January 29, 2011


I loveeee this time of the year. CNY bleh, but the fact that my Facebook page is full of statuses screaming PENANGGGG, I am one happy happy person. In other words, my buddies are all coming homeeee, back home to me :D

Mad excited.

Off to gym, toodles.

January 20, 2011

Life, so far.

Things have been fast moving lately, with just a blink of an eye, the 2010 is over and 2011's here. Ever since my FYP demo back in September 2010, things had just been so crazy, zooming by like nobody's business. Today marks the end of my fourth awesome month as a SAP consultant. It also meant that it had been a month since I was assigned to BBraun for onsite development.

Honestly it hasn't exactly hit me yet. Being a working adult is just crazy, never in my life I thought I would end up being an ABAPer. It's just crazy. It was just wayyy too fast.

Within these four months, being a member of the Brightree family was the greatest ever. My first job ever and I made it into such an awesome company. I've been lucky. Probably people are still questioning my decision of joining Brightree, being an underdog with no knowledge in SAP whatsoever, but honestly, I think this is the best decision I've made throughout my entire adult life.

And being apart of my awesome colleagues; it's a blessing on its own.

04.12.2010-Trip to Pulau Aman
and some other random places.

Pulau Aman, FTW.

It's that little piece of land at the far end.

We took a boat over, and I survived!
I've never been good with boats but all hail drugs, legal ones that is.

The Mee Udang there, tasted like heaven.

All ours

The most awesome part is that my work buddies enjoy eating as much as I do,
and crabies and prawnies are our favs!

Sight seeing at St Anne's Church

My first time there!

Pretty awesome

I just had to :D

Megamind- when the new cinema above our office opened!
How perfect.

Sushi-ed after work :D

07.12.2010- Kek Lok Si, just like tourists.

Totally felt like a tourist walking through the narrow walkway.

Walking our way up to Kek Lok Si is definitely better than driving up there.

and I got to feed Dracos on the way up!

Hungry Dracos.

And I saved a bug from the bunch of vegie.
It nearly got devoured by those hungry turts.

Three shutterbugs, One camera.
Sucks to be them on that day, lol.

Fishies :D
Oh, I got to feed them too.

Old traditional style Curry Meeeeeeee at Air Itam!
It was just something very different.
The two old aunties were so very nice, and cute.

07.12.2010- Thai fud @ Bukit Genting!

Penang from where we stood.

Crazy yummy!

Oh and this is me bowling.
Whoosh, lightning fast.

16.12.2010- Christmas Partyyyyyy

Everyone had fun.

17.12.2010- Road trip!

Driver of the day XD

I just loveeee leaving the island in the morning.

Dim sum for breakfast, some where across the sea.

Visited Por's new house.

Por's new house.
It's like when I bought my new car and was reluctant to remove the plastic covers.

Bird nest light. The eggs are actually the bulbs!
Me likey.

So very pretty.

Bukit Merahhhh!!!!!

Oh, yes, my second water theme park visit in that month :D

The almost 90 degrees slide.
It felt like suicide. Yet I went on twice :D


Some hidden temple at Kuala Kurau.

It was such an experience.

Taiping Lake.

and Crabies @ Tambun
I got the largest claw,
cause I'm the youngest

January 19, 2011

1:10AM, 19 January 2011

So ex ex ex boyfie came down to Malaysia like a week ago. Heard his interview on the radio, and went heh. If it was four years ago, I'll probably go crazy and book an immediate flight down to KL, screaming like a psychotic little girl all the way.

I remember that night when his song first went on radio. Roy and I were in the car, and all of a sudden the both of us just froze, I checked the CD player and nope, it wasn't my CD and I was like all crazy excited cause finally Secondhand Serenade was on the Malaysian airwaves. Took them long enough to notice him.

But huffs, a couple of years down the road, and I found Mayday Parade and All Time Low, while John went mainstream.

Going mainstream, worst idea ever.

Did you hear his new song? What shit is that. He changed. His old stuffs were a billion times better.

Huffs, I miss just this.

19 January 2011

"The best way to make it through
with hearts and wrists intact,
is to realize two out of three ain't bad."
- Fall Out Boy

January 16, 2011


New addiction.

Su Lin's Wedding-15 January 2011

First and foremost, I currently look like this:

So very Chinese, I tell you.

My new hair makes me look fat D:

bleh. Purely impulse-driven. SAP-stress people say.

Um, so ever since I started working, I've been amongst adults with clear life direction, which I lack severely.

It was a little weird at first, people talking about getting married, buying houses, investments while I, on the other hand, is just getting started with life. And to make things worst, I started by making the worst investment ever; by buying a new car D: My proudest investment ever, yet they almost always throw to my face that it's the worst mistake. Bleh.

Anyhow, my first ever wedding dinner invitation :D :D

Su Lin, my Brightree colleague, who is also my senior from SGGS,
but of course she graduated even before I entered.

But to think of the fact that she walked through the same gates, and looked up at the same clock tower just like I did before, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I'm a proud Georgian, always will be.

@ Gurney Hotel

Work buddies

16 January 2011

Today has got me thinking of the future, of when things will fall into place, and what's next.

I am a planner, always have been and always will be. and in reality, it sucks. It's just too difficult to plan for things these days, especially. I am scared, couldn't tell why, but there just this heavy feeling deep down.

What if I wake up and twenty years had just past me by. I don't want to be looking back and wondering what happened to my twenties, my early adulthood.

Live, laugh, love; people say. Have I done enough of that? Certainly feels like I could have done better.

January 9, 2011


Nibbles yang gemok is home

Believe it or not, she used to look like this:
July '08.
So very goddamn tiny.

BK (read: Before Kevin)
Kev turned her into a big fat monster :(

Remember that one year when I went to Melaka for a week with my highschool-mates? That was when Kevin took her in, supposedly only for that period of time, but eventually he ended up keeping her cause we assumed that she was happier there.

At Kevin's, she had ample space to roam and binky to her heart's content. She was growing so fast, my tiny apartment was too tiny for her, especially with 3 other furry friends around at that time and a Draco.

Huffs, I think Nibbs have forgotten me already. We use to be good sofa buddies, we use to watch CSI together :(

She doesn't remember. She's afraid of me right now, I think she hates me for taking her away from her comfy home T.T Breaks my heart every time she freaks out when I reach out to touch her. She won't let me touch her at all. She looks so scared all the time, huffs.

We used to be good buddies

I miss just that.