February 27, 2011


I turned 22 a couple of months ago. Throughout these 22 years, I came to terms that I am not a perfect person.

I realized that I am a pretty messed up human being. I suck terribly at numerous things, I am most of the time moody and emotional, I am afraid of almost everything with emphasis on dying and being abandoned.

So yeah, I'm far from perfect, although Pink insists that I am fuckin perfect 8D

Anyways, recently, I've been attending yoga classes with Queenie, my new gym partner :D and I learnt that I fail horribly in yoga. I suck at it so badly, that it tickles me whenever my brain freezes up during a routine while everyone else is doing it so nicely. fml. Some moves are almost impossible, I tell you.

Well, my entire body hurts like THIS much. but it's good pain I guess. Sometimes I actually wonder if I am doing it correctly, cause I seem to be in more pain then the rest. fts.

But then again, I'm going for it again next week. giving up is for losers, some people say; but for me, I am going back just to see how much worst it can get 8D


Don't hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you're set;
- Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga amazes me.
Satanic or not, doesn't really matter.

February 20, 2011

1:40PM, Sunday

I think it's a new personal record, finished half of Season 2 and almost the entire Season 3 of 8 Simple rules in just one weekend. Two more episodes left, planning to drag it out.

I don't know, probably I'm just missing the good old days, basking around at home with loads of me time. Yesterday when I placed the laptop on the coffee table and got comfortable on the sofa, I realized that it has been a while since I last did that.

With work, gym, friends, Kevie, my pets and other stuffs in between, it is almost difficult for me to get back to the way everything was. I think I am lacking closure. Everything flew by way too fast. I feel like I am robbed of my student-hood.

And oh, stupid MV boygayband is down in Malaysia. They want to be, but they ain't All Time Low. The worst part, the radio station keeps repeating the stupid gay MV song like all day long -.-, it's a pain, cause it's mainstream music, and most are catchy, and bloody shit, I hate them but the song, it's almost stuck in my head. zzzz. Why can't they just bring All Time Low down T.T

Seriously the entire last one minute of the video is crap, like what's up with the firecrackers?

February 15, 2011

15th February 2011, 1:51AM

maybe it's true that i am a selfish person.

but then again, isn't everyone the same?

February 11, 2011


lighting up firecrackers won't please the sky god,
cause guess what?


even if there is, he won't be happy, I tell you.
My Nibbles and Draco are freaking out like nobody's business.


humans are morons.

February 6, 2011

6th February 2011, 12:45PM

damn those kids, woke me up from my peaceful slumber. yes it's a freaking rabbit, don't need to get so overly excited about it. zzzzz. dumbasses.

and damn those firecrackers, and those lighting them up. they freak my precious babies like nobody's business. and stain the floor. CNY sucks.

i have work tomorrow. i just remembered. fuckshit. life sucks. i want to sleep around the clock for another day.

ahhh, so lazy to get ready. zzzzz on a brighter note, going to boss' house later, get to see all my favorite colleagues! jajajajajajja

February 2, 2011

:D :D

Punk Goes Pop vol 3




been so freaking busy lately,
only found out today.



it features Artist vs Poet!
jajajajaja craziness.

February 1, 2011



my immune system's a piece of shit.

i feel like dying.