November 27, 2011

11:16PM, 27 November 2011

wise words

11:37AM, 27November2011

Cause we're the lucky ones,
On every road.
- old ♥

November 26, 2011

12:40AM, 26 November 2011

so here's the thing: the latest installment of twilight did not keep me on my toes. honestly, i thought the cast is over rated, the acting is beyond horrible and the plot, wayyyy too draggy for my liking.

and Jacob isn't as hot as I remembered him to be. sigh, bad movie all together.

but then again, lately I've been a tough critic. I did not enjoy Paranormal Activity 3 as much as I should have, and I thought that Immortals could have been better.

probably it's work stress :(

November 24, 2011

11:49PM, 24th November 2011

Although I'm rearranging,
I'm still here, I'm never far away.
-Craving Lucy

November 23, 2011

pwned PBIM 2011

best unexpected achievement since SPM


rarwww, I'm pumped for next year's

November 20, 2011

20th November 2011


Broke my own personal record.

Super tiring, but what an awesome experience it was.

One thing I learned from it is that, pictures lie.
remember this pic from my previous entry?


the journey on the bridge, especially, was never ending.

it is definitely further than what is shown in the picture.

huffs, I thought I was gonna die T.T

but a total must-do, I would say.
Best achievement so far.

with that, first real marathon, completed :D

November 19, 2011

22hours 41minutes til PBIM2011

Last year, I survived the 10km fun run.

This year, I'm doubling it up.



no kidding.

super super super nervous, I tell you.

November 17, 2011

11:48PM, 17th November 2011

huffs, I am not liking Mayday Parade's new album as much as I thought I would. and that's making me sad :( :(

"Well, everybody's got a good reason why,
If we could only just get it right."

10:22PM, 17th November 2011


we all have them

November 10, 2011

10th November 2011

The past is like a handful of dust.
It filters through your fingers, disappearing little by little.
-Katy Perry

Perfectly said.

About an hour to 11/11/11. Seemed like something to shout about.