July 31, 2009


It's 6am,

and Chean is coming to pick me up in about 2 hours,

and I haven't started working on anything.


die liau lar.

meow =3

ps: Taylor Swift is so hot.

pss: I know that was random x)


Dear Mr Lye Chuan aka Sifu,

Happy Belated Birthday.

Sorry that I had missed an on-date Birthday Post for you, and I do know that by committing that crime, it has been very unfriendly of me, considering that you are one of my many fans and you think that I am Godlike probably are my only biggest fan x(

Thank You for your support, I wouldn't have made it so far if it wasn't for big-time FANS like you.


In a whole, I am terribly sorry about the delay, and for that I shall sacrifice Kuan, Toh, Yee Thing, and John to you and you can do whatever you like to them him. Just please don't deprive our entire class of your GODLIKE codes.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Thank You, and Happy Birthday.

Yours Sincerely,
THe very damn friendly, Diana.

and I bet this will make you laugh,
















Happy Birthday, Chuan!

for more pix of your Birthday celebration, GET A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

updates, finally.

i know lahh, it's been a damn long drought here;

mainly caused by continuous crazy assignments and projects hand in dates, meetings with clients for our web system - this one damn stress i tell you, stoooooopid written ANALYSIS that i am suppose to submit in 3 days time and that i have yet to put my crapping hat on O.O, with Facebook in between all that and not forgetting the most part, DRAGONICA!!

speaking of Dragonica;

my patch is completed

so there, another reason not to update my little bloggie, hoho.

and look, guess who is on GT as well;
the one out of two people that could actually shed some light towards the completion of our project, XD

Mr. Lai made him sound GODLIKE, all hail Chuah Chee Thai!
or else we shall all die and fail ICP miserably

and my beloved Arini is back from her honeymoon!
and she is still the same, still doubting my cooking -.-

and apparently she got me Koala Chocs,

i assume the same ones Dome has.


Kevin's 400+ bucks toys arrived a couple of days ago!

he has been waiting up for this little package for some time already, and finally when it arrived I was glad as well XD


yes, he was damn bloody happy.

he was digging into it like a little kid!

Warhammer FTW, it makes BFs happy.

he got himself 2 sets, with loads of sharp knifes and little bottles of paint,

when I saw the knifes i went O.O wow I can dissect Oats with these x)

the one thing in the box that really amused me aside from the sharp capable-to-bleed-you knifes, the overpriced TINY miniatures and expensive paints, were the styrofoams, just like the ones in Bolt.


huffs, can't wait to see how the little monsters will turn out to be, will post some here when he completes a set :D

other than that, because of some little screw up, i had to reconstruct my LaptopsOnline,

anddddd, now it looks like my other web system -.-

told ya I lack creativity X(

and for the record :

make it stop, please.

wells, i will be going off to start with work soon, once RUFF is completely backed up. you know i had been having this really bad feeling that something is gonna happen and the last time i had this feeling, i lost my pendrive with the freaking only copy of my Diploma Final Project, that must be the one time that I let out a full blast string of curses, the pain i tell you. fucks.

wookays, all done, tatas.

waaaaaaaaahh, my life is damn hectic weiii.


i want to whack monsters in Dragonicaaaaa

damn stresss mahhhhhh;

if you are given the amount of codes i had to go through you will become @@ also lah.



zombie cat @@

DRAGONICA FTW, lvl 15 already, meaning can party with Toh and HotGranny




okayss, im done. thanks for your time.

July 22, 2009

flying of into hectic-ness;

since i have a few minutes to spare, just let me say this;


til @@ i dont know when T.T

will be taking a break from blogging for a couple of days okays,

till then just stare at my, but not exactly mine, almost 1K guitar
hope you loved it, my hot guitar instructor :D

wells, so have fun kids!

and yes, i know, we use to refer to it as the thing,
oh, how things can change, really does amaze me;
but i wouldn't say that this isn't good,
its totally awesome in fact, considering karma hates my guts.

July 20, 2009



bloody missed a vain temptress x(









okays back to sanity, =)

July 16, 2009

Melodies of Life by Kevin Loh

Melodies Of Life - FF9 - Kevin Loh

Never once did I underestimate my baby boy;

He compiled this one, and a few others, go check out his imeem kays.

This tune never fails to remind me of running through the fields in FF9, and just everything about it;

of how I would rush home from school to the PS and play it for the rest of my day, and how much I love your Friday visits, and how restless I would be in class every Friday knowing that I will soon be in your arms;

I wonder where those times had gone to, I would do wonders to relive them.

I feel like replaying FF9.

I miss Vivi.

July 15, 2009

it's gonna be a great day;

Ah, today is gonna be a wonderful day.

I was awoken just a moment ago by the beeping of my new Tamagotchi begging for love and food x)

I just laid there hugging my new plush doggie, while my curtains accompanied with some warm breeze softly touched my face, and the sun rays coming into my room was just pretty, and I just knew that today will be a perfectly wonderful day for me, and I WON'T let anyone or anything ruin it for me.

I couldn't describe how amazing the feeling of contentment is, just how I wish I woke up everyday feeling this way.

Today I spent some time to touch Draco's nose and to pat Oats' head while i greet them, and realized that because of all the other hectic-ness in my life, I had sort of started to spend less time with them, and today will be the day I make it up to them.

I just love this feeling, everything just looks so pretty;

Its like the feeling I get listening to Lenka, plus a little bit MORE;

ohhhh, I know what I should do, I should make it my phone's ringtone! yesyes, I so really should. Her voice just makes me smile, there is just something about it that makes me smile everytime, maybe its just my chirpy mood :D

I just feel like snapping photos of everything, because everything just looks so pretty to me today :D

July 14, 2009

i feel better :D

well, i am here to burst AGAIN;

i would say that coming from SGGS had made me the person i am today, or at least half of the person i am, but it was Disted that changed me into this really touchy and sensitive and fast-annoyed and you know, all the little things that make me loud and dont-mind-to-scream-my-brains-at-you type of person.

if i had went straight to Disted and somehow bypassed SGGS, i would most probably be yelling my brains off at little kids, girls and old people. yes, for now you can rarely see me cursing these selected group of people, because, well, just because.

in other words, SGGS made me a better person, but i wouldn't say the same for Disted, very much because i found myself picking up the courage and urge to just verbally fuck hurt people verbally without feeling much remorse whatsoever over it.

but nevertheless Disted had shaped me well, and had taken a toll towards my life, and i would not say that i hate the person i have become today. Disted gave me the best 2 years of my life, despite how vulgar i had become. and it is great that i dont feel any remorse cursing at you, and despite how low and unhealthy it is, i dont really care, well, i tend to pretend that i care, and at times i cut down and try to be decent, because i am a girl afterall, but damn the shit when it comes to this, i dont really give much damn about it.

and for heaven's sake, its WTF not wdf -.- and its FUCK not f*** -.- if you are going to curse, do it the right way.

and for the rest that just pierces right through my brain and pisses the fuck off me, its THE and not whatever similar lame abbreviation -.-

for people my age, usage of lame lingo justtt stabs right through my brain; slipping and trying to be yo-yo and underaged once in a while is really fine, i am not that overly sensitive and i am much more forgiving than my friends; buttt an encounter in every single bloody sentence just makes me wanna snap off your head -.-

i dont know how to put this, but for some people, they are just naturaly adorable and for the fact that they flood their sentences with 'da's, and 'wdf's and 'den's and 'cum's and 'v's what does 'v' even mean for god's sake and to make matters worst some people even use it exchangable-ly for we and with -.- -.- anyways, for some people, mostly close girl friends, its adorable, and forgivable because they are those that are adorable and moderate enough in a capable way to use those, butttt for some most others, for pete's sake IT.IS.NOT.COOL nor it is time saving, please save me the mental torture -.-

i cumming v them cuz they r so cool n v r rock, u wan cum v us?

fuck off, yo.

and maybe it is just me, but it is just so wrong to state that 'i am cumming' especially for guys -.- dont know if they use the same word for girls, but it still sounds wrong to me either way.

i dont mean to be mean, i just am sometimes. FML

people just annoyes me at times, and as much as i love to get as far away from them, i can't seem to make that happen.

wow, blog-therapy really does wonders for me, i feel soooo much better :D

July 13, 2009

12th July 2009


will update once i get all delayed tasks back on track, and when i am sure that my beloved Project Manager doesnt murder me for late hand-ins;

but it was all worth it :D

July 9, 2009


now i know why the fuck do i always appear to be cranky to class on every Thursday;


i have so much stored up annoyance in me that i think im gonna explode,

if you came to class the way i did, you would have probably pulled all your hair out and dug your eyes out or perhaps had resorted to skinning youself alive -.-

i think i had handled this well. and its none of your business to think otherwise

i feel better now, at least.

i think i should stay away from the things that annoys the shit out of me;

i dont mean to be mean, just at some times may i be forgiven.

Kah Meng's birthday celebration

this is Karn Kah Meng;

today is his 21st birthday;

we celebrated his birthday at Coffee Bean, Queensbay, yes celebrated, but without Kah Meng there x)

Kevin and I got him a cheese cake and all,

and the cake was really yummy;

i know because i finished the whole BIG slice all by myself x)

yummy lasagna;

which i think i gobbled down half as well :D

too bad birthday boy wasnt around x(

i think i am addicted to those honey sticks, they are so yummehh, really.
i think i am high on them.

wookays, nighty night (: bedtime for mehhhh;

9am class tmr, and i cannot will not be late; or most probably Mr LLL will give me the horrible i-ma-gonna-KILL-ewwwww stare again O.O

me is scared, really.

i dont even dare to add him on FB, heeeeeeee, he should smile more.

i heart you <3

July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday,

Mr Karn Kah Meng!!

too bad everyone is too caught up with Java and what-nots,

but in a whole, you are so cute and adorable and you make me wana go cubittttt you XD

and your banana the banana in your car looks really happy in seat belts, you should keep him there for a while, better safe, yes? XD

and you should probably name the banana a random name at least, really.

or else i will keep on referring to it as your banana and that would sound really really really wrong -.-

like that day in the car when i said out loud, "kah meng, i love your banana" =x



July 5, 2009


this one will definitely make my
KDU-mates go :- shittt, you JOY KILLER!!!! die unfriendly PPK-errrr, die;

here goes,

i watched Ice Age 3 on Friday


wookay, thats it;

time for me to run and hide in a corner.

of being x(

arghhh, assignments and projects are killing mehhh T.T

the only thing keeping me up and running are CUPCAKES,

they are so sweet and lovely, and they make me smile every time i think of them :D

and.i.hope.to.see.them.again.on.monday. *hint* *hint*

well, short updates.

remember the PFS play around 5 years back?

yes, it was a long long long long long time ago, but vin decided to revisit that memory, last saturday, with me along =)

i would say that it was the sweetest ever surprise, but yet again, i couldnt even describe how out of place and uncomfortable i was standing amongst teenagers -.-

they had a different theme this time around, and the decos were really pretty and the girl who sang the songs had an amazing voice.

i would say i enjoyed it moderately, considering the fact that i couldnt see shit cause the stage was so far away and there were so many heads blocking my view and that i made vin leave right after the second scene or so x( i suck.

apart from that, Kris got her new car!
its a Myvi SE just like Andy's, buttttttt Kris' has a bloody bluetooth radio!!! wtf, i want one.

and everything about it just reminds me of Andy and how bear-ish he is, must be the feeling of the leather seats.

and TRANSFORMERS ROUND 2!!!, i went for a second dose of Optimus Prime and clan with my classmates and found myself dozing off during the i-kill-you-you-kill-me scenes -.-

the sadness that overflows, as my disted-mate would say.

loads and loads of them,

enough to make me go HYPER for one morning, woohooooooo XD

our very beloved client of our project baked them for us :D :D

so much for the i-am-getting-fat drama.


im so tired now =( and i still have tones of work to finish.

i really thank god that i did not take up Roy's project, or i would have turned out like this X(

i think i need Happy MealS

hectic-ness does suck when its 6am in the morning and you are just so damn bloody sleepy but you cant sleep yet despite having a long day of outdoor work the very next day x(