June 28, 2009


"For me it's waking up beside you
To watch the sunrise on your face
To know that I can say I love you
In any given time or place"

and out of a sudden i found myself listening to Westlife on repeat;



June 27, 2009

just for the sake of updating;

it has been a long long long week, for god knows why.

it feels like i have been really really busy, but i never did manage to get anything done =(

vin has a surprise for me later in the evening, and with that i shall remain unproductive in anticipation of whatever he has planned up for us =x and actually i sort of enjoy basking around in unproductive-ness, its nice.

anyhows, updates!

yesterday, Michael Jackson died. heard about it all the way to college on some chinese radio station in my friend's car, read about it on Facebook for the rest of the day and heard almost ALL of his songs in repeat on Hitz -.- but i must say some are entertaining XD

watched Transformers 2 on Wednesday night with JieHu Kevin, and honestly speaking i wasnt disappointed. two reasons, one is either i have initially set a lower expectation level in order not to be disappointed, or that the movie was actually good. its difficult to determine one from the other.

wells, i remember how good the first one was. i went in with zero expectation, and came out a happy happy person, like seriously. it was awesome.

omfg, my multiply looks like a piece of shit,
please ignore the shitty-ness, i was young back then, remember?

the sequel was i guess, just good, not as awesome as the first but it wasnt as bad as Blood -.-

but i would say that some scenes were just too exaggerated, but it was good overall,

BUT still too much running, and making Megan Fox look hot even after running across a desert in a mist of explosions and what-nots, for what seems to be, hours -.-

and i find the Sam dying part ridiculous.

wookays, enough spoilers for you peeps who have yet to watch it.

some where throughout the week, watched Drag Me To Hell;

which at parts scared the fucking shit out of me, startled me a little,

i hate the old lady, T.T

i got startled just a little, very very little.

Mr Choo Wei Xiang, you can stop laughing now, not funny okay T.T

and watched Blood: The Last Vampire as well;

which for some reasons sucked -.-

i basically dont know what to say about it other than wtf were the producers thinking, shit.
bad horrible movie.

good thing i had good company throughout the movie ^^

yes, i resorted to google-ing for the movie posters and posting them here because i noticed that my little bloggie lacks graphical elements, so there, i went with what Warren will label as a typical boring blog and a no life blogger =( sadness.

rip MJ

oh wells, Michael Jackson died, yesterday.

its not that i am a big fan of his, i was never very much a fan anyways, but thinking of how much he has accomplished in the 50 years of his life is somewhat amazing, i must say.

some people thinks of this as a conspiracy, and perhaps i do as well.

maybe just a tiny bit of me says its a conspiracy probably to end his career with a huge impact instead of just fading away slowly or something idk, you know rich and fehmous people, they love being dramatic.

or maybe he did touch my life a little, indirectly, especially during my camping days during high school, and with that i am somewhat in denail of his death =x

You Rock My World - Michael Jackson

so there goes, my tribute to Michael Jackson;

andddddddd Jessi from Kyle XY seriously looks like MJ from certain angles, especially in Season 2 =x like wtf.
the MJ-ness is so in there O.O

and NO, i am not gonna go google a pic of MJ and post it here for you peeps to compare, mainly because i am currently alone at home, and goggle-ing for a dead guy's pic is just pure creepy and secretly, ive always thought that MJ looks creepy, like really.

talking about Kyle XY, somehow in Season 3, i sort of liked Jessi more than i did over in Season 2, and for some weird reasons, now i think that she deserves Kyle more than Amanda does, but wtf, they effing left it hanging, shit shit shit shit shit i hate ABC for this.

and Jessi is actually not that bad looking.

June 24, 2009

of random crap;


i get to watch TRANSFORMERS tonight with


indirectly, maybe XD

class is so damn boring when the lecturer is teaching about basic javascript -.- fuk

June 23, 2009

in class -.-


they actually had the heart to do this to us T.T

ABC is fucking screwed up, why even bother making 3 seasons of Kyle XY and then terminating it with a fucking 'I am your brother' script -.-

retarded fuks.

dont watch it, no matter how tempting it is, no matter how hot Kyle looks, unless you wana be stabbed repeatedly mentally until you become insomniac -.-

fuks, class is damn boring, the need to appear busy is killing me because i do not have shit to do.

im hungry =(

of everything that is not right;

so its almost 6am and i cant sleep, and i have a boring 9am class later, fuks.

there was something bothering me since a few weeks ago, or probably months to be exact, and i thought that it will pass, but obviously it hasnt, and i dont think i can keep up with this acting-dumb-all-the-fucking-time stunt that i thought i was good at, but then found out that i suck at;

anyhows, i know that i am babbling, but my brain is just so woobled that i cant think straight;

buzzed my best friend about half an hour ago for help, but he refused =( and yes, i am bloody disappointed with you, i thought you promised to be there for me T.T suxxor FML, for the one favor that i knew the only person i could rely on is you, but you turned me down, and pushed me to Y2L =(

well, leaving me here all alone to stare at some freaking bimbo, is worst; but i guess i cant blame you, aussie time is like 3 hours ahead and its probably 9am =x there already, huffs.

everything would have been so much easier if you had just shared your FB account with me earlier on, like you did with your friendster XD its not like i terrorized it really badly or anything.

but mind you, i am a computer science kid, i can get what i want over the net, if i try hard enough.

with that all aside, fuk, seriously.

you were right i should have just gone to sleep, because now i feel like puke-ing.

and snooping around did not make me feel better, at all.

and the fucking lala-ness is soooo freaking gross that i think im gonna go cut my wrist.

but her eyes are so pretty and her smile is so adorable,

huffs, why did you go offline so fast, i have tones of stuffs to share, i hate you.

hah, i cant wait for you to wake up and realize what i just did x)
but i think i have gone a little mild on you, i should have done more damage XD XD

im such a good friend, yes?

good night peeps, see ya in the morning, oh wait i dont think i will be sleeping anymore,

and so its true that my healthy lifestyle only lasted for 2 days, FML.

June 21, 2009

nope, nothing for you.

for the past 14 years of my life, father's day hasnt been much hype for me,

and believe it or not, i never had a photo taken together with my dad =( and so, this will be picture-less and full of whines and complains;

but its really nothing, i think i have grown more independent because of the fact that he isnt in my life for most of it.

he must be old now, i havent seen him for ages, the last time i saw him, he took me out for ice cream after school when i was in primary3, and i remember how happy and proud i was pointing out my dad to my friends who probably thought i did not have a dad back then -.- kids have small brains, no doubt about that.

i have certainly become a different person than i was back then,

and daddy, i can spell two properly now, and if it matters, i got the highest in class for my database programming, and like ive promised you, i did not get second this time, despite having many down times in between =x

i miss the beach, you are one reason why it is special to me,

i miss the park, and the piggy backs

and your drawings, and watching tele with you every night on your chair,

i miss your big hands,

and how much i hate it when you try to kiss my tummy when you dont shave, and how mummy complains of how scruffy you look at times,

i never did know what happened betweeen the both of you, basically because i was always too young to understand, and mum makes it really convinient to blame it on me, or at least i thought so until very recently when i figured that she doesnt know shit.

growing up without you was difficult, not being able to see you when i know you are back somewhere around was as difficult, driving to the old house and staring at it for hours, hoping that you will still be around was, uh, just plain weird.

i still hate the fact that you just stood by the door and not do anything when we left, i hated the fact that i trusted them that we will be back, i hated the fact that i did not throw my screaming and crying tantrum around, and i wished i was still sick because that was the only time everyone was so happy and loving around me,


with everything said, happy father's day to you, daddy, and i will just spend another minute, reminising and after this i promise to get up and running again, and wont ever cry to myself or to indulge in self-sympathybecause of you for you taught me not to, and very much because it is pathetic.

i dont blame any of you for the divorce, i predict i would get divorced several times in the future as well, but must we really go on with the i-hate-you-you-hate-me thing still? gosh, grown ups are really fucked up.

and if you are wondering, nope, i did not get anything for my daddy this year, just like the years before, probably its just routine between people with dads to ask amongst each other of what they have bought for their daddies today but no hard feelings, new college buddies dont know shit, and its really okay =)

June 20, 2009

of being overdosed on the smelly fruit;

i think, i just got OD-ed on durians -.-

i feel like im gonna puke any moment now, suxxor FML

i wasnt supposed to gobble down so many as fast but but but considering the fact that i had been refrained from gobbling down any throughout this 'durian season', i thought why not just gobble down as many before any of them notices that i am still sick, a little tiny bit

x( ugh. this feeling sucks.

June 19, 2009

June 19, 2009

i was gonna update earlier but FB caught my attention for approximately 4 hours O.O

anyhows, before i forget; click here to do something good, at least for once in your life?

click and follow the very simple steps and help a charitable organization, just complete the steps including logging on to your email account and verifying your email add, dont be such an asshole.

i choose the SPCA, very much because when given the chance to either help animals or humans, there is basically no need for me to consider between the two, personally i think the animals deserve alot more than humans, considering how messed up humans had made it for them. it is really a must to look out for them and thats what the SPCA generally does.

reluctantly being part of the selfish and fucked up clan of humans, why not start here to redeem ourselves.

that all aside;

classmates and i had dim sum together for breakfast this morning and managed to innocently enter OBC's class late about 20minutes or so XD

fried whatever with mayo!! my favvvvvvv <3

other than that, nothing much, came back home after lunch at about 3pm, fell into a deep slumber til about 8pm, woke up, and found myself Facebooking for hours -.-

you know, i have tones of work to do, for the project management report, the review, the daily log and the webby.

but i am just so lazy to start anything, huffs.

this has been replaying on my playlist since a week or so ago;

She Could Be You - Shawn Hlookoff

and Kevin just played it with his guitar for me through the phone, and Qiwen was right, this is a good song to be dedicated to a girl;

sounds familiar? if so, meaning you have been watch Kyle XY as well, aint that so? XD

love the series, couldnt think of anything to hate it, but i find the episodes after Amanda being kidnapped a little boring if compared to Season 1, and yessss i am saving the episodes because it all ends at Season 3 and we are still hoping that they will come out with a Season 4.

the day before DIMSUM


looking at how much things had changed around me, perhaps its time for me to try and blend in, instead of trying to make everything revolve around me.

wells, i have 6hours and probably several minutes more to catch approximately 15 ghosts on GT, huffs, and its wayyyy pass my 1 am bedtime curfew already T.T

andddd tomorrow morning will be an early one for me because classmates had decided to FINALLY take me for dimsum before our boring 9am class, meaning i got to get up and running wayyyy before 7am, or Kuan will probably come up with some curse and jinx me forever =x

this being an almost graphical-less post, let this amuse you :
he threatened me, so no amusing topic for you people to gaze upon, sorries.

other than that, tonight, i witness a really uncalled for hype, seriously i think some people, like me, just need to learn how to shut the fuck up at times, because believe it or not, karma does exist, no matter how hard i try to stay in denial of that fact. and it does come around to bite you at, sometimes VERY, unconvenient times.

i learnt that the hard way, no doubt.

and for that, being an onlooker on this matter, i just need to refrain myself from widening up my tiny little eyes to portray amazement and to subsequently blurt out some kaypo statements, especially at times like this.

and ive notice my classmates being really touchy about the things i write here. dont take this to heart, sometimes, somethings arent meant directly for you peeps, wookays? dont come running along and asking me if the person i am talking about is you or not, its most of the time not. loves, dimsum date tomorrow ^^

June 17, 2009


after days of surviving solely on koay teow soup, i was sick, fyi , FINALLY, i get to taste real food today,

had tomyam fried rice at Gasoline with collegemates for dinner XD XD XD
:D :D :D

no more koay teow soup for me, at least i hope
and Panda Lover, you can stop mocking me already XD, i am well enough to drown you while you are swimming now XD becareful, hoho

wookays, my 1am curfew time is approaching, and ive still got designs to hand in to my PM, so byes ppl, loves anddddd,

good night.

of switching to a better life style;

considering how things have been for me lately, i think its time for me to admit that i am sleep deprived.

for the last couple of months i have been staying up til at least 4am sometimes 5am or 6am for god knows reasons,

and with 9am classes and all lately, ive been forcing myself to be awaken by 8am, and that only total up to 4 hours of sleep, a day, at most,

while not having enough free time in between, my afternoon naps have been taken over by lunch dates, evening outtings and what nots,

i think i need more hours of sleep daily; after all i am still a young growing teenager =X

well, today i came home at 3 and i had a long long long nap and it feels good, i was a much happier person after that,

with that, from today onwards you peeps wont be seeing me on the net pass 1am, promise, i hope x)

so, its a little pass midnight now, and ima gonna go bear hug my pillows and fall deeply asleep and wake up a happier and more punctual person tomorrow, good night.


June 15, 2009

dont know why;

sometimes, when you are feeling just so very low, you tend to realize the little number of people that you could actually turn to, they whom wont turn you down when you turn to them for sympathy pathetically or when you just feel so low that you need some little tiny motivation to get up again,

those who you can actually talk to, without having the heavy feeling of how they are going to judge you later,

those who really care for you, and will not turn you down during your lowest times, no matter how distant you have become,

those that would gladly offer a warm big bear hug, to cheer you up again, and would give anything to see you blurt out a lol once every 5 lines again,

tonight, i found myself scrolling up and down my list, only to realized that i had lost touch with many of those people who had been holding me up whenever i was down throughout the years,

i am only left with a handful of those people in my life, and because of that, i think i am going to appreciate these few people more, starting now.

it has been a while since i last felt this way; the feeling of escaping in to a tiny corner, curling up into a ball, blasting secondhand serenade and what-nots through those hybrid earphones of mine, and wasting the hours away in self-sympathy,

probably its the virus, maybe.

but then again, i really did feel better after talking, thanks, to those who stood by with my emo-ing tonight.

June 14, 2009

sometime ago last week,

well, recently, i realized that i have FANS!!, that my little bloggie has regular readers, those that have my pink little site frequently appearing on their Google Chrome's homepage XD

and even the last person whom i thought would wana read about my daily rumblings is heard to be lurking around here at times as well XD XD

so with that, dear readers, i am sorry for not updating, ive been feeling crappy (read: sick) for almost 3 or 4 days now, and i have tones of touch up to do for my latest project.

with that aside, classmates have been asking when will i post pics up for this, so here goes;

Lunch break with classmates at Gasoline
date: unknown, because i have much better things to do then to dig about for it

the Hong Lin and Shiva at the back

Sammie, Toh and Kattika, in the cave

the holy one, Mr Karn and qiwen CheeWoon

beloved PM, darling Angelina, Hong Lin, Shiva

okays, now i feel like i should have posted these up on FB and just tag -.-
me brain lacks intelligence when its brutally abused by evil viruses x(


anyways, heres
Hoe, Kuan, Kris, YeeThing and Chean ^^

same old peeps, accidentally uploaded an extra pic XD

but hey wheres LihChi, she did follow didnt she?
sorries, i missed a shot i guess.

and guess who is this;
lol, its

Mr Choo Wei Xiang

i dont know why but he is always camera shy;


later at night, went to watch Hannah Montana,

and it sucks,


wtf, they cut out the humor, and tried to make it ALL about family lovey dovey, fuk.

the sole reason i watch Hannah Montana on tele is for its humor, which the movie lacks major-ly, huffs, in a whole, it sucks, it doesnt even make me wana go hug my dad, IF he was around anyway -.-

and dont get us wrong, vin and I wouldnt have given it consideration if it wasnt for his baby sister who knows which button on me to push, and make me go all soft inside, blahhhh, i suck at managing kids T.T

the adorable little Yu-Lynn who, who, who, managed to drag me to hell drag me into watching the worst ever movie on screen that week;

wells, probably it showed on my face that i was annoyed with everything that night, especially because of the horribly ridiculous movie, that vin tried compensating for the torture with SUSHI!! XD

i swear my puppy eyes works wonders on him.

i so very need to run along and start with my daily log, before my beloved Melody gets all puffed up on me tomorrow, i mean later.


omigosh, i just remembered that i have 5 more episodes of Gossip Girl in my exhd x)
thanks Krisna, me loves ewwwww.

June 13, 2009

went across the sea;
and across the Penang Bridge,

in 8 cars,
including Kattika's,

and headed towards SuMin aka rabbit 's place,

which location is still very much unknown to me.

all i know is that it is far far far away.

i suffer from direction blindness, get over it.

went over to Su Min's place becauseeeee IT WAS HER BIRTHDAYYY, and you know how much i loveeeeee birthdays dontcha? okays maybe you dont, but you do now, yes?

the journey was loooooooooooooooooooooong, Xiang came to pick me up at 5pm from my place, and we only arrived at a little pass 7pm -.-''

i would say the wait took the longest time,

gathering 8 cars, very obviously reads waiting for more than 8 slow pokes, XD

waiting for the so very blur Mr Karn -.- who got lost -.- -.-

lol, check out my not-so-hot driver number 1, with bluetooth and his brand new sunglasses XD XD

need a better view?


wells, probably i was acting a little down throughout the whole party, i wasnt feeling well enough to be all happy and smiley and friendly and stuff,

i was bloody tired from the night before, and if you are wondering what night before? what did you do?

fyi, I STAYED UP TIL AT LEAST 5AM TO COME UP WITH A FUGLY DESIGN FOR MY PROJECT, and yes FUGLY, i soooo very need to work on it again soon, huff, this is horrible.

for most, me sleeping at 5 am is really nothing to worry about, but considering the fact that my immune system had been bruttally attacked by some horrible virus, T.H.I.S S.U.C.K.S big time.

horrible virus has been taking a toll over me;

anyhows, back to the party,

the very adorable driver number 1,
with his party hat this time;



TOH, acting stupid as well
adorable XD



Samata's hot GF was attacking the cake like nobody's business, shes soooo hot, ^^

how come angeline joel's gf is never so hot?

candid shot of her gobbling down cake is also so damn sexy O.O
told ya she was attacking the cake like nobody's business;

and it has STRAWBERRIES,

i took a close up shot of those strawberries merely to amuse you, my dear Panda Lover;

you missed some very tasty cake, no doubt. the cream was like heaven;

us, with Hot GF and WeiXiang being the photographer;

for the after-party, we dropped by Autocity for drinks and for Samantha,

only to find ourselves stucked in a MASSIVE traffic jam, and a whoooole huge swamp of sweaty car-enthusiasts -.- -.-

basically we were there just to take up space,

why didnt we just travel back to Penang and join birthday boy Hong Lin and the hitz.fm peeps at FAME

if we did, we might have bumped into Charlie (read: stalker-guy-from-Disted) too XD

in a whole,


ps: sorry for the rushy post, stalker charlie is pushing me to publish already -.-

having hardcore fans that are pushing you for an update is painful XD love you peeps.

June 11, 2009

first week of Sem 2;

semester 2 at KDU officially initiated on Monday this week, and we already have one major project in hand already x(

classes this sem are mostly 9am ones, and so i am doomed,

3 days in a row Chean and I were late at least 30 minutes or probably more for classes XD

well, the one main difference that i notice between being at KDU and Disted, is that, the guys at Disted always offer to carry books for us, unlike the guys at KDU. maybe its that we exploit the Disted guys more back then, lol.

and the fact that i very so oftenly will be carrying alot of stuffs, this KDU-non-helpful-guys-scene is totally not working for me,

yes i do carry alot of stuffs, and apparently i am real nerdy looking as people like my new-found-hotelmanagement-action-multilingual-stalker-guy from Disted sees me, and remind me to link you up tomorrow,

anyways, random updates;

cleared my room yesterday,

finally faced the fact that its time to pack up their stuffs because they are no longer around =(

i couldnt get myself to dispose of poku's orange carrot shaped bite-bite thingy,

i dont know why TT.TT

that aside, visited the beach today,

pretty day for a stroll along the beach,

i had always loved the beach,

and thanks rabbit,
for the souvenir from Vietnam,

you said to take me for paint ball, but you left on a plane to Vietnam during our holiday week, ='(

huffs, im sleepy,

its 4 am, bed time, loves, night.

June 5th, 2009


visited Gurney Plaza with classmates,

Mr Kuan, the professional ghost catcher aka the best sucker XD

watched Monsters VS Aliens 3D version;

3D glasses which so apparently costs RM 250,

andddd, the glasses were loose for me, like really loose, i had to hold it throughout the movie, which means thattttt my head isnt big, at all hoho XD or it just means that the glasses were too big, idk

Kuan, Kuan, Kuan

i so very adore you, and your poses XD


tbh, the movie was below average, to me at least, it wasnt funny, the characters wasnt strong enough, they needed more BOBs in it imo, the story line was weak overall, predictable and basically it was trying wayyy too hard all the way.

if it wasnt for the 3D, i would have probably fell asleep in the first 20 minutes.

the 3D was a great experience, really, go for the 3D experince not for the movie, seriously.

i would kill to watch UP in 3D, please please please. i would so very happily sacrifice the so very adorable Kuan to the GODS to have UP in 3D version!

huffs, please, pretty please, have Up in 3D when it premiers in Penang T.T

i am sooooo looking forward to it.

after the movie, went over to Xiang's house for barbeque in celebration of his gf's birthday,

um, no, Toh is not Xiang's gf, yet at least XD

Pei See, the birthday girl

shes pretty,

and sweet.

Xiang's poo-dle, named yaya,

yaya == EeLing, no? lol

and this is for Mr Nan,

hashbrowns that you sooooo very crave for the other day, enjoy the sight of it kays


loves, people, i am sorry for the delay in updating, i am just so very occupied these days.