October 31, 2009

work =(

such a super duper tiring day today is =(

Nikon is having an event spree again, meaning there will be events almost every weekend, at least that's what I heard, and if things goes well and none are cancelled then yippies!

I am feeling extra tired cause I have been off work from quite some time already and that recently I have been up and running when the sun is down and asleep during the day.

but today's one at Tesco Penang is horrible I tell you, I don't know why but lately I have been choosing one bad event after another x( for this one, bad bad location, it's an outdoor event, so it was like crazy burning hot, and it is lamely located at a very unknown place outside the doors of the complex where people don't normally lurk around

the place was almost empty most of the time, and everything is just so wrong =(

two more days, and I already feel like dying of boredom, buttt for the sake of Genting and Malacca, I shall persevere =3 meow

IFF any of you are able to locate me at the very hidden section of the Tesco complex, I shall, I shall, give you a one time free advertisement on my bloggie XD ohh yeshh, how fun is that?

sadness I tell you, I hope that the next one will be more fun.

btw, Nikon's new S70, is like so very awesomeee, I am so proud of Nikon, after the horrible fall caused by S230 and also the S60 in the touchscreen series, S70 emerges and saves the day! really pretty display, with sharp photos and minimal noise, really, I am just so very impressed with how much Nikon had upgraded since the fugly grainy S230.

ohhhh, I shall bring a SD card tomorrow and exploit the new D3000!

October 29, 2009

Bangkok Tomyam

had dinner at Bangkok Tomyam, which is located some where after the Penang airport, at least I think, pardon me for being direction blind XD

great place serving really good tomyam at reasonable prices, and the service was really efficient, the food arrived really fast and the cashier even gave us a discount.

the place, not bad, but little sotong kids were running here and there making it a little distracting, but as soon as the food arrive on your table, you wouldn't notice any of them.

the first that arrived on our table, the TOMYAM.

next is the ikan 3 rasa, which is huge if compared to the other dishes, probably they were thinking -give them big fish and save on the other stuff, cause the other dishes were a little small, portion wise.


fried squid and fried egg with chicken stuffings which we ordered ala carte

I did not snap any of the other dishes that arrived after that cause I was already busy eating XD need to snatch the food lah, later all my sotong goreng tepung (fried squid) habis then how :D

dinner for 4 of us, with 7 side dishes, yes we are fat XD, including drinks, only came up to about RM60++.

we ordered the 4-6 pax dinner set, customized it a little and added on a plate of fried squid XD awesome isn't it. the set comes with a jug of orange juice, but we ordered two glasses of extra drinks. and the total sum is still reasonable, although personally I think that the portion of the side dishes are sort of too small for my biggg appetite.

talking about tomyam and sorts, the one along the Jelutong Highway which my friends took me to after swimming the other day, is superb too, and the mantis prawn dish is awesome! too bad I don't remember the way there x( couldn't share the happiness with Kevin or anyone else for that matter.

of Oats;

I predict that there will be a few posts tonight, cause my kdrama wouldn't load =(

probably I should just move on and watch Pokemon instead, huffs, sadness that overflows.

anyways, this is too adorable to be missed,

Oats sleeping with his hand over his face

adorable rightttttt XD

he is the sweetest thing ever!

mummy loves little Oatsie to tiny tiny bitssssss ((:

today at the pet store, a lady randomly spoke to me, she is nice and really friendly. apparently a hamster appeared in front of her apartment out of no where. after asking around and nobody came to claim it, she decided to keep it, and so there she was buying food for her new found hamster.

I think that it was fortunate that the little hammy found its way to such a nice person, but then again, if I am the previous owner of that hammy, I would be freaking out like crazy, probably had already pulled all my hair out and die of dehydration cause of all the crying XD

remember the first time when Poku escaped from her home, I panicked like crazy =(

I miss Poku so much, uh sad.

of Draco;

I am, today, a very very happy person (:

pet shop visits are capable of making me go all happy and smiley, pet shops are like heaven to me, and how I wish Penang has more pet shops so that my babies can have more stuffs to eat and play with;

went by two pet stores today with Kevin and managed to stock up on Draco's fudd;

fud for Draco from CTY

Draco is recently on his planting mushroom spree again, and his now previous basking platform has creepy disgusting stuff growing out of it

Draco's now previous basking platform

thanks to Kevin, who is just so sweet to drive me around to look for a new basking platform for my baby Draco, we managed to get some rot-proof rocks for Draxie

I wanted to get the same sort of wood, but couldn't find any suitable ones, most are all poke-y and uneven =(

but rocks are good too, at least Draco cannot plant mushrooms on them XD

rot-proof rocks from Amazon;

I know that looks miserable, but when we were at Amazon it felt like a lot, probably cause I forgot how big Draco has become.

but no worries, I will be going back there to get more rocks for Drax =)

the happy happy Draco, whose mummy is almost broke cause he eats expensive food and refuses to eat cheap kangkung like other turtles

actually Kevin paid for all Draco's stuff, but wells, I enjoy blaming my baby turtle XD

such a fun filled day,

my lunch XD

I have work tomorrow, but I am feeling a little lazy =( all I want to do is just to bask around in laziness for the whole day like I have been doing for the entire month, huffs, life.

October 28, 2009

28th October 2009

sucks that my drama is buffering so slowly, and I am just to lazy to restart my modem.

seems like my bloggie is lacking of graphical elements, and for that I shall try to do something about it.

despite me spending 80% of my time slugging at at home, thanks to Kevin, I managed to see the outside world every once in a while, actually he has been taking me out for a walk everyday of this week.

today, we had Indian food for dinner, cause I've been bugging him for it for quite some time already, puppy eyes FTW

Indian fud iz awesome x)

and we drove pass this road today, and some little feeling of oh-gosh-I-totally-miss-this-place came over me

took this photo probably during my last visit to my mummy's office, or not I don't know

I remember how I used to love driving along this road, cause the sun and the trees, they go so well together creating such a pretty effect;

ahh, the good old days with my Kenari, I miss those.

everything seems so far away although it only has been a year.

yesterday, went over to Queensbay with Kevin to get his replacement SIM card, if you did not know yet, his phone got stolen, yess his almost broken into half phone, the person who stole his phone must be a dummy, for instance, people think that my Draco is stupid, but this person is like a million trillion billion times dumber;

had Nandos for lunch/dinner, cause I just woke up and it's time for dinner, so go figure XD

I am so craving for some now, cause I am bloody hungry, seems like the Indian food has digested already.

but talking about the moron who stole my huns buns' lau-beh (translated to: old, worn-out, not-even-worth-stealing) phone,

what an asshole lah. didn't your mummy ever teach you not to steal, probably not lah cause your mummy must be suffering from depression cause your dad probably has married 3 other wives, yes? greedy dumb asses who has no consideration whatsoever towards other people. it may be a lau-beh phone but it meant something to my huns buns.

you know, because I am from SGGS, I am not a very racist person, not that I am 100% skin-colour-discrimination-free, but if compared to my other friends, especially my Disted-mates, I am less racist against the Malays and so I would like to believe.

probably because those I've met from SGGS are less of a nuisance and that SGGS had taught us to support 1Malaysia.

the thing is that, whenever I think that I can live peacefully with them, they would stir something up and make me go all -you stupid dumb fucking asses. sometimes they are just so inconsiderate and it's like they don't give a shit of whatever that happens to you as long as they are going to be all happy and smiley;

sometimes it pisses me off that they are pretending to be so freaking damn religious and holy and all but in fact they are worst then atheists like me. I may be a surely-to-rot-in-hell free thinker, but at least I don't pretend to be worshiping a holy God and then start stabbing him in the back by going against all his teachings, or whatever they call it.

don't get me wrong but I do understand that not all of them are as idiotic as the ones that I've mentioned, and I do as well have Malay friends which I mix around and not have the feeling that they are any different from me.

probably it's just my luck that I tend to bump into those morons.

probably that's why my Islam Indon friend gets so pissed off when people calls her a Malay -.-

now I feel like cursing, huffs.


uh, my kdrama is not loading x( ohtheshittyness;

fyi, I am still alive, it's just that I was too lazy to update, and honestly, I've grown fatter from all the relaxing around with chips, biscuits, ice cream and whatnot.

to think of it, all I am doing lately is sleep, eat, watch drama, eat, relax, sleep, FB, eat, sleep, movie, zzzzzz;

butttt, thank god, cause I have a project coming up in December, hopefully I am getting paid for it XD and I have an event this weekend and the next! wooohoooo, funs!

ohhhh yesh, I am grabbing any events that come my way, and I am also looking for projects, preferably highly paid ones XD well, cause you see, my friends and I have been planning for trips, and trips cost alot, huffs x(

but road trips make me happy and smiley all the way; like this =D

trip to Genting in November with KDU-mates and followed by KL-Genting-MALACCA trip in December with SGGS-mates! and we will be back just in time to celebrate Christmas and NYE in Penang,

andd my very best gay Disted-mate is coming back to Penang soon, also my beloved childhood friend from Aussie is coming to visit Penang toos! how awesome can that be XD

you know, Australia is really taking all my friends away >=( everyone seems to be over there butttt it's awesome that they will be back in about a month's time, loves. as impossible as it is, how I wish things would be the same again once everyone is back in Penang.

But everyone who is lost will be coming home,
and everything that hurts will be whole again;
                                                - Robbie Seay Band

Penang is awesome, and now I am a much much much jollier person than before, different from the person I was, for one, I don't intentionally walk under the rain anymore, cause it's like just too sad, and I don't wonder around outside in the middle of the night anymore, cause I have dramas to spend time on now XD

and Draco's birthday is coming up! I think I will get him a new piece of wood to bask on, and I will certainly take him out for a walk;

I miss my days of hectic-ness;

and I certainly can't wait for Christmas, my favorite-st holiday of the year.

October 26, 2009

of Kabuto and Fuzzy Wuzzy

remember Pet Society on Facebook?

recently, Kevin's 10 year old sister got on board Facebook, and she is into Pet Society, Restaurant City and what nots;

and with that I found myself logging into Pet Society again. initially, I was just going to let her have everything that my pet owns but after a while the feeling of redecorating the room and fishing is just too awesome to let pass XD

and so I scammed my huns buns into buying stuffs for my pet, it's fun actually;

see Kabuto is so happy XD

and now Kabuto has a pretty pretty room, all thanks to Fuzzy Wuzzy x)

apart from exploiting his cash, I can also do this,

hot captain Fuzzy Wuzzy





anyhows, if any of you are very much over with Pet Society and Restaurant City or whatever, it wouldn't hurt send over some stuffs to me, so that I can bodek his little sis x)

26th October 2009

I've been missing for a couple of days now, and so I thought that I should at least leave an update before going off to bed. I have not been completely dead, I've just been a little occupied, until today that is.

main reason: cause I decided to give Korean dramas another chance; another chance considering what happened to the first, hahahahaahaha, to think of it, I did not even get through to the third episode, and thus, no review on that one.

but to my defense, that one was really depressing like even in the first 2 episodes people are already crying O.O

anyhows, I found this one tucked in my exhd, probably got transfered while trading for movies with my friends, don't know from whom this is from though. but thanks to that person, I had non dying-of-some-sort-of-cancer-korean-drama to watch for the long 25 hours of my life.

instead of the typical Korean drama boy, girl, fall in love, third party (usually would be family, or some ex, or some richer boy/girl), cry, cry, I don't want you but still love you, drama, drama, OMFG cancer or some equivalent disease, cry, cry, OH SHIT you got cancer too?, cry, cry, die, the end plot; this one, for starters no one died of cancer, but holy crap the main character nearly died from an accident, zzzz

but I did finish this one in about 2 days;

I wanted to Google up a poster of it, but somehow my line is cacats and I am having difficulties in doing so, anyhows, it's called Boys over Flowers, probably a direct translation from it's title and that's why it sounds lame, but for a carefree and omfg-I'm-so-bored mood, it's a good one.

ohhh, ever heard of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango? apparently this drama series is made based on it, no wonder it side tracked from the typical Korean drama plot.

blah, no posters, but here's one of it's OST

October 23, 2009


today I fed my bf the worst ever pasta in, probably, his entire life x(

I'm a dope.
no doubt about that, seriously.

well, I never did say that I am anywhere close to good at cooking, sorry huns buns. but I hope I made your day <3

October 21, 2009


"It always fascinated me how people go from loving you madly to nothing at all;
It hurts so much.

When I feel someone is going to leave me,
I have a tendency to break up first before I get to hear the whole thing.
Here it is. One more, one less.
Another wasted love story.

I really love this one.

When I think that it's over, that I'll never see him again like this;
well yes, I'll bump into him, we'll meet our new boyfriend and girlfriend,
act as if we had never been together,

then, we'll slowly think of each other less and less until we forget each other completely;
almost. "

- 2 Days in Paris

oh yes, emo shit;
this is what that is stuck within me all this time,
and I wonder how are you doing.

October 20, 2009

whatever the shit;

I wrote this really long emo rant on god knows what, but I am not going to publish it,

time to move on,

and moving on is doing wonders for me, I tell you.

let the past be the past, and so I agree.

will update with less emo shit, kays.

October 18, 2009

mini update x)

4am, and I am still Plock-ing away;

well, I was gonna wait till the photos from the surprise party comes in before updating, but I can't sleep ): AGAINNN XD

so here's a mini update, plus a thank you note to everyone who had helped me with the surprise birthday party for Kevin, and also to those who got me presents although it's not my birthday party, you guys are just so sweet (:

on a side note, the surprise party I planned for Kevin went really well, although the cake was not lighted at the correct time, and that I did not have enough food to feed everyone, but I think my very beloved Kevin had a great time meeting up with his old friends, buttt I will update on the party once I get my hands on all the pix!

anyhows, prezzies for mehhh!

my very beloved classmates decided to get me cupcakes for my birthday (:

that is superbly sweet, considering that I am a cupcake addict, and cupcakes makes me go all hyper and omg-OMG-this-is-heaven-ish =))

my love for cupcakes is no secret, I guess XD

the long long card from them;

I heart you guys too!

thankius! I totally did not expect you guys to crash my bf's surprise party with a tray full of cupcakes for mehh! I feel loved XD

and I know this is going to sound evil, buttt I just need to get it out of my system.

remember Toh's birthday?

HAHAHAHAHAHA he got a tissue card XD XD XD

and I got a pretty pretty card! XD XD XD

but Toh, you know we do adore you right :) just that probably back then we were not very efficient

and Sammie handmade the box for me, that is like the sweetest thing ever, loves;

and atas permintaan orang ramai, I distributed some around during the party, and only managed to bring home these;

and they are still in my refrigerator till today, x)

too pretty to be eaten lah,

actually I was gonna bring them to Kevin's house for this sister and mummy, and maybe his brother and dad, but I forgot, I even left behind the carrot I bought for Nibbles =(

getting old it seems;

right at this moment, I am regretting for not camwhoring with my cupcakes and card, tsk tsk tsk

talking about Kevin's baby sister aka Toh's best friend in Dragonica, she got me this:

with all her savings ='(

damn terharu kays,

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it, Lynn (: thanks

love, love, loveeeeeeeeee it

I am sooooo going to try my best to persuade Kevin to get you the Monopoly set you wanted, the one with the credit card machine, yes? XD

and from my new friend, Chai Xing, whom I shall call Kai Xing (read:happy) cause I lack brain power to remember complicated names,

thanks for the thought!

when he handed the bolster over to me, I thought that it is because I always bear hug Thomas' pig pillow in the car and that's why Kai Xing got me a car-ish bolster to hug,

then he mention 'you like turtles right?'

and that was when I noticed the turtles xD, such sweet thought, and to think of it, I only knew him for like two days, and if you are wondering, yess, he is the red shirt guy that I mentioned in this post;

HAHAHAHAHAH, you people make me feel loved, tqs =))

will update with Kevin's birthday celebration soon <3

thankius, thankius everyone for the thought,

mind to ask me what time is it? XD HAHAHAHA, okay lah, it's not funny anymore;

ps: I love love love the watch huns <3

October 16, 2009


and thanks for the birthday blog posts too!

and for the MMSes, those are adorable, especially the one from YiLin <3


October 15, 2009

21st Birthday (:

I know, I know, I should have updated earlier, it's just cause for some very weird reasons I've been feeling really tired and sleepy all the time ever since I turned 21,

probably it's just the old age catching up let's scratch that, and be more considerate towards the really old people like Greg who turned 22 a day after my 21st birthday; yessss, I like to mock old people, now cannot is it?

anyhows, it's my 21st birthday, of course it was awesome XD

the whole night before Kevin was hinting me of the presents he got for me, and how much I would love them.

Kevin called right at midnight with a birthday song which I tried to record, but sadly I was not quick enough =( and to think of it, I made him repeat his song cause I could not find my phone, but still =(

then he proceeded to cover Mayday Parade's I Swear This Time I Mean It,with the new guitar I got for him for our 5 years anniversary! and he is awesome, obviously he is awesome lah, he is not a hot guitar instructor for no reason you know; and he is my huns buns (:

and watch this, you might have to tilt your head to your left though, cause I lack brain power and recorded it this way:

firecrackers! just for me, at least I would like to assume XD

it was lighted a little pass midnight, (: and I was like OMFG surely it's for mehhhh;

after all that excitement, I guess I was already too awake to fall asleep, and I also had something on my mind which is very difficult to let go; on a side note: I can't take it anymore; HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, and I shall drown anyone who leaks cause this time I am so gonna make sure that I am not the one to ruin this xD

early morning of 13 October 2009

I was hyper and jumpy and all, even when I tried to sleep at 7am I could not,

ended up camwhore-ing with my new iPhone

and playing Need For Speed to pass time;

you wouldn't know how long the wait was til I hear a knock on my door and my huns buns is standing there;

presents from Kevin (:

a pair of flip-flops! which I so very often stare at every time I visit Padini, but refused to purchase it thinking of the many many pairs of flip flops I already have.

XD XD apparently my puppy eyes worked this time

and and some clothes,


a watch!

a bloody watch!

like this is the best ever gift anyone can give to me, considering how unpunctual I am

probably I have been hinting him a little too much on this, like my very frequent tapping on my wrist action, which I do realize is dumb, but I am 21 years old now, be rest assured that I will be more normal from now on =D

ANDDD the best thing is that Ping you don't need to draw marker-pen watches for me anymore!

andddd Kuan, I won't have to steal your watch in class anymore XD Kevin is awesome, no?

mine, all MINEEE, thanks huns

this is also mine XD
both the hot guy and the Mocha Frapp is MINEE

went shopping at Prangin and then Queensbay;

talking about Queensbay and Mocha Frapp; when we were wasting time at Starbucks, we were like the only ones chatting and joking around, everybody else there were studying @@ or doing something important, oh gosh, all hail holidays!

then my hot guitar instructor has guitar classes to tutor so he had to run =(

so I met up with the second batch of my favorite people;

crazy banana and gang;

and had SUSHI, cause the Sushi King RM 2 bonanza was on (:

for those that really know me, I am sort of picky when it comes to sushi, I only eat Idakos, and the kanikama and those fried tempura ones and some times unagi;

the rest, like salmon, I rarely touch cause IFF you did not know yet, I hate tuna, and you may be thinking what the fuck has salmon got to do with tuna, well, there was once at Tao, I mistakenly gobbled down tuna instead of salmon x( imagine the horror =O

honestly, this RM2 bonanza isn't something very WOOOHOOOO for me, for one, the Idakos are at normal price, cause they are not rice-based (don't know if this is the correct term), and that kanikama only cost RM1.90 at Sakae Sushi, so basically you get the idea, right?

and after his guitar class, Mr Loh came by QB to take me home, and when I open the car door, this greeted me


okays, maybe I've been hinting him for this for ages already XD

thanks hun! as in my Mr Loh, not the author of hforhunny XD

you know, on a very different note, it took me like 15 minutes to figure out that hforhunny is actually kangaroo-land guy, who was previously from Disted, and he is taking business, and apparently he is very smart in his course, and that he sells cameras too =) and fyi, I am not stalking him, some how he is just every where, right kangaroo-land guy?

and also this year, my favorite pet store, sent me a birthday voucher;

but the sad thing is that I've already stocked up on Oat's and Draco's stuff =(

probably going back there to get more stuffs for Draco, since this fatty of mine is really high maintenance;

so there, a summary of my 21st birthday celebration; bf, birthday songs, firecrackers (although probably not specifically for me), cake, presents, friends, wishes on FB, MSN and through SMS, and birthday vouchers for my babies, it's all there, so I must say, what a bloody wonderful birthday I had =)

and for those who are wondering, yesss, my best-est birthday present is still pending, will arrive very soon, and I promise to update then,

loves <3

October 14, 2009

for Mr Loh;

To my dearest huns buns,

Happy 21st Birthday!

love you lots <3

October 13, 2009


wooohooo, 6.40am!

bedtime =)

"what are you doing? - I'm Multiplying"

it has been a little over a year since I switched to blogspot, and considering that it is my 21st birthday, just for the sake of it, I thought of revisiting my Multiply, and guess what;

Multiply is damn pretty now okay, lol

got IM some more

time does fly by quickly, doesn't it?

"The hours change so fast,
Oh God, please make this last
Cause I'm outdated, overrated
Morning seems so far away;"
-Mayday Parade


double smileys =))

thankius everybody


other than that, holy crap, finally I'm on board, kia GENTING XD XD XD

October 12, 2009


oh dear god, I am craving for mango ice cream.

mango ice cream, FTW

October 11, 2009

bored =3

yorh, bored like shit lah

Thomas is asleep, Sammie is asleep, Jiehu is asleep, even huns buns is asleep already, no one to chat with me =(

zzz, for now the fact that alcohol makes me sleepy is so damn not true anymore lor, see see see I am still so wide awake wtf

actually I am a little hungry already, how I wish I have a dim sum date at 6 or 7am later, then I can gobble down as many fried with mayo ones til my tummy is all full and happy.

on a side note, tonight was fun, despite me constantly yelling that I'm bored, and probably will update when Sam provides me with the pics, cause my in-phone camera suck balls, andd the Flaming Lamborghini, I'm so sure to post that one, cause it made me laugh.

other than that, oh dear I've notice that my blog is getting sort of picture-less, so next post, I promise, will have tones of pics for you guys to peek upon =))

what am I to do right now? man, I'm bored.

should I create a new header for my little bloggie? btw, check out Sammie's one, click here! click here! seriously lah give her page views, cause she is always looking out for me, and that I want to action her new banner XD

October 10, 2009


awake! I know its like 9pm, but I just woke up, awaken at about 6pm actually for fud, then fell back to sleep, zz, oh think of how fat I can potentially become if this routine continues XD

other than that, throughout my slumber, I've decided that I should pick up new skills or probably languages, by languages I mean programming languages very much cause my verbal language skills suck balls and that I am very well aware of that fact and I've cancelled out linguistics from my when-I-grow-up list ever since I found out that I am only capable of 3 languages, oh make that 2 and the half, my hokkien is shitty.

I feel like taking up Python cause I've been half way there before, and probably in my pc I already have the interpreter tucked somewhere all ready for me and very much because it's easy and requires minimal brain power lah

then again I feel like taking up something more creative, like polishing up skills on image processing stuff, like photoshop, sounds very fun indeed, or maybe I should go into 3D rendering or modeling stuff, which I have totally no idea whatsoever in.

orr, I can go into a business, like start up a blogshop, but again, what the fuck am I going to sell lah, and I am horrible at customer service, so let's just scratch that;

orrr, I can try out sewing! I rock at that previously, probably it's no biggie for me, but then I already rocked that before so let's just keep it on the high horse and avoid from letting it go down hill, huffs, life.

ohh I KNOW I KNOW, I can bake or cook! I've always talked about doing some stove-work but it never came around, you know what, I shall make my way to Tesco and get some stuffs to cook! cook, like a real meal for Kevin and who ever that is at home;

okays, my enthusiasm to be productive just died off there, so wells, I'm going back to doing nothing =)


so, it's 8am and I am still awake,

ever heard of Xiaxue's Guide To Life? I randomly landed on one of her episodes and strangely enough I've been watching them til now, and I must say she is entertaining in a way, for one I've been loading one after another episode for hours now, and some really are hilarious;

not that I am a fan of hers in anyway, or that I am picking sides, it's just funny.

like at this point you might be thinking what the fuck is she doing, i bet she doesn't know what the fuck is she doing, LOL

and profound quotes, like wtf, that's like half of what I do most of the time, pretend that I am brainy and all but actually I am totally dumb inside =.=

lmao, seriously.

the lizard part makes me think of Ping (:

totally changed my perspective towards her, I've always thought that she is mean and shit, very much because I learned about her through the very well-known Xiaxue Vs Dawn Yang thingy which has been going on since like forever, probably, I don't know, never really did spend time reading up about the wa-ta-ta-ta-s.

and also cause Dawn Yang is, imo, very much more puppy-looking than her, think of it like Dawn Yang looks like Bolt and Xiaxue looks like Mittens, oh-dear-God why am I explaining myself here, zzz (I've just re-watched Bolt a day or two ago, and it's still adorable the second time around, I must say)

anyhows, her episodes are not that dumb actually, funny for bored people like me, who has nothing better to do, but if you have like 10 assignments and 20 projects due next week, I guess it's not for you, prolly will get you all annoyed.

wooks, bed time, or probably I will oversleep and miss tonight's outing XD opps, hoho, kkk running off now laah;

October 9, 2009


I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored, zzzz

it's 4am and my movie is buffering so damn slowly =( huffs.

so, just a minute ago, Mr Teh drove me over to Hong Lin's place, met up with the rest for a movie marathon, which started off with the ever so boring Tsunami movie, and now I know how Shin fell asleep during the movie, lol.

on another note, I just watched The Lion King, and nope, I did not cry unlike Jiehu XD, liked it since I was a kid, certainly one of the few movies that I still recall from my younger days, apart from The Land Before Time, you know the one about dinosaurs? yes, yes, you know? that was certainly my favorite-EST movie everrrr.

you can find some of these movies here. great classics, really =) you can hardly find any like those these days =( like Care Bears!! my kindy use to have a hugeeee collection of the Care Bears movies =)) double smileys,

on another really random note, since Tuesday's swimming session at Krisna's place, I've concluded that my stamina level is close to zero, and IFFF ever there is a zombie attack or a tsunami, or whatever that requires me to run or to swim for my life, I think it will be best for me to just get hooked on to some sleeping meds or drugs, and let the zombies gobble me down.

very much because I doubt that I can out run those zombies, I'll probably die from exhaustion even before the zombies could say 戴安娜 (yes, I know my mandarin, thank you very much XD)
credits to Kuan for that actually x)

wookays, I'm going off for my movie, byes.

October 7, 2009

:D :D

HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA, I am bloody happy today XD


so can't wait for everything,


October 6, 2009

h.u.n.g.r.y =<

yorh, so hungry lah, should have eaten during our supper at Green House, zzzzz

recently, as widely known to the public as it is, my body clock is like super duper messed up =.=

I wake up at like 3pm, some times 4 or 5 pm if Kevin doesn't come by, and have lunch at a very wrong time, and by normal human dinner time, I will be all happy and not hungry whatsoever, until late late at night, or early mornings like this, when I get sooooo hungry and wished that I had gobbled down alot during dinner;

and ohmigosh, this made me realize that I am only consuming one meal per day! I guess it's fine considering how unproductive my days have been, huffs, I'm bored to death.

I'm becoming less anti-social, yay!

I have photos! so I shall update, yes?

visited Sunset Bistro just now,

met Eileen, a friend of Sammie and the rest of the ex-Tarc people;

she is nice, talking to her feels like I've known her for ages, if converted to Hong Lin's lingo, it will be referred to as same channel lah.

and and and and she went for EYTC in 2002, just like meehhhhhh, how awesome is that XD

lol, we were like neighbours, sort of XD

ahhh, the good old camping days of mine, all I can remember is laughing and having the time of our lives, and it was like stress-sleepless nights-streeeeeesssss-sleepless nights-then screaming my lungs out during the campfire night at the end =D awesome or what?

I miss those days, really.

this is classic weihh XD

the very fehmes Simon Loh of 8th Georgetown South, back in 2001 XD noobish


I am a sentimental person, and a forgetful one too, with that I keep stuffs to help me hold on to those memories, and in a way it helps with the reminiscing.

I have tones of stuff from my camping days, and if those bamboo cookout utensils are rot-proof, no doubt I will be keeping them til this day =) most have sentimental values mah

TCII souvenirs, I remember melting candles in the middle of the night at Hooi Shan's place XD


ANYWAYSSS, back here, seeee seee seee told ya I've been side-tracking alot lately;

fire crackers! don't know what occasion lah,
but probably cause it's Eileen's first time here after spending much time over at KL

Thomas Teh-peng XD
I'm trying to be funny lah, not funny meh x(


wooo~ hantu XD

the Xiang who stole my flip flops with no mercy whatsoever, and he bloody bit my little finger >=(

and apparently I am the one who is constantly biting people in the class, huffs.

omigosh, I did not snap any pics of my new friend =(

I was shy mah,

really lah, shy *blush*

or probably she is somewhere in this sort of shots, the cannot-see-anything-shots, maybe-lah

and I am too lazy to go adjust the lighting and fill lights and all, 6am d lah, ANDDDD probably my birthday is just around the corner and I am secretly hinting for you guys to get me a new camera, probably only lah, PROBABLY; =D please, pretty please?

the Hong Lin,
who was initially reluctant to follow us up there because "TSUNAMI-THEN-MA-DIE-@@"

and there was one more guy, the red one, I'm bad with names sorry =( probably mispronounced his name til he went whatever lah =.=


random shot, on the way to Green House for SUPPER, no wonder Banana gets so fat after hanging out with them so often, lol

ps: to my dearest ACML, sorry for ppk-ing, despite the heart-warming personal invitation XD really lah, I was touched but sorry lah, you too last minute mah and you all out of a sudden appear in Penang, zzz x)

or maybe we, the Penang people plus one from Sabah, can go visit you during our trip to Melaka in mid-December, to make up for this, yes yes yes?

pss: excuse the excessive lahs and mahs, I'm Malaysian mah -.-