April 30, 2010

the last lecture

"It's pretty easy to be smart when you are parroting smart people." - Randy Pausch

true, yes? lol =D

thanks huns, for the video <3


A year goes by,
and I can't talk about it;
The times weren't right,
and I couldn't talk about it.

enough already ='( I'm sorry.



paperback or hardcover, it doesn't matter.

April 29, 2010

dilemma, huffs

tomorrow's the day.

will I give in to temptation and indulge in impulse buying, or will I not? find out tomorrow after 9 =D

dilemma, huffs.

cause, everybody needs somebody sometimes =)

Who are you?
I never heard so many lies, so
Tell the truth;
The only thing I ever wanted for you,
Was to show you, I know you.
- A rocket to the moon

April 28, 2010

new love.

could not find the strength to concentrate on AI T.T

huffs, life.

skelanimals <3

I'd like one too.

cause, apparently
dead animals need love too =)

and also because ATL thinks so too <3

I fell in love with a Thomas



Tuesday?, after midnight

Kim Bum's sheepish smile, stole my heart, so adorable lah xD

with such great hit, I was certain that they will come out with a Season 2 of Boys Over Flowers, and they did =D big smile!

they call it the After Story, wanted to load some on Youtube but the line suck elephant balls -.-

I would say that maintaining the entire original cast should be priority of the highest rank ever, they can escape with a sucky storyline, as long as they let me gaze upon Ji Hoo and Kim Bum <3

Ji Hoo should make more movies, with his new hair, the old hair is fugly.

Koreans are amazing, hearts. maybe I should consider moving away to Korea with Qiwen xD

April 26, 2010

my little tiger

Oatsie, my little tiger.

we miss you tones too.


April 25, 2010

Sunday, afternoon

ahh, sunday afternoon.

had a wonderful 12hour sleep, and everything is perfect.

I wish things can stay this way, but the more I think of it, I guess things are just gonna get more and more hectic from now on.

but I'll get through it, somehow.

three years back, right around this time, I was going crazy facing Discrete Maths, now three years down the road, I find myself going back to those logic crap with Artificial Intelligence.

life, is funny at times. makes you wanna enjoy it more.

April 24, 2010


imagine, having nothing to do, no Intelligent Systems assignment, no Final Year Project, just a good pair of ear phones and a MP3 player, playing this on repeat, being surrounded with soft fluffy pillows and a warm blanky with the early morning breeze on your face.


got pushed onto the BOF wagon again, this time by Ru Ying =D


went by my dead multiply, and tweaked the layout.

it has been a while.

great times.

April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pokes

Today, went by like a breeze. to think about it, it has already been three years. today of year 2007, one of the best-est days of my life.

crazy ass weird, it's so difficult to describe. like it was just yesterday, yet it feels like I am losing grip.

I remember the crazy excited feeling I had standing there on Disted grounds, as Mugun's friend walked towards me and handed the little tank with a white furry creature in it, with my, then, best-est friends standing behind me, as if sharing the best-est moment of my life with me.

greatest feeling ever, to be a new proud owner of such a pretty little hammy, while having to thank them for the awesome moment.

could have turned and hugged each and every one of them at that time, if only they are less ewww-wtf-is-wrong-with-you-ish.

I thought I have found the bestest time of my life, being surrounded with people who care and having the best-est pets to care for. I thought I have it all. I did, and although as time took them away one at a time, I must say I still have it all. I shall not sulk over the past, things happen for a reason, and I am going to make myself believe that Poku came to me for a reason, and that she left for the better.

those were the best-est times of my life, but there's more to come, and I am sure about it.

but no matter what,
I must be the luckiest person alive to have you to love,

Happy Birthday, Poku.

my most loving, polite and smartest hammy,
I miss you tones.

never ever can any other creature replace you.

I think I am gonna cry =(

April 21, 2010

hearts, Moc

Here's the case, I've been touchy lately, like fucking ass crazy touchy. I expect everyone to go my way, and to do things to please me without me asking, pretty much because I am having a bad month and I have no one to blame it on.

I've been acting up, sulking around, screaming, crying, pretend crying, jumping, acting dead, dancing, going on a crazy ass diets.

Anyhows, today, I woke up with my mind set on having a slow, sad and unproductive day. To my surprise, low expectations actually made me feel a whole load better. I did not expect anything from anyone and with that I received many.

Went by the place Poku, Oats, Mocha and our baby bunny rests. bought an apple and a whole container of food and green balls for them. the sun above us, and the green grass all around. everything was so pretty and peaceful.

for a slight moment there, I felt a sense of relief. I guess somehow reality soaked in and I was silently told that it is about time to let go cause they no longer need me. sucks as hell, but life is meant to be sucky, what else can I say. and yes, it took me a year to figure that out.

weird in a way that although it has been some time since they left but I still have containers filled with their food and snacks lying around. talk about being too attached T.T

exactly a year since you left,
but I still feel the suffocating feeling I had when we buried you,
and the guilt of leaving you there,
in the cold dark shallow grave.

I miss you.

like crazy ass much.


April 19, 2010


today will be the day that I ditch Hotel City for good, hopefully.

ahh, boredom. halfway through Season 3 of House.

honestly, I find it boring, same sequence every time. patient comes in, or either is accidentally stumbled upon, weird disease or condition and no one knows how to treat them or that House finds that patient interesting.

then the 4 of them come and hang around, the 3 kids throw around some really complicated medical terms expecting a non-medical kid like me to understand -.- then Dr. House interrupts, swallows a handful of pills (if any) and says fuck you, I am very the greats, listen to me and do this.

kids do as they were told, sometimes they go against it depending on their mood, patient gets worst, usually liver/kidney/heart failure or seizures every hour/minute depending on the producer's mood, omfg patient is gonna die =( then, House finds some inspiration some where, might be something he is talking about, or from someone who is talking to him, or something that he is doing, or something someone else is doing..

House comes up with a very ridiculous treatment plan or diagnosis, team gets all cranky, House consults the girl boss, the girl boss says no, or sometimes yes depending on whether House is pitiful at that time or not, if she says yes then good, else House still does it or something happens that finally his theory is proven right -.-

same plot, same doctors, sort of same sequence.

I'd say that in Season 3, they did try to cure some boredom by throwing in some drug abuse, brain cancer, uh Chase getting right for once in the little girl's case, stuffs like that, but still it's getting a little dry lah.

but what am I to do? I am out of dramas to watch T.T if only the 3 kids are a little funnier, they should had dumped in a funny guy or two. like in NCIS, the 3 kids under Gibbs makes it a whole load better, they are funny and not all serious.

anyhoos, Chase is pretty =) I shall go google for a photo of him, just to make this entry less wordy, heee




OMFG, Desperate Housewives is back! nais, love love love heart heart hearttt.

April 16, 2010

Luqman FTW -.-

Luqman is a Malay student leader,

well, I say Luqman is a big fat lick ass racist moron =)

I seriously did not think that the younger generation can be so racist. honestly, I always had this belief that once all those old screaming in the dewan dudes are dead, Malaysia will be a better place for all of us.

I guess I was wrong. I wonder if this stupid fuck actually knows what he is talking about -.- depriving the non-Malays of education, what a stupid idea to fight for.

Here's the thing, I think that the Selangor Ministry that this shit ass guy is talking about is actually trying to do the Malays a favor. Having all of them clustered together without the chance to meet people of other races is just going to make them dumber.

See what it has done to this poor Luqman fella here, it made him an Internet joke. sads.

This fella here is an example of a shit ass human being that is constantly taking advantage of the Malay privileges. Having privileges just because of your race isn't something to be proud of, and it doesn't mean that you should live your life being hand fed by the Government who is too afraid to say enough.

his parents should be ashamed for raising such an asshole kid. if he is an orphan, then probably he hates the world, and I guess I should just pity him for not having the ability to use his brain. huffs, whore.

April 15, 2010

axolotl love

so it just randomly came to me that the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon actually looks like this really cool amphibian(?)

when I saw the poster it actually occurred to me, but I could not recall what it was called.

and so after my long night of ghost story telling with Jonathan, I decided to go google it. google is so very awesome!

and learned that it's called an Axolotl!

it's so pretty, especially the albino ones. the limbs are just so very cute!
and the things coming out from its head, so pretty.

omfg, new love!

the dragon,

the axolotl

must be the shape of the head and the limbs.

oh, and this site, writes about all the cool stuffs like this. my personal favorite, the frog with the claw, and of course the Malaysian freaking exploding ant.


how can anyone not know about spider pig? =( breaks my heart.

can he swing from a web?
no he can't,
he's a pigg!


April 14, 2010

a rocket to the moon

just felt like posting something;

I've found new love.


oh gosh, got caught up with Amazing Race! @@

they came to Penang! nais.

April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ping!

oh, before I forget again,





not that I forgot lah, just that on that week I thought that we are going out mah, then wanted to wish you in person, mana tau cancelled =(

anyways, me luvs you, heeee shy.

nah, give you more hearts <3








April 11, 2010


I look around,
and everything's too much;
and the world's spinning much too fast.
- The Downtown Fiction

I miss the feeling of listening to Anberlin for the first time, or even Secondhand Serenade. huffs, expectations had killed the omfg-this-is-hell-good feeling.

wells, TDF aka Mary Poppins, not nearly as good as All Time Low or The Maine, but sufficient to accompany me for boring assignments. looks like great potential to enter mainstream, imo, which in return will not cook up much enthusiasm from me, sads.

April 10, 2010


sudden cravings for lobster.

huffs, never found the time to update on that =(

hotel freaking city

zzz, I'm hooked.

had been sitting here waiting for people to post hotel city related postings in hopes of grabbing points, for a couple of hours already.

oh, gosh =[

April 6, 2010


wooks, bedtime.

got caught up watching politicians act like little kids. just so entertaining you know.

you know, in school they teach us those proper ways to debate and discuss. to control our voice, not to speak too loudly and not too softly, to address people with appropriate titles, not to bring up racist statements; but lol, such contradiction.

tsk tsk, those videos are so funny that I actually feel entertained while being sorry for myself and my country. gosh, I don't know if I should continue smiling or to begin sulking in shame.


ohmyfuckinggod this is so fucking funny!

I wonder if that Nazri guy knows how horribly he is shaming himself up there.

and I really think that the guy sitting in the middle is sort of bias, like really. I think that he should have fucked that Nazri guy as soon as he uttered the word bodoh. and to let that Nazri guy repeat that rude behavior so many times under his watch is just sad on his part.

he should have done something about it, not only for the asshole-ish language that Nazri was using, but for his shitty behavior. that Nazri guy was rude throughout the session, but the middle guy did nothing about it, talk about fair judgement, zzz. Nazri and the middle guy FTW, seriously.

lost all my respect towards that Nazri fella although there was none to begin with, tsk tsk, such sadness.

one thing though, I think that it will be awesome if they start speaking English and so the whole world can actually listen to this and laugh together with us, Malaysians. ahh, how perfect will that be, listening to that Nazri guy shout NO BLAIN NO BLAIN, STUPIG STUPIG! nais.

omfg, I actually feel ashamed for that Nazri guy, but seeing the situation, I am guessing that he must be thinking that he is really cool, screaming bodoh like a 5 year old kid in a room full of politicians who actually gives a fuck to the rubbish he is talking about.

how can the younger generation actually look up to them. so freaking shameful and hilarious in a way.

wow, never did thought that politics can actually make me happy =D

it's fun to run

Fun Run sounds fun!

I'll be there, I hope.

they say I'll need to train for it, well, I say, fuck it, I am a healthy by-then-22year-old-kid, and nothing can stop me, rawrrr.

okays, fine, I'm pretty much prepared to faint and get rescued by those PBSM people.

nais. all planned out.

Happy Birthday, Michelle

Happy Birthday, Michy!

the best-est friend I had as a kid.
I miss you tones, just that I am a little to shy to tell this to you.

much love;

somehow I will always remember Michelle as a little kid, sharing cream puffs with me while we hang our short legs inside the drain in front of our classroom. what could have been if she never had left, sometimes I wonder.

6th April 2010

I am feeling rather down.

I wasn't feeling this way a minute ago. I guess, it's just the feeling of getting old.

you know how when you listen to a song, and you go -gosh, it has been a while since; well, that's the kind of feeling I hate, yet love to indulge in.

fuck this shit lah.

ahh, the feeling, the feeling of listening to a familiar tune, closing your eyes, and those long forgotten memories come floating by.

until the point that it gets tight and suffocating, then, and then this happens.

but one thing I learned throughout the recent months is that channeling this negative feelings to someone else that don't really matter as much will do myself a whole load shit of good.

being selfish, everyone is doing it, so why not join in the fun, yes?

Those simple days,
Just you and me;
- not telling, cause it's like damn fucking random.

it has been a while hasn't it.

April 5, 2010


a worrier, that's what I am.


April 4, 2010

tqs pingy

haven't gotten the chance to thank my very beloved Pingy for the orange Tootsie

me likey!

thankieus , hearts.

April 4th, 2010

all of a sudden, I miss the good old camping days.

all the laughter, stupid acts, the fun and especially the people.

I wonder if camps are still the same, and if gatherings and camp nights are still as fun; if those young kids are collecting gathering badges like we used to.

huffs, time's moving so quickly, some times I wished I had spent more time enjoying my guiding days.

this will be when I place an old photo here, but sadly I have none, except for the TCII one which I had uploaded like a million times over and over again -.- so, sadly, there won't be any old photo for you peeps to laugh at this time =D

April 2, 2010

3rd April 2010

honestly, I am dead bored.

decided to give my lappy a night off, and basically I have nothing to do now.

don't even have the mood to chat cause everyone seems to be a little tired and sad today, I don't know why.

and did you know that Gasoline sudah tutup kedai, the one at Penang Times Square -.- zzzzzz my membership card is still so freaking new, I don't think I had even used it before.


fan page update.

last 5 top 50 spots!

hopefully will go to my bestest friends.

but blah, some people just don't come online when they are needed to -.-

and some break promises ='(

Draco is on Facebook!

Draco is on Facebook!

or else;

April 1, 2010

April Fools' Day, 2:10PM

ahhh, April Fools' day.

the one day of the year when anyone can get away with lying by just adding an APRIL FOOL! statement at the end of the lie, which will automatically turn the mentioned lie into a common-no-harm practical joke -.-


but I am a sucker for practical jokes =(

I can fall for two consequent practical jokes without realizing it. zzzz. gooded.

April Fools' day isn't going so well for me =( I've been pranked since 12am and I am still falling for it till now, especially from the one person I adore the most. and he is actually trading my lame counter-jokes with his buddy, whom which I failed miserably at pranking as well.

my jokes are now labelled as lame and imba, zzzz, guys.