August 30, 2009

at Alor Setar

oh, the Alor Setar, it's really poking me to bits :((

joined Nikon peeps and went UP to Alor Setar for a little road trip for work early Friday morning;

and it was raining like crazy, I can barely see the road throughout the drive there, thank good heavens that I was not the one driving, I swear it did cross my mind that we would just sway off the highway and die a horrible and wet death, seriously, the rain was bad, the sort that LLL described in class, the sort that you can barely see anything around you;

buttttt oh wells, I did not die, yet, so I'm here to babble yet again x)

some dont know what sculpture, which looks very uh-must-snap-if-you-are-new-here

I could have taken more pics, buttttt my dear driver did not want us to look like noob tourists, for some lame reasons, so he had to force me into quitting my photo snapping by placing his middle finger into every of my frames, mcb =.=

80% of the population here consist of the fasting-this-month-or-whatever-cause-I-dont-give-a-shit clan, and I feel so left out here, so damn very left out in fact.

the dumbest mall I've ever heard of so far.

it made me go, errr what? when I was told its name the last time I went over to AS =.=

it's called the something kari mall, or thats what I caught then my friend told me its name. or al-kari something. I'm pretty sure theres kari somewhere in its name.

on the bright side, my Bahasa Melayu had improved like crazy-superbly more advanced than the little bit of chinese vocab I have.

being one of those I-so-veryyyy-loveeeee-Penang people, I miss Penang like hell,

the most part is that I miss my babies sooooo much,

Draco with my tiger mouse ^^

the snoozing Oats

I miss them so very much :((

and I miss him so very much too :((

wells, if ever I did tell you that I loved my Nikon job, be rest assured that it was all bull, at least for now;

I started Nikon when I was probably in form 4, had a long break from it in form 5, and restarted again during my Disted days, and by now it has become really boring and tiring, no kidding.

probably I started off with much enthusiasm, and back then it was more for passion, but now blah, it's purely for money.

I'm so tired of cameras, and I have a feeling that the public feels the same way too, buh.

it's not that I dispise my job so very much, but the down side of having a Nikon sort of job is that I keep missing out on occassions, like outtings with my high-schoolmates, birthday parties, school, ABC's class, STEAMBOATs, my longest ever best friend's birthday dinner =.=

suxxor, time for bed, tatas.

August 22, 2009


back when I was about form 4 or form 5, the scouts had this thing going on, whereby they would just randomly pick penakut victims like me, dial her number and when the person picks up their call, they will blast this really really REALLY loud recording of some really freakish voice laughing and/or screaming, I can't really figure that out, buttttt either way it scared the living day light out of mehhh;

actually I ended up laughing but shit it did invoke the scaredChickenShit() function outta me -.- damn them, I did not even get my revenge just yet.

anyhows, with that in mind, a minute ago I got this really random call from this unknown number,

it is freakish considering that it is almost 3 am and it is the you-know-what month and people have been warning me about blah YOU KNOWWW, shit I think I am scaring myself right now, shit I think I hear footsteps, =.=

I was so very gonna ignore it, somehow it reminded me of the screaming freakish voice that I got over the phone last time, buttt then again I thought it was Mugun with a new number, since he is back in Penang for the weekend, and I did tell him to give me a buzz if he wants to meet up for supper or something,

but it was not Mugun lah, it was BerNERD and he was like "hey, Diana is it?" in a CREEPY sort of tone, really lah, I was not imagining it, it was really creepy, lol I bet I was putting on my shit-is-this-a-ghost sort of look then, anddddd somemore Hong Lin told me over lunch just now that if someone calls your name, look first before answering, BUTTTTT this through the phone lahh, how to look worrr O.O need to go seek more guidance from Hong Lin liau.

yor, people dont lah call me at almost 3am -.- , but to the Mr Bernard's defense it's only 5 minutes pass 2.30am, not yet 3 -.- -.- but it's still almost 3am my dear birthday-mate -.-

August 20, 2009


UP was awesome, wait let me try that again;

UP was freaking bloody awesome, OHMYEFFINGGOD UP WAS LIKE BLOODY HELL AWESOME, like really, really, really

it's like the first ever movie that made me cry in the cinema, made me feel all warm and fuzzy and satisfied and contented inside all at once, well for as far as I can remember at least.

and it made me cry

well, bf and I caught the 3D version of UP at Gurney just now, right after my Javaa programming class, and with that Mr Lai, I will miss you, after next week that is.

and yes yes yes, thank you very much, I am damn bloody thrilled that I manage to catch it on the very first day it premiered in Penang, and in 3D version somemore XD XD XD

and I was all along complaining about how inefficient my bf is, omfg, the feeling of guilt is so damn amazing, at this point of time.

not that the 3D effects for UP was as captivating as the one that has the TALL girl, I can't even recall the title of that one, you knowww, that one with a BOB, the Kuan's nephew's toy figure girlfriend one, well anyways, UP was as captivating by its own, no need for any 3D version, trust me.

the 3D was blah, but the story itself was so damn relatable, like wtf its like listening to a song, relatable you know;

and probably the fact that I have always had a soft-spot for old people made it extra heart warming, to the point that it actually made me feel his misery, it's like OMFG I am going to get old and I don't want to end up this way, but yet again, I want to live that sort of life, to have someone there with you.


life sucks;

and he looks so lost without her, thats like so sad,

I sort of know how that feels, losing someone you really care for, who cares for you back, it's like a part of you had gone missing, like when my hamsters died, and it feels like I am here all alone, THANK BLOODY HEAVENS that I did not have the nerve or the courage to slit my wrist, THANK GOD that I am bloody afraid of pain, and THANK HOLY WA-TA-TA-TA, that I still had people to care for and Oats and Draco and Nibbs to look out for.

I cant tell how I will ever be when I start losing human companions, I'll probably go hysterical, like really really really =x

to think of it, UP actually made me emo;

oh dear, here we go again, meow =3

but the movie was amazing, best one so far of this year, wayyyyy above Transformers 2 and even Slumdog Millionaire, because Jamal Malik (is it?) did not make me cry, nor did he make me laugh like a moron.

I swear I barely touched the popcorn and my drink throughout the movie, that barely happens, and that was how entertained I was :D

wookays, I'm done with the spoilers, byebyes,

agrhhhhh DAILY LOGGGGG, wa-ta-ta-ta, lazy lah, so much for my day off it seems, tiny little brain of mine tends to refuse off days, for god knows why -.-

and Kevin, you are so colourful =x

wookays, that's enough, tatas.


ohmyfuckinggod, the ORPHAN mini thriller on the right is damn freaky weihh,

andd, I know I screwed up that Nuffnang ad, the size is all wrong, I know I know, I just did not have the time to fix it yet x(

busy lah.


and people actually wonder why I do the things I do;

people won't know because they don't exactly know how things are, and how things makes me feel.

nobody does, not even you, trust me on that.


I wish I had a chance to take off to some place I have never been before, and just spend a couple of days way from codes.

once ago someone told me, - I could if you would let me, considering that you have never been anywhere other than here, and so I agreed.

I don't ask for much, and I don't get much. but I wonder why is it difficult for little wishes of mine to come true, seems like I have been waiting and waiting but I am still waiting, and I can't help but wonder where did I go wrong.

I just wana fly and leave and feel the excitement for myself rather than just reading about it and looking at photos and seeing how happy people look on trips,

and it makes me wonder where time had gone, and how did I end up with so little.

when I was younger, I thought after high school everything will get better and things will happen for me; like no more snooping around, and sorts,

but, wells, I don't know, I have been pretending so long that its difficult for me to tell one from the other.

it seems like my time is almost up, and i had not done everything I am suppose to do, and of what I deserve.

I want to go to have a huge party, I want to go to Bangkok, I want to go some where else than KL, I want to go across the bridge, I want to buy everything I ever wanted, I dont want to just stay at home, I want to spend a day with you away from the stress of lies and time constraints, I want to get away from the guilt, and the ever constant wondering of why must it be this way, I just want to go away.

I wish people will get it, that when I dont ask, it doesn't mean I don't want or need it, because deep down I so very damn need a break.

It's always something, whether it's me or you, but there's always something, and it seems never ending, and that all that I dreamt for will never come. all the promises are far forgotten, and at times I really wish that I am not this easy to be pushed around by you.

ps: yes, Bangkok is random, just that everyone seem to have went or is going, and I am having a bad hour.

August 14, 2009

to Bella x)

dear Bella,


we will celebrate when you get back to Penang kays.

me adores you, more then Ping xD

yorh, all the pics are in my exhd =(

now in my lappy, I only have the QEII pics nia,
and I am red like a berry in most of them x(

next day when I have my exhd plugged in I will post more pics k


August 10, 2009



they effing annoy the shit out of me.

fags, they just wont quit acting cute, wtf wei,

do I really have the oh-dear-I-am-so-in-the-mood-to-fucking-listen-to-your-sad-pathetic-whines-and-that-I-have-totally-no-better-work-whatsoever-to-do look on?


Disclaimer: I am totally at peace with gay people, love them in fact, cause they are so nice and friendly overall; by faggots, I meant those that are not actually homosexual guys but they are in fact acting like one, talk about denial -.-

August 9, 2009

of Mayday;


OCTOBER 6th, wtf weihhhhh




they just enjoy doing this to me, don't they.


and I can't even find a clearer version onlineee,
wtf wtf, its mentally killing mehhhh


this guy covered it well, better than the live version imo

I sooooo can't bloody wait for the studio version x( x(

yorrrr, why must make us wait.

August 5, 2009

woohoo, go up car!

I'm blardy tired;

and as I sit here and look at how free and happy my little Oats is, I must say I am a little jealous;

but then again, whats life without hecticness, no?

and for one more time : I AM BLARDY SICK AND TIRED OF WEB DEVELOPMENT, kthxbai.

yipps! Stage 2 of Laptops Online to be due in half an hour XD people are getting restless, all hail the awesomeness of coding and debugging, hoho.

I miss dragonica-ing,

lvl 23 XD XD
and I can power up and become a tulan-faced bear, while Melo can turn into a jolly-o-chicken, zzz

my bear face totally describes the tulan face I put on after debugging thousands of damn bloody code for hours and found the source to be a tiny little error -.- FML, like last night when debugging for Sammie -.-

and see seee see my red skirt! Angelina give wan okays ^^ me likey, it compliments my sword XD

fine fine, I know me talking about gamming is all freakish and nerdy and GEEKY, I should just go back to coding and debugging, as if thats not geeky as well -.-

August 2, 2009




29 days to UP!

and suxxorrrrr, I will be in Alor Setar for work when UP premiers in Penang

FML, I tell you.

sadness that overflows.