January 31, 2010

31st January 2010, 5:47AM

what is becoming of Malaysia, seriously. first with the Churches then the Mosques.

I guess, I must say that those morons that left those pig/wild boar/whatever heads are total losers -.- I bet they must be cheering on how awesome that idea is and that they are soooo brilliant to come up with such a childish act -.-

with this dumb act, these people had sinked as low as those who burned the Churches, childish, real childish. and again, because of the stupid acts of a handful of people, the entire non-Muslim community in Malaysia will be feeling the heat.

retaliating this way only shows weakness. sad case.

idiots. when will this ever come to an end if both sides refuses to grow up.

and I would say that these bastards are shit-heads, like why the fuck bring innocent animals into the picture. those animals being treated that way, humans are really fucked up.

with the tragedy over at Haiti, why can't those assholes just quit doing their nonsense, over there people are crying over destruction, but here they are creating destruction. low level jerks.

fuck this shit, grow a pair people, please.

1Malaysia really isn't whooooohooooyippy!holyshitwatatatatatat, is it?

31st January 2010

Hakuna Matata,
Those two words will solve all your problems!
- The Lion King

FYP! relax, it's just the largest
determining factor for the entire course.

I doubt hakuna matata-ing will work this time,

this is bad.

January 30, 2010

30th January 2010, 5:55AM

I feel like learning up French.

you know, just today I downloaded Lady GaGa's Bad Romance, yups, just today, cause it was replaying throughout my sleep,

and the part she spoke in French is so awesome!

never did notice that part when I heard it on the radio. so pro lah!

ra ra ar ar ar~ makes me think of Domokun

ra ra~

I would love to have this, shoo cutee!
and that's my old infamous Nokia! double awesome.

hungry :(

should I wake Kevin up for dim sum?

30th January 2010, 5:30AM

anyways, enjoy;

I'll be off being a good and hardworking student (:

oh you fucking fucking fuck,
/click ignore;
- Kate Miller-Heidke

30th January 2010, 4:59AM

when Angelina dropped me home a while ago, she told me not to sleep so late and quit doing the owl-ly stuffs I always do, but huffs, at 4am right now I am wide awake, reason: cause I fell asleep at 7pm, and missed the 8pm news fuck, and had this really peaceful sleep, in which Lady GaGa was there with her bad romance tune.

with that good morning peeps, my Saturday is going to my awesome.

should I start my awesome Saturday researching on the feasibility issues of my FYP or should I start by betraying my beloved Nikon and start my report on the awesome-ness of Canon.

feels like I should do something more educational with my blog, like um, idk.

huffs, I need a new pair of earphones =( I think my current pair of earphones is suffering from cancer, and might go anytime soon. will be best to get mentally and physically ready for its departure.

I want your love,
Love, Love, Love;
- Lady GaGa

Happy Birthday, Jie Hu

ah, it's my best virtual friend's birthday today, and I wasn't there to wish him at midnight =(

lately things have been really messy, and I don't like messy-ness.

anyhows, dearest Jie Hu of mine,
Happy 23rd? 22nd Birthday! <3

uh, some people are just turning so old all of a sudden x(

Diana and the purple JieHu!
dated 2:09am on 09/09/09, nais.

my hot, sexy and SINGLE lawyer friend here, introduced me to the love of my life, John Vesely, or better known by his glamor name, Secondhand Serenade. that was of course like 3 years ago, before John went up on the Malaysian charts and made those little lala kids scream after him -.-

we broke up cause of that, now I have Derek as the love of my life, Mayday Parade FTW but of course I am two timing Andrew McMahon x) random, yes. anddddd Andrew has TWO bands, unlike John who only has like an imaginary non-band.

it's nice to have someone there to tell things to. to share the love and the hate.

for some reasons, my Jie Hu here is like Elmo,
Elmo the emo; x) rhymes.

ps: my diamond ring, mana?

January 29, 2010

29th January 2010

"some days all I do is watch the sky"
- Something Corporate

and yesterday's was pretty.

January 28, 2010

28th january 2010

KDU's techincal support guy is awesome! he fixed my lappy's SD card slot!

unlike Mr Yap, Disted's tech support guy, who likes to make fun of my name =(

heeee, my lappy is all pretty again <3

and he managed to fix it with just one single magical push! awesome or what? <3

but I am pretty sure that he thinks that I am a moron or something cause I was like OMFG HOW DID YOU EFFING DO THAT O.O and he replied you just need to push once to insert and push again to eject -.- seriously do I look that dumb?

huffs, I swear the slot was like jammed since like 3 months ago. it was REALLY stuck, I swear!

anyhowies, <3

January 26, 2010

26th January 2010, 11:59PM

all out of a sudden, I thought about them, and I miss them sooooooo much =(

I hope you guys are doing well in hammyland.

how I wish it's 2008 all over again, to have them all hyper and healthy, and to have them to go to every time I face a fork, like now, when decisions are to be made.

they don't talk back but they certainly are inspiring.

to go forth with my OCR translator software,
or to switch to an entirely new idea?
to stick with researching on Nikon, or to move on with another?
to invest on a better tank for Draco, or should I put that on hold?

26th January 2010

that day during dinner with my classmates at Teluk Kumbar, we decided to go with frogs and not crabs, oh yes, I sat through an hour of driving and ended up not having any crabby =(

but all is well, cause Koala had given me inspiration to COOK CRABS!

being an internet era kid (Loh 2010), I googled, cause I have no effing idea how to murder and subsequently cook crabbies =)

at step number 2: I am to grasp the live crab by the back legs and drop it into the water head first, ouch. pity the little fella =(

and then,
For a more humane method, as you grasp the crab by the legs, stroke the top of its head until it falls asleep (uh, seriously?) and then slowly drop it into the boiling water. zzz;

at least I will not have to resort to the poke the fella in the eyes/ass/soft part around the legs using a chopstick or equivalent, as suggested by some of my buddies x(

isn't the internet amazing? you can practically learn anything off the net, really. like this xD

January 25, 2010

25th January 2010, 2:02PM

feels like Disted followed me over to KDU, not necessarily a bad thing I would say.

but what's up with my fellow Disted-mates moving over to KDU to further their studies? well, I think that Disted is really fucking things up for their students.

like they promised a good degree program for me to move towards after my diploma, but when the time came, they had made plans to demolish the entire course all together.

somehow the thought of being treated like trash when you are paying like, uh, 30k approx, made me really uncomfortable, like they are just standing by, waiting for you to die so that they can move on and expand their psychology and whatever course.

and so moved I did, and KDU is there waiting for me with open arms, and I must say that KDU's PR people, you know the ones that welcome you when you are about to register, they are really good at what they do. like they make you feel so welcomed.

but, whatever it is Disted did give me among the best 2 years of my teenage life.

well, this post came about because on my way into the library just now, I saw a very familiar face, remember the guy with several gold cars, Raja or something, I am really bad with names x( I am horrible with faces too but this one I particularly remember cause I see him very often during my Disted library days, and that probably I was a little anti social back then, and I would hate to bump into him cause that would mean spending like 5minutes communicating.

I am glad things worked out fine for me, moving from familiar grounds to a new place.
=D things are good.

25th January 2010, 3:02AM

here's the thing, every time I bask around doing nothing, I feel guilty because everyone around me is chasing time but instead, I am just doing nothing, and yes trust me, I can literally do nothing.


I guess me being in a daze is not without a cause. I really feel so messed up and lost cause my 2009 planner ran out of space, considering that 2010 is here already.

I hate for people to see how panicky I can become without a proper updated little black book, but huffs, I just feel so very damn bloody useless.

I feel like I am forgetting something, and that I have to keep reminding myself of things I am to do for tomorrow and the days ahead, and it feels so heavy, cause previously I did not have to constantly do so.

tomorrow, I will work on getting myself a new 2010 planner. and it is ridiculously sucky cause for the previous years, I had no problem getting my hands on one, until this year that is.

feels like so much has changed and that I am losing grip on so many things.

and unlike 2008, I had you to go to.


January 23, 2010

23rd January 2010, 7:01PM

huffs, KL-Malacca trip updates are still pending x( lazy bones

23rd January 2010, 3:35PM

1) I shall be more productive Monday onwards, promise.

2) I shall live up to my list of new year's resolutions, and not saja saja forget them.

3) I shall wash my car once every month, and to make sure that I scrub the rims like there is no tomorrow.

4) I shall not spend all my time in front of my laptop and/or desktop, unless I am up against crazy assignments.

5) I shall make it a point to stand up and stretch my arms and legs at least once every two hours of sitting here.

6) I shall boycott instant noodles.

6) I shall visit Tesco once every week to stock up on fresh food stuffs, like greenies and fruits.

7) I shall walk up the stairs on every occasion, unless I am late for class. or that the destination is 5 floors and above x(

8) I shall be more patient towards people and their lame, idiotic and whatthebloodyfuckiswrongwithyou behaviors.

9) I shall be less dependent on people.

10) I shall visit KCN at least once every week, in support of being a good and hardworking student.

11) I shall sleep before 4am every day, or at least I will try.

12) I shall work on getting up and running by 10am everyday, and by 7.30am if there is class at 9am.

13) I shall work on getting to college earlier so that I will have time to climb up stairs and not be late for class.

14) I shall think less of how sucky my life is and concentrate more on pretty blue skies and how great life is despite whatthebloodyfuckiswrongwithyou people are constantly lurking around

15) I shall work on getting Draco a larger tank with an awesome floating dock, to maximize his swimming space and probably invest a few on good basking lamps. it will be awesome if I can afford those glass aquariums and watch him swim about everyday. but with that, I then will need to add in a good water filter x( plus, greenies shall become part of Draco's diet as well, in support of my eat healthy routine.

ohhhh, and the to-be-productive mood kicks in;

23rd January 2010

I feel like a rabbit, a healthy and happy rabbit (:

Yesterday during dinner with my classmates at some far off village along the sea, I asked Doreamon if he is a rabbit cause I saw him eating raw lettuce, that's what bunnies do right?

And all out of a sudden, I think I am starting to like the taste of raw leafy greens.

For all my life, I hated them, I hated the greeny taste which very much reminds me of grass and subsequently mud -.- remember early morning Pendidikan Jasmani classes (read: PE classes) during high school days, and for some reasons I find that scent neither refreshing nor relaxing.

Anyhows, today I made myself a bowl of Caesar Salad! or something like that.

This is in support of one of my 2010 new year's resolution which is to lead a healthier life, which in section A states that I will start eating greenies and fruits, and that instant noodles as a staple shall be banned.

such potential to pick up culinary arts, I must say, heeee xD

for the record, it did not taste bad, at all.

I have no idea what sauce is used in Caesar Salads, I don't even have a clue what those crunchy-taste-like-bread thingys are, plus I could not even find those huge salad bowls I so very often see my sister using -.- I am not the one taking up culinary arts you know, she gets full access to all the kitchen stuffs and I get to die a horrible death with my instant noodles.

that's until inspiration came by and made me feel like making myself a bowl of salad using left over lettuce which Draco refuses to much on -.-

I even added in heavily toasted bread and make believe that they were those crunchy thingys that can be found in real Caesar Salads. I have no idea what those cru-tons, or crou-tons or however they spell it, are made of. but they sure taste like toasted bread.

I've been living off lettuce with toasted bread, loads of cheese, eggs, grapes in replacement of baby tomatoes and loads of sauce to drown the greeny taste xD awesome, yes?

January 20, 2010

21st January 2010, 12:36AM

my classmates must be frantically researching for their FYP, which sucks by the way, cause I am definitely slacking behind this time.

huffs, my phone over-heated. it froze with all its lights on for like 2 hours, and it was burning hot when I found it =(

on a side note, you know I have been marathon-ing series like Criminal Minds, Dexter, NCIS and Bones, and with that, I wonder if one day, I will get super emo and turn into a psychotic serial murderer.

and the first to go will be this one person who ruined my day with facts that I never wanted to be reminded on, but she had decided to bring the matter up all out of a sudden, like what the fuck is wrong with you- live, forget and let live, let it go already my dear.

I would so like to plunge a 12 inch kitchen knife into her face and watch her die slowly from excessive bleeding, when she made that comment. fuck.

I wonder if a Little Miss Sadistic shirt exists. I would so very love to have one!

ps: the above sadistic content is purely fictional and IFFF ever I am taken to court for murder charges, it is never to be used against me, kthxbye.

huffs, for the record, I am afraid of blood.

20th January 2010, 11:06PM

sugarcoating, some people just lack talent in that.


19th January 2010

Day 1, Year 3 Semester 1

the day that studying became so scary, that it felt like we were heading for war, with very little armour.

my final meal before the battle, SUSHI!!

one plate of kanikama, two plates of fried maki, one plate of salmon, one plate of the roll thingy and one unknown

and of course sweet sauce FTW

my blog is getting dry, so spam photos, I must x)

somehow the skies in that area is always so pretty (:

anyhows, class!

uh, felt like I was going through midnight classes T.T should have slept earlier the night before

we had like 9am til 5pm classes and in most of them, my mind was on away mode, which means input == null;

don't know what the slide is exactly about but it caught my attention for a split second

and nope, I did not change to some medical veterinarian course, I'm still battling it out in Computer Science, fyi.

so to the front we have a duck;

at east-side, we have DIE-ZOMBIES-DIEEEE!!
Melo killing off zombies

to my left, caught Crabby snoozing x)

and at the back, guess what,

a bored max lvl Kuan Kuan!

he looks so tulan, hahahahahahaha.

You haven't come this far,
To fall off the Earth;
- Jack's Mannequin

and so, Year 3, persevere, we shall.

January 19, 2010

19th January 2010

it's sad, the CLHS dragon boat incident.

I guess for such a tragic accident to happen so close to home, I must admit that I am saddened by it to a certain extend.

I wouldn't exactly say that I am devastated over it, like NOOO-THIS-CANNOT-BE-REAL T.T sort, cause I know none of the victims personally, but such sudden loss, it is sad.

when I heard on the 8pm news that all 6 bodies have been found, and they showed the bodies carried away on stretchers, and family members crying over the loss. such grief. it made me sad.

and to realize that if this had happened like 5 years ago, there is a chance that I could have lost some good close friends. I may be old now, but once ago, during my high school days, many of my CLHS friends are active in dragon boat racing. CLHS is like famous for their dragon boat activities.

thinking of how much it could have affected me if those victims were of familiar names, I guess I share the grief.

like last night he was talking to you through the phone till 3am, and the next he is no more.

I guess it's never good to be too close, cause people will leave, and when they do, it hurts.

January 18, 2010

18th January 2010, 4:09AM

hungry =(

good thing that I've found a new late night companion cause Jonathan is being manja lately and by this time he will be MIA already.

I guess Computer Science students have the tendency to stay up till the wee hours. um, like my Disted-mates, they are crazy owls.

then there's me, and Jonathan, not to forget he is a geek like us, and of course Kevin, and I guess I can push Jason into this category as well, cause he is like a midnight kaki, who lurks around till the wee hours on the day of his Java paper.

ORRRRR it's just that most people I know are geeks and therefore it weighs out this way.

huffs, it really sucks when 4am is approaching and you are feeling really sucky cause most people on your list is either on away or busy.

and the only one chatting with you seems to be a little psychotic, yes, you, koala. for one, cause he is persuading me to hack banks, gg. and that he is convinced that I am a giraffe-panda mix. er, interesting people I tend to meet now days.

sometimes, it's best not to dwell upon the past,
cause it may come across as lame, and whatever-ish. really.

like, uh, get over it already -.-

18th January 2010

ahh, first impressions;

how they tend to be inaccurate, most of the time.

she's not a boyfriend stealing bitch afterall.

January 16, 2010

16th January 2010

I was gonna turn in early today. but, I don't know, I am tired but I just can't fall asleep.

well, we visited Thomas at the hospital today right after registering for our new semester. he got himself into a painful backbone laser surgery, which sounds really painful.

but he seems fine, just unable to move for the time being.

our beloved Teh Wei Hou <3

I drew him a Poku to keep him company, and that's a sign of sayang kays not bullying a bed bound patient xD

heeeee, anyways, get well soon kays.

January 15, 2010

15th January 2010, 4:46AM

I'm not feeling myself today.

a senior of mine, said that it was because I am insecure of everything. and that's like mind blowing-ly spot on. huffs, what has become of me, I am not usually like that. =(

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?
Well, I'm here with you,
I said the world could be burning till there's nothing but dark blue,
Just dark blue;
- Jack's Mannequin

15th January 2010

probably it's time for me to quit blaming others for stuffs.

and for the record, it was never personal.

anyways, I've promised photos. going into management doesn't mean kicking out all graphical elements from my life, yes?

ahh, Tuesday morning. such a wonderful morning to wake up to, cause on that very day it felt like life for me will soon be normal again, with very little loneliness and alone time.

left the house by 8:30 am, such a miracle, yes?

had dim sum, somewhere near Kevin's home.

early morning dim sum always makes my day. it was until recently that I realize the reason behind it, and weird in a way, but because of you I started to relate dim sum to a new beginning with many wonderful experiences along the way.

and to say that you made such huge impact towards my life, I guess you will be a happy guy if ever you come across this.

I could still remember that very day, and how much of a kid I was back then. blah blah blah, damn retarded for me to be thinking back. tralalalalalalalal. fuck it lah.

my favorite fried thingy with loads of mayo =[

then went over to town to get some stuffs done. and I finally picked up my new IC xD and Kevin says that it is not retarded but I think that it is.

but I guess for anyone who had see the previous one, you will agree that this new one is not as retarded. okays, my high school mates, you guys can stop laughing now. no more Pocahontas or Nina anymore XD

anddd guess what, on the way back home, we saw this! KEBAKARAN!!

a huge cloud that screams FIRE-HUGEEEE-FIREEEEEE-run-for-your-lives!!!

and instantly both of us thought -shit, did those dumbasses attack another Church. lol, random.

but being a typical Penangite, instead of getting out of the way, Kevin and I tried to made a turn to go kaypo xD

and all out of a sudden a familiar kaypo face came into play, and that reminded me of how much fun we had back at Disted some time ago. the infamous Draco's kaypo face, lol. good old days, totally.

then went over to KDU, and met up with the angmohs. and being a typical Malaysian, all hail the angmohs, everyone was at their best behavior.

then joined them for dinner

at Queensbay =)

January 14, 2010

14th January 2010

so I'm back =) not that I've gone anywhere or anything like that, it's just that I've been occupied with a new drama series for the pass three or four days.

with that, sorry for the late replies and the gone-missing-all-of-a-sudden stunts I've been pulling

this recent k-drama series which had occupied like 28 hours of my life, wasn't too bad. no one died of any sort of disease and it was more of a young people sort of drama, although there were old people in it, like Boys Over Flowers but not young to that extend.

Kevin's mum lent this one to me so that I could quit bothering her son XD to pass my time cause I was dying of boredom. and apparently it is a very recent one.

translated to be Brilliant Legacy -.-

but after Boys Over Flowers, I guess we can conclude that k-dramas with horrible title translations are not bad after all.

I would say that the cast for this one is good, the girl acting as the bitch could be a little more bitchy but probably the directors wanted a new twist rather than the same old bitch-vs-good, innocent-girl plot.

actually the evil mother and daughter part is sort of ripped from Moonlight Resonance, remember the evil mother trying to take over the family assets for the sake of the daughter, but the daughter is all goody goody. just that this daughter is a little bit more non-ethical.

and remember Full House?

Full House

can't help but to notice a similarity in both the posters XD I think the directors did put in a lot of brain power to avoid from being compared to other same themed drama series, but it is proven to be a difficult task, considering the number of dramas out there today.

but I would say they did a good job. but in a way, I thought that the plot was predictable, and chunks of it felt like scenes from other dramas/movies, but I wouldn't criticize them on that though.

huffs, since I am done with this, what am I to do now? =(

14 January 2010

classes are starting again in about 5 days. and I can't help but to wonder whether it is possible for me to sit through classes without falling asleep considering my nocturnal habits.

yesterday's briefing at 3pm turned out to be really painful, it felt like 3am in my world. huffs, I so very totally need to get up and running soon, cause this semester will be tiring.

baby, you're like a sugar glider,
cause sugar gliders are emo sometimes,
and are very attracted to fud and their owners;
the only difference is that you glide through my heart.
- Kevin Loh

huffs, feeling down I am =(

January 12, 2010

12th January 2010, 2:28AM x(

and I promise some pics tomorrow x)


12th January 2010

I know I said that I was gonna turn in before midnight but my super power abilities does have a limit x( and sleeping early isn't my forte.



and I think I screwed up last month by wishing him a happy 5 and the half years anni.

don't know what was going through my mind then, but I definitely did not miscalculate, just that my tiny brain screwed up a little and probably thought that there were only 10 months in a year. but come on, it's a common mistake mah, when people ask you -what's half? you would spontaneously answer 5, right? or at least I would x(

so, happy REAL 5 and the half years anniversary, huns! and dim sum tomorrow, which I think we will end up sleeping through =(

but I still loves joo =D

January 11, 2010

11th January 2010

was gonna comment on how childish some Malaysian are, and how sad it is to be amongst these type of people, but it's bed time for me, early day tomorrow.

and I bet allah, whoops I mean their God, must be ultimately heart broken to see how they used his name to commit those sad and cowardly throw-bombs-at-Churches stunts, which are just so lame and of course, again, sad.

I mean how not sad can it be when the hype came about cause a group of harmless people decided to use the word -.- in their compilation which is aimed to educate people like those morons to respect holy-ness and not saja saja do stuffs and put it all on their God's tab -.-

so now, the name of their God is a no-no word to us, like a bad word which is not supposed to be mentioned? and I wonder.

sad how this will reflect on all Muslims, when there is only a handful, or make that a bucketful, of idiotic ones, who apparently claims that they are defending their religion, but in fact are just misusing the name for their own self-satisfaction.

huffs, sad case. definitely, 1Malaysia FTW -.-

January 10, 2010

10 Jan 2010, 4:45AM

anyways, all this hype came about because someone came up to me with a regular hi, how are you and subsequently with a what-are-you-gonna-major-in topic to start my night =(

holy watatata but in a way or another I would have to make my mind up by the 12th.

being in KDU, I get to pick up either management or multimedia, if I want to go for networking, which could earn me millions, I will have to move to USM and be with my beloved Arini, which I don't think is feasible in my case.

so the debate to either major in management or multimedia.

initially, I had my mind set on multimedia, cause it sounds so very fun and it also means that I can escape from long evil reports which management requires. and in a way, multimedia could help in support of my FYP. that's what I thought a while back.

plus, I've gone through those management classes back at Disted, and I sucked badly at it. so I thought multimedia will be the way to go.

and then talking with Dato', who is a super genius x( he is using his engineering knowledge to work some RFID technology thing for his FYP, how not super genius is that wei, anyways, according to Dato', management is the way to go, and he had his campaign talk around the fact that management skills can serve me for a longer period as most companies have their own systems and with multimedia skills or not, it doesn't really make a difference.

I agreed with him, but I thought since college will be ending and all, why not use the final year to have fun coding rather than spend my days writing long reports. I was reluctant to face the fact that I am growing old and I will need to get a real job soon.

and another plus point was that Joshua, who hates me by the way, will not be teaching that multimedia paper, instead a new hot lecturer will be taking his place! I've heard rumors that he is interesting to communicate with and takes his students out clubbing all his students adore him.

and also Panda is doing it happily, and apparently he is having tones of fun.

with that, multimedia FTW!

only to find out that Panda is also a super genius and that I might not survive in multimedia x( suxxor, right?

and then of course, the entire class is leaning towards management, even my beloved Sammie and Kuan Kuan is. Melo and Evil are supporting multimedia, but it has been a while since I last caught up with them, so I have no idea which way they are heading now.

then Daniel came by and gave his opinions on management vs multimedia. and he mentioned about how management will help better to get jobs, like what Dato' said.

and how management skills are more advantageous for most employees, in a way that only a handful of multimedia oriented employers will appreciate multimedia knowledge, but all employers including the multimedia oriented ones will appreciate management knowledge.

and he questioned about the type of career I am aiming for, and that unless I am aiming for some graphic design sort of job, it is advisable to pick up management.

with that alone, holy shit, I've made up my mind. for one, I am aiming to become a programmer or a system analyst in the near future, or even a database administrator, random but true. and I have no intention to get myself into game development or graphic design or any multimedia field for that matter.

Daniel, FTW.

and I found out that we will be learning some VRML 3D thingy in multimedia, which sounds so awesome but tedious. but if it turns out to be fun, I can always pick it up myself. Kevin managed to do it during his diploma days, so I think I can too. and I bet there are some software out there to make things easy lah, like Dreamweaver for HTML.

and this other senior whom I recently got to know, I don't know his name, and I haven't got to the point to give him a nickname, anyways, he said something about how tragic it will be to code for both the FYP and multimedia projects. too much coding can make people go bonkers.

and according to one of them, in management, there will be only 2 huge assignments, but for multimedia we will have 10 projects. with that, I am very sure you peeps would prefer to read about 2 ohmyeffinggod-this-report-is-killing-me posts rather than 10 ohmyeffinggod-this-project-is-killing-me posts x)

and I could write a novel if I have my crapping cap on, which can be translated to I can crap out a million worth of words for any report if my crapping cap is on! like this post for instance, it is crappy and it is long!

plus, if I take up management, Mondays will be a free day for me! xD

and so with that, for tonight, my decision is on management. for tonight, at least. I guess it is mostly because most of the KDU people I know had taken or is taking management and I am easily influenced, nothing more to say there.

10 Jan 2010, 3:48AM

this guy once told me that my biggest weakness is my inability to make decisions, and although I retaliated towards that statement of his back then by throwing around what-the-shit's, fuck you's and I guess a handful of other curses considering that it was quite some time ago; deep down, I know that he is right, like damn right.

then he came to a conclusion that because I am a librian, my decision making skills are horrible and that he cannot blame me because of that.

we were in some kind of squabble back then, the details aren't important but still when he mentioned about how I tend to run away when I have decisions to make, I did not have anything to throw back at him, and for those who knows me well, it's like my number one skill to turn things around and make it your fault, or I will just squeeze out some tears and see how far I can go with that, but neither did happen cause my tiny brain was processing and realizing ohmyeffinggod that's the root of all my problems -my incapability to firmly decide on what I actually want.

and because of that, I very often will find myself in this state, in which all I have to do is choose but I would be standing there trying to make my mind up by weighing the pros and cons, sometimes even trying to lie to myself to make the process easier.

it's just really difficult for me to decide in a split second whether I would prefer curry mee or laksa, and very often I would use a 'anything lah' to buy me some time while my tiny brain analyses both options.

it has been like 3 years since that night, and although I would like to think that I have grown much from it, I still suck badly at making up my mind.

but for what's worth, I made an awesome decision back then, at least on my part I am not regretting, and that every time I think back, I can't help but to smile. and I see that it worked out fine for you too.

and so, the biggest weakness of mine now would be that I am so afraid of making wrong decisions that I over-analyse them to a point that it hurts so badly, and I cannot find anyone to tell it to because they will think that I am bonkers for going bonkers over such little matter.

huffs, told you life in my shoes aren't all butterflies and pink candy floss.

January 8, 2010

8:18PM, 8th January 2010

uh, I think I am gonna work harder to achieve stuffs.

okays, that aside, today is sort of a sucky day, the sort like one fucked up day, you decide to do the laundry, cause clothes are piling up everywhere around your room.

so you match the colors and hand it over to the machine to do its thing, and then when it's all done, you start hanging them up, and then all of a sudden you notice that something is wrong with this one shirt, a new one which you just got the other day, and something is really wrong, then you go FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK, hand wash only T.T

whoosh, fucks.

and I thought I was being productive, zzz.

I wish I was 14 again, life is much sweeter then. for one, I did not have to worry about picking up C# in 10 days but of course I have Geography to worry about then, blah.

2:30AM, 8th January 2010

it really sucks that Imeem is dead x(

I have nothing much to update on, other than I've been having dreams, and these dreams sort of tend to repeat themselves and it's like freaking me out a little.

probably I am just sleeping too much considering how much spare time I have lately.

like this one dream of mine, which I have been having for like quite some time already, we will be sitting around in this place which look like a campsite in Coronation and I will be listening to people telling ghost stories, but those stories, I've heard of them before, and I was not like freaking scared or anything but in a way, you know, the feeling is there.

then I will wake up like what the shit is that about.

and the people in the dream, they tend to be really random, like I cannot recall their faces and all, but I can tell that I know them. but I am never good with faces anyways.

whatever it is, Coronation Camp always brings back memories such as this (:

good old days, I would say.

January 6, 2010

Day 5, 2010

Day 5 was a beautiful day;

shopping at Queensbay in the afternoon on a working day is awesome. so little people, and so many stuffs to see and play around with.

Kevin and I had tones of fun although we did not manage to catch any movies on that day. but it was great fun to go around trying out clothes with him.

late lunch at Breeks

since the last time we dined here, the place had changed a lot. for one, the area outside is already history, but was unknown to us until then =( we are outdated people, blah.

inside is cozy, and the waitress is very very nice, and we like her a lot (:

spot us!

but honestly, apart from the nice cozy environment and sweet thoughtful waitress, the food was blah

my Muddy Choco which could easily be called iced Milo with cream on top instead -.-

appetizer of mushroom soup and fries

Fish and Chips,
their food standard has definitely gone down since the last time we came by

and Kevin's beef lasagna, which was um, not good.

uh, I don't see us going back there anytime soon, cause Kevin is like Nando's FTW

January 5, 2010

3:57AM, Day 5, 2010

it's here!

finally, ABC is off their Merry-Christmas-and-a-Happy-New-Year-we-are-going-to-torture-your-souls break! which means DHW is on again!

I am so bloody happy that I am feeling so god damn hungry but I am reluctant to move from my seat. I actually would rather sit here and watch it buffer than to go make myself some instant noodles for supper.

oh gosh, a little blue bird told me that someone is gonna die T.T it's really wonders how I got through the weeks after they ended episode 10 in such tragic manner.

I remember when episode 10 ended for me I was like -fuck, they cannot do this to mehhhh, but all is good, I am here now happily buffering episode 11 with really good speed xD time does fly by quickly doesn't it?

by no time, I would be presenting my FYP to those brainy professors, and I bet I would be crazy jumpy then. uh, so not looking forward to that x(

January 3, 2010

3:42AM, Day 3, 2010

Hate is a strong word,
but I really, really, really don't like you;
- Plain White T's

yes, you, the one who claims that people always make use of you, when in fact it's the total opposite -.-

January 2, 2010

6:48AM, Day 2, 2010

I am never updated on stuffs lah, just got to know this today.

sweet (:

I think it made me tear a little.

January 1, 2010

Day 1, 2010

everyone's at it so, Happy New Year, peeps.

well, woke up this morning afternoon feeling a little sick, went back to sleep and woke up feeling worst, zz

day 365 of 2009 and day 1 of 2010, was spent with Kevin and a childhood friend of ours. the three of us go wayyy back to chasing each other around the school field and throwing names at each other.

10 years ago (read: standard six, and yes it was 10 years ago, old we are now) the three of us went on three separate paths, I went off to SGGS and met my awesome SGGS girls, Kevin went to SKBJ, and Alvin, he went off to PFS.

and after a while cause they cannot get enough of each other, Alvin moved to SKBJ to be with Kevin, while Kevin and I started dating, small world it is.

funny thing, Kevin and I took Alvin to the same makanan melayu spot as the one we took Jonathan to during Christmas Eve, only difference is that we took Alvin to a pub after that and not to Tesco xD

okays, dinner time.