September 28, 2010

Midnight blue lah, really.




I just bought a car.




My brand new midnight blue Myvi will be arriving soon ^^

Probably just in time for my 22nd birthday!


28 September, wayyy past my bedtime

12 minutes past my bedtime, but oh wells.

I must say that I miss college, the lecturers, my classmates, and even my weekly date with Peter. I couldn't say that I miss my FYP, cause it's somewhat still ongoing and seems to be neverending, but really, time really did zoom by this time around.

Hmm, I'm thinking of updating for the past like 25 days, should I or should I not?

My 20 days of break was awesome, did crazy many first times.

Like went on the ferry with Kevie for the first time.
Yes lah, this is our first time together on the ferry, don't laugh.
We are proud supporters of the bridge, you see.


Build a PC from scratch for the first time.



Ok lah, my job was mostly holding stuffs in place, and camwhoring xD

The prettiest component.


Went for my first pre-employment medical check up.

Got x-ray'ed for the first time, or at least I think so.

Was required to visit this clinic at Pulau Tikus, Burmah Clinic or something along the lines.
The doc's name is Ko Ko Win, lol.
Wanted to write a horrible entry about the clinic and its sucky service, but wells, too much other fun stuffs to do.

but really, the service was bad. The assistant was rude, the doctor looked like he hated me. They acted like assholes. Didn't seem like they went through the proper medical procedure, but wells, I am healthy.

But the staff at Adventist are awesome, they are so welcoming. I actually enjoyed the X-ray process.


Visited Ipoh as a tourist for the first time!

Ipoh dim sum FTW!

Kellie's Castle

Taiping Zoo

SAP consultants, the noob ones xD


Went to the beach for the first time with Kevie, yups, first time in six years.


Superman bodoh


Nikon peeps!
Jimmy belanja-ed drinks!

and um, first time sat at the same table as a politician.
Bumped into this funny politician guy, realized that politicians are humans too.


Had dinner with Mr. Loh, and realized that he is human as well, just like me, you and Draco.

Gave Mr. Loh bunny ears, for the first time XD

Stepped into the awesome Mr. Loh's home,

and as a bonus, he drove me and Xiang around in his pretty car!

Shit lah, why is my lecturer so cool wans. xD


Had a crazy time with my SGGS girls @ Redbox

Sang horribly, yet felt loved.


Beach with SGGS girls
Camwhored like mad xD


Saw a DOUBLE rainbow!! for the very first time in my life.




And finally, first time at Hatyai with KDU-mates.

Huffs, bloody sleepy.

September 27, 2010

28 September, 12:10AM

Huffs. I'm tired. Week 2. But it's good.

Good, but then again, seriously this feels like the end.

I am in this pit, you see. Like back throughout my life as a student, I had something to look forward to, like becoming a working adult and graduating. But now that I have graduated and had turned into a working adult, I am sort of feeling lost. I have nothing to look forward to anymore, like what's next? I have no freaking idea.

Wells, other than having a blank in my tiny little brain, work is good. Being amongst working adults is definitely something different. Feels like I have so much things to pick up, not only work wise, but personality wise as well. I need to be more serious. This is real, not some mocked up project for college T.T

My colleagues are nice. We seem to click nicely, although they intimidate me like freaking loads. And for the worst part, the things they say makes sense, like really. Unlike the stuffs I tend to utter, which is almost nonsense most of the time x(

Huffs, seriously what's next?

September 26, 2010


Huffs, spent the whole morning trying to network my work lappy to my home lappy and desktop. zzz, so confusing.

And I realized that I am running all three different versions of Windows! XP on my desktop, Vista on my home lappy, and Windows 7 on my work lappy! I am such an awesome Microsoft supporter xD

gagagaga, networked!

Well, I'm freaking busy. I NEED to study lah, but seems like I have too many other things to do =( Just found out on Friday that the girl sitting next to me at training, Sharon, is ABAP certified T.T Meaning now, both on my right and left are pros. Seriously FML.

I am the noobiest. I don't like being the noobiest.

And my home lappy is giving me problems. zzz. FML.

September 24, 2010


Huffs, I promise to be hardworking tomorrow onwards.


24th September 2010, 9:33AM

And I was right! Day 4 was fun.

Finally hopped on to the programming side, something I can actually relate to. Fuck theory, coding FTW. Huffs.

Day 5 today is, but it seems to be a slow morning at the office. Everyone seem to be doing something, but I decided to just rest my brain xD ok lah, I am not a morning person.

Anyhowies, yesterday was Chih Wen's birthday! She is like the most experienced ABAPer among us, the newbies, and of course I am the noobiest T.T Huffs, should have gone for some pro SAP course before joining T.T Seriously, I feel stupid.

Happy Birthday, Chih Wen!

She turned 28, so pro. Don't know if I will be able to live that long or not. Every morning when I drive to work, I get this feeling, that I am not going to survive today x( suxxors. Working adult, tsk tsk.

And! Her name sounds like Qi Wen xD I like her a lot, she's like a Qi Wen to me; relatable.

Rawrrrr, IT'S A FRIDAY!! OMFG, never thought I would come to adore Fridays this much. Once again, working adult, huffs x(

September 23, 2010

Freaking early in the morning!

Good Morning world!

My first entry as a working adult x( huffs. I suck being a working adult.

I constantly feel tired for God knows reasons, and I am mentally drained T.T

But on the bright side, it's my work buddy's birthday today! And I loveeee birthdays. Today's Day 4 and I think it's getting better, slowly but surely =D The first three days suck a whole lot, but I can tell that Day 4 will be fun.

Oh, and I got a Hello Kitty lantern yesterday night! It matches my cowy on Cow Clicker! Will upload pics when I am homey!

Till then, loves.

September 19, 2010


Huffs, hecticness!

I'm home from Thailand.


Excited max level!

but right, I just realized that I am out of normal coloured eyes =( I only have a green pair, sads.

Adakah patut?

September 16, 2010


All fun and games
I've loads to update!

9:50AM, Thursday

I have..


and a pimple on my left cheek.


eyebags, tsk tsk, I had never really faced this problem throughout my study life. But, to think of it again, I am sleep deprived due to having fun! Awesome-ness!

3 more days!

working adult!

I predict that mine will be


3 more days!

8:33AM, Thursday

8:33AM! and I am awake, not only that, I've done the laundry, made breakfast and downloaded a whole load of pictas (read: pictures) from Facebookie!

such a productive morning!

and I just realized that today is Thursday, meaning tomorrow will be Friday and that meanssss TRIP TO THAILAND with KDU-mates is TOMORROWWW~! wtf, which means I NEED to start packing by tonight!

crazy hectic, just came home from the apartment stay with SGGS-mates, and now I need to pack for Thailand. fun fun fun!

so much fun!
love you girls

September 13, 2010

Selamat Hari Jadi, Kris and Evil

Happy Birthday
Krisnaaaa & Angelinaaaa

Kris and Angelina,
with the pretty cake that is chosen by yours truly xD

and THANKIUS Angelinaaaa

for the adorable hangy-thingy all the way from Singapore!

It looks like you!
I know you purposely choose one that looks like you to remind me of you, I know your muslihat d wan xD

Puppies for adoption!

It's looking for a home.

Click here, please.

I would if I could, but my hands are full.

Mind blowingly adorable, can't help but to smile.

So, I was asking around amongst friends who are pet-capable and surprisingly 3 out of 5 of them questioned its breed, really sad. I mean like must it be a genuine golden or whatever to receive love?

Humans are crapshit. Tough luck, puppies :( At least you fellas did not encounter that bitch who throws pups into rivers. That is seriously fucked up.

September 12, 2010

Hari Ahad, 12th Sept 10'

I miss Dragonica-ing =(

Javaa and HotGranny

one year since;

fast loh, time flies :(

I still remember colouring Blossom, felt like it was just a week ago.

Hari Ahad, 12th Sept 10'

lol, found this a moment ago.
budak misses scoping girls with you, Qiwen

Clearing up crap from my desktop!

Mum and sis are abusing my lappy again T.T shit I tell you, go over to Kevie's house, the little sister monopolizes my lappy, come back home mummy and Fiona snatches it away. Life in my shoes, tsk tsk tsk :(

Has been like soooo long since I had personal time with my lappy, huffs.

September 11, 2010

4:03AM, Saturday

A couple of days ago, um, let me see, it was a Tuesday, so Day 7, Kevie took me up to Sri Sayang to finalize the booking of the apartment for the apartment stay with my highschool-mates.

I had to make my way up there cause Sri Sayang has a really sucky online reservation system -.- and when I called them up, I was passed over to this sucky aunty. Fuckshit. For the next apartment stay, we will just go for Paradise or something else lor, let Sri Sayang rot and die. Paradise is also closer to the beach and we get welcome drinks!, and they are constantly reminding us that we are important to them.

Anyhows, this entry is not about that. On the way up to Batu Ferringhi, I spotted this one sign board that says "You're approaching a masterpiece" , and as soon we turned that curve, gosh, it was the awesome-est sight ever.

Moonlight Bay, freaking crazy. It's just picture perfect. Right there and then, with the sky and trees being so complementary, Kevin and I were literally speechless, mesmerized, I bet we were thinking of the same thing- Will I be able to own one of those?


Personally, that little dusty sign board made all the difference. It sparked the awesome-ness.

September Eleven, Two Zero One Zero :(

I'm home early today (:

Seems like a perfect night for me to update, but then again, I'm feeling kinda sucky.

My desktop speakers are fucking shitty, and my mum is terrorizing my lappy. fuckshit lor.

Yesterday night, joined the Nikon fellas for drinks at our usual spot and the guys, being photography geeks, commented on my camwhoring skills. I am pro lah, don't need no timer thingy to camwhore.

with Draco.

What can I say lah, I have a good camwhore sifu mah.

As of this moment, I am embarking on my final 10 stress-free-days. huffs. but this morning when I was driving back home, I felt so crazy ass tired that all I wanted to do was to plop into bed and snooze til night. and then I thought about all the things I had planned for later that day, and also for the next.

huffs, having fun is tiring too.

BUT timtum (read: dim sum, amongst common folk) tomorrowww!! RAWRRR, I shall awaken EARLY!

Updates on my awesome possum trip to Ipoh and hotel stay shall appear here soon!

I'mma get your heart racing
in my skin-tight jeans
be your teenage dream tonight
- Katy Perry

I'm hooked, can't seem to get it off my tiny little brain.

September 8, 2010


I'll be heading to Ipoh in about 6 hours time!



excited I am.

nom nom nom.

Kevie looks like a serial killer here xD

and guess what?

after Ipoh, I'll be heading to the BEACHHH!!!


Hotel stay with the Lohs! xD xD

It's gonna be a fun fun fun day!

Awesome-possum Day 8 starts in a while.

Shall update whenever I feel like it, till then 's

September 6, 2010

8:24PM, Monday

I'm a happy happy person today.

Anyways, I was just thinking back, to my dark childish times, you know back during Disted xD Despite how fun it was, I certainly won't want to be that person again.

Peter and I had a grown up talk just now, and I found myself digging out Disted to back the fact that I've changed. From a make-believe web developer into a real programmer. From a kid to an almost working adult.

I guess everyone's just trying to make me see the whole big picture. but really it feels like this is something I must do, may it be a mistake or not, I need to do this. Or I'll be stuck with a what if for the rest of my life.

Well, on a semi-non-related matter, I've snapped out from the childish little world I used to reside in. I used to be a hateful little kid, hating people and the world.

But now I know, how important relationships are. And I am sorry for being so childish back then. I used to kick and block people out of my life, literally, so very easily, over small tiny little squabbles. But that's certainly not the way I intend to live life anymore.

Forgive, Forget, Float. The last one is crap, just because it sounds better in a string of three xD

I've much explaining and catching up to do.

I even blocked my sister xD
must have argued over something and forgot to unblock her.

Childish, told ya.

morning peeps!

Such a productive morning!

Peter is having me on hold for almost an hour already, and he ruined my plans for chicken rice with Angelina =( huffs, life. I was planning on scamming Angelina to take me shopping at Tesco after meeting Peter, but now it's all ruined T.T

But it's awesome, how fast moving this morning is. I managed to fix banking errors with Maybank, scheduled a medical check-up, booked an apartment for the apartment stay with SGGS-mates, arranged a passport making date and reloaded my phone! and found out that my fellow ABAP-er is holidaying at Langkawi without me T.T

Yups, it's gonna be a hectic week!

What am I to do now? This is outrageous! If he decides to reschedule our meeting, I'll be really depressed lor, everything is planned so nicely already, huffs.

Okay not outrageous anymore. I heard that they had a meeting today, supervisors and second markers, crazy scary. Placing them together in the same room is bad =( They might gossip, you see.

Huffs, my mum is hooked onto Facebook and she is starting to question why I wouldn't accept her friend request. So melampau, ask her to drop me at Gurney she say that she's busy, but really she's just Facebook-ing -.-

I'm re-reading it!

2:31AM, Monday

The Click of Death,
every geek's nightmare.

It happened today, but thank the Gods above that all my stuffs are still accessible after rebooting. Went on a crazy frenzy backup spree and now I feel so much better. I swear my heart almost stopped.

On a side note, what's up with the exaggeration? Blue screen of DEATH, Click of DEATH, tsk, tsk, geeks tend to go overboard at times.

Time to clear out my bookmarks! Such a productive day today is, geek-wise.

September 4, 2010

to my carpool buddies;

before I runaway and hide in dreamland,

Angelina & Melody

welcome home!

Hope you guys had an awesome time over at Singaporeee!

They are always saying that I don't mention their names here =( so this is a shout out, specially for them, although they always threaten to leave me by the roadside T.T huffs.

sadness that over flows.

and I even took the liberty to HIGHLIGHT their names in colour. I'm such an awesome carpooler, no?

p/s: Look at my new watch post! Happy yet?

What if?

There is something wrong. I'm feeling awful all of a sudden.

I miss you.


I think I'm better off sleeping.

Day 2/20

September 2nd, 2010

Dinner with my favorite girls at Clinic Cafe, Gurney.


my super adorable girls.

with Nurse June, who is graduating soon!

I feel so proud =')

Can you see my bunny ears?

my bunny ears partner x)

Yups, we got the same hair thingy, just implemented in different ways.

Clinic Cafe,
it wasn't that bad. The food was ok. I had an awesome time.

and someone settled our bill for us!

Just like in the movies.
When we asked for the bill the waitress said someone cleared it for you guys already O.O awesome-kan?


Luuvee you girls.

Can't wait for the other half of the gang to return!

Later that night, met up with my lawyer buddy for Repo Man. Again, gore. Dexter-ish sort of bloody, I like!

Then, my lawyer friend zoomed away in his new Hyundai Getz. Looks damn stable, again, I like! =D

Huffs, talking about Hyundai. My i10 =( I might have to resort to a Myvi. Huffs.