September 28, 2009

of showing my support

I do enjoy browsing through blog shops to see stuffs like bags and summer dresses, but I never really did buy much online mainly cause I do not enjoy going through the hassle of postage and oh-my-god-when-is-my-package-arriving sort of stress; unless at that moment of time I so happen to suffer from impulse buying or that my friends are joining in the stress as well, but that's another story all together.

anyhows, a couple of my friends had started they own blog shops and being an awesome friend, I shall show some support :D

personally, I think purchasing from an acquaintance is far better than purchasing from total strangers, for one you can actually track her down and hang dead chickens on her door if she decides to cross you, right?

but be rest assured that my buddies are all nice and sweet and friendly,

do drop by their sites kays, loves.

honestly, I thought The Manni-Queen referred to the MONEY Queen, like monnnehhh I want $$ XD but just a second ago when I typed the above line, I realized that it was actually referring to the mannequin as in selling clothes-fashion-mannequin LOL, good one Ping.

or is it just that I was too shallow to notice it in the first place, zzzz, suxxor.

first thing that comes to mind is the band Jack's Mannequin

my favorite song from them XD

and here is another blog shop by one of my Nikon peeps;

Happy Birthday Wei Xiang!

Xiang's birthday was last friday =) and I happily wished him a really belated birthday on FB a while ago after realizing that all my mates have already done so and I haven't =( sorries my dear.

anyhows, he had a buffet in celebration of his 21st birthday, and there were loads of food which very much makes me happy.


with dumb dumb Thomas at the back of me giving me donkey ears >=(

dumb-dumb, give me gum-gum, or something like that, quote the stone thingy from Night at the Museum

I know, but please excuse my lame-ness, mind you, it's 7am and that is messing with my head.

from us,

why is the pic so small, you may ask. wells, I don't know, I just stole it off FB =P


everyone's getting old, but I shall remain 20 for about a month or so =D

ps: my birthday is coming up for those who had forgotten XD

Banana day out

nothing much, just thought that I should update on this cause I did mention to him about featuring him on my blog XD

this is Thomas aka Banana, and he has a really tu-kau car

he is not my classmate, nor my classmate's ex-classmate, so if you are wondering where he comes from, honestly I don't know. LOL he is just there all out of a sudden XD really.

wells, he got poku-fied by me the other day XD

and the fellas and I visited the night market at Batu Ferringhi,

the one place which I so very love to visit, just for the fun of it.

you guys are the best <3

Krisna's birthday Celebration

It's either that I had misplaced the photos or that I did not snap much, I couldn't really recall, but I can barely find any right now =(

well's for Krisna, she was a tough one, she did not want us to do anything in celebration of her birthday, she did not even want us to know her birth date to begin with. she practically lied to us about her birth date in hopes that we would just dismiss the oh-its-your-birthday fact.

but we had something planned out for her birthday weeks ahead, and yet again it was a SURPRISEEEE, which I so very suck at keeping =( I had to stay away from the birthday girl throughout the period of time to make sure that I do not ruin it for everyone.

Sam, Xiang and I secretly met up after the movie at Gurney and got Dominos! and a cake for her while the rest pretended that they have no where else to go and begged their way to hang out at her place for the evening.

birthday gifts for her was a specially handmade Pet Society creature and a golla bag from me XD

it's original okays XD

then they head off to Sunset Bistro for further celebration, which I could not join due to some other reasons, like accompanying my hot guitar instructor =)

drove down to the studio where he was having his classes and gave him a surprise, and we had a midnight stroll, it was fun =))

Angelina's birthday Celebration

Couldn't really remember the date, I don't even know what today's date is, time off from college and everything else has really taken a toll over me.

anyhows, I know that it was on the last day of our exams, and we celebrated her be-earlied birthday celebration at no other than Gasoline, very much because that is one of the places which accepts our huge noisy group.

it was more of a surprise, which like always, I nearly spoil because of my oh-I-am-joining-them-to-go-choose-your-birthday-cake-you-know-for-your-SURPRISE-birthday-celebration-later-.....-oppsss nature.

one reason why I am not good with surprises is that I am, most of the time, the one to spoil it, I suck =(

buttt despite my clumsy tongue, the surprise went really well, and she was really terharu (translated: felt touched because her friends are so very awesome), I swear we nearly made her cry.

my very beloved Programming Manager

cake! best cake so far XD

we then rushed off to Gurney to watch this Singaporean horror cum comedy (read: hormedy, as suggested by Kuan) movie, Where Got Ghost? which is sort of entertaining despite the fact that I missed out on some humor due to the lack of comprehension towards the language that they were using =(

KDU Convo '09

oh my, it feels like I have tones of I-promise-to-update-once-I-have-time events, and wells, considering that I have tones of time in my hands now, I shall make up to all those missed events.

KDU Convo 2009

This was some time wayyyy back but still, it was surely a memorable one for my new found KDU-mates and for of course for my very beloved sister, who finished her Bachelor's Degree on top of her entire school *ahem*

many, not only me, thought that she deserved to be the one to deliver the omfg-KDU-is-soooo-holy-shit-awesome speech but apparently she turned down the offer cause she was too lazy and she thought of giving her best friend the chance to do so. prolly that was a good thing, cause the last time she gave her speech, half the hall shed tears over her apparent heart-warming speech, heh.

the hat! the hat is awesome, makes me feel smart for some reasons XD

and for the record, I hate convos. Convos seem like much fun, but to me its just a huge waste of money and time -.- I am shallow, I know. I did not even attend my diploma convo, which so gracefully fell on Valentine's day, between bf and shaking hands with old brainy professors, I choose my huns buns.

I am not exactly close with my sister, unlike other single-parent families where siblings tend to be really close. my sister and I are not even an inch close to that, seriously. people look at my sister and go wow-your-sister-is-awesome, well, I'll go whatever- dont-ass-lick-my-sister-through-me-kthxbai -.-

she awesome, I am awesome too, brainy family what to do, two days ago when I was out with my friends, Ping commented on how I would go 'OMG, I sucked at the paper, I'll probably fail, OMFG it was so damn bloody difficult =(' and then score a 98% for that paper. I whine a lot, but honestly not as much as my sister. believe it or not she comes home crying after her papers, lol. crying like really crying, really funny at times, LOL. and then she turns up being the top scorer of her school, entire school, and apparently I am the dramatic one in the family, huffs, life is unfair, XD

mummy! loves

apart from my sister graduating, those old kids from my class officially obtained their diploma on that very day as well.

Chean, Hoe, Zi En and Krisna

I am very proud of them =')

a couple of us, the new kids, showed up with really adorable teddies.

the big one for Krisna, and we called him George, after George O'malley from Grey's


you just got to love George, he is all furry and huge and squeezable!

adorable Kuan with George

is it only me or that every one else thinks that Kuan is really adorable as well,

with the guys,

with Kah Meng, my Thai friends and my Nikon D700 =)

Zi En's car, and and and I've just notice his number plate being almost similar with Kah Meng's

on that very day, ironically, I tore out my Disted sticker from my car, in a sense that I am moving on, and that diploma and Disted is far behind me, and despite all the fun and excitement Disted gave me, I am moving on, with hopes that 10 years from now, I can still remember the memories and feelings Disted gave me. and I wonder will I still stare at the library and think of you the way I did, or will it just be another building by then, but all is well, and I am happy the way I am now =))

and on a side note, I MISS MY KENARI ='(

September 23, 2009

of nothin'-ness

yorh, and I just remembered that I haven't posted on Angelina's and Krisna's birthday celebrations XD

and woooohooooo, GENTING in November XD XD XD

meeting up with my high school darlings on Friday afternoon, with hopes that I wont ppk them, and Xiang's birthday BUFFET on Friday NIGHT, woots! I'm loving the hectic-ness!

back from Perak

wells, I was gonna update earlier on but due to my kiasu-ness, I got caught up with Plock for a couple of hours, zzzzzzzz

all because of Boon Hoe's 800K 990K high score, stupid game. and for those who have known me for some time now, I'm sure you peeps have noticed how kiasu I can become when it comes to FB games like this, suxxor I tell you. but wells, I am not ashamed to admit that I am ibarat a hugee fur ball of kiasu-ness as apparently kiasu people are those that possess the best potential to excel in life, or something like that.

anyhows, I spent the worst ever weekend of my life over at Teluk Intan which is, I think, a small (?) town in Perak, I don't know, I don't care, I don't give a shit and I never want to go back there.

Teruk Teluk Intan

worst fair ever in the history of my Nikon career, I tell you.

stupid organizers, stupid event, stupid customers, stupid everything except for my team, that is.

the people with me on this trip was especially fun and funny, and without them I would have probably died the first 2 days x(

to start with, the boss was awesome, not Nikon's but rather Elite's, yes the photo shop at Queens. He drove us there in his CRV which I soooo very very very love, I'm thinking of getting one, next to my Murano and Civic XD

the so very nice and awesome boss.

I noticed him being more cheerful this time around, and so am I, people heal, what more can I say, really. and to think of how much of a sad and depressed person I was, I wonder if my darker days back then was as bad as it seems.

saw this round pig in his car, and I was sooo very tempted to poke it.

the place we stayed was not that bad either, it was actually very nice.

they rented a whole house for us XD

and the house is actually very very very nice and comfy, really

it has a big living area, where the 8 of us can gather and watch tv -.-
and a kitchen which none of us had put to use, and 4 rooms and even a balcony, really really really.

the rooms were comfy, and to think of it, this aint the prettiest room yet, the main bedroom was really really nice, it was pink and big and all XD

certainly the best place I have stayed at during my outstation trips.

it basically felt like we went there for a vacation rather than for an event =.=

apparently it's cheap there, property is relatively cheap there probably because the town is so teruk that no one wants to stay there

but yes, I did not like that town at all, for one people there spoke a different language which I can barely understand, zzzz, I can barely order fud there, and that alone is enough to get me running back to my beloved Penang.

and number two, the event was a huge huge huge huge fur ball of failure. the hall it was held at was 90% empty at most times, and the only people around were mostly us, the staff, zzzz. wells, the blame went to the organizers who stupidly printed the flyers and banners with the wrong location and sent customers away to the opposite side of the town -.-

but to their defense, they are probably new at this considering how little goes around that town, if compared to Penang.

they even have cats wondering around the hall, zzz
adorable ones no doubt.

seeing how sucky the event turned out to be, we decided to shift and made our way to Giant Hypermarket and start our own event there, but it sucked as well probably because it was a hasty decision to have a camera fair there and advertising for it was close to zero.

although the sales were not as bad as at the hall, but still it was a lot of effort with very very very little return, and that was sad and frustrating, huffs. at one point, I felt so down that I actually considered quitting Nikon for good, that was the mental torture Teluk Intan had put me through, suxxor.

on the third night, there was a huge huge blackout at the area our comfy home is situated. and so the boss took us out for sight seeing, not that Teluk Intan has much to offer tourists but still;

the leaning tower of Teruk Teluk Intan

the guys were debating on whether it is tilted or not, but to me it is tilted a little, but what a mini rip off of The Leaning Tower of Pisa, zzz, can't Malaysians be more creative.

there was a hugeee jam there, cause of the Pasar Ramadan, oh you wouldn't believe how much the hectic-ness cheered me up, I actually felt alive again XD

and I found out that one of the guys are actually my senior from KDU, just finished his yr3 final presentation, and when we were talking about the final project, I actually felt this jolt of oh-shit-I-am-so-in-deep-shit-this-time feeling and it isn't good at all. I FUCKING DON'T KNOW WHAT TYPE OF SYSTEM I AM TO MAKE, suxxor.

anyhows, I am so glad to be back home, I think for me living my whole life in Penang has taken a toll over my perspective of other places in Malaysia, none beats Penang so far, Penang is just right for me, it's not as hectic is KL and it is more lively than the other towns I have been too, and the people understood my language.

I heart Penang.

September 17, 2009


I'll be heading to Teluk Intan, Perak in a few hours time, and according to Google Maps it is located somewhat near Cameron Highlands, oh the irony XD

from what I can tell, it is gonna be a long long long journey;

September 16, 2009

probably I am touchy, but idc

k lah, I was going off to whack some monsters, but then it just occur to me that guys these days bitch more then girls lor,

lately it seems like guys are acting more like girls, seriously. like, dude grow some balls lar, you are a guy for God's sake.

and at least try acting tough a bit lar, wtf larr,

sometimes I get speechless over lame personal messages, take lame lame's for instance, although it is not for me, probably, but I get pissed just looking at how soft guys can be, so lame lah, like this girl don't want you, is it necessary to chase all other girls away, lol, no brain-er.

and those that screams pity-me-pleaseeeee, waaaaahhhh those are the kind I despise the most weih, like shit how gay can you get weih.

your life suck balls, you think mine doesn't?

zzzz, guys are becoming so sissy, God help me please.


I don't know how to put this but, I will be leaving for Teluk Intan in about 6 hours time, the down part of this is that I have no effing idea where it is, or how exactly I am going there, or where I will be spending my 4 days;

it's basically a really last minute and random business trip, zzzzzz

and I can't help but to have this really sucky feeling about it, like I am going to die or something, ridiculous, I know, I told people about how this oh-shit-i-think-i-am-gonna-die feeling, but they just gave me the stfu yo look

dying at this time of my life isnt exactly good for me, considering that I had just agreed to join them for the trip to Genting XD

if I die tomorrow, they would be bitching about how ppk-ish I am lor, 747 or something; huffs,

wooks, I'm going back to packing =) loves people, I will try not to die, kthxbai.


this is going to be random but I LOVEEEEEEE my pets like soooo damn much, and I wish I can pat their heads every night for the rest of my life before I go to bed, despite how selfish that might sound.

huffs, you know Oatsie is getting really old, and his time is almost up, I know some day soon I will need to let him go, and that might be a good thing for him considering the old age he is going through, but I will just miss his furry face so damn much.

okays, probably this wasnt as random, my friend's hamster died, and I am feeling the loss as well T.T

and because of this horrible feeling, I don't think I will want to own pets anymore after Draco and Oats leave. and because of this feeling as well, I will never be good at having pets.

although Poku and Mocha had left for a couple of months now, but sometimes, mostly during random ocasions I think of them, and how much I miss them, and I get angry for God knows why, huffs, life sucks.

September 15, 2009


so my friends are back from their Cameron trip safe and all, but probably a little worn out from the journey and the pretty flowers and the apparent cleaner air and the steamboat, XD I know I did miss out on a lot, but still, bf did try his hardest to make my day, I can tell, and I appreciate it huns;

stayed the night at his place,

did nothing much, only owned bf for a couple of minutes before bedtime. for most, spent much time with the little sis who introduced me to Club Penguin and I taught her how to whack monsters in Dragonica, so for those who thought that Javaa was acting weird last night, please be notified that it wasnt me, it was the little sister XD

tried out Dota, cause Kevin likes dota-ing girls lol, it was actually because I was kaypo and wanted to see how it is able to make my Kevin go gaga over it. but wells, so far I suck at it. there goes, I don't enjoy dota as much as my huns does.

spent the other half of my time colouring,

I love colouring, really.

and YuLynn has this hugeeee colouring set, which is just the type that my rich friends will carry to school on a daily basis during primary for God knows reasons

just looking at them makes me happy, colours are pretty.

anddd, Vin finished his Warhammer minis,

they are difficult to paint ok, I tried, and I officially suck at painting minis.

the one I painted, I decided to give it red underwear, to make it Super Ork, but I screwed up and it got rejected and was voted off the team =(

sorry dear ork.

hun's work desk

hun's new guitar and blueblack

I was bored lah, lol

went to watch Gamer just now at Queens,

reminds you of the Thai movie Coming Soon yes? probably.

dinner was at Canton-i, cause hun was craving for their congee

and hun promised to take me for early morning dim dum some time this week

wooooooo, its raining, I wished I stayed tonight instead =( moof.