July 31, 2010


This is me starting on a k-drama marathon, shall resume being human in about a week :D

Till then, much love;

and not to worry, I've stocked up on bottled water and fud.

2:10AM, Friday

Contentment is definitely the best-est feeling ever.

It is difficult to describe, it's wayyy above being happy, it's satisfaction wayyyyy beyond the comprehension of my once ago complex mind.

Back when I was a teenager, I've always wanted more. I wanted to have more pets to love, to have more friends than I could ever keep and to have more than one person loving me.

Most things were never enough, then.

Well, now I know. The feeling for having enough. I did not need more, I have all I ever wanted, here, right now. and I don't ever want it to change, not one bit.

There were times, back during my dark ages, when I closed my eyes and told myself that life can never get better than this. I was wrong. Life is definitely better now.

All I had back then were lies, a made up story I refuse to snap out of. I go on and on about how happy I was then. Yes, I was happy. Yet, I remember going to bed feeling alone, despite having him call every night.

But this is different. I find myself smiling for God knows reasons and dancing whenever an error pops up. I am actually having fun despite the crazy shit I am facing.

I feel like a different person altogether. I am pretty sure I've evolved. Pretty sure.

and now to end this positive post, I shall place a smiling me.
kelihatan happy kan?

July 29, 2010



bak kut teh FTW

July 28, 2010

7:59PM Wednesday

it's a sin to be saying this but I HAVE FREAKING NOTHING TO DO RIGHT NOW!


I have tones of boring stuff to do, like wrapping up my project, starting with the killer documentation, and ahh, the two other lengthy reports for ACHI and ESD, hmm. but I am just not in the mood.

lazy lah.

I've practically done everything I don't need to do, like doing the laundry, tidur petang, completing Season 12 of the Amazing Race, feeding Draco worms, changing the covers of my bed, changing my name on Facebook and writing this post and the ones before this. huffs.

I am craving for bak kut teh as of right now. feels like I'm gonna dieee! yet, I don't think I should bug baby Loh with my cravings, I should let him have his manly gym time.

topi baru aku
fine, it's not mine, and it's not new xD

maroonfive ♥

We must free up these tired souls,
Before the sadness kills us both ALL;
- Adam Levine



cutest emote ever!

credits to ruying

man's best creation:

legal drugs

work wonders,
makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

July 27, 2010

5:35PM, Tuesday

"So when this is over, don't blow your composure, baby"
-Mayday Parade

hopefully, I won't;

ninjaa (:

I was sooooooo close to becoming a jQuery Ninja cause the picture is just so damn bloody cute!

July 26, 2010


and oh, July wasn't awesome secara keseluruhan.

I am currently having the worst days of this entire year. fuckthisshit.

I guess, my luck ran out :(


IFF you're planning on sending over some blue flowers, hold that thought! I'm still aliveeeee XD

wells, had been suffering for a couple of days, but I am all better now.

being all worn out, unable to move a finger or to eat has got me thinking. you see, a week ago, today, Dell came over to KDU for this walk-in interview thingy. it's something like a real job interview and if they like you, they'll contact you and right after your SEP you can start working for them.

the only problem was that they were offering positions that I never could see myself doing for the next 5 or 10 years, and something just came over me and I uttered I am not looking for this sort of position. I did not exactly say that, but the idea was pretty strong. the fella wrote something on my resume and I left.

and that got me thinking. not so much on that day itself, but more throughout the 5 day duration while I was left alone at home gasping for air.

before I left the room, the fella interviewing me, he was rather a nice person, very bubbly and friendly, felt a little like talking to Kevin's dad. anyhows, he told me that most students have their hopes on becoming a programmer, the cool sort, the sort that develops new software, but most of them will end up doing something else upon graduating.

that was when I realized that I had let my ego grow soooo freaking big that I am actually picking jobs by their tails, sniffing them and throwing them away as if I have too many to spare.

this wasn't the person I intended to become. must be all the cheering on from friends and especially my huns buns that made me this way. my huns buns is always going on and on about me being able to grab whatever job I want to do, and if they don't take in me, it's their loss.

but sadly, things are not that way. I was pretty clear with myself that I will not get sucked into all this you-are-the-best stuff, but in the mist of everything, eventually I got sucked in.

and this is bad.

I've been having my head up in the clouds, not realizing that reality is just an inch away waiting to chomp me down.

I guess after all this, what I am trying to say is that, from today onwards, there will be no job below me. life lesson from Randy Pausch :D

we all have hopes and dreams. we all want to spread our wings and fly, but I guess life isn't perfect, or at least not for me.

good thing, all I needed was a little nudge and a wake up call. I am not that awesome, time to get down from the high horse and face reality.

July 20, 2010


my immune system is compromised! oh noessss x(


decided to let my lappy rest today, and realized that my desktop has the weirdest collection of songs.

I am feeling so lost without my usual workstation.

July 16, 2010

1:28PM, Friday

Did I mention that Julys are awesome ?

had seafood yesterday night! seafood is the one thing that I truly enjoy eating with my family. for one, they don't judge when I soak my fingers and face in crab sauce. and even if they do, I really don't give a shit.

mantis prawn
my favorite type of prawnies.

with deep fried mantaus

pokey things.

yes, only 3 photos, cause my, I mean my mum's, Fuji was power dehydrated, sads.

the Fiona and the Elephant consumed like a dozen apparent-fresh oysters, and described it to gobbling snails.
snails :(

I am never gonna gobble snail-like food,
except for the good tasting ones xD

12:33PM, Friday

Thursdays are good days.

I am in a really good mood all week long =D I hope it lasts. Yesterday was a Thursday, and it was a good day.

Had my weekly date with my supervisor, and when he is happy, I am too =D my fuck-you-project is going on well, slow maybe, but no major dead ends yet, and so I am smiling like an iguana all week long.

You see, because I tend to pull an all nighter on Wednesday nights to prepare for my date with Peter on Thursday, I am most of the time on autopilot when Thursdays come by, and that explains the all happy and hyper me.

gahh, I like being happy, without thinking about the world.

time does fly by, it has been one week from the day we left for our much needed retreat.

I remember being on the bus, huns buns by my side, feeling the rays of the sun on my skin, with Tokio Hotel, Anberlin and ATL blasting through my hybrids, looking out towards a picture perfect scenery; clear blue sky, with a touch of fluffy white clouds and green trees to complement that already perfect scene. even with a 10 page paper in my hands, I knew that life's perfect.


huffs, I miss our retreat.

July 14, 2010

Genting July'10

10:25PM, 14th July 2010

my baby wasn't feeling too good the entire day, sads =(

but he's off to gym, I guess he's all good now.

wells, apart from the baby-not-feeling-too-good part, today's good.

woke up pretty early, tagged along with Kevie to college and make pretend that I am a super duper hardworking student.

then had indian vegetarian lunch with Mr Lai and friends at the temple of fine arts. the vegetarian part, I don't fancy much, but the indian food part I fucking like!

the temple of fine arts, brings back old memories of mango lassi and old Disted times.

oooohhh, and I got registered!
I am seorang warganegara Malaysia yang
berumur 21 tahun ke atas,
and that makes me an eligible bachelor voter!

I, as a responsible just turned 21yo kid, shall take up responsibility towards my nation's future.


and Kevie took me shopping for Draco! the pet store, one of my many favorite-st place ever. anddd we saw cannibal hammys! fuck, such gory scene, and Kevie was standing there watching.

I swear I caught him smirking.

ini pasti angkara Jonana! my baby Kevie did not use to be such a sadistic person T.T

huffs, meeting tomorrow. gonna burn loads of lappy battery tonight, lazy lah =(

3:33AM, 14th July 2010

Stuck in love with each other;
-Shontelle ft. Akon

13th July 2010

happiest person in the world, I am, right now.

I've been smiling like this =D for a couple of days already, everything is just awesome.

still feels like I'm in dreamland, where assignments and projects are non-existent. I am very much reluctant to snap out of dreamland.

I just want to bask around in nothing-to-do-ness for the entire day, and going out for drives, movies and malls with my huns buns whenever I want. with good food all around, and comfy beds.

huffs, I don't want to go back to boring old FYP T.T I hate it, it is torturous.

anyhows, 6th year!

all's good, we're happy =D

little prezzie from my hot guitar instructor

July 12, 2010

ten years back;


CTC 2001

these are a decade old, during zaman Super Fred!

coofs, old memories makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

1:16AM, July 12th 2010

Our trip to Genting was exactly like listening to Secondhand Serenade, with closed eyes and without the stress of projects, for the first time before he got sucked into the mainstream x(

heard Secondhand Serenade's new single on the radio the other day, and it was weird. like the first half sounded like the old him which I loved to tiny tiny bits, but towards the middle it got kind of, uh I hate to be saying this, but it was bleh. I prefer his old stuffs, it sounded more sincere.

huffs, now that my vacation is over and done with, it means going back to projects and assignments and 30% water changes every two days and 100%s every week T.T

despite the fact that I love my baby Draco very damn much, I hate cleaning his tank. joys of motherhood, much.

on a side note, I'm planning on joining the gym! my marathon is coming up soon, and after 21 years of indulging in the joys of carefree eating, it's time to shape up! and also, cause my Genting photos all suggest that I am getting bloody fat T.T

saja :)

July 12th 2010

six years and counting..

Happy 6th Anniversary baby!

waabaafet lovie

July 11, 2010

11:57AM, 11 July 2010

July's a crazy ass awesome month, every year, no doubt!

everything has been really fast moving lately, in other words, I feel alive again! woooohooo, awesome-ness.

got so many things checked off my to-do list, and glad I am, although a brand new list starts tomorrow, but for now, I'll just bask in happiness.

for one, my ESD crazy ass 100% theoretical essay was successfully handed in :D

the very much anticipated Genting trip was awesome

KDU gangstas
Loh, Ngoh, Hui, Toh, Nan, Tang, Ying

ChinVee, XiangKen, Diana and the Yangs

Kevie and mehhh

saved a snail from the wrath of Jonathan

caught Twilight Eclipse at Gurney with YuLynn just now

and I am crazy ass excited for tomorrow!

July 8, 2010

6:15AM, Thursday


3 days 2 nights of fun!

yet, I feel so reluctant to get up and running,
cause I know that I'll miss this fella like crazy ='(

mummy will be back in a jiffy, promise.

much loves,

July 7, 2010

10:14AM, Wednesday

I should have just..


7:24AM, Wednesday

just 24 more hours. I can fight through this. I can, I must.

FYP's a bitch, ESD suck shit load and AHCI is crap.

I don't know why I am lagging behind, final semester of my entire study life, I should push ahead, I really should. but I don't think I can.

I've been sitting here for like God knows how long, but I couldn't get started. just one shit crap essay, I'm having a writer's block, well, it's more of an assignments-are-shit-crap-die-die-die-crap-shit-essays sort of block. I'm inspiration deprived T.T

How am I gonna survive? just 40 marks, I can push through, I can, I think.

oh, wait, I will.


Life's good.

although, partially sucky with fugly assignments. yet, fully exciting with GENTING ahead, RAWWRRR.

cam-whore, bleh

July 6, 2010

just 2 more days to the original one

but for now, this will do.

I'm an awesome-possum fry-er.

thanks, my hero ♥

he's my hero

Tang for president!

I'm a fan of that epic riak muka

I like the way you're everything I've ever wanted
- Taylor Swift


will be embarking on the 6th year,



July 3, 2010

2:36AM, Saturday

"Nothing in this world could keep me from staring at you."

- Making April

it's like revisiting old love.

July 2, 2010

5:03PM, Friday


it's getting worst by the minute.


on a side note, GENTING