February 28, 2010

1st March 2010, 12:23AM

huffs, it's bad to compare.

I miss everything.

Last day of February 2010;

tomorrow's the day (:

huffs, I am trying to work on Danny's assignment, but the thought of tomorrow's review meeting is really bugging me. I can't really tell if it's a good feeling or a bad one, but it's just bugging me big time.

I am lagging behind this time. so far back that I don't think I have the energy to catch up.

tomorrow, I promise mr giraffe and I will be up and running.

February 27, 2010

28th February 2010, 12:10AM

you know, ever since my FYP came into my life, most of my everyday is wrapped around it.

and the one thing, the one thing that made me happy without reminding me of optical character recognition and braille translations is Anberlin, until now that is -.-

sadness, I just got to know that Anberlin's lead has a side project, called Anchor and Braille. dumb name, stresses me out, and their songs are crap shit if compared to Anberlin -.- it's personal, sorry.

side projects should be better than the band itself, no? like how Jack's Mannequin is awesome-er than, or at least, as awesome as SOCO


and and and and guess what? we watched The Book of Eli yesterday. and and and what the fuck shit, it's in braille -.-


the movie was, let's see, very super duper predictable, painful, bright, in braille and sort of scary. scary in the sense that only the chosen can own the awesome ipod with unlimited battery charge, and so if ever the world dies, I highly doubt that I will be The Chosen, and so no ipod for me, boohoo, meaning I would have to live without All Time Low for the rest of my life, sad.

but some how, the plot feels really familiar. like either someone has told me about some similar story, or that I read it somewhere. very familiar. or that in my previous life, I watched it. or that it is just plain predictable.

anyhoos, Braille, it's haunting me, I tell you. FYP, FTW; it makes people go -I wish the world will end tomorrow-ish

27th February 2010, 2:55PM

I hate neighbors.

they tend to disrupt Draco's basking sessions which I have to wake up really early for -.-

it's crazy fuckingly impossible to bask in peace when you are living in an apartment. people will tend to come hang around and ask stupid questions like- does it eat frogs? -.-

not that I hate any of them personally, my neighbors are actually really nice. but for some reasons, they think that Draco is an exotic pet or something, so whenever I take Draco out for some sun, they all start taking their children out from whatever closets they had previously kept them in -.-

and old people too, Draco seems to attract old people. there is this old man staying to my left and whenever he sees Draco outdoors he will drag his chair out to sit and watch Draco. some time ago he told me to keep a good eye on Draxie cause people might catch him and make soup -.- I am not too sure if that friendly old man is trying to help me keep an eye on my Draco or that he is waiting for an opportunity to make some Draco soup -.-

I hate tiny little chatty kids, I don't communicate well with them. and with unfamiliar people around, Draco will get all shy and confused =(

today, the guy on my left brought out his pretty little daughter. I assume she had never seen a Draco up close before. but her dad is a very good dad. the entire family is really nice actually. back when I had my hamsters and rabbits, the mum will bring her over to see them. and she will be repeating to her daughter about not making too much noise and not to hit the cage and sometimes they will bring over carrots to feed Pochi. just now, the dad told the daughter that ninja turtles protect humans and that's why we need to take good care of Draxie, I don't know why but I find that so sweet.

this fella is so different from the one on my right. the one on my right always gives me the shit-your-pets-better-not-pass-on-any-bacteria-on-to-my-daughter type of look. but I don't think that he knows that my pets and I hate seeing his daughter as much as he hates it when she comes over to see us -.-

she abuses them, and I was sooooo close to hitting her -.- I was really hopping that Mocha will just give her a painful bite so that she will never come back. her dad is useless when it comes to teaching her about respecting animals, or just that she is stupid.

I seriously don't know why people will want to have kids and not teach them about treating other creatures as equals or to stfu and quit yelling at my pets like they are deaf. dumbheads.

if my dad had not brought home that little puppy when I was younger, I will not have realize how warm they can be, and how they can bring happiness to people. and I would not have told Alex that I wanted a pet, and he would have not given Draco to me, and I would not have a little turtle coming over to sniff my toes every now and then. and to make me smile each time he looks at me.

he makes me so happy.

February 26, 2010

26th February 2010, early afternoon

don't know why but I've been thinking of you a lot since last night. initially, wanted to just let it go here last night, but then I decided that it might help if I'd just sleep through it,

but, damn I was wrong -.-

woke up and felt worst, I am feeling so heavy and sad and hateful all at the same time.

you tend to do this to me, and I am randomly guessing that it's cause of guilt, and a little pinch of Anberlin <3

26th February 2010, 3:45AM

for some reasons, I feel like getting an Anberlin CD. just random, really. or maybe my all time favorite, an All Time Low one, they make me happy every time.

but then again, tomorrow, I will be going on a shopping spree for Draco, to spend his angpau money -.- yes he got angpaus as well cause he is part of the family, really melampau.

I gave him half of the amount I got, so technically, Kevin's mum and Ping's mum gave him angpaus indirectly. I got only 3 angpaus in total this time around, but CNY is really nothing much for me, just some holiday that turned me into a lazy ass person.

and so basking lamps! and hopefully I will be able to get the awesome dock for him, hopefully cause conversion from UK pounds is really painful, like Draco taking a huge crazy ass bite off your ear kind of pain.

renovation on Draco's tank begins tomorrow, if I am able to get some plexiglass and silicone sealant and a UVB lamp! <3

he brings so much joy to my lonely life, he deserves so much more than this.

February 24, 2010

24th February 2010

sadness to be me us right now, I tell you.

I really want to be hardworking, really, but the holidays had spoil me big time =(

and now I feel so bad for keeping Draco up. it looks like he is trying to keep awake on his dock, either because he wants to keep me company or that it's just because he can't sleep with all the distractions I am causing.

I adore my little turtle.

February 23, 2010

23rd February 2010


DHW season 6 episode 15 is on! heeeeeee, nah sharing is caring <3

I have like shit tones of stuffs to do butttt I am just so damn bloody lazyyyyyy -.-

I am soooooo gonna suffer from this lazy-ness in weeks to come, but til' then I shall remain smiling like an iguana =D

"You never know what temporal days may bring;
so laugh, love, live free and sing."
- Anberlin (2006) Paperthin Hymn
Available at: click here
Viewed: 23rd February 2010

February 19, 2010

remember this?

okays, I think it's safe to say that I lied;

I won't be able to update on that trip any time soon, it seems =(


19th February 2010, 4:25AM

you know how the glare from your screen tends to hurt your eyes after like, say, 10 minutes or so, when you are trying to find information on the significant strategic inflection points of Canon Inc, but in a very weird way, this has not been a bother for the past previous 4 or 5 days when you are watching dramas, FB-ing and MSN-ing for hours and hours.

God has a funny way of showing that he cares, huffs =(

I.so.very.need.to.be.hardworking, or else;

February 18, 2010

18th February 2010, 8:08PM

he loves me the most, Draco that is <3



thanks snoozie <3

heeee, soon, I promise.



I'll update tomorrow, or the day after x)



I'll update tomorrow.

February 16, 2010

16th February 2010, 3:22AM

some people are as screwed up as I am, most of them like to think that they are holy shit and that I am a really messed up bitch and they had regretted big time for getting to know me.

well, it's pretty much the same on this side, I tell you.

it has been a while since I last crucified anyone here, as far as I can remember, that is.

probably this one person would wanna google or use a spell checker before posting up fuck-you-bitch PMs on his MSN which he intends to use for like 3 or 4 days straight to hopefully piss me off with; just saying, you know.

I mean like that PM is suppose to piss me off, and not to make me lmao right? just saying lah, don't need to get defensive and start rubbing the thousands of good appreciated friends you have into my face.

I did not feel like bringing this up but oh wells, I.am.freaking.annoyed.right.at.this.moment.

one thing I don't get is that, is this all because I accidentally hurt your fragile feelings when I made up a white lie while rejecting something, say, a movie; just saying, you know, cause whatever I actually say will be pushed towards my bad attitude towards the human kind. just saying.

and yes, this must be a bummer, but I really do think that I am right most of the time, because if I am wrong, I will be right for stating it, eventually =D

just saying, you know. <3

16th February 2010, 2:52AM

I am feeling a lot better.

I've decided not to feel sorry for myself over stuffs. I am always self-sympathizing, oh pathetic-ness unveiled.

probably I take into account what people say a little too much, such contrary towards what this one fella said about me just now but wells, freedom of speech; although I was tulan-ed, I shall take criticism as they come.

this someone mentioned that my friend count is reducing by the minute, and yes, I won't say that my social circle is expanding but I have good close friends. I may not have you as a friend, anymore for that fact, but at least I have people who makes me feel better every time I see them online.

oh dear god, I think I got myself caught up with another Hoe, and this time I am in it alone, with no super powers Disted-mates to back me up. I am scared, yeah really, seriously lah.

why do I tend to do this, I really don't know, cause I don't exactly see any fun in it.

16th February 2010, 1:40AM

listening to Secondhand Serenade is like meeting up with an ex, with the fuzzy feeling and all.

his voice reminds me of a time two years ago, or make that three, okay two and the half. time flies.

people are going on and on about appreciating moments and people. I think, personally I've grown so much since then, but no one seems to have noticed it. like if they did they won't be going on and on about appreciating, yes?

"a hybrid of nonsense"
- Danny Chen, 2010

I know I am pretty messed up.

but you don't have to rub it on my face like everyday, um, maybe look into the mirror first? I mean, I'm just saying, you know.

16th February 2010, 1:06AM

so people say, take criticism as they come.

I think along the way, I've lost the strength to fight on and be all defensive like I was some time ago.

maybe I've grown some brains, or maybe I am just too tired, of everything.

anyhows, I've came to a conclusion, that respect is the one thing that makes me take a step back.

the feeling of being so vulnerable is good, for now that is.

soul searching, FTW, loves.

February 13, 2010

13th February 2010, 3:36PM

Staring at his hand,
Like it somehow holds a future,
Wondering what went wrong,
Wrestling the odds;

- Every Avenue

February 11, 2010

bye, Warren

I hope Warren left a copy of his collection of Gossip Girl for us in Penang!

11th February 2010, 3:14PM

Warren is leaving in about 2 hours time =( flying off to the land of kangaroos, but I cannot make it to the airport to send him off.

told ya, there's something Aussie have against me. its taking everybody away =( even Kevin is in love with it cause there are baby Koalas there.

we all adore you Warren <3

I am never good with farewells. I hate the stares and the hugs and the goodbye waves, and I particularly hate the heavy feeling that comes with it.

it makes me sad.

I remember the horrible feeling I got when Michelle left for Australia back in like Primary 5 or 4, she gave me a bear to remember her by, and promised that we will keep in touch. years went by and I turned into a horrible friend.

and the time I concluded that I hate farewells, was when Win was leaving to Sabah for the first time, I swore it felt like I would never see her again. and of course when Hooi Shan was leaving for UK, and Qi Wen who went off to Aussie as well, and Mousie, and Billy and Stalker Charlie and huffs, i.hate.goodbyes.

anyhows, take care over there, Warren. you are so adorable you make me want to throw snacks at you <3

he mentioned that he will miss the SNACKS -.- but never mention that he will miss me x(

he will be back to visit us by the end of this year, which doesn't sound THAT far away, but if you think about it, by the end of this year, my FYP must be fully completed and handed in x( and if I would turn that around, I should realize that the end of this year isn't that far away, especially with the FYP staring at you on a daily basis.

but things will be different. people will be sad.

11th February 2010, 2:54AM

watched the last episode of Heroes today.

um, I wouldn't say that Heroes is like a super awesome movie cause other than its good looking cast, which will get stale sooner or later, especially if they continue killing off the hot ones like Elle, Nathan and Lydia -.- andddd if they stop bringing in new hotter ones, with awesome-er powers, Heroes is going down hill. it is just lacking that element it had once ago.

honestly, I am not that very excited over the next season. the thought of google-ing for the premier date did not even pass me by, at all, until now, but then again I think I will just go google for photo of Zachary Quinto.

"I'm a hero" -Sylar

this must be like the best scene of the entire season

that one single sentence made me happy yet sad all at the same time, like yay!-welcome-to-the-good-side-you-look-hot but then again there is the ohhhh-NOOOES-no-more-sexy-psychotic-killer =(

as much as I adore the badass-ness of T-Bag, I must say that Sylar made a better villain, in Heroes that is.

huffs, life. so there, I am done with Season 4 of Heroes.

sorry huns, but I promise to teman you re-watch <3

February 10, 2010

10th February 2010, 10:13PM

I've been busy;

but probably it's time for me to take a breather. gooded!

anyhowies, updates!

I received my first ever snail mail from Alor Setar Star, the land with no McDs

probably people don't really know that I adore snail mails. THIS much! it always excites me, and it brings much joy.

remember Muffins?
Muffins here was delivered to me through snail mail!
and the feeling is just sooooo very awesomeee.

it was from Ming Yu all the way from UK, he was studying there at that time <3

talking about snail mails, I miss playing with snails.
and high school.

on a side note,

I sent a CNY card using stamps for the very first time ever!

all the way back to Alor Star!

signed, sealed and delivered;
just not too sure if I dropped it into the right hole x(

and did you know that no glue can be found in my entire house -.-
had to go out to get a bottle of glue to stick the little stamp on, zz

tsk tsk, horrible-ness.

hands itchy xD

to think about it, it's becoming a habit, drawing Poku-s all over everything.

it's a hamster by the way, not some kutu (read: lice) or whatever, as Gopi claims.

I miss Disted toos =(

huffs, I hope everyone is doing fine.

and Draco's new water filter is awesome!!!

even after a week the water is still not poop-ish! just maybe a little greenish
but still it's awesome!

I use to wash his tank once every two days but with the awesome filter, I can be lazy up to a week and a little more! awesome-ness.

10th February 2010, 1:38AM

I'll update tomorrow, promise x)

February 9, 2010

9th February 2010, 1:31AM

I am very much indeed, proud to be a Georgian <3

I miss high school a lot =( I miss everything about it.

SGGS is definitely the best high school ever, it shaped me and gave me the best years of my life.

anyways, this is not entirely random. guess what? SGGS is on FACEBOOK! heeeeeee, it has been on FB for a while now, but me being me, I don't usually go check my list of requests -.-

it's only today that I start finding the new layout a little annoying, where by those red thingys appear whenever there is a new friend request or whatever. it made me click on the friend request thingy and so I decided to clear some pending requests off.

I'll usually just leave them there to rot x)

wookays, back to my assignments <3

February 8, 2010


I am losing grip, and I don't like it one bit. fuckthishit.

February 7, 2010

I miss Pokes, Oatsie and Moc =(

this is gonna be random, but all of a sudden I feel like getting myself a new hamster.


I miss them so much.

I miss their little paws and their soft fur, and I miss hand feeding them and their adorable stunts =(

huffs, life.

on second thought, I don't think having a new set of hamsters will help make me feel better, probably will only make me more depressed when they leave.

7th February 2010, 10:59PM

people are freaking out, with assignments and the FYP.

but here I am marathon-ing away DHW and Heroes x( sorry huns buns, I got too bored, so I watched Heroes without you <3

being this way so early in the semester is bad x(

I am in lack of inspiration and motivation. and so, this is bad.

February 6, 2010

6th February 2010, 22:22AM

Blame it on the weather, but I'm a mess,
And this February darkness has me hating everyone,

And I know I need your comfort,
but this drama makes me sick;

- Silverstein

February 5, 2010

5th February 2010, 11:00PM

And it really makes me wonder,
If I ever gave a fuck about you;
- Maroon 5

he said, you make me wonder, and we laughed over it; but two years down the line, here we are, talking like total strangers.

so much for the you'll-always-be-important-to-me speech, my ass -.-

5th February 2010, 2:16AM

and the water filter is awesome, no poop can escape it!


be gone poop.

5th February 2010, 2:10AM

look there, far left of the photo.

Draco has a new water filter!

thanks baby =)

5th February 2010, 12:16AM

you know what, on second thought, I really think that I have super powers, really!


Health Issues related to Computing, FTW.

February 4, 2010

5th February 2010, 12:06AM

sometimes life tends to make you go holysheeeeet-I-think-I-have-super-powers!

February 3, 2010

3rd February 2010, 11:00PM

the night I got Draco, I basically had no idea what to do with him.

he was given to me in those round plastic containers and I was like a pretty dumb kid back then, I tossed him into my backpack and cycled to tuition which must have been like a million miles to my little baby turtle.

of course at that time I knew nothing of turtles and how vulnerable they are towards stress.

Draco was a slimy piece of shit to me then. it started off being a little disgusting when his cold slimy hand touches mine. and I was glad that he was shy, like whenever I reach over to touch his shell, he will tuck all his slimy limbs in, unlike now -.-

he was the size of a goldfish then, I can remember the joy Draco had when my tuition teacher dropped him into the aquarium with his goldfishes. he was swimming and diving all around, and at times he will bump into some ugly goldfish and get all confused.

I know my Draco loves swimming.

but he is becoming so huge, and it is difficult to keep up to. I guess, as much as I would like to think of myself as a good owner, I am actually a very horrible one. I’ve deprived him of the swimming space he loves and always, I break my promises.

I am going to be a better owner, and I'll start by getting him a good filter and basking lamps.

3rd February 2010, 1:03PM

heee, it's all good =)

I shall celebrate tonight.

3rd February 2010, 3:00AM

Can you see the girl you used to be?
The one I lost when I let go of you;
Oh, whatever happened to Mary Jane?
- The Click Five

Songs from them always brings back memories;

3rd February 2010, 2:34AM

huffs, this feeling isn't right.

yesterday's episode of Criminal Minds, I can't get if off my mind. it tells about this guy who is pretty normal, people step all over him all the time but he don't really mind cause he is doing it for the ones he loves, or so he thinks.

until one day, something happened and he snapped. murdered his entire family, and drove around shotting at people.

and the worst part is that I felt him. this is what society is doing to people. people get so stressed up, over everything, but finds it so difficult to express it to the ones they love, cause it will be better for one to carry all this than to burden another person especially the ones you adore.

and when shit happens, we snap. if, just if, one day I snap and start killing off Draco and then myself, I would say that I wouldn't be much surprised.

that scene when he shot his first victim, I actually felt the joy. like when the car flew up in to the air, I was like ohhhh yeshhhh diee, bitch, die. I did not feel sorry for her.

but for him, it's so sad.

3rd February 2010, 1:45AM

I basically have nothing much to update, my life is pretty much a boring one now days, no movies, no hanging out after dark, no visits to anywhere new.

but for some reasons I had tones of sushi last week, but my phone is like 10 steps away and I am lazy to go get it, so no pics of yummy sushi.

anyhows, my attempt to live a healthier life isn't really going too well, for one, I've just gobbled down a bowl of instant noodles x(

and that the taste of romaine is starting to piss me off,

am I like an awesome salad maker or what?

other than that, my new huge ass pillows are awesome!

and they are so huggable <3

the little things in life that makes me go =D

3rd February 2010, 1:26AM

I want to break every clock;
The hands of time could never move again;
We could stay in this moment,
for the rest of our lives.
- Anberlin