October 28, 2010

sleep deprived

October 23, 2010

Friday, October 2010

October 22, 2010. Awesome, awesome day.

Did not touch the SAP GUI at all, and had fun in the office for the entire day. Crazy, I tell you. So much fun.

Team mates!

Ki Siong, Jeff, Sharon, Diana
Kuan and Por.
Missing the pro Chih Wen.

The rest of our awesome consultant photos are in Chih Wen's cammy, shall post them up when they reach me xD

Met up with my very missed SGGS girls. The three who left us here in Penang for 4 months are finally home with gifts!

from Jen

JuYen and SuLing

Jen went to Paris T.T
crazy awesome-er than my day to day life in Penang.

My 22nd birthday pressie from all of them.
Extra car-mates.
Now I have a complete set!

It gave me the best-est bffs.
sayangg each and every one of them to tiny tiny bits.

October 19, 2010


Truth be told I miss you,
And truth be told I'm lying.
- The All American Rejects

2 years on different paths,
I doubt we will ever cross paths again.
bye, my precious.

October 18, 2010


new toy

got me broke like hell, huffs.


My very own surprise birthday party!
equipped with colorful balloons, cakes, geeks and friends.

Thanks, fellas

Super thanks to the organizer, Mr Loh Yu-Han.

October 17, 2010

Thailand, FTW.

I very much lovieee my KDU-mates toos

I loveeee the beach and my girls!

leet-ness ♥

My l33t is definitely leet!
Just tore out the plastic covers and felt really good about it :D

Those adorable key chains are from Chean and Angelina, from KL and Singapore respectively. souvenirs from their graduation trip which I did not get to tag along =(

Being a responsible owner, as stated in its owner's manual, I read the entire booklet xD nerdy-ness overload! Can't help it lah, it has pictures xD

I'm pretty sure my sister did not read her's, cause she is always doing this

tsk, tsk, irresponsible owner.

On a side note, it would have been awesome-er if my 1337 arrived like 3 days earlier, then I would get to say that I bought my very own car at 21. But age is just a number right xD

I did not regret choosing a Myvi over an i10. i10s are becoming so common it's not special anymore, not that the Myvi is but my 1337 is definitely awesome.

with that, FIRST CAR, checked!

What's next?

Miku ♥

Officially the most adorable birthday present I got so far.

I named it Miku.

Will update on my birthday celebrations and Kevin's SOON!

16th October 2010

um, guess what?


My l33t is here!

Freaking awesome-ness!

gagagaga, went to pick it up after work today, and went cruising around in it for the rest of the evening.

not the best photo but still I'm happehh!



Ahhh, contentment.

I was told not to speed, to get the engine all up and running kinda thing. So if you see PJV1337 running at 40km/h, please don't push me.

And, I went to try my luck in lottery, just for the sake of it, but FML, I'm not 6k richer xD

And so, as of today, I am no longer the Kenari driver, as I was known throughout my Disted days, nor the white Myvi driver, I am now the proud owner of my very own midnight blue Myvi.

I guess, I'll miss being in the Kenari clan.

October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Snoozie!

to my very own hot guitar instructor!

I lovieeee you THIS much

I confess you are the best thing in my life;

October 14, 2010


Turned 22!

will update SOON~

freaking pimple x(

October 13, 2010

13th October 2010, 12:55AM

Today has been declared as the

International Suit Up Day 2010!!


I can already tell that my 22nd birthday will be
legen... -wait for it ...... DARY!

HIMYM, epic-ness.

October 12, 2010

12th October 2010, 11:43PM

Crazy day today is.

PJV1337 is hereeee! rawrrrr. Just need to go over to the showroom to sign some legal documents and tadaaaaa, I'll be cruising around in it in no time.

Crazy excited! All I have to do now is to dig up some time to sign off those stuffs. But huffs, busy busy busy, I am lately.

I'll be turning 22 in, um, about 20 minutes!

Okays time to focus on ABAP. Ohhhh, I loveeeeeee ABAP, so very muchie.

p/s: It's our 6 years and 3 months monniversary! you, snoozie.

October 11, 2010

11th October 2010, 10:43AM

currently at work with my whacky colleagues.

and I've got an adorable new cup for work.


11th October 2010, 1:00AM

Changed my bloggie's profile picta.

and noticed this..

Should I update it, or should I not.

bleh, I should not.

I like being a student.

11th October 2010, 12:46AM

Good news!

Desperate Housewives is back with a brand new season!

gagagagaga ♥

p/s: Dexter is back on toos!

October 10, 2010

10.10.10, 11:54PM

Crazy ass bored. zz. I have tones of stuffs to do, yet, I just feel like resting.

All Time Low is not for everybody. Some may think that they are retarded, but I think they are awesome.

Um, my new headphones from Thailand isn't too bad.

but I love my hybrids better.

10th October 2010, 2:46PM

The Tenth of October Two Thousand and Ten,

Apparently it's my birthday in the Chinese calendar, nais. Wells, so far did nothing special. Snoozie is still snoozing next to me right now. 2:39 in the afternoon, huffs.

Carrot got his new car today, but mine isn't here yet =( It will be awesome if my car's birthday is on the 10.10.10 just like his.

Um, I feel like going out and doing something fun today. But I don't know, everyone seem busy and occupied. Huffs.

Probably I'll just spend my day with Draco and SAP. Oh, how fun.

October 8, 2010

10:38PM, Friday

I miss life. I feel really lifeless recently. Not like things are going south or anything, it's just that everything has got me waiting.

I'm waiting for my new car to arrive, I'm waiting for training to be done with, I'm waiting for my results to be confirmed, I'm waiting for Peter to update me on the 29th October event, I'm waiting to meet up with my beloved Jen, I'm waiting to get my official first full salary, I'm waiting to turn 22.

Huffs, life has got me waiting on almost everything. Got so many things planned out, all I have to do now is wait. And basically the wait is killing.

Even now, I'm waiting to go out for supper with the Geeks. zzz, waiting sucks.

On a brighter note, I upgraded Draco's filter yesterday!

Freaking awesome.

It is like so canggih if compared to Drax's old one. The head thingy can be adjusted. Can move here, move there sesuka hati xD I like. Draco is still confused. He must be thinking that the new giant filter is some freaky alien with intentions to take over his tank -.-

Um, other than that, this is longggg overdue but..

Thanks, Zhen Jie for the chocolates from UK

October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jonana

Drax's filter died on us today, actually for a couple of days already, I presume, but just noticed it this morning. Huffs.

I guess, with that, Draco will be getting a new water filter sempena my birthday this year. CTY sends over a birthday cash voucher yearly, in the form of a birthday card which I, who loves surprises, truly appreciate. But for this year, they are cutting down cost, and so no surprise snail mail, just an SMS. Really kills half of the fun there.

Talking about birthdays, Jonathan aka Jonana aka Tang celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday. Tsk, tsk tua d xD

Birthday boy


Redbox served soft shell crabbies!
They are so adorable, but I nom-ed them anyways xD

My date for the evening.

Kevie, Diana and Crabbie

Jonana and RuYing

Yang, Jie and Jimmy

Loh, Kel and Cecilia

the gays guys XD


Huffs, just a couple of photos, was sort of tired lor, work is definitely nom-ing the youth outta me T.T I remember chatting with Jonana from night till 7am the next day, back when I was a student. Those days seem so out of reach now =(


Tang for President!


October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Warren

Bleh, wanted to post some photos from the steamboat and lantern festival at Thomas' but the photos are in my Studio =( lazy to switch it on, buh.

This may sound geeky, but would someone be kind enough to give me an external hard disk for my birthday, pretty pleaseeee~ I neeeeeed a portable storage device sooooo badddd, my Maxtor just died on me T.T

On a side note, I freaking cannot stop eating! What's wrong with me, seriously? Stress maybe. Huffs, another 5 exercises to be completed!



come home soon, everyone misses you loads.

October 3, 2010

3rd October 2010


Sunday, yet felt like a full day.

Yu Lynn's school had a foodfair today. Brought back memories of my time at SGGS. I miss my schooling days. Huffs.

For dinner, wanted to go for Ingolf but it was closed! =( Apparently they have new operating hours now, sads.

So, Kevie and I decided to walk down to Stella's little backyard. Got to know of her place from my disted peeps, went there only once before with them. She serves only a small variety of food, but most are healthy German recipes, I presume.

@ Stella's

I can tell that my brain is shutting down, and it's only 10pm. wtf, getting old, seriously.

October 2, 2010

2nd October 2010

Aiyoh, I feel like updating but I am feeling really tired. Um, work is always fun, but really tiring. Probably getting old that's why starting to feel all worn out so fast xD

Yes lah, hinting that my birthday is in like eleven days! And budak-budak Brightree told me that my Chinese birthday falls on the 10th of October aka 10.10.10 =D awesome kan?


On a side note, results are out!
dancing dancing dancing

We've reached the finish line, finally.

Yet, for me, a whole new journey had just begun.

Those geeks are my senior-senior sekalian.

October 1, 2010


Some time ago, Kevin and I were just cruising around. Then, I still had my mind on an i10 instead of a Myvi.

He told me that his friend forked out RM1k for a 1337 number plate. Honestly, I thought that it was a non-rational action. So much money for a combination that looks odd to common folk. I did not value the geeky-ness then, even now, actually.

But a couple of weeks down the road, I found myself forking out money to do the same thing. Fate? Don't know. And so,

to be cruising around the Island soon!

Not exactly the one on top of my list, sort of playfully added it into the list, but trust me when I say that I had submitted every single combination that is significant, and not a bad word in Chinese. zzz, even random numbers like 975 is unavailable anymore =(

If you did not know yet, 975 represents Draco.
My colleagues introduced me to this 4D site that states numbers and what they represent O.O, that's how I know.

Got my colleagues to help me fish numbers for my new car and they are awesome at that. Came up with a list, but all are unavailable T.T suxxors. Stress, I tell you.

Wanted to continue the 1669/1668 format but those are unavailable too T.T My mum and sis are a little disappointed that I broke the chain =(

Even 1310 and 1013 are unavailable. Who the fuck buys these random numbers? Seriously. Fuckshit. And no, I did not miss it, even now, at this moment the running number is at 1246 only. Which means that people actually had bought every single number that I wanted. Huffs, tough luck.

Anyhows, I am loving my geek number plate.

Wondering why is it geek?
jfgi, kthxbai.