April 7, 2011

himym ♥

Barney's dad is the Trinity Killer.


nothing much, frustrating day at work :(

had to pamper myself with lasagna and a dose of HIMYM

I think when I am done being a programmer, I'll like to try out the food industry. It looks fun, pressing dough and what not. There's no stress in that, is there?

April 5, 2011


I've sold Nikons for about 5 years, off and on since form 5 till my final degree year. But it's just a whole new perspective being at the other end, the buying end.

When I was asked what type of photography I am aiming for, honestly, at that time I haven't got a clue. Eventually I settled for a wide angle multi-purpose lens, for that very reason.

But if you ask me now, I think I've got the answer.

Animal pornography Photography,
that's what I enjoy.

sneak peak (:

KDU-mates took me out to test run my new Tammy.


will upload more,
for now, it's bedtime :D

April 2, 2011

6th month

As of 20th March 2011,
I've officially become a SAP consultant.

Also, it marks my 6th month as a working adult.

A milestone;
as my lecture, Mr Loh, would put it.

Boss treated us dinner @ TGIF,
happy-ness :D

my new toy :D

Have you heard?



I bought myself a new toy,

I would like to think of it as a gift from me to me for successfully obtaining my Bachelor's degree, but then again, I already bought myself a car for that reason.


It's a Nikon+Tamron hybrid,
in other wolds it's a half-blood like Harry Potter xD

@ f/2.8