December 31, 2009

31st December 2009

yawns, I just woke up from my nap and everyone is going to bed already =(

watched Avatar just now, decent movie. a little bit too draggy draggy slowmo at the show-off-the-glowing-planet scenes, which will be great if we caught the 3D version.

other than that, I am a happy happy person today =D and I hope it will last.

last 23hours of the year! I love you, Draco <3

December 30, 2009

YongFeng's 21st Birthday Celebration

Yong Feng, aka ah Pong, don't know why they call him that, but his real name is a tongue twister to me.

decent shot of the birthday boy


decent shot of the birthday boy's cake


and they still forced us to gobble the cake down Dx lol

he celebrated his birthday in this hugeee house located somewhere near Disted. you know the houses in that area are like creepy huge, like they have creepy huge gardens and they are sort of far away from each other.

the living room

the bedroom downstairs

there are a few more rooms upstairs, I went to snoope around but those rooms were occupied and I did not want to be a bother so no pics of the rooms upstairs xD

I will hate to stumble upon some 18sx stuffs, you know.

my date for the evening

Vin stole Sammie's glasses and I stole Chin Vee's cap

me and Sammie <3

Doraemon and Sammie

Kevie and the teeheehee Monster :[

Yong Ming and Yin Yee, Kevin and Diana, Chin Ming and Samantha, Xiang Ken and Chin Vee

the single people
they were like raping each other on the bed, very 18sx lah

Happy Birthday, Kuan and Chean!

seems like I'm in the birthday mood =D I just want to make sure I complete these before the new year arrives.

it was like a month ago, on the day Kevin and I went to watch 2012, I think, but better late than never, right?

us, the KDU geeks (:

Kuan Kuan and his Queenie

Chean who turned 21

Kuan Kuan who turned 22

and I chose the cakeSsss!

and that made our Kuan Kuan so happeeehhh xD

can't wait to get up and running with them for classes again.

draxie FTW

so here's the thing, I switched from an omfg Rev died post to happy birthday Panda and Melo posts, weird in a way and weirder if you think of how fast my mood can change.

told ya I suffer from Bipolar xD

but then again, with a fella like this around, how could my mood not get better.

he is just so very adorable, he will climb up to you all of a sudden and just sniff and scratch your feet until his heart is contented.

then he will just hang there in a position that is superbly comfy for him, but not for meh Dx, and he will give me the 'I lovieeeee ewwwww' look, makes my heart melt <3

Happy Birthday, Melo!



Melo and Javaa, with Evil in the back,
Dragonica FTW xD

Geek Power!
I couldn't find any photos of only the two of us but I have a screenshot of this, so, yeah, we belong to the geeky side.

Happy Birthday, Panda!

to Mr Ong Yeow Pin,

Panda Lover!

this may be belated but at least I remembered your real name, yes? xD I hope I spelled it correctly though x)

December 29, 2009

RIP rev of A7X :(

and so I found out that he died, and for some reasons I am feeling kind of sad.

you know, when a band member dies, the entire band will twitch a little, and things will never be the same again. like when Beatz of Bayside died, in a way the entire band got into a mourning phase, and their songs after that are sort of sad, it sort of sounds like they miss him. that's how much the death of a drummer can influence the entire band.

with that, RIP the Rev, and hopefully Avenged Sevenfold will come up with a softer album as a tribute to their awesome drummer, like Bayside did. I sort of had outgrown the heavy metal stuffs, and I think they would be as awesome doing songs like Warmness on the Soul cause their lyrics are always superbly awesome.

uhh, I have been having Warmness on the Soul as my ringtone since quite some time ago and it sucks that he just died.

and for those that are as outdated as I am, Myspace bought over Imeem like probably months ago? and it's shitty cause I cannot easily embed songs here anymore, buh suxxors.

Deepavali Celebration '09

I miss classes and the people in them, and honestly, I can't wait for classes to begin again. random but true, seriously.

this goes wayyyy back in October but wells, I am never on time, so there Deepavali Celebration with KDU-mates at Shivaa's place.

it's my first year at KDU, and I don't know shit, but from what I've heard, Shivaa does this every year, she invites everyone, her classmates, seniors and anyone for that matter to her place for a good Indian meal =D

Shivaa's place aka Vistana

some corridor right after the lobby

Sammie and Doreamon

I remember Sammie's phone dying that night :(

The food!

Indian fud! makes anyone in this world go =D =D

Mugun, a Disted-mate of mine, always says that his mummy will make fish curry and whatever curry for us IF we go over to his place for Deepavali, but we never did =(

I am like the biggest fan of whatever food except for Korean. I remember in high school, my Indian friends will bring tones cookies for me and I will be so hyper cause 90% of the cookies are sugary and I like! ahh, the sweet life of a high school kid.

and Ghee rice, Ghee thosai, Ghee whatever, as long as there is Ghee, I will be superbly happy xD

Indian food is heaven.

The super brainy seniors

The also super brainy kids/juniors

us xD

7:51PM, 29th Dec 09

during my nap a while ago, I had a dream, and in my dream I was playing Dragonica and it was fun!

too bad none of my buddies are on Dragonica anymore =(

on a side note, remember this little kiosk selling this sausage, egg and cheese wrap over at Genting, which Kevin and I are hooked on to?

today I tried making that for lunch, and it was awesome!

seriously, I don't think I am a bad Chef, no kidding.

apparently, Kevin is off unhealthy food. initially when I bought the stuffs to make this, it was as a surprise for him, but he wasn't thrilled with the idea, so down my tummy they went.


3:00PM, 29th Dec 09

Hi, where are you? Are you coming?

uh, questions, I hate to ask.

29th December 2009

I'm done with the 40 episodes of Moonlight Resonance, and had repaid all sleep debt caused by it. so there, I have nothing else better to do anymore, other than going back to Pokemon, zzz.

I think I am going to make myself a good lunch today.

on a random note, the 31st is two days away, and I haven't got any full strength plans. last year's new year eve was spent along side beaches and waves, and all around the island for that matter.

I remember watching the fireworks at Esplanade,

to getting stuck in the jam at Queensbay for about an hour or more,

and it was heaps of fun, despite the things rolling about in my mind. but in a way I made one resolution then, but I guess it failed miserably cause I had left it forgotten until now x(

this year's will be a little different, I guess.

December 28, 2009

of Poku, Mocha and Oats

time does fly doesn't it,
at this time a year ago, I had all three of them with me, but they have all left me now =(

uh, emo shit.

RIP my dearest hammys, and I adore you guys to tiny tiny bits <3

all in a year's work, that all of my babies had left me, even Nibbles is off at Kevin's place. I only have Draco with me now, and I hope he won't ever leave me cause I'll probably break down and kill myself T.T

and I miss Nibbles too :(

she used to be so hyper and jumpy jumpy,

I miss the times when she would try to takeover my sofa when I am basking on it. and she would successfully chase me off it by pee-ing on me and I would get so mad at her that I will bring out the red stick to scare her. but as soon as I put away the red stick, she will be at it again, lying fully stretched on the sofa without leaving any space for me.

now when I go over to Vin's place to visit her, she is like so afraid of me, like I am a stranger to her, I think she has already forgotten me =( my little bunny has the memory of a goldfish, I tell you.

ps: I removed the audio from the video, cause you wouldn't want to hear the way I speak to them, may make you think that I am lunatic x(

and I had to compress the video like shit and that's why the video is like shit, and I feel like shit ):

Merry Belated Christmas '09

omfg, 2009 is coming to an end in three days =x

time really did fly me by this time.

Christmas hype this year did not kick in much for me, it was like uh, Thursday, oh Christmas Eve Party with Kevin's friends and not Thursday, 24 Dec 09, Christmas EVE!! PARTY sort, if you get what I mean.

and I threw out my Santa hats while cleaning my room some time ago, and so not much Christmas cheer going around this year, it seems.

Christmas used to be a much anticipated time of the year for me, I used to see it as a time to reconnect with old friends. when we were younger everyone seem to flock over to Gurney during the eve, and in a way old friends reconnect and get shock by how much others had grown.

but probably it's just us growing out of our teenage selves, like 80% of the people I know tried to stay away from Gurney and other jammed up areas, because we are old and we hate traffic jams, apparently.

younger kids flock over to Gurney with snow sprays, older kids partied at UPR with alcohol, grown up kids will meet up at somewhere quiet without much traffic and people with a small bunch of friends and trash on how dumb the younger kids are cause in a way we miss our snow sprays and Santa hats, while old people stay at home and let time pass them by like blue birds over the rainbow.

Christmas Eve '09

I wouldn't say that Christmas this year was sucky because it was actually fun with huns buns' and the guys.

Mr Karn with his new hair (:

and with my new dress xD

well, Happy Belated Birthday, Jesus and 2010 is up ahead, I really should get up and running right about now.

December 24, 2009

Moonlight Resonance

for those who thought that I am a pure banana, think again my dears xD guess what? I've started watching Moonlight Resonance without English subtitles!

Moonlight Resonance

and weird enough, I actually understand whats going on x) really.

honestly, I have no idea whether it is Cantonese or Mandarin they are conversing in, but since the subtitles look like Mandarin to me, I think it is safe to assume that they are speaking in Cantonese, which means holy shit I can understand Cantonese!

I did not know that I, myself, have such capabilities =D the world is full of wonders (x

well, this drama series is like bloody dramatic, I tell you. like the good guys are so holy and innocent, zz. quite non-realistic, if you ask me. but that's just me, probably cause I am evil shit and good holy innocent scenes are just zzz, and maybe because personally I think families aren't that loving, or only mine, idk.

actually I find the arguing scenes a little annoying, for one because when they argue they tend to blah blah blah really quickly that my tiny little brain finds it difficult to catch what they are cursing about, so it will all appear to be just really cluttered messy ball of sharp ear piercing screams.

well, I am now going to start on episode 10, and I have 30 episodes more to go and I am already praying that they won't argue anymore, it hurts T.T

so, from now on, I will be open to receive Chinese dramas with or without subtitles, my Chinese language skills are improving I tell you.

and oh, Merry almost-Christmas, just in case I party till to late tonight <3

xD good old times

I must be the laziest among my lazy bunch of friends XD everyone had already unloaded up their side of the KL-Melaka trip but my side is still pending =(


anyhows, sorry to disappoint most of you, but this post isn't about our very very very super duper fun KL-Melaka trip although it initially was.

just found some old photos, which will be going up FB very soon xD right after KL-Melaka photos are up, hohhohoho.



Interact Club Installation '03!

TCII '03, the best camp after CTC '01
Ping always like to raba me wans, shy nia. see she purposely stretch her arms to touch my leg xD


Sports Day, 2004
Fry aka rumah hijau FTW, although I secretly switch to Mahsuri some times, cause my buddies are all in purple house =(


Kerja Amal at Bluebells

Kerja Amal at some old folks home

SGGS gathering '05
noob acting for Moral Project

Interact Club Installation '05
see Ping curi-curi touch me again xD

Kesusasteraan, apparently xD

you know, although I was in a different class for the final 2 years of my SGGS days, I always run back to meet up with them, like before the perhimpunan (read:assembly) time and during recess.

most of us were not in the same class but somehow we remained close.

well, this is my Form 4 and 5 class, in which I felt so very damn tiny, like a little ant being surrounded by super duper brainy people, and they are just so damn competitive which pretty much explains the reason behind my kiasu-ness

I tell you the amount of red skirts and blue skirts will scare you so badly that you feel like hiding inside a locker and never coming out.

for whats worth, I was a traffic warden. green skirts were not introduced yet but um, I get to wear a golden badge x(

SGGS Luncheon
unlimited flow of orange juice =D

Luncheon after-party xD

right after the last paper for SPM

trip to KL-Genting 2005



SGGS food fair

hotel stay at Gurney Hotel

my bloggie's header, although not really similar, cropped that one and forgot to make a copy x(

Jen and June's birthday celebration


Gurney new wing!

KL trip '08


CNY at Kek Lok Si
which some of them swore not to go back cause it was so tiring and hot x(

Joel xD

the day before my ICP presentation
sho fun! it felt like I laughed so much that night

Ju-Yen's party

Bon Odori '09

KL-Melaka trip '09

okays, I think I am done walking down memory lane, I was freakishly ugly last time, even huns buns agrees with that =(