October 16, 2011

16th October 2011

it was a good good week. kev and i turned 23. felt lots of love from our friends and family. both of us got ourselves a Samsung Galaxy S2, and so now we have couple phones :)

went down to kl for the weekend to surprise kev. on the way home now, time do fly by. sigh.

October 9, 2011

8th October 2011

First Saturday since Kev left for KL :( Honestly, I think I've forgotten how to live on my own. I constantly feel empty. And when I'm hungry, this little part of my mind immediately thinks of calling Kevin :D I am not good at being alone here :(

But all's well, cause I've got my girls with me today. We drove over the sea for yummy seafood, and they got me a mango cake and a new super soft leather case for my new S2 :D :D how very thoughtful.

super love love love them to bits.

what would've become of me if I did not have them.

turning 23 in, um, 5 days!

October 7, 2011

worth sharing (:

life has hidden blessings.

October 6, 2011

:( :(

On a side note, my all time favorite, All Time Low is touching Malaysian soil tomorrow!

But I am not able to get myself to KL to catch them. Double sadnes :( :(

rip Steve Jobs

Today Steve Jobs died. I've always been a fan of his. It's a sad day.

Both himself and Randy Pausch died of pancreatic cancer. The two people I look up to. This is not right :(

October 5, 2011

Another new toy :D

Before I start off,

two weeks ago, I got myself a new toy :D

A Samsung Galaxy SII :D

Every geek's dream.

Awesome phone. The only most significant flaw, to me, is that it does not have a dedicated physical shutter button for it's camera which makes cam-whoring a difficult task :( but I've just installed an app that solves that issue, so all's well again :D Other than that, the screen is a little too big for my liking. I'd have to stretch my thumb all the way to reach the other end of the screen. Also, the battery life sucks, but boyfiee had installed some new firmware thingy that had minimize that issue as well.

Anyhows, today Apple announced it's new iPhone. Pretty much a disappointment to all of us, yes, including myself. Apple decided to come up with an iPhone 4s instead of an iPhone 5. Sad. The entire world was anticipating for an iPhone5 :(

From the little I know of the new iPhone 4s, imo, Apple is just losing it. GalaxyS2 ftw. I bet Apple is preparing a hugeee come back with iPhone5 next year. With that, personally, I wouldn't get myself an iPhone 4s just yet.

Sigh, honestly I was eagerly waiting for the new iPhone like a crazy Apple fan-girl. But resorted to an S2 cause waiting was making me grumpy. And also, cause Kev was quite persistent on getting me a smartphone before he leaves to KL. Seeing the new iPhone, seems like S2 was the right choice after all.

Watched iPhone 4s' promo video on my S2 on my way home from work. I must say Apple's marketing skills are definitely the best in the market. I actually did fall for the new iPhone while watching the video. But when the video came to an end, I started to doubt Siri's performance. In the video, communicating with Siri seem so smooth and cool. But, natural language and speech processing, it is never as smooth as it seems. And to think about it again, only Siri caught my attention, the other dual core processor, HD video watatata was just hehh, cause my S2 somewhat have them already :D

October 3, 2011

11:58pm, 3rd October 2011

Kev is leaving for KL tomorrow morning.

Sad, I am tonight.

Huffs, sad and proud at the same time.
Such complicated emotions.

What if there's no goodbye?
Frozen for a moment here in time;
- Faber Drive

October 2, 2011

First Degree :D

This was a year ago, with my seniors:

It's finally my turn today :D

A milestone, my super awesome lecturer/second-marker will say. I'm officially graduating today! Officially as in, some Professor will be shifting the tassel on my mortarboard to the left :D

Super excited.
Hopefully I won't trip and fall.

First in line, babehh~