moment, how i wish that i am addicted to mouse hunting and ghost catching on Facebook,

huffs, im damn bloody bored.

oh, shit.

oh, holy shit.


pass up on wednesday still can play dota, lol

anyhows, this fella is a part of the Sem 2 clan which makes us, the Sem1 kids, feel so tiny in their presence during HCI classes

uh, IF due date is really this Wednesday, then good job everyone, may we all rest in peace.

i hate HCI, never thought i could hate interface designing as much as this,

never thought i could hate someone named Joshua as much as this,

Happy Birthday Ping,

probably i took advantage of the fact that ive already left you a Happy Birthday Ping Ping msg on your birthday blog, and with that, i took such a long time to dedicate a post to one of my bestest buddy in the entire universe,

i am sure that you do know how much i adore you, right?


jen, yilin and i stood by the elevator trying to light the lighter to light up your candles,

how dare you think that i adore you less?

and that we waited for at least 3 hours at Coffee Island for you to finish your meeting with your USM buddies

and that i will probably not carry out another birthday surprise for any of my friends, unless i am bloody certain that someone in the gang knows how to use a lighter or that the birthday girl is confirm 100% unoccupied on the day of the surprise.

you sucked up my confidence to pull off a surprise T.T

but anyhow, i hope that you had the bestest birthday ever,

despite the fact that we still owe you a birthday present because i was sooo busy and that you did not even squeeze out a tear when we arrived at the door singing the happy birthday song with a fully lighted cake,

huffs, the painful experience of 3 girls standing at one hidden corner trying to figure out how to use a lighter for at least 15 minutes.

thats how much we adore you,


Happy Birthday, Ping!

click here and scroll down for my full birthday dedication <3

ps: can i have a birthday blog too when my the time comes? yes? thankius ^^

, fine fine i know you guys are lazy, forget it, just get me some plenty of Domino's to make up for it.


oh, crabby

oh, crab crap!

ive got tones of stuffs to do, fuck.

i think i am gonna freak out again, dammit.

and no ones here for me to kick and bite, assholes.

i think i miss my old classmates, and how much fun we had during the kerachut trip

April 19, 2009

PC Fair Round 2

visited PC fair again today, this time with Kevin and Warren, basically to push around with sweaty people stock up my geek box

honey bear, the driver

well, one thing that annoys the heaven out of me is that why the fuck would people bring 10 of their tiniest children along to PC fair, they are just so annoying and we have to try really hard not to knock them over -.-

some even bring those kid-trolleys along, stupid waste of space.

and if you are wondering, yes, PC fair today was fucking packed, with very very minimal space to move around, i really dont know why parents would wanna bring their one year olds there -.-


new additions to my geek box

earphones, that i am longing to purchase since a long time ago =D

new ones on the left, my favorite old pair on the right

i was looking really hard to find the exact old pair again, which i adore so much, and has some sentimental values to it,

but its time for a change it seems =(

on another note,

ive finally chosen this;

finally, i know. lol

it took me some time to decide which one to pick, since all of them look so fugly =(

who would have known that i would get so attached to the 512mb thumb drive with annoying blue blinking thingy which initially i treated with contempt

that aside,

Warren went home with a Studio 15,

and I went home Studio 15-less T.T

i decided not to buy it, because, well just because.


going back to Database Assignment3, buhbyes