August 31, 2010


Everything's just perfect.

My Viva's done with and it went well. I freaking heart my lappy for not crashing on me. I am so very thankful to have an awesome second marker, and I am freaking glad that I picked the best supervisor out of the bunch.

Knoxy and Mr. Loh are awesome. UNN fella is freaking nice. I seriously cannot ask for anything more than this. I feel like dancing.

Yesterday was a longgg day, I was freaking tired, but I was reluctant to let it end. and that's how awesome yesterday was. Freaking awesome, although I was nervous like mad.

Can't freaking wait to go celebrate with my fellow classmates tomorrow!

No matter the results, years from now, when I look back, I want to remember this awesome excitement as I flip this page to start a brand new chapter.

Life is awesome, I never want it to change. Pause, time, pause.

August 29, 2010


Tomorrow's the DAY.

The final Page of this Chapter.

gagagagagaga, freaking excited.


August 28, 2010

1:36AM, Saturday

Don't worry about the people in your past;
There's a reason they didn't make it to your future

August 27, 2010

♥ from lobak!

loved the thought

thanks carrot!

glad you're enjoying yourself there!

6:13PM, Friday

young people,

makes me feel god damn old =(


Happy Birthday, Reuby!

more pics when my lappy is up and running!


yesterday afternoon, the girls Angelina and Melody took me to fix my new watch!

and so..

not my most flattering photo but tadaaa..

the official new watch owner xD

my eyes looks cacat-ed after the longggg battle!
but alls well <3

4:38PM, Friday

How do you get up from an all time low?

by listening to the REAL All Time Low..

and not to make a lame music video and name it All Time Low


seriously, the MV looks like a joke.

sounds mainstream, I wouldn't diss the song, but the MV, zzz.

I just hate the fact that they had associated All Time Low to such a dumb video, when ATL makes the best MVs around.

don't need no choreographed moves, to get people lost in stereo.


I'm awake! after my 13hour awesome slumber.

just awesome.

still had bits and pieces of report writing nightmare, but it wasn't as scary anymore.

handed in my Final Year Project Report yesterday, fought a long battle till the morning and had fun all day long!

decided to let my lappy rest today, and will upload pictures on the next post! don't know why I'm still feeling so tired =(

I'm clickin' it

I'm clickin' it

kaypo-ed and got hooked.

38 hours awake and counting, wooohooo

August 24, 2010

11:36PM, Tuesday

The one golden rule: Not to fall sick at this critical moment;

and I did.




2 more days to report handing in, 6 more days to viva

August 23, 2010



from the physically short, big eyed, curly haired sista.


had Italian fud for dinner tonight.

nothing special.

just wanted to show that I'm still alive after downing the geek potion.

and also, to tell the world that although I am nerdy, and geeky for that matter, I do make time for dinner.

me iz human, not robot. beep.

August 22, 2010

3:30PM, Sunday

After all this is done, I think I will learn up a musical instrument or something.

I think I should.

singer/ song-writer/ recording artist

my brain = scrambled eggs.

3:03PM, Sunday

1. caffeine for energy and alertness
2. theanine (?) to keep the tiny brain relaxed
3. caffeine boost x 100% for POWERRR!

1 + 2 + 3 =

geek potion~

FYP, rawrrrr!

August 21, 2010

3:19PM, Saturday

It's really freaky how fast time flies by.

About three years ago, Kevie took me up the Penang Hill. It was a random trip. I love random trips especially to tourist attractions spots as such, and he knows it as well. I remember the cold air, the mist, the warm scones and how much he loved me.

I remember watching the sky as it turned dark. I remember going down on the crowded red tram with him having his arms around me, keeping me safe away from the sweaty crowd.

Huffs, I remember having so much on my mind I felt like exploding. but everything was just so perfect that all I wanted was time to pause right there and then.

Such a picture perfect moment, yet it scares me whenever I think about it. We never talk about it. It was a down time for us. I was almost certain that it was going to be our last time being together.

I could have lost him forever.

and that scares the shit out of me, even now. I guess I was a little adventurous back then. I wanted to try new things, and to run free. Kevie could not run free with me. I hated being locked up, trapped in a common, familiar place; I wanted to experience the world, to see new places, to do new random things every day.

I hated feeling so alone all the time. I hated the lies, the constraints and the wait.

I wanted more.

But now, I guess I've grown up a little. I don't need anything more than this. I don't need car rides around the island on weekends, I don't need perfectly planned surprise get-aways, I don't need to go to new places, I don't need to have my toes in the sand that often, I don't need a good night kiss, I don't need to hear sweet dreams before I go to bed, I don't need a sensitive soul to take notice if I am quietly feeling down, I don't need bear hugs when I'm feeling low. I don't need surprises at the back seat, I don't need a study-mate, I don't need sandwiches for breakfast, I don't need the constant attention, I don't need little notes on my car to make my day.

All I need is Kevie. He makes life perfect even without the little extras.

I guess I was just afraid of growing old. I was afraid that I would regret not living life while I still can. The thought of not being able to run freely on the beach before I get old and wrinkly scares me, so much in fact that I am willing to sacrifice Kevie. but what I didn't know back then was that this is life, life doesn't always have to be perfect.

gahh, Penang Hill has a new canggih tram. but I'll certainly miss the old one.


my hybrids :(


draxie love.

Draco + Vitagen =

entry number 800!

bloggie's getting fatter x)

1:09AM, 9 days

the cultured milk drink addict.

August 20, 2010

11:03PM, 10 days to go

There's a fine line between love and hate.
- Breaking Benjamin

August 19, 2010

11:42PM, Thursday

It's like
one step forward and two steps back;
- Theory of a Deadman

No matter what I do, it's never-ending

2:36AM, Thursday

Huffs, unresolved issues, I have many tucked away among the skeletons in my closet.

Anyways, today's the last class of my entire student life. Gooded? Not really, I must say. I have no idea how I will fair among working adults.

Honestly, I think I am freaking out. Like fuckshit, am I doing the right thing by jumping into this with so little armor?

But, life's about taking risks. else, where's the fun, right?

Stay aware. Adapt. Change.
I'll be fine, hopefully.

emo nemo is all fired up!

2:11AM, Thursday

going our separate paths, inevitable, yet so saddening =(

Tonight's the type of night that I have the urge to go around snooping on old friends' Facebooks, instead of focusing on eXtreme Programming and DSDM.

It's difficult to describe, like things have changed so much. Feels like it was only yesterday when we were so close, laughing at each other and throwing names around, comparing the sizes of our hands. But now, it seems like we've become strangers.

Strangers. Never thought we would come to this. Two different paths we're taking. Two different lives we're living. I wonder if you'll ever look back and wondered what happened?

It's sad that I could not be a part of that path they are embarking on, yet when I see how much they've grown and how life turned out fine for them, I smile. I am glad that I wasn't in the way.




tea break




koko krunch, FTW.

August 18, 2010


This ship is sinking
I'm thinking I'm done for
I'll watch as the sails
Disappear underwater
- All Time Low

8 days to save to sinking ship, feasible?
don't know, we'll see

August 17, 2010


Diana, the SAP Consultant to-be and future ABAP-er.


and also, the honey-stick addict.

also, a future i10 owner ^^

woaa, so many things happening, so little time!

August 16, 2010

decisions, decisions.

growing up, aren't we?

I remember the time when I was looking at phones to purchase, then it got bigger, and a laptop came.

Now, time to upgrade my purchase to.... a car =)

ohhh, goody, goody, goody!

should I get the Hyundai i10 or the Suzuki Alto? both looks awesomely adorable.



rawwwrrr, decisions, decisions.

and Kuan is right, I got attracted to the pretty radio i10 has, all that pushy buttons and glowly lights =P

to die for.

looking at the pretty radio again, I think I am sold! i10 it is!

such an exciting night!
I think I've triple booked people to accompany me for test drive sessions.

now, a DSLR seems so small.

Hyundai showrooms! I'll be arriving soon, very soon!

August 15, 2010

1:53AM, Sunday

Don't wanna leave you now or never,
cause we're perfect together;
-Theory of a Deadman

it's a song about revenge,
yet, they make it sound so sweet.

August 14, 2010


Despite spending much time on it, I've never really mention it here. and since it's coming to an end, I really think I'll miss all this hectic-ness.

So, what most people know about my FYP is that it is fucked up, hmm, actually it is not that sucky. If compared to my peers, the stress level of my OCRBT is somewhat tolerable, no major roadblocks, and today, yes TODAY, I found a way to increase its accuracy! not to a 100% but to a fairly good amount. ahh, thank the heavens!

God is being kind to me

All's left is the report. my brain cells are refusing to get up and running, huffs.


me thinks it looks pretty.

my very own artificial neural network. it's my baby.

fuck, I just realized that since I modified my program, this pretty little picture needs to be edited toos. fml. fml. fml.


You're tripping
So pull yourself together,
Or you'll wash up like the rest.
- All Time Low

Why aren't they big in Malaysia? =(


Once this is all done, I'm so going to stuff my face with mango ice cream! and lasagnas, and indian fud!

oh, and I am gonna pwn the Penang bridge marathon like nobody's business. coofs.

I'm so tired.

ah win!


♥ ♥

lamb shank yang sedap sekali, we should go back there for noms.

my koay kak buddy is one year older nows!


addiction is bad, really bad =S

gagagagagaga, bambi eyes must have worked on my Kevie

scored yummy Domino's lasagna for the night, without requesting for any xD

August 12, 2010



August 10, 2010


perfect score -1;

huffs, life.

10:16AM, Tuesday

today will be a long day :)

so melampau the girl next to me right now is taking a nap, making me feel so sleepy and lazy =(

bleh, lazy loh.

but for the sake of Draco, and my future little puppy who will understand Stay, I shall persevere! Final two weeks, rawrrr!

but seriously lah, I'm feeling so sleepy ='(


"Olinka Koster reports in a recent article on the findings of Chiba University in Japan that sitting in front of a computer screen for extended periods can dramatically increase the risk of depression and insomnia."
- Hinze-Hoare, V. (2004)


1: 37AM, Tuesday

I'm no longer the first person to die!


thank the heavens xD

btw, post number 777. rawrrrr, let's all take a moment to pray that my Viva goes smoothly, and that I will not talk too fast or get panic attacks.

and yesss, I have stuffs to hand in tomorrow, and that's why there are many posts tonight. procrastination, much?

Draco.. stay, Draco

Sammie's doggie, Truss!

so omfg-ly adorable lahhhh.

rawwrrrr, beh tahan nia.

got inspired to try it on Draco!

and realized that I have too high expectations towards my little Draco.

his brain is definitely too small to understand Stay =(

he definitely got an A+ for effort though xD

I think I probably pushed him too hard,
he must be wondering why is his mummy chasing him around with a bottle of vitagen

overwhelmed with excitement, he peed on my FYP analysis draft
so melampau, I tell you.

rawrrrr my baby Draco yawned! wtf ultimate adorableness, so unacceptable lah.

10th August 2010

two years and five days ago, my Disted-mates sort of made this for me.

it is only appropriate to give the pet store membership card to the classmate who visits the pet store more often than the homes of her relatives all put together.

and so, it became mine.

back then, I never thought that the expiration date will ever arrive.

but now, after 3 hamsters, 2 rabbits and a whole load of Draco noms,
the time is here, and I am deprived of the 15% off of my total bill, sads.

renew, I shall!

Draco will appreciate it.

August 9, 2010

me thinks that I need more friends like this.

aku sayangkan engkau, pingy!

us with Junie's shit xD

wahh sounds wrong, but really it's June's

11:35PM, Isnin

huffs, transiting from the student phase to the working adult phase is harder than I thought.

Decisions, decisions, I so very truly suck at making any =(

What should I do, I don't know. It is worst than having an unidentified bug in your program, for the first time in my life, I am to make a life changing decision, and I am freaking out.

Tired loh, thinking of all the possibilities, and whether or not I will fair well working with brainy people.

oh btw, The Last Airbender, the movie, sucks like THIS much -.- gahh, wasn't expecting much out of it, but how could they torture my soul this way? ruining my all time favorite animation series this way is just unacceptable >=(

August 7, 2010


so many things going through my mind, I think this is stress.

rawrr, got my very first job offer letter today. excited max level I tell you.

felt so very holy moly excited all the way. I'm pretty sure Draco is proud of his mummy too, pretty sure.

but honestly I am freaking out, for God knows reasons. Feels like the next chapter of my life is starting in a month's time and I am pretty much not done with this current chapter.

I can't really tell if this is the feeling of excitement or fear.

my thinking-man pose.

Diana, the working adult.
sounds gooded or not?

0.5 emmoes

my favorite girls


how can life get better than this?
all we need now is for the rest to return ASAP!

1:10AM, Saturday


lazy lah.


August 6, 2010


rawwWWRRr, I got the job! wabababbwaaaaawawawaabababababababawaaa

Today will be an awesome self-rewarding day. The call came in just in time!

In the words of Gooi, happiness that overflows.

My very first job offer, excited loh! xD xD xD

*to insert a happy smiling photo of meee here*

thailand, rawrrr

We'll be travelling again very soon,

this time across the Malaysian borders, to Thailand!

FYP is the only major road block x(

can't wait, excited giler!

August 5, 2010


hmm, should I start clicking a cow too?

looks awesomely adorable.

Mr. Moo Moo
it has been a while since Mr. Moo Moo made an appearance.

11:36PM, Thursday

Go get your shovel,
And we'll dig a deep hole;
- Hayley Williams

August 4, 2010

First second interview!

Such a tiring day today is.

Felt like I talked so much xD

Woke up early this morning after getting a call from Brightree, to attend a second interview! holy crap, my first second interview, excited I was.

Yesterday, KDU had this company come in for an interview session. They had this really strict screening session, with a crazy ass difficult IQ test which I probably sucked badly at -.- Probably I was thinking too much. Fibonacci and whatnot, I cracked my head trying to recall. Hurt my little brain nia.

But unlike the job that Dell offered, this one I super like!

This was something I can see myself doing for the next 5 to 10 years. It was the sort of job I am looking for. and so, happy I was.

I was even happier that they called me back for a second interview. My first second interview, the excitement got me all fired up xD

Honestly, I think I am starting to enjoy interviews. Basically it is a session where I can talk about myself, and that is certainly one thing I enjoy doing. But the being judged part sucks, still.

and after my sucky Dell interview, which wasn't much of an interview anyway, I certainly did chuck away half of my giant ego. Hopefully that worked to my advantage, hopefully.

My first second interview went on well. I was happy. It was fun. Long, but fun. I remember pausing for a moment and thinking that I might die of exhaustion, you know being overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement can be freaking exhausting.

We talked all the way from my SPM results to my decision to join Disted to Draco xD I think I had the most fun talking about Draco, I could go on and on for days if I were to tell a story involving Draco.

It was crappy but when the guy ask what is my favorite past time other than programming -.-, the first thing that came to me was Draco. I enjoy spending time with him, cleaning out his tank, renovating it, fixing the lamp and filter, feeding him and just hanging around with Drax. I could have said reading or collecting stamps, but nope, none of that did cross my mind, only Draco did.

It was fun, sharing my view on life with them. I hope they feel the warmth of my presence. Hopefully they did not think that I am crazy or all messed up, seriously I am not, I just get excited over stuffs easily =(

Huffs, I should probably stop talking for now, tired I am, yet I have so many things to say.

the love of my life

August 2, 2010

2nd August 2010

It's difficult to talk about this, but today when I wrote the date, I got this little oh-shit-I-forgot-something-important kind of jolt.

The funny thing is that right after that little moment of mine, I realized almost instantly that things have changed so much, and in fact, August has no significance to me anymore, other than my killer Viva taking place at the end of the month.

August, the one month I was looking forward to, like two years ago, but not anymore.

Time, really does fucking fly by quickly.

Huffs, if only time would pause for a moment.

be strong, ah yang

huffs, our beloved Ji Yang got into an accident early yesterday morning, while I was comfortably at home marathon-ing my k-drama =(

sounds like a joke, but it's true. He broke both his legs, but the operation went well.

went by the hospital after college to visit him, and for God knows reason I felt like crying. I felt sad, for his sake. huffs, imagine the pain he went through.

be strong, Ah Yang

looking at the photos on the newspaper freaked me out a little, never thought such tragic accidents could happen to people close to me.

life is such a fragile little thing, never know what could ever happen.

I am gonna let people know how much they mean to me, more often, from now on.

1:48AM, Monday

I guess after a whole weekend of fun and games, it's time to get up and running!

Just a little bit more, I'll survive.


Oh My Lady

I know I should be the last person on Earth to be complaining but I must say that today's a freaking sucky k-drama marathon day =(

Picked a light one out of the bunch in hopes of feeling jolly after watching but don't know why the jolly-ness have yet to kick in.

But all's good. Koreans, when they are good looking, they tend to go all the way in being perfect. Nice body, talented, pretty face, heart melting smile.

ahh, yes, most beautiful man indeed

I was hoping to land a shirtless photo of him, but well, this will do xD

and, maybe it's just me, but I can't help but to notice the shift from the normal, classic boy falls in love with young girl plot.

Feels like the current norm involves a hot young guy and an older lady, remember the one with Kim Bum? huffs, what's the world turning into =(

but I must say, wtf, the kid is so damn freaking adorable in this one. If you come to think of it, Oh My Lady has a somewhat unrealistic story line. The plot was different yet predictable, but definitely wayyy across the line of believable. It's a feel good drama so I guess that's what people are looking for.

gahh, the kid, omfg, so god damn adorable lah. Kevie surely will melt if he sees her.