November 29, 2009

28 Nov 2009

I tried, I really did, but sadness, really. so no photos for this update because the line suck elephant balls and I am sleepy =(

will update once I am back in Penang with McDs around and a more stable line.

one more day at Alor Setar, and I will be back in Penang to feed my Draco shrimps!

November 27, 2009

26 Nov 2009

I know, I know, I promised a post on the trip to Genting. but it's just that every time I have the mood to upload photos, the line goes sucky, or that Kevin will ajak me for one round of Heroes, or that some fun to chat with people appears to be online, zz, so there, sorries xD

and tomorrow I will be heading down, or up for that matter, to Alor Setar, the land of Zi En and chicken curry mee! x)

chicken curry meeeeeee

on another note, Kevin and I visited the Pasar Malam last night, and he bought this alarm clock that illuminates for mehh, and it is so amusing! and it is only 10 bucks! x)

it changes color in rotation, and it is just so amusing x)

oh the little little joys of life, thanks huns buns.

today, Kevin got his hands on the new Left 4 Dead 2, and I predict that I will be hearing very little from him tonight, tomorrow night and the day after as well =(

but all is well, at least he has something to be occupied with while I am away this weekend.

and Christmas is coming! but some how this year I am less jumpy jumpy towards the thought of Christmas, don't know why x(

wooks, I am going off to continue packing!

November 22, 2009

I'm homeee

honestly, today I woke up feeling a little depressed, like the first thing that popped into my mind was oh shit Kevin will be occupied today and my friends are still at KL, what am I to do, seriously. and this fuzzy feeling kept me on the bed til about 7pm, and so yes, I did sleep my day away.

with my lappy away, someone borrowed it and I sort of agreed to that half sober, but anyways with my lappy away, I felt a million times more depressed than I already am, huffs.

even MSN wasn't as entertaining, my KDU list was lacking of my favorite people. it is not that the seniors are not fun to chat with, but mostly they are intimidating, and they always sound so damn pro in everything =( like with an earthquake prediction system and a something something attendance system and a cloud gaming system and god knows what @@

they tend to make me go panicky when they bring up the FYP x( and it is a fact that Year 3 will hurt really badly, for me at least.

and although I have basically set my sights on majoring in multimedia next year, today, Dato managed to convince me into considering the thought of picking up management instead.

and right at this moment, I realized that I have no idea what is Dato's real name, and it is also true that I don't have a clue what Panda's real full name is as well x(

sigh, stressed out over really nothing, and I don't know why I am always being this way.

Genting trip updates up ahead, because I had tones of fun there (:

it was only when Hong Lin buzzed me and told me that they are back in Penang that I felt at ease again, strange but true, I actually was feeling lonely with the thought of not having you people on the island.

anyhows, welcome home, and we did have a great holiday didn't we, although it was probably only a couple of times you peeps saw my face =) and that I bet the buffet wasn't as fun without me around XD

November 17, 2009


I think I am hungry, I think because I've just gobbled down one biggggg bowl of spirals and I am still hungry.

oh gosh, Jonathan is right, I am gemok T.T and talking about Jonathan, I shall reload my phone right now, just to ensure that I will have credit to MMS you when we are having tones of FUN at Genting!

hohohohuhuhuhuhhhehheheheehe, he called me gemok, he deserved that x)


oh nothing, just that Desperate Housewives isn't buffering at a good speed =(

so there, some photos for you peeps!

you know, I haven't been up in time to bask under the morning sun lately, and I think once I get back from my Genting trip, I will go out jogging every morning!

I really should.

view from my room window

ohhhh, I should go hiking!

took these with the new D3000 the other day,

I sort of had fun toying around with it, and I sort of am missing it a little.

can't wait for Zi En to purchase his! then I can pinjam~~

November 16, 2009

made me smile (:

"Let's fight crime with mangoes and limes"
                                       - Motion City Soundtrack


today, as planned out in my black book, I was supposed to clean Oatsie's cage and put notes on his food containers so that my mum can help me feed him when I am off at Genting, but it seems like I don't have to do that anymore =(

on a brighter note, I will start packing for Genting tomorrow! I will be leaving on Wednesday night, and will be back on Friday.

last Saturday, got my ass out of the house to catch 2012, which is apparently the most anticipated movie in huns buns' movie list.

2012, not bad, imo.

Kev isn't a very efficient boyfriend, booking movie tickets wise, but he compensates that with money, if you get what I mean, in the sense that he doesn't book tix before hand, and the normal halls will get fully occupied by the time we get there and thus premier class tix for me xD

well, the movie did give me the this-is-going-to-be-a-good-movie feeling at the first quarter, but I must say the excitement slowly decreased towards the middle of the film. actually, to think of it, Sammie's brother was right, the movie was a little on the boring side, like come on run dude, run! I find the few seconds waiting for the characters to react a waste of my time. but entirely, good movie I would say. probably I went in with expectations.

at least there were no ALIENS, right?

and the moral of the movie is that we should all pick up piloting and/or get hot pilot bf's like Sasha to fly us to China when doomsday is near, plus why the shit did they name him Sasha, zz.

plus, we should all stock up on sleeping meds and when the end is near, just pop a couple of bottles down and wait for the earth quake and tsunami to strike. because the majority of us will never be as lucky as the leads in that movie, at least in this lifetime. take note that dying in your sleep is less painful, at least I think so, I couldn't really guarantee it though since I never went through it before xD

on a side note, Nando's memang sedap (:

I'm starving now, buh.

November 15, 2009

welcome home, old man

with everything going on lately, namely Oatsie's passing, me falling sick, and sorts, it has been a bad bad month for me, crappy crappy one indeed.

see, I've told you that this will be a crappy month for me ever since it started, and I won't be surprised if I die any time soon, buttt before that happens I need to say that, okays fine I have nothing to say.

on a side note, he is back in Penang, I swear I had this feeling, some kind of ohmyfuckingshit-something-is-different feeling when I was out with my KDU-mates a while ago, seriously seriously. no wonder I accidentally cursed x(

you know what, this feels like last year all over again, but this time around I will make it a better one.

and it has been a while since I remembered, but Happy Birthday Wan Yean. you are not forgotten and Super Fred's birthday is 10days from now, yes? good old times we had, and for all this time, I had forgotten to wish you guys a happy birthday, and I am sorry because you guys mean something to me, and you made me laugh real hard some time ago =)

November 12, 2009

baby Oatsie

oh dear God, I miss my little Oatsie so damn bloody much. and I couldn't bring myself to clear out his cage =(

what am I to do with his cage?

and the broccoli I bought for him the other day, or his food and bedding and everything else.

I told myself that his passing is a good thing for him and that I shall not be such a selfish person and emo all day long for his sake and my own but I think I am in need of good company right now because everyone is avoiding me or either telling that they are gonna get me a new hamster -.- and in my opinion that is like the worst ever thing to say to me right now and I don't want a new hamster because we promised Oats that he will not be replaced and I am a million percent certain that no one can ever give me another Oatsie =(

sigh, life sucks x(

I don't know probably it's a sort of norm that when someone's pet dies other people will tend to shower you with stuffs like oh-my-dog-died-last-month-too, and probably they think that by saying so you will feel better because you are not alone in this.

all I really need now is some one who would just shut the fuck up and sit with me, just like what Draco is doing for me. I don't fucking need to hear about another hamster called Cappuccino or Latte, and I certainly don't want to be concerned with your late pet or to try to start a mindless conversation with you. all I need is just for someone to be here with me to endure all the crappy-ness. and probably thats how I chased everyone away =(

and yesss, for God's sake, yes, I am okay, just that I am feeling a little miserable.

thank good heavens that I still have Draco around, what am I to do when Draco goes too T.T

and to a certain someone, I know this had been hard on you too, but thanks for coming all the way as soon as I call although it's like 3am in the morning, and to go through all the crying and whatnot, and to help me bury him at 4 in the morning under the heavy rain, thanks for being there.

I love you, Oats

Oatsie left us early this morning =(


It was about 3 in the morning when I was about to go to bed and I went over to wish him good night like I always do but by then his little leg wasn't twitching anymore. his leg twitches when he sleeps

everything looked fine before that, I fed him during lunch and told him that I will be feeding him more broccoli the next day because he just had broccoli the day before =(

it's actually a good thing considering the amount of pain he was in. little Oats had been suffering from old age for quite some time now, he could hardly move his hind legs anymore lately and I guess he has been in a lot of pain, and it's a good thing that it is all over now

but I will be missing this little fur ball of mine so very much.

Oats when I first got him back in May 07

and I remember choosing the tiniest hamster out of the bunch because I thought that the other hammys were bullying him

Oats next to Poku, I remember how mad I was with Oats when he pounced on Poku and tried to bite her

he was sooo tiny if compared to Poku then

3 things that he was awesomely good at:

1. eating;
July 2008

May 2008

Feb 2009

2. sleeping;

July 2008

adorable, yes?

his obscene stunts x)

August 2009

3. acting adorable

June 2009

He makes a face every time someone pats him on his head, that look on his face is just too adorable;

that look on his face just steals my heart away

July 2008

May 2008

Oatsie drinking water

he is one hammy that I could sit by and watch him do whatever for hours. what am I to do now when I need a break from programming or report writing or when my movie is buffering =(

Oats during his first birthday in May 08 with his birthday present

honestly, I don't think he liked his cow cave very much. I think he enjoys sleeping inside the pasta sauce bottle more

Oatsie inside his fav bottle

he is always adorable
July 08


his favorite wheel

he stopped running on his wheel since his legs started to malfunction, and towards the end he had to use his hands to drag himself in order to move

and he sleeps through everything <3

Oatsie battling it out with a slice of apple, November 08
with them all three gone now, I have no one to share an apple with anymore =(

to be honest, I hate apples, but they are the ones who made me gobble some cause they love apples but they cannot have the whole thing, so I will have to gobble down half of an apple each time they give me bambi eyes. with that probably, I won't be having any apples from now on.

Oats dreaming, he was running while sleeping

October 09
probably one of the last photos of him I took

you will be missed my little furball =)

no other hamster can ever replace you, and I love you to tiny tiny bits.

An angel got his wings,
And we'll hold our heads up knowing that he's fine.
We'd all be lucky to have a love like that in a lifetime.
- Bayside

RIP Oatsie <3

31 May 2007 - 12 November 2009

In life and death you've always stole my heart,
You'll always mean so much to me, it's hard to believe this
- Bayside

I made lunch today!

after reading the title, most of you would have probably started praying for the well-being of those that are with me for lunch today, right Ping?

honestly, I don't think that I am a terrible cook, but people tend to think of it that way, probably due to the disgusting stuffs I tend to feed them with, and they get all traumatized and never want to give me a second chance. with that, they tend to bruise my ego and make me think that I am horrible in the kitchen =(

like that time when I tried feeding my high-school mates and the MBS guys tasteless spaghetti during the apartment stay or that time when Ping came over to my place and I tried to feed her steamed egg with milk x(

but remember how Mr Loh aka LLL always talks about milestones, something about it being a significant point of event or something like that; well, this is a milestone for me, it's the day I made soup! and lunch for that matter

I even had to touch a dead bird (read: raw dead cold chicken) :(

chicken soup!

and if you are wondering, nope no one had died or suffered any tummy aches yet

Kevin and my mummy actually liked it XD milestone, seee milestone!

and I made fried rice to go with it,
for this I had to behead raw prawns, and gooey yellowy stuffs which I assume are the brains will be like oozing out every time I break off their heads.
pity those prawnies =(

and baked beans!

I purposely took a close up shot of this for my very dear Qiwen, cause I know how much he hates it XD

well, I think I have found myself a new hobby, cooking! and dear classmates of mine, next sem probably I will be making lunch for you peeps!

I know you people enjoyed the sandwiches I made for you guys right, right? XD and on the bright side, no one had died yet =D

November 10, 2009

10th November 2009

I think I may be falling sick :(

bad bad timing I tell you. butttt I am NOT going to let this ruin my much anticipated Genting vacation, no way.

I've been popping in all sorts of drugs, and I hope hope hope that everything will be good again tomorrow.

talking about tomorrow, I will be picking up my results tomorrow! was suppose to tag along with Xiang to pick it up today, but I overslept =(

but to think about it, I actually woke up pretty early today, at about 1pm. huffs, actually I am worried about my results, oh gosh, I heard that Joshua is evil T.T

I am not going to have too high expectations this time around, taking in Joel's advise for once =3

kkk, I'm going off to bed, surprised? don't be. this is only because Genting is at stake!

Sticker Craze!

probably some of you have noticed this, but I don't really talk about it because it was sort of a one time crazy childish frenzy XD

a few weeks ago Kevin and I visited the pasar malam near Xiang's second home, and I saw this set of tiny adorable stickers and they were so glittery and cute so I bought some for Kevin's little sister, but found myself misusing them on my stuffs,

and trust me, stickers are addictive. it makes me happy like I need moreeeeeeee

my favorite one is the pink idako one!

the croc seems to remind me of Swee Win and how she loves to draw that sort of crocs during high school

giraffe like my pencil case XD

my geek box also kena

my exhd;

anddddd my lappy

rubber ducky :))



Birthday dinner at TGIF

Kevin's dad took us for dinner at TGI Friday's sempena our birthdays

crazy huge beef ribs

only took pics of the leftovers cause I was hungry and that taking pics of everything on the table is sort of whacky in front of your bf's parents XD

Kevin's dad and jolly sister

Kevie's mummy, me, huns buns and Warren

my new watch, heeeeee