May 30, 2009

May 30, 2009

are done with!!

well, for my very frist at KDU that is;

will post more updates soon, ima sort of busy with catching up with life and what-nots,

May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009

i was bored so i decided to create one of those how-well-do-you-know-me sort of quizes on FB,

and guess what, more than half of the people who took it thinks that i am adorable ^^

XD the ppt was open since like forever but but but, you know, im lazy.

um, except for my bf who thinks that i am annoying =(

but the sad truth is that, i AM annoying by nature, its just that i am still in denial of that fact =)

anyhows, kangaroo-land guy sent over the trailer of Up, and imo its really cute (exactly cute like all of us, the SEM 1 kids, hoho);

so with that, darling, you are [BOOKED] for this one as soon as it premiers, wookays?

May 23, 2009


being in the mist of finals and end-of-sem what-nots, i have been too busy to post a proper update, and to be honest, life isnt as dull as i always put it,

with that, real updates, with loads of pics, ^^

1st May 2009, Labour Day

well spent day with Kevin,

had lunch at Little Cottage,

pretty much the same old set, just overpriced since it was LABOUR DAY,

cream soup, which vin so very much is addicted too,



and the pretty candle like dessert

some time ago, they used to serve cakes as dessert, which was yummy, i wonder if they will ever go back to that.

7th May 2009

was forced invited to dine-in the ever so magnificent -.- restaurant of KDU,

yea, this one.

my date for the evening,

overall, it wasnt as awesome as the idea of being there,

basically most of the time was on waiting to be served with the apparent scrumptious fud, while watching this fella here play songs that only my mum and uh, Kevin recognizes -.-

the wait was sooooooooooooooooooo long that i actually got bored of snapping photos,

i basically managed to snap multiple views of everything already -.-

the deco was nice,

very much thanks to the hard work of my sis, and also the antique looking stuffs from my house,

even raffy was dead bored of the wait, lol

but the drink was addictive, i must say.

Siang caught flirting with the waitress, hoho

nuts, yes they served us NUTS, since we nearly went NUTS because of the wait -.-

and finally they served us,

tofu, with yucky herbs on top *puke*

the main, which was, uh, as yucky as munching down the evil herb,

yessssssssssssssss, i did not like the food at all,

uh, yam rice, how i wish i am able to say that i am allergic to it -.-

one thing that i liked was,

the fortune cookiesss, my very first actually,

and fyi, that bowl used to house draco when he was younger,

LOL, just joking!

Siang gave me the wtf face when i told him that.

but seriously, ive seen that bowl used for other stuffs than food around my house, which makes it really yucky, in a way.

anyhows, my first fortune says:

"Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead"

and my second cookie says:

"Do not worry about what lies ahead"

hmmmm, makes you wonder doesnt it -.-

okays, going for a date with Kyle, will continue updating soon, kthxbai


May 23, 2009

life is, well, life is, um, pretty uneventful, starting now, since my beloved classmate Mr Karn had decided to kidnap my very beloved Loh Yu-Han, and leave me alone at home with nothing else better to do than FB =(

what can i say, life can be a bitch at times,

i pretty much have nothing to update right now =( yes my life is damn not happening at all TT.TT

oh, i knowww, this will surely amuse you people,

i curled my hair XD again

this is specially for you, my dearest kangaroo-land friend.

the good news for those who are freaked out already is that


its not permanent


funny how un-supportive people can be at times, huffs.

so, the girls and i visited QE2 yesterday night,

did not manage to snap much, very much because my phone camera sucks under low lighting situations

and with that, the pictures would turn out this way

hmm, so i thought why bother =(

only managed to snap pics outside the place, and all turned out fugly too,

jen and diana

the rest of the photos are in YiLin's camera, so we will just have to wait till she sends them over it seems.

right at this moment, i am craving for this;

seriously i dont know what is it called, but its yummy, despite being tasteless,

perhaps its the sweet black syrup that gets me hooked to it.

May 22, 2009

exam week 1

so hie peeps, it feels like ages since i last updated, and i am sorry to the tiny number of fans readers i have, them referring to the ones like my ever so adorable Yu-Han; my very retarded vice president, Chuan, and um, well, i can only think of the both of them, oh yeah, not forgetting my favorite girls ^^ especially the one who just came back from Bangkok and did not get anything for me, and the other one who is getting old pretty soon, oh and not included people like Kuan who ctrl-f s' his name and only reads portions that has his name -.-

this week was exam week, so mostly time was spend, studying for OBC's paper which took place just yesterday, Wednesday if you are wondering.

despite the fact that it was just a 25-question-MCQ paper, we all acted like hardworking little kids and met up frequently at the library to STUDYYY,

oh yesh, study we did XD


and took breaks by sniffing on Krisna's smilling thingy which looks like bread and smells like cookies, really, no kidding.

well, i noticed my performance deterioting lately, academic performance that is,

thinking back, i used to be very motivated when it comes to exams, despite the freaquent whines and complains i am constantly throwing around,

this time around, it was different, i was really really really not in the exam mood.

i dug out some old disted assignments as reference to the current exam, and i must say reading back on my own work does really amaze me that it was actually my work, considering the fact of how lazy i have become lately.

back then, i freakingly am able to play around with SEMAPHORES and in addition to that write a report on how it actually works and what nots; only god knows how i ever did manage that.
seriously, only god knows how.

i dont even remember how to mount a floppy in Linux anymore, this stupid dumb dumb brain of mine does fail me constantly =(

gosh, i just feel so dumb at times.

with that aside, look what the sem 2 kids were up to the night before the exam, apparently they have an assignment to hand in the next day and the way they freak out was hillarious,

quote 'now we send each other our reports' LOL, seriously?

and yes, i was catching mouse the day before the EXAM, thinking that its JUST mcq, how bad can it get.


oh, exams, they make people go all freakish,

i have another paper next week, and yet i am not feeling the heat one bit,

08034652, i so totally suck at memorizing this numbers T.T i hope i shaded the correct numbers =(

celebrated BoonHoe's birthday right after the paper,

and honestly, it felt like EXAMS were OFFICIALLY over,

but too bad that isnt a fact, just yet.

of arini,

there is something bothering me, that made me wait til its 5am in the morning to post this,

ive been sitting here since 10pm last night, and, oh wells, let me just get to the point;


for sure this time


i dont know what to feel exactly,

my first ever friend getting married and i could not make it to her wedding,

and she is one of my best friends T.T


her wedding is just a day before Jen's birthday =(

that has no relation but,

i feel so drag-ish,

i dont know why,

probably i am just,


i dont know,

i wonder if we can still meet up for lunch some times,

and to visit the pet store together like we used to,


all that aside,

WTF, my best friend is GETTING MARRIED,

omg, omg, omg,

i should probably act more normal but,

its sooooo soon,



not like its any of my say but,

you know, you know,

okays fine,

i am excited for her,

i think,

well she is the FIRST close friend of mine to tie the knot,

wtf weiiiii,

they have been planning this ever since, um, ever since, forever,




of course i am freaking out,

not like she did not give me time to prepare but,

wtf, i am just jumpy,

in a whole, congratulations my dearest Arini,

i know you are happy, and i know you will stay happy,

loads of love from me, your beloved unable-to-attend-your-wedding-malaysian-ex-disted-classmate-who-you-so-very-love-but-refuse-to-marry-instead.


send me pics, you look pretty when you are all dolled up.

she is having 2 wedding ceremonies over in Indonesia but none in Malaysia, why? T.T

gosh, it sucks that i couldnt be there,

i have no effing passporttttt, mind you.

May 18, 2009

happy birthday, bh;

if dreams were dreams and dreams came true, i wont be here, i'll be next to you;

this does brings back memories, ones that i hope i will never forget as i get older,

i used to be so young, its hard to believe how fast time flies, and how fast we forget the things that used to be so important to us.

ps, Happy Belated Birthday Boon Beng Hoe

to bad that you are turning older so soon =(

of random thoughts;

you must know that things i do, is for your sake,

and at times it is just so difficult to get this through to people,

and this depresses me more than anything,

on another note, exams are making me FAT, FAT as in gemokkkk not FILE ALLOCATION TABLE -.- networks and operating systems is brutally murdering my brain cells =( gosh.

May 16, 2009

of PHP and more,

well, ive been a really really fucking busy person lately,

and perhaps a more vulgar person as well, with tones of stuffs to complete and all.

anyhows, today, i am able to breathe again, finally. only until tomorrow that is, very much because FINALS starts this monday TT.TT life can be so effing hectic at times.

poku died early this week, and i would have been a really depressed person if it wasnt for them who are able to make me laugh at times like this,

i could barely think of a moment throughout this week that i actually have time for myself, time that i could just dwell in self-sympathy,

i dont know if this is a good way to get over it, i feel guilty in a way.

but, thanks you guys for being there,

well, updates;


met up with the old fellas

it has been a.g.e.s since i met up with some of them,

and too bad that the rest could not make it, it feels like it has been such a long time since the whole of our group met up,


spent the day php-ing, stayed at the library like little hardworking kids till it closed at 9pm, then went out for dinner at some place that sells balitungs (read suck-me-up-im-a-sea-snail-dont-be-guilty)

and if you are wondering, yessssss, effing yesss, i did take a snap shot of it, butttttt Kuan cursed that i will fail horribly in my OS and database exams if EVER i did post the photo of him sucking balitungs here, so, oh wells, no pic for you guys to laugh at, since my grades are at stake here. maybe next time, if ever he provokes me, i shall post the pic of the best sucker as proclaimed by himself, lol


was fucking hectic better-finish-up-PHP-or-die-in-hell day, very much because hand in date was the very next day and we still have tones of stuffs to brush up, or at least i do and for the people who stayed up with me all night as well ^^

stayed the night at Kris' place, because her place is just sooooo comfy, and cosy, and okays probably her place is not the best place to dwell at during times of hecticness because it promotes sleepiness, but well, i dont know, at least we had each other, right people?

and once again, my ever so beloved Kuan wont let me post the only pic i shot of our over night PHP party =( apparently because the shot looks very very VERY wrong, right Kuan? x)


was LaptopsOnline's presentation day =S

and this is just stage 1 TT.TT i still have stage 2 and 3 to endure next semester,

but, so far for this stage, its over and done with.

ming yu, i know ^^

honestly, it was random matching of names, but it seems like he was hanging about in my little brain til now,

to think of it, it has been a while since i last chatted with him virtually, i will soon catch up, i promise.

he was probably the person who inspired me to become a programmer in the first place and i am loving it so far, thanks daddy =) i no longer am a noob when it comes to arrays and pointers,

and before you mention it, i knowwww its green again, just like gooeyOnline, but i had thought over it, and i almost went with blue, butt i remembered that the last webby that i developed was blue, the one for ICP that is. so well, once again i swear that i need new inspirations to come to me for future webby designs, or i will just continue to alternate between blue and green x) until, well, until i finally decide on another color, pink probably.

its my very first time working with PHP, tiring but fun,

if you would ask my opinion when i first undertook this project, i will probably scream to your face that i would choose to work with over php any day, but after this friday, i would probably think over and consider to proceed our second sem's ICP project with php, just maybe, it really comes down to what my beloved PM and my second programmer decides on =) i am eager to start, no doubt.

Chean's group has already progressed, when will be our turn, my beloved milo-tin?

after the presentation, which went well, at least for me, we were suppose to hang out to celebrate boon hoe's birthday,

and with that, ITS BENG HOEEE, wtf i keep on boonhoe-ing him, ish, i should stop, maybe,

anyways, every one was worn out from the staying-up-whole-night, even i was tired O.O which is a little weird, seeing how usually i would be hyper after a long night and once all is done with.

Krisna took a bunch of hungry people over to this little place near Qiwen's place, which i assume is the place the apek is constantly telling me about,

and about Mr Tan Qi Wen, heres a note for you,

you no longer will ever be the first person to take me for COCONUT ice cream, like you had promised me since the beginning of Disted's year 2, huffs,

Kattika took us for coconut ice cream the other day, different but yummy.

well, that doesnt mean that you are released from your i-owe-you-s when you get your ass back to Penang ^^

with that out of my system, friday night was as fun as how tired and sleepy i was feeling then,

vin took me over to Gurney for Angels and Demons, it was just ok, imo, probably i already had initially set a fairly high expectation towards it, well, you know same old running around the city exploring old churches only to find those ancient sculptures pointing at some clues which so mysteriously no one had figured since like ever until the ever so amazing professor comes along, makes you wonder doesnt it.

but in a whole, it kept me awake for the whole almost 2.5 hours, which is good considering the fact that i have been up an running the whole of the day before.

if only i did not sub-consciously set a level of expectation towards this one, just like for StarTrek, i went in thinking that i would probably pay more attention to the person beside me, but the movie turned out to be decently exceptable, despite my refusal to approve it as a good movie, because of its so very coincident coincidents, if you get what i mean, and i thought that it was probably too technical and too bright at parts, uh i suck, i know.

dinner was at Winter Warmers, since i passed chicken chop and what-nots with Kris and the fellas earlier on,

starters, which vin and i barely touch, okays fine i did chomped down a little because i was starving since the night before and due to how much we value DIT and for the fact that we suck at time management, we did not manage to grab lunch =(

vin and his FF7-Cloud-insipired hair, talking to Yang, who very constantly tries to snatch him away from me, hmph,

his mocha and my i-wonder-if-i-can-gobble-the-rose-which-apparently-according-to-my-friends-is-edible rose latte

baked cheese pastaaaaaaa,

i was craving for this ever since we had the cheese baked rice with warren and vin's mum the other day

im sorry that this is a long post, it has been a long week,

but i am still missing you alot pokes, i hope you are in a better place now, and that you have tones of wood shavings to dig around and that you have loads of food to gobble, you have been an awesome companion,

and only those close to me will know how much loss i am feeling now; and you are the ones who matters the most in my life,

and if you are wondering, yes this is a direct insult to you, you are a pathetic soul and its sad that you spend your day getting drunk while i on the other hand have people and pets to care for and love,

i would rather mourn over the death of my dead hamster than go out for drinks with you anytime of the week, fuks.

May 12, 2009

May 11, 2009

i started this year off with 3 little monsters, and now i am left with 1 =(

thats how much lost i am feeling right now,

its probably because i got them at nearly the same time, and fuk their short life spans T.T why,

but everytime i think of Poku and how much pain she must have been enduring, i feel less upset over her death, and i swear that this morning she was trying to say her goodbye,

different from Mocha, Poku's death was not as surprising, and pretty much i was ready for it,

when i picked her body up just now, a little part inside of me hoped that she would just awaken and bite me, no matter how hard or painful,

she had her eyes closed, hopefully she wasnt in much pain when she left,

i dont know,

i hope she had a great life with me, because she made me very proud to be her mummy, i couldnt ask for any better hammy other than my pretty little poku,

you will be missed, my little furry friend.

and its going to be okay, so i promised her.

RIP, Poku.

May 11, 2009

today, poku died.

she was with me for a little over 2 years,

when Jonathan gave her to me she was probably about a few months old already,

pokes, when i first got her.

Poku, about a month after i got her, together with baby Oats

with that, she is probably 2.5 years old today, and i am happy that she managed to spend the best 2 years of my life with me;

i pretty much have nothing else to say other than that i love her a lot, and that i will miss her so damn bloody much;

shes kaypo just like i am,

or at least thats what disted-mates think of me;

she likes fud, just like i do,

i stole this corn from the bbq party we had back in 2007, and she loved it,

on a side note, thanks vin for getting an apple for her the other day, i know she loved it too.

Poku and her first birthday present,

scruffy poku, since last January, her condition has been deteriorating quickly,

i could hardly say that i am devestated over her death, very much because now, at least she dont have to continue suffering with her old age condition

and at least i got to say my good bye this morning,

the only thing is that i will surely miss her little actions very much,

of how she moves her stuffs around,

of how she loves it when i create a deep landscape of wood shavings for her to dig dig and dig,

of how she enjoys lying on her back while nibbling on her snacks,

and how her little feet will twitch when i touch them,

of how she pops her head out when ever i call out for her,

of how she snoozes,

and most of all, the way she looks at me,

i will miss her.

thanks for all the condolences, calls and smses;

and fuk off Ash, she is not just any hamster that can so easily be replaced, she is not you, mind you;

i dont think i could ever find another hammy as awesome as my little pokes, mummy loves you to tiny tiny bits, poku.

it has been a while,
since i actually spent time to play with her like i use to before i got the other hammys,

yes, i thought her to jump and to walk on twos,

thinking back, probably thats how she managed to escape from her home 7 times, before realizing that running away means no dinner :)

she used to be such a hyperactive one,

huffs, life.