July 30, 2012

27th July 2012, 2:41AM

Never thought today would come. It always felt so far away in the future. I wish people could tell how wrong things are without me explaining my stand. It's too tiring.

A year ago, as I was planning the Krabi trip, I pictured myself today being all pumped and excited for the trip that is to take off in 5 hours. It was the most anticipated vacation of my life.

And that is why I got so disappointed when it came crashing down. It wasn't suppose to be this way.
By now, I should have my bags all packed and he would still be mine. But instead I am just here, alone.

I know things change and plans are made to be changed. I wouldn't trade what I have now with what I had. But what kills me the most is the idea of myself being so happy back then. If only I knew of how wrong I could be.

It worries me to wonder if I am making another bad decision without realizing it.

I guess it's every man for himself now. Nobody would fight your battles for you, probably it's time for me to start thinking more for myself cause no one else will.

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