March 28, 2010

28th March 2010

yesterday, I joined my bestest friends for an event, there were some singing, acting and all, the type that brings back memories of camp nights, a milder sort of camp night minus the screaming and jumping around that is. anyways, towards the end this professor guy came up and gave an awesome speech about God and that every individual has a purpose.

I am yet to find my purpose.

and I can tell that life is so much more than about studies, and fake friendships, and of course drama. or at least, I want more out of life.

I am wondering if I am to look towards a higher power to find my purpose.

to cut to the chase, I think it is about time I start to take religion seriously.

not that I have been dissing holyness, but I am pretty sure that I have been enjoying being an atheist all this while, you know, like not having to be grateful towards some higher power for the sake of my existence, that sort.

huffs, I don't know what I am to do with myself. this is what people refer to as being at a crossroad. nais.

fun night, no doubt.

March 26, 2010

Friday, 1:38AM

you know the horrible feeling, the feeling of having this funny crap that is so entirely full of crap load but you have no one to share it with, cause the people who will and can truly appreciate it are not around.

and yes of course you have the others around, but they won't appreciate it as much, probably they will just leave you a LOL, when that crap deserves so much much much more than just a wtf-is-wrong-with-you-sort-of-LOL; or just a common '???'

arghh, this sucks.

anyways, right next to Jon Lajoie and Jonana's shit brix food blog, this is good too. I started reading from the TNB to sue WWF which is wtf, then I got to the FB one. lol. made my day.

“On that note, I hope our latest move doesn’t backfire,” said Sandberg. “We’ve had reports of some people being happy with the new UI. Imagine that.
Despite all our efforts to spit on their faces, they keep on coming back for more. What the fuck is wrong with them?”
(Nose4News, 2010)

such crafted crap. nais. as claimed, don't sue him, he ain't got money anyways.

Rabbit just made my day with that url <3


March 25, 2010

Done with Season 8 of Scrubs :(


Thursday night

okays, so here's the thing, I hate Thursdays.

where did all my Wednesdays go? ='(

12:21PM, Thursday

nothing beats waking up after an 18hour sleep to a cup of coffee and the tulan face of Draco. I sort of forgot to feed him last night. but no worries Dracos can survive with no food for like two weeks [citation needed]

life is good so far.

2 presentations next week, wheee! and two other assignments due after that, not forgetting the big fat FYP.

on second thought, life isn't that good, yet.

huffs, I have nothing to update.

today's gonna be another of those slow, non-productive days of mine. nice.

March 20, 2010



I miss driving around aimlessly, looking at houses and sharing experiences.

nothing beats the comfort.

20th March 2010, 12:54PM


it's on again.

I'll be supporting, no doubt about that.

Draco will be supporting too, just like last year.

will you be supporting as well?

much love.

20th March 2010

finished Scrubs Season 7 today =D


what should I do nows. how coincidental can it be that none of my favorite people are online =( except my very dear kuan kuan <3

crazy ass bored. bored. bored. bored.

4am, bedtime for normals =3

uhs, cravings.

March 19, 2010

painting flowers;

Strange maze, what is this place?
I hear voices over my shoulder,
Nothing's making sense at all.
- All Time Low

how are they not awesome.

one thing Alice in Wonderland got right is this, and the awesome line up of bands, and Avril, although I find her's a little scream-y.

and ATL sounds different, sort of hmmm, Daughtry, in this one as well, but still much love.

personally, I blame the movie. it has a whine-y storyline to begin with. seriously, think about it.

2:10AM, Friday


brings people closer.

getting close to people,

isn't something I want.

yet, at times, I want to be trusted.

huffs, life.

all along, keeping a distance worked well for me,
but as I grow older, I guess,
things change.

I don't want to live a quiet life.
where's drama when you need some?

March 18, 2010



the most misleading emote.

I don't think I am feeling better yet,

but sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to know that you cheered a friend up.

and yes, emotions, it is weird.

and infectious.

March 14, 2010

gaga, and strategic systems management

ahh, Lady Gaga. honestly, just like Britney Spears, I don't think that anyone will truly hate her songs.

I mean like some may go -wtf is up with her videos, and her outfits and sorts, but personally, I think that it is a good strategic move on her side, her weirdness that is.

instead of the two other generic strategies, being in the entertainment industry it is only relevant to implement the differentiation strategy, through which she differentiates herself from her competitors so much to the extend that the public sees her as a different entity altogether, that is not to be compared with others like uh, I don't know, the tick tock one, or Rihanna or even Leighton Meester <3

so far, this strategy is working out really well, gaining critics is also a positive accomplishment, I guess.

I am not a crazy fan of her type of songs, but I must say that every time I hear one, this urge to start up Limewire is there, if you get what I mean. I guess the right term would be catchy, her songs just sticks and makes you wanna dance.

and I like her.

there is just something about her that is really odd in a good way. people may say that she's an attention whore with all her over-the-top costumes and hairdos, but I guess being an attention whore comes with the job as an entertainer, no?

anyhowies, this came up cause the day before, my very hot and sexy lawyer friend sent over a link of Lady Gaga's Telephone video, and since then, huffs.

just like how Bad Romance got me x(

Stop calling, stop calling,
I don't wanna think anymore;
- Gaga, love.

March 14, 2010, 2:18AM

Make believe that I impress,
that every word by design,
turns a head;
- All Time Low

of GT;

wanted to catch a ghost just for the fun of it, but I was out of bait =(


Ghost Trappers, how fun.

those days of sitting in front of the computer clicking on the Let's Hunt button every 15 minutes seem so far away. does that mean that I am getting old? or is it just because it got old too fast.

anyhowies, I hope chubi liked his be-earlied bithday present xD

huffs, everyone else is still hooked to it. makes me feel left out somehow, sadness. I don't get to catch ghosts T.T

March 13, 2010

March 14, 2010

I don't know why I am being so unproductive.

but on the bright side, I finished 5 seasons of Scrubs so far xD

I have this urge to update, but I basically have nothing to update on. well, you see, most events that are worth updating on are like sooooooooo wayyyyy outdated already, take for instance, Sammie's birthday celebration, CNY stuffs, my mummy's birthday wayyyy back in November!

huffs, sucky.

and lately, since I gave up my attempt to cut down on coffee, my mood has been improving and I basically have nothing to complain about.

I suspect that coffee makes my day. I am currently having like my third cup and I am feeling so very chirpy and happeh!

mum's leaving for KL tomorrow, which means that I can have all the coffee to myself xD heeeeeee nais.

feels like it has been a while since I last posted photos of myself mah -.-

bluey white

so, I've changed the template of my little bloggie. just for fun, no apparent reason.

for the last template I did a lot of customization crap shit to make the colours blend, and so now that I have changed to an entirely new colour scheme, it sucks cause I will have to do all that again -.-

andddd I am lazy already, got crazy shit assignments, so whatever lah, just bare with the awkwardness of the colours for a while kays.

anyhoos, good bye pink!

Draco's new basking area Part 2

I read about making a ramp to the basking area that is to be placed right above the main tank in several other forums before actually implementing it.

and for some weird reasons, it feels like I am writing a report now. huffs, this is so very caused by the thousands of essays and reports I had to write, zzz.

anyfreakinghoos, when I came about Azfar's blog, I was like crazy excited. somehow by having someone close to home, ie Malaysia, who had done it and reassured that her turtles like it a lot, I felt more assured while carrying it out.

my work station.

started work on the very same day I received the plexiglass.

that should have clearly answered all doubts about the lag in my assignment progress xD this and a whole load of lazy-ness lah of course.

First step is to clean the piece of plastic like crazy. wash, scrub, whatever.

then PLAN! the worst part of this project for me, is the fact that I was too overly excited over it that I skipped much of the planning stage.

Basically, I was like fuck it lah, I can score a three digit score in Database Programming, how difficult can sticking rocks on a piece of plastic be. butttt, I was soooooo wrong, I tell you.

it would have looked much better if I had planned ahead.


but it works fine, so far.

and thanks to Boon Hoe, for the silicone glue, although Kevie paid for it xD

after sticking pebbles on to the ramp with aquarium-safe silicon glue, you will need to leave it for 24 hours for the glue to properly set in, according to the glue manufacturer. I waited for 24 hours, and then soaked the entire ramp into water for another 12 or maybe less cause I was bloody excited.

one thing to keep in mind is not to uninstall the current basking area before all this is done. well, I was like mad excited that I took apart the tank before I realize that I will need to wait a day for the chemicals to die off -.-

and so, failing to plan is planing to fail, so true, I tell you.

I even took like two hours of my essay writing time to sterilize Draco's tank and wood -.- only to find myself doing the same thing again two days later.

but the end product was nice. although, there are some loopholes =( huffs, plan beforehand, dude.

I need to secure the sides of the tank cause my little monster is like super kaypo and he is always trying to get out just to show me how smart he is, or rather, how dumb I am =(

Sammie will be helping me to look for plastic pieces to secure the sides of the tank, loves. cause although the lady at the plastic place is really nice and all, but probably because I am not purchasing in bulk, she needs to exploit my purchase a little.

so far, everything is working well. and yes, I am secretly aiming for a larger bottom tank with larger depth and a better water filter, considering the fact that I had just increased Drax's swimming space by 50% and is in hopes of increasing it to the largest possible percentage xD

well, one thing in particular is that apparently the lamp is evil to humans, considering the fact that it emits UVB rays that contains mad amounts of radiation. huffs, everyone at home is at risk of cancer, cause I love Draco so muchie!

I don't exactly know if these sort of lamps are able to hurt humans but I was told not to look directly into it or to stay too close to it. but honestly, I cannot help it cause sitting next to Draco's tank watching him do his stupid stunts is like my favorite-est daily activity.

for what's worth, I did plan to have the lamp switched on only throughout the afternoon, when everyone is out except myself, but Draco is being a bitch I tell you. the moment I switch it off he will stand up on his tippy toes and try to knock the lamp down, zzz. told ya, bitchy.

the UVB bulb needs to be changed on a yearly basis and I placed it roughly about 30cm away. he seems to be enjoying it. right at this moment he has his limbs stretched out, relaxing under the light.

the lamp is crazy bright that it hurts my eyes T.T but I don't think Draco gives a shit.

it glows in a pretty blue shade for a while after being switched off.
it's pretty.

Total cost of the entire setup- basking area (RM80), lamp stand and UVB blub (RM90 at most), pebbles (RM20, I bought 4 packets, each for RM5), silicone glue (RM6), water filter (RM28), bottom tank (RM30? don't remember)

Thus, total: RM 224, without the bottom tank. roughly RM250 for the entire project.

my Draco is like super smart, cause he managed to use the ramp without any training! or maybe he is just plain kaypo

I was like OMFG my baby's a genius, and all along I was worried about him drowning cause of exhaustion and that he could not figure out how to get out of the water.

I am so proud of him <3

he looks really happy with his new basking area and swimming space, and not forgetting his basking lamp, which is blinding me -.-

and in case I die early of cancer, I want blue flowers, kthxbai.

March 12, 2010

Draco's new basking area Part 1

waaaaaah, lazy mad.

I have killer assignments but, huffs, just the regular lazy bones.

anyhowies, tonight, since I won't be a good and hardworking student, I shall post some updates!

first up; Draxie's new basking area,

went by this place that makes advertising stuffs which is right opposite FTZ. the lady there was awesomely nice and friendly. and knowing meeh, my communication skills suck elephant balls and I was like having the worst time ever explaining my idea to her, huffs.

my apparent fool proof plan, in which I mis-calculated the angle of the second bend which half ruined everything =(

but all is well, it's still awesome.
the tank above.

the ramp

total cost: RM80!
my friends, including Kevie, said that it is expensive cause literally it's just 4 pieces of plexiglass butttt I think that it was okay, expensive yes, but for my little turtle, one day's work for me isn't much.

how can anyone not love that kaypo face <3
he attempts to sniff everything!

anyhowies, the lady at the plastic place was really nice. she was like so patient with me and all =D

next up, new basking lamp with freaking-difficult-to-find UVB light

got this from Toby, after crazy much research -.-

it's like crazy difficult to find anything for sliders in Malaysia. I was sooooo close to purchasing it from e-bay, but I did not have a pay pal account.

I had been looking for this bulb since like forever, anddddddd who would have known that Toby has it all along.

ReptiGlo 5.0 UVB

the stand cost RM 58 and the bulb is RM 28, but the aunty gave me a one or two ringgit discount probably cause I was all in smiles when I had the bulb in my hands XD

and Kevin paid for the basking lamp set, thanks baby, Draco and I appreciate it loads <3

All along I've known that Toby sells stuffs that are not found in CTY and Amazon. Penang has only 3 pet shops that I know of. and the one that I hate the most to purchase from is no other than Toby.

I hated the way they keep their animals. and there are like freaking may birds there -.-

I only pop into that place once in a blue moon to get eye drops for Draco and the awesome rabbit food they have there for Nibbles. this rabbit food has magical powers I tell you, it neutralizes Nibb's pee!

but who would have know, or at least I did not know until now that is, that Toby is the mummy of Pet Safari, yes, the very large pet store in KL. zz, they should really review on their strategic planning thingy -.- invest some money into renovating the Penang branch lah -.- seriously.

anyhoos, thanks to this girl, I managed to call up this fella who is great as well, he is actually very efficient. he shipped the bulb down from KL for meeh, and I am really grateful that he did not forget

if it is not for the sad living conditions of the animals at Toby, I would have been a better supporter, seriously.

This is like a crazy long post, but by now everyone should have figured out how much I adore that little monster of mine.

and the turtle girl's blog help me so much, and honestly the idea of this basking area was plagiarized from her blog, and so I thought it will be a good idea to share the love with other turtle owners, especially those in Malaysia, cause it is really difficult to get stuffs for turtles here =(

I'll continue in the next post cause, well, just because.

12th March 2010

double fucks. assignments are evil.


happy monniversary, baby loves.

without you there's no reason for my story;
- Anarbor

March 9, 2010


Because these days aren't easy
Like they have been once before,
These days aren't easy anymore.
- my ex, ex, ex, ex, ex, ex ........... , ex ,ex, ex bf <3

March 7, 2010

have you..

loofah-ed today?

inside joke XD

anyhowies, tomorrow's the day! yes again.

but then again, that means I have only like 2 more days to complete my holy moly pro-ethics essay on free speech -.-

I so really need to get up and running, so till then, loves <3

7th March 2010

and I was crying alone tonight;
and I was wasting all of my life,
just thinking of you;
- Vesely, J

I hate him, and his songs, and what not. and his imaginary band.

but who am I gonna kid. I adore him, and his songs and his imaginary band. he is my emo band, according to JieHu (undated). huffs, sometimes I really don't get myself.

I made myself believe that Secondhand Serenade is crap shit, and that Mayday Parade is godly, but honestly I did that cause every single song of Secondhand Serenade reminds me of the past, and of database programming.

maybe it's just me;

anyhoos, secondhand serenade is awesome. I'll scream like an annoying little kid for him at any time of any day.

ahh, life. how awesome.

March 5, 2010

5th March 2010, 3:18PM

sucks that every Friday night my bf will be busy in a sound proof room with a bunch of young girls.

and yes, that sentence is suppose to sound wrong.

huffs, Monday's the day when everything will arrive, Draco's custom made basking area, basking lamps and clothes from Yin Yee! <3

so till then, I shall just remain unproductive, blah.

I have like crazy assignments @@ hectic-ness it's just the beginning.

March 4, 2010


I'm out of stories.

I guess I'm feeling kinda bummed cause my bitch is pretty much not my bitch anymore.

and that JieHu's line suck balls -.- he dc-ed while we were playing patient-psychiatrist. joy-killer.

4th March 2010, 1:32AM

- Chan B.H, 2010

the Chinese language, my biggest hurdle.


has been picture-less, so here are some randoms.

total randoms.

mr giraffe's totally a piece of shit. he did not motivate me to get up and running for my assignments x(

my light-shooting-out-from-nose-piggy was laid to rest, finally, after like three billion people offered to crack it open to replace its batteries but failed in every attempt.

never thought I would ever take it out, but I guess it's about time to move on with better stuffs rather than to sulk over past events.

it was replaced by my new purple meowy.
heeeeeee, sayangggg Sammie <3

make-believe foreground bokeh?
k660i, ftw,
other than the fact that it freezes every time an important call comes in -.-


giraffe and buddies;

Draco eye-ing on AI, loves.

bite size keropok lekor! awesome or what?

queensbay is exploiting me off parking fees and lekors -.-

March 3, 2010


hahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahah Jonathan Tang wants to name his kid Roger Tang!

or Bob XD


might as well consider Fabian hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

March 1, 2010

March 1st 2010, 3:14PM

anddd, I went by the plastic place today. probably I had never mentioned this here, or maybe I had, but any-freaking-hoos, I am gonna make an awesome basking area for Draco.

awesome as in a custom made one. hopefully the nice people there will give me an answer soon, so that I can move on to my next plan if they cannot provide me with the stuffs I need.

okays, fine, I am here going on and on about crappy whatever-ish stuffs cause I refuse to get up and running for Danny's assignment x( it makes me cranky

huffs, assignments.

God should just hurry up with his plans to exterminate the human race, now will be a good time.

of TORs andd whatnot;


I wonder if I will ever miss TORs and gantt charts once all this is over. I can't wait for the time to come when TOR becomes a familiar term, like in Daniel's case. but then again, that would mean that degree is coming to an end =( sadness.

had my TOR review meeting today. I can't really say if it's because of my nocturnal habits or cause I felt like freaking intimidated and that I have no idea how or what I am supposed to do -.- but today is a weird day for me.

honestly I don't exactly remember sitting there for my review meeting, it felt more like I was at the next table drawing Pokus and flowers and sunsets -.-

I am feeling so slow today, can't really focus on anything, you know. like I'll take like 5 seconds to process stuffs and that my response is like freaking slowmo.

huffs, revising my TOR also took like ages. typing this post is also a challenge. something is really wrong with my brain today.

I'm feeling so tired and sleepy. every time I talk, it feels like a mumble cause huffs, I am horrible at talking, and communication and whatnot.