November 28, 2010

eeee poh x)

Honestly, if you asked me like a year ago, I will most definitely throw to your face that Ipoh sucks. For one, I could barely communicate there and the people tend to look at you in an odd manner when you don't speak their language, especially if you have tiny eyes and fair skin.

*scratch head*

Before, I've been there for work, and trust me, after that I never ever want to go back. It's not like they do not understand English, it's just that they prefer to speak in Chinese which does not include hokkien, the only dialect that I have sufficient proficiency in. And that made me feel miserable, being treated like I don't belong, although I actually don't x(

But, things changed when this happened:
my very beloved KDU mates took me to Ipoh for
the bestest Dim Sum ever!

and since then, I fell in love with Ipoh,
all the hatred just disappeared like pooof
with the taste of the prawn thingy with mayo.

I must say, best dim sum ever!

Totally worth the journey and
the getting-lost-in-a-foreign-land stress.

that's me and my Sammie,
she says I look thin here, so yea, I likey xD

My KDU geekys
best in-country one day trip ever with them!


Kuan, Diana, Hoe, Kris, Zi En, PC, Xiang
we look perfect together, don't we now?

Tortoise says: give me five yo.

Sammie looking pro with her pro cam.

The run-down zoo was bad but it did not ruin the trip,
besides it was me who wanted to see animals, sorry buddies :(
so nope, I won't complain.

Anyhows, this post isn't exactly random, you see, I'M HEADING DOWN TO IPOH THIS COMING WEEKEND! woooohoooooo, omfg the super duper awesome dim sum awaits me.

I'm so bloody excited, gagagagagaga.

I shall be hardworking all week and not take milo breaks so that I can complete my project before my awesome vacation starts!

Black Friday 10'

Being a working adult has definitely changed the way I shop. If you're thinking working adult = more money = more expensive shopping trips, then you are wrong. It is pretty much the other way around :(

You see, with the little extra money I am earning if compared to my previous Nikon job, I now have to pay for my car, my car park, petrol x(, my insurance and my home utilities bills in addition to my daily needs. I am a pretty poor working adult, bleh.

Previously, as a student, although my mum did not provide me with pocket money whatsoever, I actually had a pretty awesome life being supported by Nikon and PTPTN. No commitments whatsoever, I am able to eat, shop, feed Draco and my other pets for that matter, go for entertainment, travel across the border and still have savings :(

Anyhowies, yesterday was Black Friday, but um, nothing much. Island Plaza had this sale outside, but it was bleh. They also had a book sale inside, at which Kevie and I bought 3 books for 9bucks :)

Then we went for Rapunzel at the new cinema.

stupid poser.

and it was Siok Ling's birthday too. We had just a small celebration, sort of a rushed one. she's a busy girl, you see.

Oreo cakie xD
gemok lah.

It was a quiet day at work that day, only the 4 of us were in the office and so Por came up with this game and he successfully cheated RM12 from the rest of us T.T

Ohh, and talking about the game, we decorated a Christmas tree for our beloved office the day before!

My first Xmas tree.

pretty, yes?

man, I loveee Christmas!

November 23, 2010


Huffs, I feel like an outcast :(

My teammates are all caught up with translating documents, except for me just because my mandarin literacy level is close to zero T.T They all look so busy, while all I have is ABAP OO to read up on. huffs.

Sadness that overflows. I want to help, but I am of no use as of right now, bleh.


November 22, 2010

KDU Convo 2010

I have like crazy tones of stuffs to update, yet again. But because my Studio died and I haven't found the time to fix it, all my photos and whatnot that were successfully salvaged are scattered all around, some in my work lappy, some in my desktop, some in my ex-hd and some are burned into DVDs which I have yet to label -.-


Well, I'll just update whenever I stumble across photos of particular historical events, I guess.

26th September 2010
June's Convo

I was late,


but we still had time to camwhore with the graduation bear we got for Junie.

Don't remember what's the joke, but this picta made me smile.

Ping bergelak-ketawa till got happy wrinkles XD

taken before the bear decided to suicide,
sorry Junie x)

green eyes, I'll miss them :(

To think of it, I actually wasn't that late.

Finally, Nurse June and I!

with Shin.

Ling Ling, June, Shin, Ping, Yi Lin, Kevin and Me.

SGGS girls

with my KDU seniors.

Mine will be next year, suxxors :(

Dinner with the girls and Kevie at Strada.

Marathon '10 weekend

Life has definitely been on the fast track for me these couple of days.

Um, last weekend was bloody productive.

Visited the Perodua service center with Jeffy and serviced my baby for the very first time.

First 1000 km!
A milestone for my l33t.

Time is moving too quickly. My l33t is one month old already, huffs. In no time it will be a year old, then two then ten. Too fast for my liking =(

Anyhowies, the MARATHON!

Kevie, Jonana and I pwned it like nobody's business xD but my legs are now bloody sore :(

I wasn't expecting much, all I hoped for was to finish the 10km. Yes lah, I only joined the Fun Run, I did not want to go all over confident and go for the half marathon cause, well, like I told Deswyn, I facebook more than I walk, 10km is an awesome achievement already.

and tadaaaa,

I managed to finish within an hour and half.

Officially my FIRST real marathon!
and it rained T.T

Told ya, the Gods hate me.

The starting line.

One thing I learnt from my first real marathon is to snap a photo of yourself BEFORE the marathon starts, or else, you will only end up with a photo like this:

damn fugly,
blame the rain

10km is no joke, I tell you.

Before the marathon, numerous people told me that for the Fun Run category, we will only be covering a tiny portion of the Penang Bridge, but THAT'S A BLOODY LIE, I tell you.

Running on the bridge seemed endless, I can see people running back, but the turning point was like a trillion miles away.

Sunrise on the Penang Bridge.

I'll definitely be participating next year.

It was so much fun, the pain and all was worth it.

Ohh, and because I had place so much effort in running the marathon, my colleagues took me for New Lane Bak Kut Teh after work today! Crazy awesome.


Cravings satisfied!

November 21, 2010

in 6 hours!






November 18, 2010


I need to do something fun, to feel alive again.

Else, I might drown in these feelings.

I need some drama.

I'm bored.


November 15, 2010

Oatsie ♥

was backing up the millions of photos I have in my Studio, then I came across a folder of their photos.

I miss them.

To think about it, it has been exactly one year since Oats left us. I miss messing up his soft warm fur. Huffs, life.

I miss you tones, Oatsie.

November 14, 2010


Today's a sad sad day.

I had to resort to reformatting, which sucks if everything is on your C drive.


bleh, I should have known better.

Well, safe mode sucks.

November 13, 2010

in 5 years.

Five-year plan: Earn Singaporean bucks.



woaa, 888
good number, people say.


Newsflash:- My marathon is in one week!

Training progress to date = 0%


goody, gg.

Happy Birthday, Kuan!

Greatest fun throughout this entire week! Had Pei See drive me home, I was okay but they wouldn't take my word for it -.- but tonight was awesome!

I am now once again the youngest in Brightree xD awesome-ness;

Happy Birthday, Kuan!

*to insert a photo of me and my fav work buddy*

My Studio died T.T
and all my photos are in it

and for the worst part, my Dell buddies couldn't do a thing about it

November 8, 2010

2nd mini project :)

and so, I was wrong. There are certainly no slow days in the land of SAP.

Got another small tiny project today, but this time I have team mates to hug and jump down the cliff together :)

Hours tend to fly by when there's serious stuffs to get done, and I LIKE it. Totally better than passing time aimlessly in the office. A day with minimum Facebook is a good good day at the office for me.

My weekend was crazy awesome. Celebrated two birthdays, had a free buffet at Equatorial, washed my leet, marathon-ed the first half of the latest Season of Dexter, caught up with Desperate Housewives, resumed marathon-ing HIMYM and satisfied my Askme burger cravings.

2 days ago,

Today, it ticked past 777, missed a shot

Monday blues :(

I can tell that this week's gonna be a slow slow week. Huffs. I'm already starting to miss waking up at 2pm :(

Bleh, waking up early sucks.

A long weekend is like no weekend at all. I'm feeling extra tired.

I want to spend another day, on my little cozy bed, marathon-ing HIMYM, huffs. life.

November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kel

Limewire died :(

But I found a replacement which is wayyy awesomer. It works like God.
Long live the person who created it and those maintaining it.

5th November 2010

Kel's birthday @ Reuben's place.

Huffs, long day tomorrow again.

November 4, 2010

Thursday morning @ work

new mousie @ work

hols starting tomorrow!

and, Taylor Swift

Distedmates @ SOHO

25 October 2010

Mini reunion with Disted-mates.

Yes lah, really mini.
Just the 4 of us left in Penang, who are contact-able.



the black one isn't mine, belongs to the black guy.

Mr Gooi,


wah, seriously, after like 2 years of not seeing each other, we've seriously put on weight lor, except for Arini, she kurus d, probably cause her new classmates are not as food-loving as mine.

new family ♥

23 October 2010

Work buddies mini get-together.

My new family

And I officially became an ABAP-er, non-SAP certified,
but I can internal table this and internal table that, so pretty pro lah, considering the super express training.
From a SAP total noob, to a SAP noob :D

22nd October 2010

my SGGS girls

November 3, 2010

3rd November 2010

Slow day at work, very freaking slow actually. I was like crazy busy for the previous two days, felt like office hours just flew by so very quickly.

But today, since my demo project is completed and the website project is waiting for approval, I basically fell back to floating around =( of course I have readings to do, but huffs. bad, real bad.

Anyhows, officially got my degree results today! gagagagagagagaga xD Awesomeness. Hopefully the government loves me loads, and would decide to give my l33t to me as a well-done! present x)

Talking about my l33t,
First 555 km yo :)

And sempena Kuan and I officially graduating,
Por belanja-ed us some damn sedap chicken.
Crazy sedap.

Then, after that fattening lunch, for dinner, we went all the way down to Sg. Dua for bak kut teh! I tell you if this continues, I will definitely grow super duper fat :(

and that's my favorite work buddy at the back!

Kuan the poser,
with my graduation gift from the gov xD

And Boss bought me a new mouse!
I would like to think of it as another graduation gift, although it's not.
my infamous Tiger Mousie can retire d xD

Cause now I have a pro working-adult-type mouse,
tiger mouse is for kiddies, I'm no kid anymore :)

Optical vs Laser

jajajaja, awesomeness.

Brightree, FTW.